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Gotabaya prepared to contest the next Presidential elections »

Former Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa says he is prepared to contest the next Presidential elections. Rajapaksa has said this in an interview with the Veerakesari newspaper which was published today.…

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Government asserts Aava group influenced by Indian films not LTTE »

Deputy Minister Nalin Bandara Jayamaha

The Government today asserted that the Aava group in the North had been influenced by Indian films and not the LTTE. Responding to a question in Parliament today, Deputy Minister of Law and Order Nalin Bandara Jayamaha said that most members of the Aava group and under the…

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UN alarmed by deportation of Sri Lankan refugee in Australia »


UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, says it is alarmed by a separation of a Sri Lankan refugee family in Sydney by the Government of Australia. The deportation overnight of the father leaves his Sri Lankan partner, who is a recognized refugee, alone in Australia with…

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Anglicans oppose death penalty saying ‘sprats’ not ‘sharks’ will be punished »


The Anglican Church in Sri Lanka has opposed moves to authorize prison authorities to resume the execution of those sentenced to death for drug related crimes and are yet continuing to be involved in the drug trade while in prison. The Church of Ceylon (Anglican Church)…

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Bill on establishment of Reparations office submitted to Parliament »


The Bill on the establishment of the Office for Reparations was submitted to Parliament today. Through the Office for Reparations the Government looks to identify aggrieved persons eligible for reparations, and to provide for the provision of individual and collective reparations to such persons. The Bill also looks…

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Investigation launched on reports Minister protecting underworld »


Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe today informed Parliament that an investigation has been launched into reports that a Government Minister was protecting five underworld leaders. A media report today quoted a senior police officer as saying that five underworld leaders had been appointed as the private bodyguards of…

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Three people sentenced to death over 1996 murder in Pannipitiya »


Three people were sentenced to death today over a 1996 murder in Pannipitiya. The Colombo high Court imposed the death penalty on the three convicts who were found guilty following a trial which had lasted for over 20 years. The murder had been committed over…

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Father and three others arrested for giving child alcohol »


A father and three others have been arrested by the Meegalawa Police for giving a child alcohol, the Police said today. The Police said that the father of the child was seen on a video circulating on social media giving liquor to the child. The man…

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Embilipitiya Pradeshiya Sabha Chairman sentenced to jail »

M.K. Amil

Embilipitiya Pradeshiya Sabha Chairman, M K Amil was sentenced to three months in jail today over an assault incident. Amil was accused of assaulting a police officer in 2013 in Embilipitiya. The Embilipitiya Magistrate’s Court sentenced Amil to jail and ordered that he pay Rs 30,000 as…

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Emil Ranjan and Rangajeewa further remanded over Welikada riots »

Emil Ranjan Lamahewa

Former Prisons Commissioner Emil Ranjan and Inspector of Police (IP) Neomal Rangajeewa, who were arrested over the 2012 Welikada Prison riot, have been further remanded. The Colombo Magistrate’s Court ordered that Emil Ranjan and Neomal Rangajeewa, who were remanded until today, to be further remanded till…

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Probe sought on Malaysian politician’s alleged links with LTTE »

Penang Deputy Chief Minister II P Ramasamy

An investigation has been sought on a Malaysian politician’s alleged links with the LTTE. Pas, a Malaysian political party called on the police to investigate Penang Deputy Chief Minister II P Ramasamy’s possible links with the LTTE, the New Straits Times reported. Its information chief…

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Engineering faculty of Peradeniya University closed indefinitely »


The Engineering faculty of the Peradeniya University has been closed indefinitely. Officials said that the faculty was closed due to an issue over the attendance of the students sitting for the exams.…

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Speaker signs National Audit Act which was passed in Parliament »


Speaker Karu Jayasuriya today signed the National Audit Act which was passed in Parliament recently, the Speaker’s office said. The Act specifies the role of the Auditor General over public finance. It also details the powers, duties and functions of the Audit Service Commission and establishes…

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After historic meeting Trump says Putin made ‘incredible offer’ »

Trump Putin

President Donald Trump says Russian President Vladimir Putin made an “incredible offer” of law enforcement collaboration during the leaders’ one-on-one summit. Trump told reporters Monday that Putin said American investigators who have charged 12 Russian hackers with hacking the 2016 presidential election can come work with Russian investigators…

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Do Supplements help heart disease? »


Good advice by Dr. Harold Lots of people take supplements like fish oils, multivitamin tablets and minerals daily, presumably, that they will prevent heart disease.…

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From ‘Cold War’ to ‘cash war’? »


By N Sathiya Moorthy   Not many politicians in Third World nations, including Sri Lanka, are known to do a lot of research or maintain…

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Rangana Herath ponders calling it quits »


Rangana Herath, the Sri Lanka left-arm spinner, has said the Test series in England could be his last. Herath, who at 40 is the last…

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Rotary Colombo West Installation »


Outgoing President Rotarian Chamath Kulasinghe installed Rotarian Rohina Macan Markar as the 58th President of the Rotary Club of Colombo West at the Grand Installation…

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Beer served to media at Galle match despite earlier policy »

beer at slc

By Samantha Hewabandula in Galle Beer was served today inside the media enclosure at the Galle cricket stadium during the cricket match between Sri Lanka…

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Sri Lanka under fire over move to implement death penalty »

Dinushika Dissanayake, Deputy Director for South Asia at Amnesty International

Human rights groups have raised concerns over Sri Lanka’s decision to implement the death penalty. Sri Lanka must pull back from any plans to implement the…

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If things not going the right way Sri Lanka can advise Maldives – Dunya Maumoon »

Dunya 2

By Easwaran Rutnam   Former Maldives Foreign Minister and eldest daughter of the former President of the Maldives, Dunya Maumoon, speaks exclusively to the Colombo…

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India has eyes on Sri Lanka’s growing economic ties with China »


India is keeping a close watch on Sri Lanka’s growing economic ties with China. India is to adopt a broad, three-pronged approach to deal with…

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Sri Lanka hopes India will take stake in airport with no flights »


Sri Lanka has already sold China a port that gets almost no ships. The island nation now wants India to take control of an airport with no…

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Now, Wiggy In The Box »


By N Sathiya Moorthy   Through a least-publicised interim order with constitutional consequences otherwise, the Court of Appeal has stayed Northern Province Chief Minister C…

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