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Some Are More Equal
NamalIt certainly pays to be the son of a prez. Na-flower had to sit for his first year examination at the college that is law. But not for him a public hall — rubbing elbows with all and sundry. Instead the dude got a cubicle all to himself.
To add salt to the wounded egos of all the other guys and gals also taking the same paper, the principal no less sat with dear Na-flower ALL the while the dude doodled his required responses.
And that is not all! Na-flower… dear paridisians… was even welcomed with a sheaf of bulath kole when he arrived bodyguards and all in tow. Well the end result is certain. None of us need dear ole Albert Einstein to predict that the exam will for sure be a walk-over for the dude! Hmph!

Stars Do Count
Untitled-1So there was ole Fonny boy waxing eloquent on how he won the war. ‘A Can Do’ attitude and nothing less he said speaking to a packed hall of management blokes. Certified! Yes, they actually call themselves that. Yikes! Anyway, another vital component to dear Fonny winning the un-winnable war he said was he never guzzled that golden liquid that warms all our cockles and has earned us paridisians a reputation for being not just lotus eaters but a nation of the alcoholic kind. Fonny quipped how he …. throughout the entire tenure of leading that battle of all battles from the front took a drink only once.  On the 17th of Jan. this year when he was forced to… having invited some wild asses over for a pow-wow. And the second time was when he was told Velu of the striped kind was finally kaput. Dead. Finished. Well perhaps it can be predicted when Fonny will down that third drink? Jan 26 next year?  Who knows? Maybe Fonny should consult that gazer of stars, good ole Chandrasiri Banda! Hee! Hee!

Thick Skinned?
By-DaylifeBut Fonny has no illusions. Saying he was known in the army to have a hide as thick as that of a crocodile — the general spoke of how for every critical phase he was the “chosen one” to go lead from the front.  “Send Fonny was the battle cry” every time a camp came under attack. BUT the victory had many patrons thereafter — he said.  Fonny boy remained un-deterred. He said there is a saying among the rank and file the more frequently one uses the same blade to skin the hide of a crocodile the sharper that blade will be.  Boy oh Boy!

Rs. 125,000 To Train A Soldier
And with manapes just around the corner the cupboard angels have decided that the battle hardened kind must be wooed.  No less than 125,000 of the green notes are to be spent on a single new recruit. 10,000 new “boys” are to be enlisted to the rank and file within the next two months — or is it six weeks?  Oh My! See what a credible opposition rival can do even before he sits in office!

War Or No War!
On the other hand, all a foot soldier gets as basic pay is a measly 14,000 bucks every 30 days. Freebies include food “rations” and “water,” and maybe an extra sock or two thrown in. Do the maths and the guys can draw in “cash & kind”  anything between 25,000 to 30,000 a month.  But all is not lost boys. Don’t lose heart! This “Anduwa” will still spend upto a 100,000 smackers on each new recruit — training and all.  Now who on earth was that silly blot who said the bally war is over eh?

PRESo the prez declared that he saw no challenge in the so called common candidates in the calibre of a retired military man or for that matter dear ole ra-kneel.  Of course we all know that sweet ole blot has never been a serious contender for anyone yet! But now Fonny boy is a different kettle of fish altogether! But the prez while downing kiri buth and lunumiris told a pack of wild asses at a breakfast meeting at the araliya abode “ no worries — I am still the best yet. I respected the right of the people to call for elections and that is why I sacrificed two years of my first term heeding to the voice of the people,” he said.  Oh well….the manape will be the final toll.

Breaking Bread
ASDSo azad ousted pronto from the joint alliance it appears had a friend or two in tow.  None other than the erstwhile Johnny come lately. The two – close as peas in a pod…. days before the working committee of the aliyas met… were seen breaking bread at Siam House no less. Whispering sweet nothings into each others ears while guzzling sweet and sour prawns and crab soup.  But for all their troubles azad got booted for having dared say ‘Nay’ when a call of hands was needed to say ‘Aye’ to dear fonny’s campaign. A sure sign of things to come yet eh?

17 Comments for “IN A NUTSHELL”


    azad salleys removal shows how very democratic the ultra democratic ranil wicks is. rw is nothing but a dictator and communal to boot. god bless this nation – if i had a green card like fonny i would be outta here by now

  2. Randy Mathew

    I hope that Employers would not even consider this fellow for any jobs. I suppose he would not need it anyway , what with all the wealth he would have gained , thanks to his father. All I can say is that never before in SL have the people been taken for such a ride like this time.

  3. Randy Mathew

    The helping Hambantota scandal should have opened the eyes of the voter but it didnt. They wanted their man from a viilage in the south to become their President. Now they can see their foolish mistake. Had they voted for a honest, non-communal gentleman like Ranil, things would have been much different for the better. How true is the saying that people get the government they deserve.

  4. Sarath

    Azad may be set for life. Who needs principles and loyalty in a country where
    money and power is all whats needed. Funny thing is the same guys who were
    crying RW cant win elections (we all know that) and should step down has started
    crying about a formidable opponent coming in. Very clear as to whose agenda
    they are following.

  5. Satina Junaid

    Everyone must by now realize that that there should be a balance of power in every department/section. So therefore SF must win if not lose by just a narrow margin. This all minorities should realize if all our efforts are to be met.

  6. Unbiased law abiding citizens like us know what happened at at the the last pres.elections. Why LTTE prevented their fellow men from voting at the last moment.. How lumps of money thrown under the table..t Though these facts are buried by force silencing the rags with bullets . How long can we tolerate such acts of this barberic blood thrsty govermen?. We need a change… dear god we need it badly for our next generations to survive.

  7. Janaka

    Na-Flower… was talking/concerned of the Future of the Youth (THASRUNYATA HETAK)… when he himself is a useless Johnie without any qualification-now using the FAMILY POWER to obtain illegally at least some sort of qualification!!

    • Janaka..What do you expect from a son of MR…Morals and ethics start from parents and their upbringing.
      Everyoone by now should know how corrupt and crooked MR and his family plus stooges what do you expect from his brood..I am the least surprised.

  8. Shaik

    Fonny is living in cloud cuckoo land if he thinks he has any chance of even remotely scratching the surface of this disproportionate contest. He is banking on the dwindling support from the UNPers, JVPers and TNA which could not mobilise the support of the Tamil voters for a Tamil candidate recently. How is it going to garner the support for a Sinhalese candidate? Incredibly, Fonny is also expected to resign in 6 months if he wins. Is he mentally challenged or what?

  9. dagobert

    Randy Mathews…. “That foolish mistake”…. If not for that, this very day, you and I would be queing to obtain a Visa to visit the North of my country.

    Satina..Not only the General…. MR too could usher in the balance of Power.

    • Randy Mathew

      dagobert……….It is very sad that you are prepared to overlook the massive corruption by the MR brothers. As for obtaining a visa to go to the the north of SL, you must realise that tigers did not fall out of the sky but were created by the discriminatory policies of previous Colombo governments. No, I was never a tiger supporter and I do not see any difference between them and the so called government of SL. If anybody is a tiger supporter, it is those people who gave millions of rupees to the tigers to ensure that they prevented the tamil voters in the north and east from voting in 2005.

  10. Before the release of the results of the 1st Examination in Law SF will be in power and Namal will have to seek legal action to rescue his pa who will be behind bars and also the Principal who sat by and licked his feet…. while giving all the answers of the script.. How long can these uncultured bandits survive? Their days are numbered.

    • Priyani..I would say , sooner the better for all of us..Scum is not healthy..What a filthy disgrace that our ruddy president will allow his son to stoop to such low gutter levels to pass an exam…and of all exams, the one in LAW..what can we expect;;the Rajapakse’s Lawlessness.
      MR has done some very degraqding things in open to his how he also sent the son on a scholarship to the overseas militrary academy…what a rogue…and then uses Govt funds to go as the ” Cheap Guest” at the passing out parade…How low is Low..Only MR and his useless pests can tell us the answer.

  11. Ravana

    The next problem this country will have to face is the Sinhala Muslim tussle that is DEFFINITELY going to surface. Better that Fonny adresses this before it gets out of hand. During the recent muslim holiday the “festivities” in Kalpitiya were a sight to behold. Total disregard for the traffic laws , why do muslims not wear helmets when riding motor bikes ? Is it because there fez gets in the way ?

    • Hey ravana mind your own business and we from kalpitiya will mind ours.what do you care if we celebrate you go jump in the sea or come to kal;pitiya we can put you in the sea. Fonny is also our man and we also celebrate for him. you wait like idiots in colombo for hours road closed for goofs and dont cry you are wear helmets to save your head our heads are safe. keep out of muslim matters we will always save our sinhala brothers like we did in kings days and ltte time dont worry you keep out.

  12. Leonard S

    Shame on you Namal. Just check and see whether you have a pen is.

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