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A 1000 Rupee Handbill

Legal tender or an election handbill?

Legal tender or an election handbill?

By R. Wijewardene

One of Sri Lanka’s hidden treasures has always been its currency.  Not because the rapidly falling rupee has any real value as an investment, but because Sri Lanka’s various bills – the luminous 10 rupee note, the Sigiriya emblazoned  hundred with their intricate motifs represent some of the most attractive legal tender in the world.

Visitors to the island would frequently exclaim on the surprising beauty of the island’s notes and coins. For Sri Lankans the tasteful technicolor rupee once represented a reassuring constant in their uncertain lives. But no longer.

In its relentless quest to deface the entire island with posters and propaganda this regime has now gone a step too far. The Rajapaksa administration has in its unquenchable thirst for publicity  defaced the 1000 rupee note.   By emblazoning the  front and back of the note with pictures of the President beaming over the war victory the government  has made a cheap propaganda poster out of the  nation’s currency.

A move which in terms of sheer of egotism is both unprecedented and unacceptable.  The currency is fundamentally a medium of exchange but  it has also been for  decades  a thing of beauty. Now it appears to have been reduced to the status of a mere election handbill.

And in its desperation to canvass support before the imminent election the government appears to have made a mistake in taste and judgment which will only succeed in eroding its already waning popular support.

And the government has left the people with no choice; hope that the Mahinda 1000 will be a very limited edition, or vote for Sarath Fonseka

9 Comments for “A 1000 Rupee Handbill”

  1. tishan

    muge muhuna thekkama 1000 th epa wenawa.

  2. anthama jara wedak lajja nadda danna muta

  3. Randy Mathew

    Sadly some people resort to this type of cheap publicity as they have nothing to show the people where economic management is concerned. These scumbags will be remembered with hatred and contempt long after they are kicked out for power. I sincerely hope that the voters will use their votes wisely this time.

  4. raj

    no comments …. real time idiot

  5. Kush Uppandi

    What about Premadasa who had his mug deface the one rupee coin (which a lot of shops to this day refuse to honor) or SWRD Bandaranayake whose most beautiful profile adorned the 100 rupee bill of yore? were these also not very bad things?

  6. prasanna

    It is evident that the readers of Sunday Leader are against the Government before even they read the next publication. The mindset is such that they wait for some sort of gossip. If not they get disappointed. Why not anyone see the bright side of what Government did so far. Do you think everything that is published in this paper is true and fair.

    • Malik

      It is very good that you raised this issue Prasanna. I also don’t believe anything in this news paper pronto nor i believe what this government says. Assuming you are a Buddhist (pardon me if not) I always follow Kalama Sutra where one must balance both sides of a story before arriving at a conclusion. But the issue here is most of the matters raised by this newspaper are justifiable with facts, most of which the Govt has failed to disprove. We really like to explore the bright side of this govt, but again the issue is – is there any such bright side other than the war victory. If there is any please enlighten me dear.

  7. cherry

    At least if you want someone to adorn the note, make it a good looking person

    • Theraputtabaya

      What about having picture of Ranil shaking hand with George Bush printed on to 1000 rupee note instead will be a good choice

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