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TNA Rubbishes Govt.’s Demining Claims

By Munza Mushtaq

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) has rubbished claims made by the government that it has commenced demining in the Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu Districts.

TNA Jaffna District MP Suresh Premachandran told The Sunday Leader, “the government claims to have commenced demining in Kilinochchi and Mullaithivu but this is utter rubbish.”

According to him, not a single area in these two districts has been demined.
He claimed that international organisations have been barred from going into these areas and the government has even refused to allow Indians to carry out the demining.

“According to international reports, during the last stages of the war a large number of civilians were killed in these areas, maybe this is why they are not allowing international organisations to go into these areas because they might find evidence of such killings,” Premachandran alleged.

However, Government Defence Spokesman Minister Keheliya Rambukwella noted that demining was an extensive process and one cannot expect it to happen in a month or two.

“One can criticise it but logically, why should the government hold the people in camps incurring an enormous cost? We can send them out, but cannot, without giving them even the basic infrastructure. Or else there are chances they may take up arms again. So we have to be careful before rushing into anything which might result in long term repercussions,” he said.

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  1. Saro Freeman

    The government is paranoid about what the minister let out of his bag, ‘there are chances they may take up arms again’, and this is the reason for holding them forcibly within the barbed wires. There rights free movement, meet their relatives and MPs, welfare, and living as a family unit are secondary. What the government fails to realise is congested appalling conditions are the breeding terrorism as Palestinians demonstarted over 60 years.

    • kalu sudda

      congrats to you all dummies.if you are so concerned why dont you saro and the tna go to this town get on your knees and use your hands to clear the mines,.mind you some of you might meet velu rather quickly.good luck

      • Thomas

        Re:Kalu sudda, saro and tna need not use their knees and hands to clear the mines. What they are asking is the government to tell the truth to the people in Sri Lanka and the world. They should reveal their ulterior motives behind keeping the people behind the barb wire fenced camps. If you can bring a bunch of Indian MP’s for propaganda purpose, why do allow the local MP’s and those represent the Wanni people from see them and to help them with what ever means to make their life little easier. Is this very difficult to accept. If you want the foreign aid agency to help you with money and materials why prevent them from meeting the people and help them with the basic needs and care. People like you have no heart so wicked and narrow minded. You care for animals and don’t want any harm to be done to the animals but you don’t care for the fellow human who has a body and soul like you. You are talking and thinking and look they entire problem through a narrow ethnic glass. This is a pure human issue and had to be handle by a fellow human who has kind heart and compassion toward his fellow being. These innocent Tamils are paying a huge price for somebody else’s mistake and fault.

  2. If all IDPs were to return to their previous habitats and homes,they will discover the mass graves of the thousands killed during the last few weeks of the war in the shell craters, bomb craters and in the deep trenches dug by the LTTE, which have now been covered up.They will also discover the unexploded cluster bombs & shells. When this happens,the international media, human rights organisations & the UN will be more vociferous in demanding probes into the killings during that period. This is the worry of the government.The IDPs have been living alongside these few minefields for years without mishaps, and can do so even now.The supreme court’s ruling last year,to relocate those evicted by the “high security zones”, which are nolonger necessary, is also totally ignored.

  3. [...] to go into these areas because they might find evidence of such killings,” Premachandran alleged. More … This entry was posted on Sunday, November 1st, 2009 and is filed under News & Analysis. [...]

  4. peter casie chetty

    Since when have you started to believe the TNA?

    I know no liars. Samopandan talks and prays through his rectum even when he goes to the Temple to pray! He has been the voice from the widernesssince God know when

    What does this old idiot want? A share of the drug trade the LTTE had or a part of the people trafficing, the credit card cloning and the protistution? Soon all these countries are going to get fed up and want to send Sambanthan’s voters back so he can boost Ranil’s voter base and maybe SB’s too. It is strange how a lot of journalists have found that accaking the government pays rich dividens when political refuge is sought. Poddala or Ponnala – never really did any work at the Dinamina but he was “kept” by Mangala as were many of the drivers and other staff from Matara.
    This might seem strange but true that a man with a criminal record was given a crash course in journalism for two weeks and was appointed Deputy Editor of the Daily News without even being able to rewrite a handout. Minister of Media was Mangala Samaraweera and the Chairman Lucien Rajakarunanayake! Who is fooling whom when the Leader and Fredika start playing Mrs Justice for Mangala’s journalists. The wheel has turned and I am glad I am out . Journalism in Sri Lanka had never stunk this badly.

    • Chetty Kutty

      All Chetties, Karawas, who all came from India should shut their mouth and do their business, if you want to speak go to Tamil Nadu where your forefathers came from …. Jaffna People worrying about their native villages…. they want to go to live in their villages… where as u people dont have a vilages begging in colombo.. go to tuticorin where u all came from? Dont behave like original singala poeple , you refugees from Tamil nadu

    • Kuweni's Dad

      Peter Casiechetty is not a south indian he is the exact opposite
      Peter – Therefore he is not a christian
      Casiechetty – neither he is Tamil nor a Chetty

      Actually he is a very dark, black eyed, curly haired “Aryan” i.e. indigenous people aka a nationalist aka a man with a sorry life who hates others (minority, people who are different, people who do well in their life)

    • Kumar Fernando

      So why not the government let foreign media go there to see what is happening. What is the government hiding. If the government is okay with the high toll of civilian death then why not show it. It is obviously ashamed of the civilian death that it caused.

  5. rohan

    Can someone tell me what benefit the government gets in not resettling the IDP’s quickly. There is none, the fact is demining and the shear logitics take a great deal of time, and I pray that all mines are removed and the people will be safe. It is no fun to live without a leg or arm for the rest of ones life !

    • Kumar Fernando

      So we can settle Sinhalease in that area. Having more Sinhalease in the North will keep Tamils in line for ever. It will also place pressure on them to emmigrate so we can bring Sri Lanka back to the Sinhalease. Unfortunately, most Sinhalease are too racist to see this. I am Sinhalease.

  6. Easan

    If de-mining the areas where they came from is the reason to keep these people in the internment camps, why are the imprisoned there within barbed wire fence and guarded by armed soldiers.? Why cannot they have some freedom and stay where they want?

  7. To carry on the thread because there are members of the LTTE hiding among the civilians who need to be screened out. This is also time consuming. To let them out without screening means the LTTE ers may go free to engage in terorrist activities. Do you enjoy bombs going off in Colombo and people getting killed again? Have you not seen the vast quantities of arms still being unerthed from the north. Does it not occur to you that if all the arms caches are not discovered before people are resettled or let go to freely rome where ever they want these hidden arms may end up being used again. The reason why some NGOs and certain political groups have being denied acces to the camps again is due to the presence of LTTE elements who are known to have had ties to certain NGOs and politicians who will not hesitate to use these links to stir-up trouble within the camps if not outside.

  8. nandasena

    “One can criticise it but logically, why should the government hold the people in camps incurring an enormous cost?

    Re: this it is not a secret that the UN is funding the “concentration camps” The SL govt. does not spend a red cent!!! They may be benefitting from the IDPs in “other ways” which is known to everone in Sri Lanka. IDPs bring foreign exchange!!! Families of the security forces are doing black market by selling things needed by the IDPs!!!
    Govt is not in a hurry to send these people home. All the rules and regulations regarding North and East are done so that the Royal family and their kith and kin benefit from it!!!

    • Kumar Fernando

      Also we can ethnically cleanse the north of Tamils and encourage them to leave Sri Lanka, so Sri Lanka will be a pure Sinhala state.

  9. Athi

    TO MARK:
    It is quite naive to digest the govt. assertion that “a lot of NGOS and foreign politicians have ties with ltte, and when letting them in camps they will use their connection to re stirr-up violence”. Both me and you know how unrealistic this sounds. To allow journalist and foregin journalist inside such camp should not be denied. only with a continuing watch from the outside, (let it be the un or other renown ngo or an international delegation), could the world, the tamil diaspora and the people of sri lanka be ensured that these battered and bruised IDPS are being given security and proper facilities for living. When the Govt chooses instead to attain heavy control of information outflux from the camps, there are a great reason for concern(especially with varying information coming out, allegations coming out and as previous events of mass atrocities by the armed forces and sri lankan history has shown). The government astonisingly accomplished a total “enclosure” of the north under the whole offensive and thus heavily constrained valid independent information from steadily come out. And they didnt allow no one to enter and independently monitor and observe the field, there are very few instances this has been pulled the whole way out…even in grim cases like the vietnam war,cethynia, atrocities in iraq and the onslaught in darfur, independent information attained from ngos, international observation delegations and so on have been possible because they have to some degree have had access in to area of war. in the case of sri lanka it seems that the government have put in a lot of effort to maintain a cloak and tight control of information that came out of the area. And the excuses they used legitimate these actions are ridiculous. All this gives a tremendous of reason to suspect the govt of hiding something very very grim. As report from UN and other renown NGOS has shown, the civilian casualty in the offensive the govt so romatically phrased “the biggest humanitarian rescue mission in the world”, is almost paradoxical, the govt prioritized the elimination of the ltte over the protection of tamil civilians and thus negelected the lifes of thousands of these peoples. in the end the tamil comunity in a matter of 5-6months lost a dreadfull large amount of its poplace and got near 250 000-280 000 closed up in internment camps. And we as sri lankans wonder how this dosent look like a mass scale “ethnic cleansing” scheme undertaken by the state (history has shown that violence predominatly aimed at tamils have been carried out by the state and its armed forces, so has it orchestrated other events). It is shame to see that a beautiful island like ours has evolved to be such a breeding ground for, chauvunism, hatred, oppression and the spill of blood .
    A island kin to the buddha should not fail upon his most sacred (and univerisally held as this among his followers all over the world) teachings which convey love,compassion and peace. the path to redemption and then peace is dependent on a condition, to let the truth prevail. one must face ones sins if there ever should be hope of redemption.

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