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“Why I Fell Out With the Rajapaksas” – General Sarath Fonseka Explains

By Frederica Jansz –

General Sarath Fonseka, speaking to The Sunday Leader on Friday said post war he vetoed a multi-million dollar proposal to purchase further large quantities of artillery shells from China to the value of 300 million US dollars by Lanka Logistics & Technologies Limited — a state-owned limited liability company operating under the Ministry of Defence, Public Security, Law and Order.
Fonseka, now the presidential candidate for the main opposition United National Front, attributed his refusal to comply with this purchase as one of the many reasons why he finally fell foul with President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his brother, Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa. “This would have definitely annoyed them and was the cause of the ensuing and ever widening rift between me, the Defence Secretary and the President,” Fonseka said.
Recalling the incident, the General said that in his capacity as Commander of the Sri Lanka Army, days after the war was won in May this year, a report had been submitted to him by a Technical Evaluation Committee recommending the further purchase of artillery shells from China.
“This evaluation had been done before the war ended – but when the report came to me for approval I vetoed the purchase as by then the war was over,” the General asserted, adding that the Defence Secretary had insisted the purchase must go through Lanka Logistics.
“I refused to allow the multi-million dollar purchase as there was simply no requirement anymore for such a massive quantity of artillery shells,” Fonseka said, adding “it would have simply been a colossal waste of money.”
The Board of Directors of Lanka Logistics consists of Chairman Nimal Perera and Directors Lalith R. de Silva, Wasantha Ekanayake, Leisha Chandrasena and Sudharshan Senaratne.
Asked who the members of the Technical Evaluation Committee were General Fonseka said he couldn’t recall the names for this particular purchase. “There were many such committees for various different arms purchases,” he said, asserting, however, that they were all officers appointed by him in his capacity as Commander of the Army.
Given that Defence Secretary Rajapaksa refuses to speak with The Sunday Leader we were unable to corroborate this story with him.

Fonseka On Visit To India…
Asked why he paid a sudden visit to India, General Sarath Fonseka said “it was a private visit.” Pressed on whether he visited the spiritual guru Sai Baba in Puttaparthi, Bangalore, Fonseka replied “No.”  In a lighter vein he quipped, “Perhaps soon I will need to go see him.”

152 Comments for ““Why I Fell Out With the Rajapaksas” – General Sarath Fonseka Explains”

  1. Jehan

    A golden and a final opportunity for the people of Sri Lanka to bring in democratic values thro the appointment of SF as President. The major flaw is in the Constitution which he has agreed to abolish.

    We Sri Lankan should get together and support SF to revolutinise the present corrupt political system for the well being of the common masses.

    I urge every sensible person in Sri Lanka to elect SF as President. This is change we need at this moment of time.



    • chinthaka

      Please everyone read the previous interviews given by Mr. Sarath Fonseka. Federica.. can you find all the comments he made on arm purchases for all the media after winning war and with the war.As i remember he said ” I chaired the tender board by myself” Could you ask him to clarify his stand of his previous comments. We would like to get details of details of who chaired the tender boards and to whom given the tenders and why. It is your responsibility to find the facts rather getting feed back from Gota . he will tell something and SF will tell another and truth will be hidden.So find the truth rather rely on words of cheap politics.

      • kumara

        yes i remember that interview … Gen. claimed that “i even went and wasted my time in tender to stop people robing people’s money” … hope u can find that interview and confirm Gen. Fonseka ‘s stand on this issue … i think this man is talking the truth

    • druvi

      I am well looked after by this govt with all my faults (if I have any) excused, so myself and all my friends hope that this govt will continue until such time we get enough to live on. As Sri Lankans I think that it is our right. sorry if you don’t agree with my thoughts and i don’t care.


  2. jan

    Rajapakse s weer living on arms

  3. The more we look at it, the more convnced that this President and the present Govt is one big menace.
    The sooner they are kicked or voted out, Sri Lanka can look at turing a corner and get for the better.
    As long as these crooks and thugs are in power, it is certain that these corrupt rogues will sell and destroy our precious country to th every ground level.
    Disgracefully corrupt and greedy curses ..That is what these bunch of rogues and crooks have turned this country into a suffering one..mainly for the poor and common masses.

  4. Kathir Husein

    We will here more and more accusation like this as election get closer.
    SF, Instead of talking of the past, Why don’t you talk about the future plans for the country specially for the Tamils Problems.

  5. M. Kumari

    SF seems to be a very arrogant and selfish person. He just broke the relationship with president based on disagreement about his thinking of Army. Certainly, the president was right. Such a small country spending to large percentage of population to army is not needed. He has shown lack of leadership quality in his professional career as CD.

    • Don

      Kumari please stay at home and cook some food and clean the house. Your two cents is worth less than the Zimbabwean Currency.

      Just shut up before you get put in your place.

      We need a big army to hold on the security issue. Just because these LTTE cockroach HQ was destroyed they have laid eggs everywhere so army control is still required to thoroughly cleanse Sri Lanka clean of these leeches.

      Btw he is not selfish because he reject US$300 MILLION worth of ammunition from which, he could have reaped commission. He was offered ministerial posts amongst many other ‘gifts’.

      He declined it all. If he wanted to become a dictator he could have staged a coup and overthrown these pencil pushers ages ago. He was the most powerful man in the country. His army could have taken over the Presidency overnight. Coup’s happen in a day. It doesnt take time, money and effort like an election process does.

      So please go and cook your husband and children need are hungry. Start cleaning the kitchen you dimwitted sheep!

      • janatha

        Dont worry Kumari ..The fellow DON is angry like a drunken general who take alcohol to make his mind more clear..You better cook meals for your kids and hubby but never forget to go to the polling station on 26th morning..

        • kumara

          yes may god bless u with enlightenment … hope u can see the true picture before 26th …. and if it happen u will vote to General, or vote mahinga and u will get a seeni bola talk from mahinda and a friendly hug form janatha who guides drunken Gen to his home all these days …

      • Dilip

        Don Don Don … We are heading for democracy. Democracy needs patient people. And considerate people. Lets begin the drive back towards democracy by talking nicely and considerately with the good lady Kumari. She has spoken what she feels. Let us all open our minds to the feelings of others – is that not the first step to democracy. Kumari please keep your comments rolling in – we need more voices for democracy. As for your vote : Janatha is right : go to the polling station 26th morning : Vote for Democracy.

  6. surendran

    The war has ended and it is time together to bring peace prosperity to our motherland as SRI LANKANS and could do this?? Let us support him/her.

  7. jothi

    Please SF present a good future economic plan.Then I am sure everyone will vote you.

  8. Ramkumar

    The cat calling the pan black.. They both looted the whole economy and now the affair broke and they are kicking each other.. This is a classic story of Sri Lankan politics. The truth is that they both enjoyed killing innocent people in the name of fighting terrorism. It is funny to hear Fonseka blame this on Mahinda and Mahinda blame it on Fonseka. Both will rot in hell for their sins..

    • Don

      “The cat calling the pan black.”

      It goes like this “the kettle calling the pot black”

      Please go get educated first before posting dingbat comments. You are a loser making yourself look horrendously retarded. Please shut up and go for elocution classes first Ram-whoever.

  9. Rajesh

    Usually people fall out because one set of people do not share the loot with the other. Could it be that MR & brothers did not share the war loot (looted by LTTE in the first place) with SF? Nah! It can’t be they all are genuine people.
    By the way, Sri Lankan people do not miss any of these loots. It goes from one thief (LTTE) to the other (who ever it is).

    • Don

      Rajesh please do not read one article and think you have learn the whole story. Do some background reading then open your mouth because the only idiot here is you.

      They offered SF ministerial posts amongst other benefits. This man wanted to change the country like he got rid of the LTTE cockroaches. Now he wants to get rid of the powder puff lals, the Dr Dutugemunus and the Tin pots. I guess he is a man with a real agenda on his slate.

      So please do not speculate because you sound very uneducated and silly. You are worse than a ding bat. You sound like the turd coming out of Tin pots anal sphincter!

      • Mervyn Aiya

        Ado Don….

        Umbe Kata wadi……umbawa bawanwa Kalaniya patthe awoth.?..

        Mama thamai Mervyn ..

      • Rajesh

        Let’s wait and see what is in the agenda, mate. We have been fooled by all the politicians both Singalese and Tamils. If you say SF is different, so be it.
        But watch your words mate. It might come back to haunt you.

      • nihal wijemuni

        Who the hell are you to threaten people & called others uneducated? Get this right you poncy son of a whore-you got no idea of what you talking about- just barking.Have a life,stop chatting rubbish-got it,you pimp.

  10. pissu poosa

    Since there are no honest politicians to contest ANY election in LK, lets vote the General in and hope it gets better under him. After all, LK can get no worse than it is. Or can it? After gaining independence, this country ran in reverse gear thanks to the stupid and gullible voters and saffroned rogues.

    • Jagath

      what makes you think General is so honest. How about millions of dollars he made from the arms deals???

  11. m.d.d.gunarathna

    welldone general

  12. SSS

    I personnely respect SF. He is the oly person can save the country and he has 42 years experience in his service with free of baiberies and carruptions. We want a person who can enhance people’s moral in the country to go forward. warship to trees and roch is not good at this movement since those all are just politics hints to the poor people in SL. We want radical changes to our people and to our econimy mainly. Everyone can not be a economicst and without the brack ground of the econ, non can go forward.
    the father of MR has 9 kids and most of them are educated but MR has 3 and none is educated so those uneducated MR family will sustain another 20 yrs if we ar not going to make the changes now.
    So pls see the future of the country and try to save it
    This a golden oppurtunity given by Mothe of SL to select this great man and it is not easy to come to this position in SL what SF is now.

    So take this a chance and work for that
    Best of kuck

  13. SSS

    Where is my comment ??

  14. SSS

    ok its there
    Thanks SL

  15. SSS

    I like SF
    We salute you


    Dear DON…
    Speaking like a true UNPier….
    Bro/Sis, Commanding an Army and running a country seems to me as completely different endeavours. What does the opening lines in the second para of the article(“Fonseka, now the presidential candidate for the main opposition United National Front”) tell you and the fellow readers?There is no agenda for the man,but the man is to represent the same old agenda’s of a party which has not done any good for the country(atleast since 1979 from the time the great man to all you UNPiers Mr.JR single handedly decided to send this blessed country to poilitical chaos).If any one feels that it is the president who runs the country(any country in the world for this matter),I will hesitate to agree,since running the country and making decisions are the JD of the advisors(true enough apointed by the President).Therefore,are you trying to say that the Common Candidate(who the article says is the representative of UNF aka UNP aka what is left of UNP since the true UNPiers are leaving the mess)should be elected the new president?

  17. Wellknown

    Dear Unknown,
    Yes, Commanding an Army and running a country are two completely different endeavours, but who is running the country here? MR or his brothers? SF at least lead the Army on his own but MR is a puppet who is controlled by his brothers..We need not to say what his bros did and doing to this country.. Half of the country is already owned by them…Apollo? Micro Car?etc etc ..
    DO NOT VOTE FOR THE PARTY OR YOUR CAST..Vote for someone who will truly do something for this country….

    • Hullo Unknown…I am better known for my frank and honest opimion with the betterment of the country as foremost importance to me.
      What I say is that we must see for the betterment of the common masses and the country..If not, each and every one of us also might have a “‘ For Sale’ board around our necks when the Horapakses wont have any more assets that they can claim or suck out from Sri Lanka to sell.
      And we are still having these rogues as our leaders and even considering voting for them at the next presidential election.
      Just like the Executive Bullshit Presidency, is there a constitution that we can simply chase and get rid of the Exec Pissudent if he does not perform and starts to be corrupt and thieve…That is the question.

    • janatha

      We never know one day if big.Shavendra Silva and Jagath Dias will come out and say “what this fellow SF done He was in colombo visited only twice to the nothern battle feild..and were enjoying holidays in China dealing with arm manufacturers ..we were the people who planed the war and took decisions accordingly and all credits should come for us”
      Remember no one can win the war on his own..It was a collective effort by all three arm forces..If SF says the war won only because of him(MR never told like that) we should not vote for a person of that kind..

      • suren

        Well said Janatha. That was very logical as no war can be won by an individual. only small minds would boast of such silly things and those silly minds can promise a lot but not deliver it at all. But we also have a big problem with MR and clan not coming clean on many things and are protecting the biggest thugs in SL for their own dirty work while the country and its people suffer. winning the war was certainly good for all of us and the world but we cannot remain idle when we are being robbed by our own, can we?

        • karu

          Suren, known devil may be better than the unknown, because the unknown will have to please as many as 13 bosses, having diverse ideologies from extreme right to extreme left, which will be well nigh impossible.

  18. Dilip

    Ask not which candidate will win. Elections are for the people. Ask whether the people will win. Vote so that we the people will win.

  19. druvi

    who cares as to who wins as long as we too can make some money when this govt is in power. don’t be foolish, just do it like myself and my bro kavan of GK had done. Best of luck to you all and pray that MR would continue in office.

  20. Sarath Germany

    we have to call this person as MRS …SF

  21. Sunil

    SF maynot be the best person to stand against the Rajapakses but the Rajapaskes are treating the country like their mother got it as her dowry so someone should defeat this regime. Mahinda and his brothers did not win the war. The army and its thousands of brave sons of Lanka who laid their lives did it and SF led the operation. There could be all these big shot Rajapaskes who can claim victory but did they take arms and go to the front? The next generation of Rajapaske thugs should not be allowed to rule OUR country and SF seems to be the best option in the absence of any other.

  22. Hat’s off for your courage General.After all this is a man(corrupt) to man(clean and genuine) fight only. Majority of Sri lankans are wth you.This is how the saints appear and disappear after doing a good job of work for humanity.So I name you as a saint for the hourly need.You can do it.God spared you to do this last job before you are taken to heaven.Long live the General,Ayubowan.

  23. Kosala

    Winner general Sarath Fonseka

  24. Dilshan

    Sarath Fonseka is a Sai Devotee. Mahinda is a Krishna Devotee.

    Still they listen to the Mongolian Monks to KILL the Indigenous People.

    That is the BAD KARMA, that they have to GO Through.

  25. WCSR

    Come on FJ you still have this story on? I thought you have buried this weeks ago after the SF’s interview on sirasa tv. Government attacked this allegation didn’t they? They presented documents that SF wanted the consignment of arms and the GR sent them back. How could you have missed it? they also proved it by documentary where the SF’s then Ordnance Corp chief has asked the MOD to approve the unloading of subjected military cargo and GR has denied approval. When this was asked from the SF at the sirasa tv interview he said something else. He said that the army needs this ammunition for training in next three years and therefore the army will have to pay more than ten times the amount then and since the items are on credit the army should have accepted the consignment and indeed it was a better deal for the army, Didn’t he? Oh!!! FJ your just part of what you earlier wrote, the “Fonseka Bandwagon”. Sure he’ll be a sweet dictator for you………………………….

  26. Orpheus Perera

    SF says “I fell out with the Rajapakshas”. He vetoed the purchase of weapons and he him-self fell out. This doesn’t make sense.

    Also as a man holding such a top position he should remember names of at least three people. He should have documents with the names of these committee members somewhere.

  27. Friends ! Think of the past big shots, are they alive now, so will be our friend MR, its only time will tell, once MR is out Basil & Namal will start fighting & Gotha also would have kicked the bucket, please read the history & wait, if any of you are alive God save you. No one will live for ever, all come & go.

  28. Mickey Mouse

    Orpheus, Right ON! SF is playing politics like the rest of them, he is not sincere. He should have a better argument than the one he is presenting. He is not shrewd enough to run a tricky country like SL as for democracy, wishful thinking. SL needs a benevolent dictator and who may that be?

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