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Fonseka Booted (Exclusive Interview)

By Frederica Jansz

Speaking exclusively to The Sunday Leader General Sarath Fonseka bitterly recounted his ordeal last week.  Having been ordered to vacate ‘Generals’ House’ by today, November 22,  Fonseka was given a mere week to find alternative housing.

“Contrary to all previous false reports I allowed my predecessors both General Shantha Kottegoda and Donald Perera to continue in this house for three and a half months after they had retired from service” Fonseka said, asserting “Yet, I — as Chief of Defence Staff am being treated like dirt — given a mere week to get out.”

“I don’t in any case want to stay in this place, I am very keen to go,” the General said, adding, “If I choose to go to court on this matter they will lose.” Asked if indeed he might seek legal action against the Ministry of Defence and its Secretary who General Fonseka said is responsible for his current housing predicament he replied, “I might.”

The General has been house-hunting, he said, the whole of last week.  “We did find a few houses that were suitable and the owners were initially more than willing to rent to us — but when we went back they refused to rent to me.  They had been pressured by them,” Fonseka charged.  Asked who “them” was he said, “The Defence Ministry and its Secretary.”

He said he is seeking a house “close to Royal College” as “we plan on setting up our political office also in that area.”

The General, elaborating further went on to say how he was leaving the army after a service period spanning 40 years with mixed feelings. “I am both disgusted at the way they have treated me and extremely disillusioned.” However, on a lighter note the General said, “I was driving around in civilian clothes last week and it felt good.”

But Fonseka maintains his life is at grave risk.  “They initially reduced my security to 25. I protested. They then increased it to 60 infantrymen.  Again I protested and now they have assigned me a mere 12 commandos­ — not men that I handpicked. They are all new men.  They could be an assassination squad — maybe they are trying to assassinate me.”

Replying a question if the threat to his life is only from the LTTE General Fonseka said, “No. There are the criminals who do politics who can and will also try to kill me.”

Speaking further the General said, “I appealed to the President to take into consideration the very grave and serious threat to my life. The Army’s No. 2 has more security than I today.  But the President’s response was, “You are now a civilian.”

“Am I more of a civilian than himself or Gotabaya Rajapaksa the Defence Secretary?” Fonseka asked, his voice filled with emotion.

Fonseka, who resigned as Chief of Defence Staff on November 12 was also in for a further shock when his official cooks were immediately withdrawn hours after his resignation was accepted by President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Referring to an ugly incident that took place last week involving the Senehasa School spearheaded for children of the military with special needs by himself and his wife Anoma, the General recounted how barely 24 hours before the official opening of the school the event was abruptly cancelled.  “All because our names are on a plaque — now they will put their names on that plaque and take credit for a Rs.150 million project that my wife Anoma and I devoted ourselves to accomplishing,” he said.

Meanwhile in a four page long letter addressed to troops on Friday, the former Army Commander said, “I was ordered from the ‘top’ to immediately vacate the official residence. I have faced many obstacles in trying to find an alternative place to reside, as some are hell bent on throwing me out on to the streets.”

“My security has been reduced to 25 despite repeated requests made to increase it up to 100 soldiers, considering the threats posed to my life,” he said in his letter to the troops.
While pledging to be by their side ‘like a shadow,’ Fonseka told his soldiers that he will fight to instill the country’s diminishing democracy, human rights and media freedom.
“Don’t allow anybody to tarnish the reputation of the army and politicise the military.  We should keep in mind that we are the real owners of the war victory even though certain people try to insult us,” the former Army Commander said.

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  1. Saman/south Africa

    If Asian Tribune investigation is right I lost my confidence on General.However when you dig garbage smell is more and more.Stay away from Ranil,Mangi & Company

    • Manpeace

      Asian Tribune is a pro Rajapaksa and Pro SLFP newspage. The press is not free in SL.

      NAG you are not a tamil; You are a sinhalese. Deep penetration unit of the SL army and Douglas Devananda’s EPDP are those who are responsible for the most killings and disapparances in the North. The SL press through many years have told you something else… .

      • Dr. Varunakulasiriya

        Dont beleive Asian Tribune just check with any SL who lives in Oklohoma then my dear, you will understand more incidents than what Asia Tribune revealed. I am a medical docotor who is practicing small town in Oklohoma and personally I have wittness what is their life style.

      • ravi

        AT pro goverment news paper whats does it have to do with any thing ? facts remain true ….if u so called patriots can discredit the facts …not the source ?

    • Thilanga

      Asia tribune is edited by Rajasinham, a TULF man in Sweeden. Those people want fedaral state and nevel like Fonseka who wipeout the federal slogans.

      • Manpeace

        Rajasingam have been a TULF-supporter. He is a Rajapaksa-supporter NOW. He is not at all a TULF man now.

        • justitia

          Rajasingam has probably been promised a small diplomatic post. He is a mercenary/businessman journalist,the worst kind there is.He earlier persuaded MR to send Karuna to UK. How he was sent and what happened is history.He also “discovered” that one of the Four Wise Men was from jaffna !

      • ravi

        do not talk rubbish …fact remains general gave out contracts to his son in law…and used his authority cover it up….discredit that if u can ?

    • Param

      Dear General,

      Please dont get dishearten of the unfortunate events that took place recently. The GOSL is trying to decimate a general to a plain cloth civiliian which is plitical game. But this type act will only discredit the government and the President.

      General you are somewhat like a ladder help the government to achieve victory in the 30 year war. Now that they have accomplished their target they no longer require the ladder. This is the nature of so called politicians.

      Our people are so unfortunate to suffer from this menace in the hands of the politicians by sacrificing their life over the last 60 years.
      political advantage

    • Abaya

      Fonseka’s secrets are out because he is out of the clan. One day Rajapakkiri’s will be out too. Rajapakkiri, Fonseka, Ranil, Mangi and Co are clowns who are good to rule the clowns of SL. Good luck you all. Send some more women to Dubai earn a living.

  2. You and Mahinda won the war against LTTE, but now you have to fight against courrupt and thugary politisions along to save our country truely.

    We wish you safe and successful future.

    • Thilanga

      yes true

    • dave

      may be i was wrong ..after all i think the general too has enough qualifications to enter sri lankan politics..asian tribune may be biased but…facts remain facts..

    • Punc

      Hang tight general, we salute you always.

      thank you for saving our island from terror.

    • shiran. meandis

      Dear General Fonseka,
      You are experiencing a situation which is not uncommon in human society.
      However at this moment the remedy is to seek sensible advise.
      Therefore, please be cautious.
      Thank you for your leadership to every body to win the war
      May the precious blood of our Lord Jesus protect you. sm

  3. Indrajith Atha Pattu

    Its pretty sad that people not recognise the duty he done to the country. Some idiotes who comment on here says he is not a politicins, those donkeys dont know that people donot born as politicians. The stye General worked and the deciple he developed will make a better honest politician. Good Luck general

  4. Saman Ramanayaka

    Its really sad that the people in sri lanka are that narrow minded. After 40 years of service you didnt get commission and involved in corruption, Hence no roof over your head.

    • dave

      dear saman…the general has his own house in hokandara..which he doesn’t want to go to.. + the most recent land given by MR

      • Nalaka

        Oh poor man Dave, if you do know that do you know how many rooms there is? Just two room house and the area is not secure. Please donot try to degradate someones credibility without knowly anything or miliciously. Gen Fonseka Yudda kala misak Sudda Kale nehe..thats why he is so poor.

        • senesh

          Most of the SL Peoples are like Dave. Cocount donkeys. That’s why Sri Lanka is still poor.

        • SOLDIER

          He has a house in USA and not in SL ? Read Asian Tribune and see how poor this General is.

        • Godaya

          If you are no longer the holder of office, you don’t get to live in the official residence. Its simple and straight. Besides, the general can very well sell his property in the US and buy a posh col 7 house here.

        • dave

          NALAKA…i really have a lot of respect for the general..but the fact is that even if the prez. looses his position he has to vacate official did ranil as he lost the previous time.
          very soon facts will start emerging about the generals son in law who is said to be a middle man in arms the 15th Sunday leader for a start.

  5. Angel

    We need to bring Gen Fonseka into politics and wipe out the corruption as he done in the Military

  6. Sameera

    Those who become patriotes over night trying tp advice Gen. Fonseka!!!! so funny…some are called them selfves as doctors….heheeeee..

  7. Thanga

    I am a tamil and we couldnt interact with sinhalese in south as LTTE was in power. Now we can. If Gen. Fonseka comes he need to irrdicate corruption and develop sri lanka

    • Roaring Roy

      Thanga, you guys couldn’t interact with with the Sinhalese because you guys diddn’t want to! LTTE was the excuse and not the reason. Soon after May 18th, Gen. Fonseka wanted to recruit 100,000 more soldiers. Why do you think, to fight the remaning LTTE? No! But to balance the demography in the North and the East! Sarath if comes to power will not give preferance to fight corrupton, but will be after Tamil butts!

  8. Thanga

    true. Became patriotes in over night

  9. Thilanga

    How can Mahinda and his clan build so big houses? what happend to Hejin? Mihin Air 3Billion rupees, and etc..

  10. Thilanga

    Mate, if Gen Fonseka not enteres into politics now, we all suffer, and make a path to another civil war. We need a man who we all can trust, a man who proved his credit. No time to waste.

    • Lasath

      VERY TRUE ….

      • I believe only the General can save our country from the clutches of mass corruption, degrading democracy and the lack of dependability on the judiciary and the police. We HAVE to capitalized on the war victories win the hearts and minds of our tamil brothers and sisters and do trade together and develop the country together. MR & Company was successful with the war but absolutely with nothings else.

  11. Lasath

    Its high time to throw these Rajapakse Gona and monkeys out of power. Eating the country in style. But majority of Sinhalese idiots don’t know or understand whats going on as state media 7x24hrs washing dirt of these monkeys. Only other hand where is democracy? Where is Law? but law of thugs and hey sayers.

  12. Lasath

    You must be blind or deaf…or one of few remaining LTTEyer. If you don’t like this country better you leave…let innocent Tamils Sinhalese and others to live in here happily. dont waste time and space here..YOU ARE A LOOSER

  13. Daniel

    Our country politics is based on rasism always from the time of 1956 onward. You cannot come to power without mentioning of rasism and rouse the peoles emotions. The citizens must have the patriotism and put the country before anything else. Without thgis there is no hope for our country. It is time to realise and repent and forget the past to draw a new line of wholeness.
    It does not matter whether Sarath Fonseka or Ranil, or rajapaskse, what we need is unity and equality to think about the betterment of our land.

  14. Thilanga

    Hey LTTE man, did LTTE cared for the men who surrendered to then in 1991? LTTE Killed more than 5000 policemen who surrendered…we didnt lost our memory you LTTE looser. We need Gen. Fonseka to irradicate the remainingLTTE cells.

    • dave

      THILANGA….if you are not aware read some newspapers [if you have the knowledge] or at least ask some one who knows before making a dumb comment..5000 policeman?? r u nuts?

      • Nalaka

        Do not try to be shine man, soon after November 2008 there were more than 1800+ military personals detained (surrendered) what has happend to them? Do you think how amny they captured an Elephanpass? Poonaryn? and Molathiv!

        • dave

          first read what you r to reply to ..he was referring to the 700+ policeman who surrendered.

    • Want to be a Lankan

      Thilanka! You are nothing but an ignorent MORON. Our country is in this state because of people likeyou, Rajasingham of AT. SF is no angel, he definilitely has his cupboards full. Ranil is no better. However in the present context we need a leader who is at least marginally better than the current morons. Bay be I will place my bet on SF. I am a nationalist Thamil by the way, who hates the likes of Mavai senathiraja, Sivajilingam, Thondaman, Anandasangari KP, Rudrakumar etc.

  15. Thilanga

    Daniel, when you claim something there should be a base. can you give some exaples of such thing?

  16. Thilanga

    well said Clyde!

  17. Dr. Balasuriya

    Dear General,

    Please get your Green Card and live with your Son In Law in the US.

    The LTTE in the US will give you protection

    • Thilanga

      Any Educated Sri Lankan wont expect this type of comment not even from a conDOCTOR! These sick people are trying to tarnish the credict which Gen Fonseka suppose to get.

      • ravi

        you serious ….? even after he allowed his son inlw earn 2 cents and 20 dollars for bullet and shell ? he claened up the corruption in the army? you must nutts?

      • Crow

        Yes Yes you can see his credit balance if you go through his bank accounts. My freind no side I have taken. All are “BIG HORU”. JR, Prema, Ranil, Chandrika, RajPAKSHA FAMILY, ALL The MInisters in ALL Goverment and now ……………………GEN FONSEKA. Because EVERY FORCES has SUPPLY DIVISION WHICH MAKE PROCUREMENT. SO THEY SHARE COMMISION TOP TO BOTTOM. THATS THE TRUTH.


    • Nalaka

      Gen. fonseka and the forces didnt give their lives to allow this Rajapaksha clan to corrupt this country. you are an idiot balasooriya. Shame if u a doc.

    • HeHe Balasuriya

      Dr. Balasuriya, are you the LTTE protector? He He He

  18. dave

    the bitter truth is even if MR looses his position he has to give over his official residence..when you forward your resignation you should be prepared to resign.
    who is a politician??? first you have to be a HOREK,,THEN THAKKADIYEK..THEN A POLITICIAN … SARATH FONSEKA does not have any such qualifications..THIS is not your war sir!..we respect you very much..but dont enter poltics..and most importantly don’t be in an opposition to Sri who you are trying to hold hands is not only an opposition party ,but an opposition to mother lanka..a bunch of traitors..

    • senesh

      hey Dave, Are you saying Genral should allow MR gan to desroy our mother land. Don’t use this free space to spread these kind of ideas.

  19. How about place in menic farm for the general ?? with other 200,000 fine
    citizens of Srilanka.

    • Nalaka

      I donot think you are a Srilankan other than a loose minded LTTE man who lost your utopian PEELam, so donot want to comment more than that


    There were many Great Generals. Gen Kobbekaduwa, Wimalarathne Janaka Perera etc to name few. What was Lacking ? Political Leadership. I cant understand why this is not agreed by all. As General says he has done it alone – That is the biggest joke.
    Just imagine his troops advancing without Air cover????????? Without Airforce support they would have retreated like Jaya sikuru debacle.
    Just imagine 10,000 artialliary pieces destroyed by the Navy when they destroyed 10 LTTE ships, came flying at advancing troops???????? Without that effort by Navy this General may either have to retreat or win the war in another 10 years when he is 69 years old. (remember he said he will not Hand over command to next commander without finishing LTTE).

    This is POOOOOOOOOOOOOr politics from two so called major parties that cannot have their own candidate.

    We Sri Lankans are so unfortunate to see this disgusting episode of C in C and Army commander against each other due to this PATHETIC politics of UNF and JVP.

    • ravi

      you idoit nallaka ….faith is good thing …blind faith is a another ….open your eyes …see what is right infront of you…


      So you want NON CORRUPT/ CLEAN SF to power. Read Asian Tribune/ SundayLeader articles and think again.

      You dont get clean politicians any where. Politicians are corrupt. It may be UK, USA or SL. What matter is how much…

      Why not Ranil W. I think he is the least corrupt out of all.

      If you really talking about corruption of MR, best choice is not SF but RW.

      Unless of course you have ulterior motives and writing onbehalf of somebody else….

  21. Trevor

    Some of the comments seem to be a bit harsh on the General, although I quite agree that the job of a military man is different to that of a politician. The army could’nt have been successful without the politicians going begging to countries like China and Pakistan for financial and military support, even after the western countries refused to support us.
    I think the General has got himself entangled with a dubious bunch of politicians (local and international), who are only trying to use him for their own gain.

  22. Santhi

    Tamils & Muslims may not have trust in SF for his earlier stand that S.L belongs to Singhalese only and others would only be tolerated His vote catching statements now could change with executive powers as done by past Presidents

  23. vijitha

    Genaral Fonseka, the game you are going to start will end with a disaster. Think ,think & think.

    • Nalika

      He already thought about it looser, see day after tomorrow his decision and you will see the outcome of that decision day after the election.

  24. Kumar Emayan

    As long as Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims right to live in their own country with no fear of each other is not solved, our great nation will always struggle within and in the world arena.

    China, India, Pakistan, Burma, Lybia or Cuba cannot solve our problems but they will make it worse in the long run.

    ONLY honest patriotic Sri Lankan Singhalese, Tamil and Muslim can make the country a better place.

    Current GOV, SF, Ranil should go and retire from polits since non of them are honest to the citizens of SL.

  25. Martin

    There is a place called Menik farm….. ever thought of moving?

    • Kumar Emayan

      All those patriots liberated the motherland from so called terrorist should build their retirement homes in Manik farm!

      Especially for Hon Minister Karuna sure it is a very famiiliar place and people will give him a truck load of flowers to welcome him there!!

  26. Maharoof


  27. [...] weird is his public statements which seem more about hurt ego than national concern. I read the interview in The Sunday Leader and it seems like his biggest issue is the loss of perks. That sucks, but I don’t think [...]

  28. all you people should understand that a grace period of three months are given to hand over the govt. qtrs. after your retirement or in the case of an untimely death. also, the cliche ‘the known yakka is better tyhan the unknown yakka’ i think should be rephrased the other way round. simply because all the known yakkos since independence only managed to ruin the country, one way or the other, and mind you there was a huge competition amongst themselves to achieve the best results in doing so. therefore, why not we give a teeny weeeny little opportunity for this unknown yakka in the form of sf to see what he can achieve for the country and people or for his hathara warige, future generations and hangers on.

    • Fairose

      Definitely, Sarath Fonseka would be thousands time better than some crooked politician who takes the “mal wattiya” who deceive the public. We need people who are truthful to themselves than show off.


  30. Patriot

    The General must have known what the future holds for him. Knowing the Rajapakiris that they will kick him out like a dirt bag once the war was over. The poor General didn’t use his brain to foresee this. In a way he deserves this as he was directly responsible for the killing of 20,000 ++ poor Sri Lankans in the final war. What goes around comes around, General! He is now talking about human rights and media freedom! Jokers run Sri Lanka. Serious people run AWAY from Sri Lanka.

  31. Sara

    He is being paid off by the Lord buddah! he made several innocent tamils flee from their home! Now he is wandering for a place to live! Every single Thu will be paid off at the end! North or east or South. Wait and see…. this is just starting …of killing each other!

  32. kavi

    for Tamils, it can be sitting on boiling pan or fire (mahinda-sf).
    Reconciliation hopes became jokes, even for Tamils, who were against tigers. Majority Sinhalese thinks minorities are problem, instead of minority issues. That is what the history of politicians in Sri Lanka tought to Sinhalese.

    If I have power I would field with a moderate Tamil (or Muslim) to see, how many Sinhalese vore to him and show the world the reality.

  33. Deshapremiya

    Sarath Aiye! What happened. I heard that MR booted you. Is it true. May be he is playing Games with. Take it easy.It is better you get your Green Card from Uncle Sam and live with your dear SIL in Olkohama. May you rest in Peace in the US.

  34. Kumar Emayan

    Sri Lankans please awake up! You can’t change the world but at least you have the power to change your own country!!

  35. Dinusha

    Currently the biggest issue was the General’s statement to Sunday Leader, for an instance whenever Ranil Wickramasinghe make a false statement or a hilarious remark Rupavahini and ITN people tend to show it and quote the statement over a 1000 times, but here neither vocal quotation nor textual quatation, at least they could highlight the erroneous statement and show the biggest betrayal and what a gigantic renegade the general really is…. but no, Thosedays Sundayleader was meant to be a fake paper for the government they are the people who revealed the Mig dealing, Hegin and the paper was indicted by Mr.Gotabaya Rajapakse so what is this all about , It’s so hard to believe and this is totally opportunistic.

    • raguna

      I agree with you.
      Betrayal is exposing of something that has actually happened but should not have been exposed. Otherwise if it untruth, it should be a fabrication. Now what is going on is although General has denied it, all others are going to prove what he earlier said was right. Poor GR, all your own people trying to pin you.

  36. edward

    General is lucky he got a week but the people in the northeastern war zone had to flee without any notice, only indication that general’s army was marching into their house was the shells or the bombers flying over their heads. They ran without even burying the bodies of the dear ones killed. Karma will not let you. It is your turn now others too will pay for it later or in the next birth. Our desires are so great that we forget the teaching of Lord Buddha though we claim to be the followers of the teachings of the noble one.

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