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One Fundamental Error In Sarath’s Campaign

by A Voice In Colombo (

Amantha Perera/Perambara

Amantha Perera/Perambara

On one hand….
The retired Army Commander promises that by using the powers of the executive presidency, he will act to change the political culture of this country, end family dominated politics, end Rajapakshe dictatorship, bring economic prosperity to the country, clean up this country as he did with the Army, line up the people of this country towards winning the development war just like he lined up the army to win the war agains Prabhakaran, and many more positive and optimistic hopes for our people. He promises not to use the powers of executive presidency for his own benefit or to the benefit of his family members.Good!

On the other hand…

He is saying he will abolish the executive presidency within 6 months of his appointment as the president, and hand over the government to Ranil Wickramasinghe as a the care-taker prime minister until he get a 2/3 majority in the parliament. He is not mentioning who will be the PM of this 2/3 majority parliament.

Now the question..

If executive presidency is to be abolosihed within 6 months of his appointment, how can he deliver the above promises he makes? Once the executive presidency is abolished, Ranil will be the leader of the country. Then we have to believe that, General Fonseka is expecting to deliver the above promises through Ranil Wickramasinghe as the leader of the state, while Sarath Fonseka oversee what Ranil is doing. If Ranil does a bad job, Sarath Fonseka can’t do anything, because he doesn’t have executive powers to over rule the PM’s decisions. In that sense, even if Sarath Fonseka becomes the president of this country in next election, Ranil will be running the show.

If that is the case, why don’t Ranil him self run for the election; win; and abolish executive presidency?

This surface out the bitter turth that most (blindly) Sarath Fonseka fans never understand. Sarath is contesting not because that he loves the country. There’s no questioning about his patritism. Sarath Fonseka is a true patriot, and we all must continue respecting him for what he has done for our country. But, in this situation, Sarath Fonseka is only acting as a proxy arm of Ranil Wickramasinghe. Because, Ranil doesn’t have the “personality” to contest with Mahinda. Sarath does posses that character! So, what Sarath Fonseka is doing is merely “renting out” his personality ranil, and giving a bait to eat to “blindly patriotic” Sri Lankans. Blindly patriots will eat this bait. Regular UNP voters will also vote SF. Mano Ganeshan’s and Hakeem’s supporters will also vote SF because they also know the true hidden agenda. As a result, Sarath Fonseka will win with a 50.5% majority (Let’s say!). If SF win like that Ranil will be the ultimate winner. Mano and Hakeem will also be winners.

Who will be the losers?

1) Sarath Fonseka himself
2) Of course Mahinda Rajapakshe and his family
4) JVP (as the usual bunch of losers!)
5) Innocent but “blindly” patriotic Sri Lankans who believe Sarath Fonseka was the one and only “magic” of war victory over LTTE
6) Enitire Sri Lanka! – We will be turning our country back into the hands of people who signed MOU’s with Prabhakaran. With the people who delivered speeches at Pongu Thamil with LTTE logo displayed on their chest!

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29 Comments for “One Fundamental Error In Sarath’s Campaign”

  1. Hey dont underestimate the JVP.

    • suren

      Good article but only a few Sri Lankans would understand the dangers of a party change and what it would bring in ! Rajapakse clan is shooting themselves in the foot by their nepotism and killing off the people of this country through taxes (to support the extravagances of the party and the family).
      Is there a choice for Sri Lankans?

  2. justitia

    The winners will be the people of sri lanka. They would have won a new era of governance. It does not matter who the leaders will be as long as democracy is entrenched.

  3. Good yarn. Maybe, it is the voice in Colombo’s chinthanaya.


    Sarath Fonseka is a common candidate.That’s what he says,that’s what JVP
    says and that’s what UNF says.There is a catch.But again there is real possibility of power sharing among themselves which wil be paramount in any
    good governance.It’s a rare show of solidarity that MR helped create.

  5. Jani

    This article is voicing an exact copy of Wimal’s conspiracy theory, where he likes to blame everything that happens in our country on Ranil and the foreign lands. I wonder whether you watched too much of his muddy talks!

  6. Rajesh

    Are these “White van” fellows who roam from north to south and east to west going to be the losers or winners?

    Remember that these fellows have become the integral part of Sri Lankan governance. Don’t be surprised if they are protected by the constitution (may be they are, who knows).

  7. jan

    This govt is not only corrupt and its so hooch and toxicated of power. General is not only a gentleman of par excellence but has teamed up with Ranil will make this country prosper.
    Ranil and general are not corrupt. They both are with vision and so friendly with the Western World and we foresee so much of good things.
    Ranil is talented and capable, unfortunately the Sinhalese have no brain to think of his talent and capability.
    Sinhalese are not bothered of not getting, so long as others dont get it.
    There criteria is national dress and eloqence in sinhala . they are happy to forego children if President can visit fueneral

    • don

      nice to know tamils support the guy who massacared them. he will rule as adictator

  8. Kathir Husein

    This is not the first time and be assured this will not be the last time. There are lots of Karunas, Vellayans, Devanandas out there !!! Why surprise. This is SriLanka.

  9. Gamage

    Unnderstand this is the first step our country align to track for standing up. Don’t see every thing as bad.

  10. pinky

    Yes Mr. Sarath Fonseka should be very careful when he minces his words. You should not talk blindly, because it will make you lose the contest.

  11. Rahu

    These Pundits can assess things opposes to General. They can’t see any probability for positive side. This is the question startling the readers. Further these pundits never see the existing badness of MR. Is it the reason that they swallowed some food and beer in that party!

    • chinthaka


      Gen SF opposes Gen SF. He himself hang in the problem. I have few questions
      1.Why SF went to court asking 900 million land and why didn’t he ask for everyone but himself. So far non of the solder went court asking a land which is to be a gift from GOV?
      2.Why did SF publish his resignation letter? It is created bad image on Army and created unsecured state of mind in Army.
      3.He was secretly negotiating with a political party while he was in office. why? is it ethical? is it a good practice?
      4. Why he took 44 million car for his wife?
      5. How much he paid for his office? Who paid?
      6. Did he really made any attempt help fallen hero’s? Helping them do not need powers but only a good hart and plan.

      • Malik

        It is good that you raised these questions, Chinthaka. Let me please explain.
        1. Why in the first place the govt gave him that land and then held on on to it by not releasing the deed. What option does SF have other than seeking a legal redress for his rights? Do you expect him to go and beg it from Gota.?
        2. SF did not publish his letter of resignation but the govt did. Prove it if u can?
        3. Again you are telling something you cant prove. Anyway, what Gota does today while in his office in the capacity of defense sec, is that ethical, is that conduct correct? Is it a good practice to be followed by other civil servants in this country?
        4. The govt again gave that car to him as a gift when he retired. He never bought any for his wife. Find your facts correctly pl.
        5. How much MR spends on his “Dansela” at the temple trees. How much MR has spent on his cut outs posters and how much Namal has spent on the ad series of “Tharunyata hetak”? Who paid for them? What you dont know is the election commissioner has allocated massive Rs. 128 Mn as the cost of removing illegal posters and cut outs in the election campaign. That is our money, you fool.
        6. Why the govt did not allow him to do it? Why Gota at least didn’t let SF”s wife open the home for disabled children of servicemen built by the Seva Vanitha Foundation.? Why then the so called sensitive leader and war hero himself is not helping the fallen heroes? If you want to know how SF has helped them just go and ask them. They will tell you so many thing you never knew of SF’s good heart.

        Finally, slinging mud & insulting people are easy things. But before that listen to your conscience, that will give you answeres you are looking for. THOSE WHO CAN SEE INVINCIBLE, CAN DO IMPOSSIBLE. God bless you general.

  12. sam

    This is my feeling about this mess. Why .. Why .. Mahinda Rajapaksha need a election now ?. Within next two years the living cost will be rocket high. Sri Lankan will suffer even more. He will face this type of problems soon that is a one reason. People around him and his family will destroy Sri LAnka soon. Every where no of problems. How many ministers in each field. why they didn’t work ?

    AS a example garbage problem. Why any body want to solve this problem. Within a month this can solve easily.

    Keep in mind every one If this government in power another two years people in srilanka will die starvation. It is like a time Bomb. If MR win this he will win general election too by any how. They had plans and invested some money but everyone got there commission nothing goes to people.

    Think people .. think..
    IT is like CBK ‘s First time

    Do you think How many people will loose there jobs after April 2010. Because Government must collect money for them by reducing jobs. Food prices will go high again my experience this reduction only until April 2010

    IF Sarath Fonseka will president this will change drastically.

    Sri Lanka need only five years to develop and unemployment will be can reduce to 1-2 % easily. I have lot to write. next time

  13. P.L.J.B.Palipana

    Sam you are very correct.

  14. jothi

    do not wrry, sarath wont give up his presidency, if sarath cmes to power, he will remain as the president and rule the country, ranil will be again the loser, i think ranil should stay away from this whole scene n jes act as a senior advisor in economic issues and how to solve them,and let the patriot rule the country, so that we can all enjoy a corruption free, economic boomed country. I hope it happens that way!!, WATCH!!

  15. sihan



    I foresee a new type of Mental Asylum being created in some affluent neighborhood in Colombo soon after the Presidential elections which will probably be called the United Cuckoos’ Nest (or something like that!) which will hold privileged inmates like Sarath F, Ranil, Ravi, Mangala, Somawanse. Hakeem and Chandrika. Probably they might even decide to form their own “Pissu cricket team” coached by another inmate Arjuna.

  17. raguna

    There are some errors in the article and some points I agree and some don’t. There is no question about SF’s patriotism but I see him as an unwilling partner in SL political scene, forced into it by the blatant errors, corruption and nepotism of MR & Co. This unscheduled entry was a god send to the opposition which was completely overshadowed by the war victory of MR. Hence I clearly don’t see him as a stooge of Ranil or anybody else. Besides in my opinion JVP was more instrumental in designing the present scenario than UNP and other partners of it.

    Abolishing the Executive Presidency at this moment, as I see and wish, is not going to the former system of a Symbolic Head, appointed by the PM, but a President with considerable powers, but answerable to the Parliament. Hence even after the abolition he will not be a puppet at the hands of the PM or the Cabinet whoever comes to power.

    Appointing Ranil or anybody else as the PM of a subsequent govt. does not arise as it is very clear that a General is Election is on the cards (before April), whoever comes to power and the people of the country will decide who is going to be the next PM.

    And finally if SF wins some politicians naturally are going to win and others lose. But more importantly the people of the country, except those who are involved in the present corrupt process, are definitely going to win.

  18. Kalag

    One thing about SF is that he will never be able to deliver any promises, if he wins. He can’t deliver anything to Tamils, TNA, JVP and UNP. Because they are all conflicting demands from these groups. You can’t even say Tamils and TNA requirements are same. The people who will benefit from SF win will be India and the Western countries.

    • raguna

      I agree to some extent, but that is inevitable in present political scenario. When MR won last time JVP, JHU, EPDP, CWC, SLMC, etc, etc having few common interests but many more conflicting ideas were together. Hopefully a man like SF might change our political culture like De Gaulle did in France.

  19. feroz

    So far,No one knows what is going to be future changes.SF might choose to be Exc. Prime minister.Who is running the show in Russia now. Of course Mr Putin.
    What we need some one to clean bad elements in our country.Still part of armed elements left in East and of course Rajapakse regime need to be eliminated.Further, one more request for General please, eliminate Racism from our little heaven.

  20. WCSR

    Good thoughts landlikenoother , but the real problem is will the SF carry on to his promises or not. He is not a corrupt politician but over the past weeks we can see that he is learning quite quickly how to become a (corrupt) politician by announcing his Santa style election promises. Does the UNP which has a policy of private sector managed government likes to give a government servant pay hike of Rs 10000.00? Ranil doesn’t open a mouth about it , Does he? So do you think that SF doesn’t know about this fundamental error in his campaign? He knows my friend he knows…………….It’ll be interesting to see who are the people he puts in to house arrest first if he wins by any chance.

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