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Goodbye Gamini

It was on Friday, October 24 around 1.40 p.m. that we received the heartrending news that our Sports Editor, Gamini Senadheera had passed away. It was a day and a time at which he would have normally been busy finding stories, writing stories and standing in the computer room making his pages.

But on this Friday, he lay spent in a hospital bed, death overtaking this good man who lived his life to the fullest.

It is difficult to console his family, loved ones, colleagues and friends but the thought of Gamini Senadheera and the life he lived will suffice to think of him with each passing day and love him all over again.

Gamini Senadheera started his career in the mid ’60s as a part time sports writer. His experience in the field of sports journalism is wide and varied. After his remarkable career at Lake House, Gamini joined Lankapuvath.

Gamini Senadheera was easily one of the more experienced sports journalists in today’s journalistic world. He has been with The Sunday Leader since its very inception and worked hard, diligently finishing his pages on time. Come rain or sunshine, Gamini got the stories and conscientiously sub-edited them and made the pages.

A celebrated cricketer himself, especially while he was at St. Benedict’s College, Kotahena, it was only natural that Gamini pursued a career in cricket and sports journalism.

Gamini made a name for himself with his impartial stance and fair reporting. He was much sought after and travelled the world — to cover test cricket in England, Australia, India, South Africa and Pakistan. He covered the World Cup in 1996 when Sri Lanka emerged victorious.

Gamini Senadheera was a true all rounder — writing, sub-editing and laying out pages made him a great asset to any newspaper. He was undoubtedly an asset to Leader Publications where he worked as our Sports Editor. His long years of experience and his exceptional ability gave him a sense of confidence that few could enjoy. He covered cricket, athletics, and football with equal ease.

Gamini wrote extensively on cricket for The Sunday Leader and The Morning Leader and was responsible in bringing out many supplements on cricket, especially during test series’.

Gamini Senadheera was loved by all. Always happy and laughing, able to enjoy a good joke even amidst a heavy load of work, Gamini Senadheera did not show anyone any sadness or give away a hint of the load that he carried. He was a loving husband and loved his sons, daughters-in-law and his grandchildren with all his heart.

Nothing brought him greater happiness than taking home goodies for his grandchildren. "They bring me so much happiness — they are my life," he once told this writer.

Gamini was essentially a family man, being there for them like a sturdy rock. He enjoyed taking them out and going on little ‘trips.’ Gamini experienced great happiness from such simple things in life.

Gamini Senadheera was a God-fearing man and spent his off-days in church. Every morning as he walked into his office, he did not make much conversation with anyone — not before he stood near and prayed with his eyes closed near the picture of the Holy Face of Jesus, with a crown of thorns.

It is seldom in life that one meets people as Gamini Senadheera — strong and capable, true with his friendship yet having the strength of character to call a spade a spade. His voice boomed with authority and confidence — a voice that has been stilled today.

Gamini, you are gone, and it is unlikely that we will meet an all-rounder like you again — a capable journalist, a loving husband, father and grandfather and a true friend.

Till we meet again…Gamini, with a heavy heart and unshed tears we say, Gamini, Goodbye….

— Ranee Mohamed


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