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Poll Shows Gen. Sarath Fonseka Leading

by Ajith P. Perera (

Amantha Perera/Perambara

Amantha Perera/Perambara

A poll conducted within seven electorates in the Western Province has indicated Gen Sarath Fonseka is the more popular candidate, beating President Mahinda Rajapakse. 42% of the 2,000 plus sample believed Gen. Fonseka can do a better job. President Mahinda Rajapakse is trusted only by 39%, while 19% not expressing any opinion. The difference is expected to further expand within the next few weeks.

This clearly indicates a sheer slide in President Mahinda Rajapakse’s popularity. The only explanation for the deviation from the higher percentage of votes Peoples’ Alliance received in the recent provincial council elections is a possible diversion with the real hero of the war entering the political fray. It could be possible the people have better hopes for the real hero rather than the fake one.

The survey has also shows the key issue of the forthcoming Presidential Elections is economy. 62% had identified continuously rising cost of living as the key problem they face. This is another disadvantage for President Mahinda Rajapakse, who is yet to show any economic management skills. It can be assumed that the people want a future United National Party government to address the economic issues the present government has failed to solve.

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  1. Sunil

    Hi Guys,
    It doesnt matter which language you wrote as long as you are willing to make your comment. No good to blaming our education system as we are sinhalese and Tamils NOT English. As we can see how our Sinhala community is loosing their own identity, culture and the language because they are more willing to become as forigners than Sri Lankans. Learn from Tamil community how they are keeping their culture, language and solidarity. Now, lets face fact, what ever happend on coming election that DEVIL rajapakse is is going to win unless the sinhala community understand the real situation of the country. We should admit that Tamils have problems in Sri Lanka, which need to be resolved. If you look back our history, how many time we sinhalese hit these Tamil people? At the end they started to resist them self and became a LTTE, who protect Tamils in Sri Lanka. Now, we can say all finished but in reality it is not over yet. To stop this permanantly we should find a political solution, otherwise the wealthy Tamil community living in all over the world will fund for LTTE and make them to come back again. Please forget about our politicians think about our kids and future, lets get together to solve the problem.

    • Kalag

      Sunil, I welcome your thoughts. Language should not be a stumbling block for the people. But, are the Tamils the only ones who have problem here? Are the Singhalese free of problems? They have problem with the economy, housing, food, education and etc. Tamils have the same problems, in addition to being the minorities. Only probelm being minorities is they could not have a Tamil president or Tamil PM. They didn’t have to take up arms for that and they are not fools to do that either. The reason they took arms was the mis-management of the country in every way. But their (Tamil) politicians suggested that separate country would solve the problem. Tamils went being foolish by believing that, instead of finding way to correct the mistakes with Singhalese.
      Now here is a golden opportunity for them to do it. If they support another LTTE, they are committing another grave mistake, again.
      They should really ask themselves who are their friends: Indians (who got them into this mess), their politicians (including Karuna, Devananda, TNA etc), Singhalese politicians (even Sinaghalese people won’t trust them) or the Singhalese people (who have same problem as Tamils).

      • Charlie

        The man who is having a large number of minister in the world is a wiseman as per the statement of Alfred Rolad. Please think twice before you open your mouth. Because he wants to hold the parliment and the government he is appointing all the MP’s as minister. The worlds largest population country Chine has only 23 ministers. But, here in Sri Lanka half of the MP’s are MINISTERS. If there are no ministers there is no UPLF government.

  2. false who vote this stupid man.

  3. jayanth warner

    Dear Editor
    This is a golden oppertunty to the Sri Lankan public to get rid of the currupt and chaotic situation in sri lanka and Rajapakse family. To vote for Mr.Fonseka and together with experienced seasoned politician Mr.Wikramasinghe can take this paradise Island to back to its glory and we all can live together with harmony they both can change the political situation back to our before indipendence since JVP is also supporing the Gen.and to day I read One Hamuduruwo too with his organisation ready support them.This is the time that we Sri Lankan together can see our Sri Lankans patriotisam

  4. Rodrigo

    I dont have to say anything. Beacause poll shows.

  5. Dilshan

    Sri Lanka is very badly needs a CHANGE.

    Sarath Fonseka or Sivajilingam.

    • Kalag

      Sivajilingam? Good joke. He can’t even lead his own supporters. Even if you give him a half dozen cattle, he can’t lead them home.

  6. RASNA

    Serving the country
    Armed with victory
    Running into history
    Always had a theory
    Telling the true story
    Hero save democracy

    Famed as a true leader
    Organiser of high calibre
    Noble officer
    Service he can offer
    Every citizen’s defender
    Kings will suffer
    Another nation’s saviour


    The Presidential poll results will undoubtedly show President Rajapakse winning overwhelmingly with at least 70% of votes cast. Then, SF will return home to America with his Green Card; Ranil will lock himself in his “closet” – for good this time; Mangala will start a finishing school for Drag-Queens; Somawansa the Gonwahanse will start a Baila singing career at the Fort Railway Station; Hakeem will not have any place to crossover this time; Arjuna will lead the first Elle team to India and Chandrika will continue to booze herself to alcoholism! But all other people of Sri Lanka will enjoy Peace and Prosperity!

    • raguna

      You forgot the Raja Family. All Rajapaksa’s will be given Minister posts. Cabinet meeting will be at Kettarama Stadium. All Vipaksa’s will be ‘entertained’ by Marawyn & the Clan. And when all Tsunami and all other Helping yourself funds are over another Tsunami will be arranged. …… By the way more bath rooms will be freely available for more and more (brain) washing…….

  8. This it to DEVONECO, what an idiot you are, In my opinion you can only be one of those Axx lickers who live on a tip which is thrown away by those of the mulatiyana family, remember your are exposing your used posterior when you are dancing for the RS 10 tips, On second thoughts actually you must be offering more services eh?

  9. Charlie

    Be proud wether you have something to eat or not. But, our leader is the one the seventh richest man in South Asia regon. The owner of the former Applo Hospitals (now Lanka Hospitals) the owner of the Micro Car company. So when the nations leader is richer and richer you have to sing “okkama rajawaru okkama wesio thun sinhalaye” But, you have to struggle to fill your stomach. “JAYAWEWA”

  10. Kiri Gamarala

    All of those who criticise MR has missed a point. He has done everything within the legal framework and the parliament has passed it. He has allowed some of those in the opposition to vote with the government and it is not his fault because RW raised his hand to approve crossovers. I do not blame JR for introducing these measures into the system for ensuring a “stable government” but the MPs who raised their hands supporting them. Were they robots or greedy for money?

    Whether the MPs are in SLFP, UNP, UPFA, SLMC, TNA or any other party, we are at fault because we voted for the party enabling the best and the worst to enter the Presidency, Parliament, Provincial Councils and Local Councils.

  11. dharma

    crossing over against the wishes of the voters. the hole democratic system is very tell the people. and do for your benefits.the politicians speak lot lies and live in lies in srilanka.even aborad. always politicians can cheat the public in many ways. they are not democratic politicians.srilanka need a real democratic government.

  12. Suba

    Polls that give unsatisfactory results for the Govt. should be banned ;-)

  13. Saro

    That explains why M Rajapakse went for the election nearly two years earlier before the euphoria of the victory over LTTE dies down. People will fell the pinch after the effect of victory slows down.

  14. Creator

    your predictions are 100% true.

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