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 'Pirapaharan will have to commit suicide'

Capturing Kilinochchi is a day dream of Rajapakse

Velupillai Pirapaharan

The military strength of the LTTE remains the same despite not having Karuna, LTTE Leader Velupillai Pirapaharan said. In an e-mail interview with Indian magazine Nakkeeran last week, Pirapaharan admitted that the Sri Lankan troops were near Kilinochchi town. "The forces have entered parts of our homeland and are stationed in close proximity to Kilinochchi town. Our cadres are carrying out attacks on the Sinhala forces to prevent them from entering Kilinochchi." "But, capturing Kilinochchi is just a day dream of Rajapakse." He also expressed his gratitude to Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi for standing up against the violence on the Tamil people during the recent military operations in the north. "He has always showed his love and passion towards the Sri Lankan Tamils. He has proved it on several occasions. He has not only voiced his concern against the Sinhala state terrorism in Tamileelam, but has also showed it in action."

Q: What is your view on the voice raised in support of the Sri Lankan Tamils in Tamil Nadu, after the 1980s?

A: The government forces and the extremist leaders carried out an unprecedented genocide of the Tamils in 1983. The extent of the genocide was such that thousands of Tamils were killed and their wealth extorted. Several hundreds of thousands have fled the country and sought refuge in other countries. Those untold agonies cannot be forgotten. The people and the political leaders of Tamil Nadu have expressed their anger against the killings, putting aside their political differences.

Even today, the government forces are carrying out massive genocidal attacks on Tamils using their sea, air and ground troops. Civilians being killed or deserting their homes have become a daily occurrence. The people of Tamil Nadu have stood up for the Sri Lankan Tamils whenever they have gone through untold sufferings. This is what has happened in Tamil Nadu today. This situation will definitely give us more strength.

Q: Recently at the general meeting held in Chennai, Chief Minister Dr. Kalaignar (Karunanidhi) made an emotional statement in support of the Sri Lankan Tamils. Soon afterwards, he convened an All-Party Meeting and called upon the Central Government to stop the 'genocide of Tamils' by the Sinhala government within two weeks. Otherwise, the Tamil Nadu parliamentarians would resign. What is your view of the stance taken by the governing DMK?

A: Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, Kalaignar is a Tamil nationalist. He has always showed his love and passion towards the Sri Lankan Tamils. He has proved it on several occasions. He has not only voiced his concern against the Sinhala state terrorism in Tamileelam, but has also showed it in action. Today, it makes us happy to see him taking a stance in support of the Tamils when they face untold sufferings. We expect such support in the future as well.

Q: Jayalalitha, who is against your organisation and who was instrumental in banning your organisation in India, had two weeks ago taken a stance in favour of the Sri Lankan issue. But today, she has changed her stance. What is your view of the change in Jayalalitha's stance?

A: The effect of the genocide of Tamils carried out by the Sinhala government has shaken the whole of Tamil Nadu. The political leaders there have put aside their political differences and voiced their support for us. Jayalalitha had also voiced her support. But, if she has changed her stance now, what could we say about it?

Q: President Mahinda Rajapakse has said that they would capture your current capital Kilinochchi. What is the actual situation on the warfront in Sri Lanka?

A: The Sri Lankan government is receiving military assistance from several countries. They are buying more and more military equipment. They are using these equipment to carry out genocidal attacks on Tamils. The forces have entered parts of our homeland and are stationed in close proximity to Kilinochchi town.

Our cadres are carrying out attacks on the Sinhala forces to prevent them from entering Kilinochchi. The military is facing severe losses due to these attacks. Therefore, the forces are carrying out indiscriminate attacks on civilian areas. More than 100,000 Tamils have fled their homes and are continuously on the move as refugees, seeking safe areas.

But, capturing Kilinochchi is just a day dream of Rajapakse.

Q: The Sri Lankan military is receiving help from several countries. You do not have the support of any country. Do you believe that you could emerge victorious given this fact?

A: We have the support of the Tamils all over the world. Our people are with us. During a struggle for the freedom of a community it is necessary to have the support and strength of the people. That will pave the way for victory. On that aspect, we continuously receive immense support from Tamils around the world. Therefore, the final victory will be ours. It will be the victory of the Tamil people as well.

Q: The Sri Lankan military says that they have weakened the Tigers by reducing them to 3000?

A: It is the Sinhalese forces that are facing severe losses while attacking us. The Sinhalese government has strategically censored the truth. The media supporting the Sinhala state is also doing the same thing. President Rajapakse is strategically carrying out false propaganda using pro-government media. It is an effort by President Rajapakse to create an anti-LTTE opinion. Our military power remains strong as always.

Q: What do you say on the claims by the military that it had destroyed your hideouts, the Tiger runway and your secret meeting places?         

A: The Sinhala forces cannot destroy our meeting places and runways. Only the houses of civilians, hospitals, educational institutions and places of worship are being destroyed due to the indiscriminate engagements carried out by the military. The military is also destroying nature by dropping their bombs on forests. The military is carrying out attacks on the homes of the Tamils and on nature to destroy Tamilleelam and the Tamils, and claim that they have destroyed our hideouts.

Q: We got to know that there were attacks on your political headquarters recently. Were you there during the time of the attack?

A: There were attacks. But, there have been no damage. No one was there at the time of the attack.

Q: It has been continuously said that the reason for your inability to retaliate in the north, and your weakness is due to the absence of Karuna?

A: Karuna betrayed the organisation. He has been rejected by the organisation. The Tamil people also rejected Karuna no sooner the LTTE rejected him. He now functions as the paramilitary of the Sinhala forces after betraying the movement and the Tamil people. At this stage where our people have rejected him and where we have the total support of our people, I completely reject this question.

Q: Your view on the appointment of Karuna as an MP by Mahinda Rajapakse?

A: The Sinhala state, which is carrying out genocidal attacks on Tamils, is using Karuna as a tool to fool the international community and receive military assistance. Rajapakse has given this appointment to Karuna, the traitor, for this purpose. We see it as a payment for his labour, given by the leader of an autocratic government of Rajapakse for betraying the struggle of the Tamils.

Q: You have accused India of providing weapons to Sri Lanka. On what basis do you make these allegations?

A: Several media organisations have stated that India is continuously providing military equipment and training. The media also reported to the world that Indian experts were involved in providing training to operate the radar instrument in Vavuniya, which is very saddening.

Q: Will the war by the government continue? Or do you feel that there would be another suitable environment for talks?

A: We can only expect such a situation depending on the politics within the government and its military stance. But during the recent past, the government unilaterally abrogated the ceasefire agreement and has been saying that a military solution is the only answer to the problem.

Q: How do you think that India could contribute on the ethnic issue of Sri Lanka?

A: We expect that it would lift the ban on our organisation and support us to fulfill the long awaited aspirations of the Tamil people.

Q: Recently the suicide force belonging to your organisation had killed former Major General Janaka Perera?

A: It has been a common practice of the Sinhala army to blame such attacks on our movement. There are conflicts within the army ranks that could result in taking each other's lives.

Q: The Sri Lankan government has told India that there is a necessity to destroy the Tigers which carries out suicide attacks and also destroys innocent Sinhalese. Indian political analysts meanwhile question as to how the Tigers could expect a positive response from India given this situation?

A: We do not carry out attacks on innocent Sinhala civilians. Ours is a liberation organisation fighting for the liberation of the Tamil people. We strongly believe that a solution cannot be reached by killing normal civilians. We have continuously called upon the Indian political analysts and policy makers to clearly understand this.

Q: The Sri Lanka Army has warned that Pirapaharan cannot live in bunkers for long and that he should surrender?

A: I'm not living in bunkers. We are living among the people, fighting for them and carrying out our freedom struggle. It is a common phrase used by the military during the last 30 years.

Q: What is your psychological state given the current intense situation at the warfront?

A: We are with a firm resolve to carry out the liberation struggle. We have faced several obstacles in our 30 years of struggle and have used them for our advantage.

Even those who were commanders of the Indian Peace Keeping Force have written in praise of our mental strength and our leadership.

We are determined to face any obstacle that comes our way.

Q: On the claims made by the Sri Lanka Army that Pirapaharan is trying to flee abroad as a refugee?

A: This is nothing but the usual false propaganda.

Q: Rajapakse says that he will hand over Pirapaharan to India if he surrenders?

A: This is one of the many dreams of Rajapakse.

Q: What should be the contribution of Tamil Nadu in the 30-year-old ethnic conflict?

A: We expect that they would continue to provide their support until our people are liberated and also help gain international recognition for our freedom struggle.

Q: Do the Tigers still maintain a good relationship with the international community?

A: We continue to have dialogues with the international community with regard to peace negotiations.

Q: Do you still demand Tamileelam as a solution? Or do you accept an administrative framework with minimum powers?

A: The Tamil people have at every election since 1977, indicated what their political aspirations are. That would be the permanent solution for the ethnic crisis.

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