India’s foreign forays while fires burn at home

India in recent times has been accorded many rankings in its international status. It has been called: global power, emergent power, middle power, nuclear power and regional power among other descriptions. It has the second fastest economic growth in the world (after China), the world’s third biggest armed forces and it is the biggest democracy [...]

Shocking child abuse stats

By Michael Hardy Shocking new Ministry of Justice statistics obtained by The Sunday Leader reveal that child abuse in Sri Lanka has reached epic proportions. Out of approximately 15,000 trials currently pending nationwide, more than 4,000 — 27 percent — involve some form of violence toward a child. In rural areas, the figures are even [...]

Colombo’s Police Stations: From Dust To Dust

By R. Wijewardene The dust lies thick on more than a dozen improbably high stacks of torn and tattered cardboard files. Flies buzz lazily around the small sweltering room, and the smell of stale urine thickens the already soupy air. A large number of uniformed, evidently government officials appear to be frozen in half a [...]

Let’s Confer For The Sake Of The Lankan Musikind

As with eating a kidney pie, I have an aversion towards music conferences. Most are meeting places for the same old people — and they get even more older than usual every day — to yank each other’s chains, talk loudly and carry a club, make promises they seldom keep, return with hundreds of name [...]

The Will to Power

By Tisaranee Gunasekara “…the liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of a private power to a point where it becomes stronger than the democratic state itself. That, in its essence, is fascism — ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or by any other controlling private [...]

Glimpses of Malaysia in S.L.

Traversing on parts of the yet to be completed Colombo-Matara Expressway in the interior of Sri Lanka on Monday, gave this reporter the impression of travelling on the Kuala Lumpur (K.L)-Penang Highway, which yours truly and some of his colleagues here had the privilege of being driven on two years ago. Sri Lanka’s first donor [...]

Drive thru’ A.T.M.s

It was an introduction that took the banking industry by storm when Sampath Bank unveiled the first ever Automated Teller Machine in 1987, a press release said. Today, a little more than two decades later, Sampath Bank still leads the way in the futuristic banking services with many novelties they have introduced to the banking [...]

Ominous similarities — Déjà Vu

This week we produce a professional opinion secured by us from graphologist P.H. Manatunge, in which he states that the Sinhala writing on the piece of newspaper sent to Lasantha Wickrematunge in December 2008, three weeks before he was killed, shows some similarities with the Sinhala writings of the death threats sent to Frederica Jansz [...]

Asian Amateur golf tees off

Asia-Pacific’s top male amateur golfers compete in inaugural 72-hole championship The Asian Amateur Championship, organised by the Asia Pacific Golf Confederation and supported by the Masters Tournament and The R&A includes the top male amateur golfers from 30 APGC member nations. Three of Sri Lanka’s top amateur golfers namely Mithun Perera, Amrith de Soysa and [...]

An “International Conspiracy” can be a blessing in disguise

When elections are around the corner ‘international conspiracies’ are quite potent stuff for the parties in power. SLFP matriarch Sirima Bandaranaike found it pretty useful. ‘International Conspiracies (Antharjatika Kumaanthrana) are being hatched against me,’ she used to declare quite often when domestic problems got out of hand. Of course she did face two conspiracies that [...]

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