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Four Years Of Broken Promises

A litany of broken promises

A litany of broken promises

By Thangarani Velaythan

The time has come the walrus said “to talk of many things. Of shoes and ships and sealing wax, of cabbages and kings.” These words come to mind when looking at the situation we are faced with today. We, the Alice’s of today and our male counterparts are bewildered in Wonderland at the broken promises of the Mahinda Chinthanaya amidst the larger than life cut outs all over the place which seem to have replaced Xmas decorations this year.

Let’s take a look at some of the broken promises

1.    Toward a disciplined society — ‘I will work towards the elimination of child abuse, rape, underworld and organised crime.’

Mahinda Rajapaksa — Little to show

Mahinda Rajapaksa — Little to show

All of these have got steadily worse since this government came into power. Lawlessness is at an unprecedented high. We are now living in a lawless society with key figures in the government inciting and indulging in violence themselves.

2.    Under an affectionate family, promises were made to provide expectant mothers who cannot afford it, a basket of nutritional food items free of charge. This has not been done. But it is being promised again.

2.1 A monthly allowance of Rs 200 was promised to purchase milk for every child from birth up to five years of age — An unfulfilled promise.

2.2. A scheme will be introduced to ensure that around 100,000 personnel skilled in masonry, carpentry, electrical, plumbing and other technical fields are provided with the required tools and equipment to be gainfully employed in their respective field — Another broken promise.

2.4 A hospital with specialised medical services will be established with the Employees Trust Fund for the benefit of its members — Promise not kept.

Duty free facilities

2.5. I intend to recognise in a special way, those who have paid income tax diligently and contributed towards the development of our country. Accordingly, those who have paid a minimum of 250,000 each year over a five year period will be entitled to a duty free permit to import a vehicle. — Promise not kept.

2.6. The duty free allowance presently available for returnees from employment abroad will be increased to US dollars 5,000. — Yet another Broken Promise.

2.7 An English medium Nursing College will be established aimed at fulfilling the growing demand for nurses in European countries. — Not done.

2.8.    A deduction of 50% of the fares as levied by public sector transport operators will be offered to senior citizens above 70 years of age. — Broken Promise

2.9.    Each family with a differently able person, not having any income will be given a monthly grant of Rs. 3000. — Promise not kept.

3 To ease the family burdens

3.1    Children will be provided with a mid day meal of rice and curry.

3.2    Action will be taken to provide New Lanka CWEs throughout the country and bring down prices. — Not only did prices go up they are now at an unprecedented high.

4 Samurdhi programme to eradicate poverty

4.1.The Samurdhi programme would be increased by 50%.

4.2 A loan of Rs 100,000 would be provided for the economic empowerment of Samurdhi families.

5. Jana Sevana programme to provide shelter
5.1 100,000 plots of land would be provided for construction of houses.
A housing scheme (condominium property) would be implemented for public servants in Colombo and the suburbs. 65,000 housing units will be constructed for those presently living in unauthorised and temporary dwellings in the city of Colombo. Less expensive condominium houses will be constructed for the middle classes.
6. A prosperous village

Electricity for each village. A factory to generate employment. Within five years 125 houses will be constructed in every village. Schools in the villages will be developed and strengthened instead of being closed.
7. Lets build our country

I will not permit anyone to destroy democracy in our country. Further I will respect all ethnic and religious identities, refrain from using force against anyone and build a new society that protects individuals and social freedom.

This one is really a laugh. Democracy has been destroyed. Journalists who oppose have been bought over, jailed, killed or they have been the victims of violence.

8. An undivided country… a national consensus… a honourable peace
Further, in order that all persons who have been displaced as a result of the war and violence would be resettled expeditiously, a new authority titled Jathika Saviya’ shall be set up. I shall arrange for the payment of 150,000 for resettlement of every family at the interim and a further Rs 250,000 in respect of a permanent abode.

9. Protecting the State

50,000  new houses will be built on an urgent basis under the Ranaviru Gammana concept to provide housing facilities to officers and soldiers in the security forces. A long term loan to purchase a vehicle or a motor cycle will be made available to all those in the Security Forces.

The Police Department will be modernised so as to improve the prevention and investigation of crime, enforcement of law and order and protection of life and property while transforming the police service into a people friendly and impartial service.
This again is a joke. Police has never been so corrupt as now and committed so many atrocities. The shortcomings faced by the Police Commission will be addressed thereby ensuring that recruitments, promotions and transfers are effected in a justifiable and expeditious manner.

A long term loan to purchase vehicles or motor vehicles or motor cycles will be provided to all police officers.

We are still waiting with bated breath for a Police Commission to be established!
There are so many broken promises, it is impossible to write them all down. As promises are being made again before the forthcoming election, this is just a reminder of those that were made and not honoured. People must be wiser this time. They must realise that there was enough time for those promises made to be honoured. Nepotism, family bandyism, corruption and lawlessness are much worse than they ever were.

9 Comments for “Four Years Of Broken Promises”

  1. Maha Sohona

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  3. Well Said, & Exactly True.

  4. Wimal

    Rate Bahutharaya Modayoo num Andana ekka Kajjakda. If Mahinda can become President, Mervin can too. Mewa ombalaata madti, Kaapang thawa goondu. Santa Mahinda will be visiting you soon. Wimal, Mervin, Basil danatamath patta pal boru hadanawa athi. Thpi okkamalata hena gahanawa yako.

  5. Kalag

    He promised to defeat the LTTE and he did it. For 26 years, other presidents promised but none of them could do it.
    The rest of the promises will follow in the next term.

  6. raguna

    Ending of the war militarily goes now as a promise given by MR during his campaign. But this is not so. I went through all 51 pages of ‘Mahinda Chintanaya’ and found no where of this, although all good things that happened since goes as Mahinda Chintanaya.
    What he said at the time (as per M. Chintanaya ) was that an honourable peace acceptable to all will be given. Clearly Hela Urumaya too was unhappy at the time but they hung on. MR started the All Party Conference to fulfill this promise, which brought nothing but a wastage of time and money.
    The only positive thing he did was the appointment of SF as Army Chief and there after used all the circumstances and opportunities that came by (Mavilaru case etc.) and the talents and the strengths of SF admirably. The war itself was planned and executed by the shrewd ability and determination of SF and other Field Commanders with tthe material and political support of MR and GR. So the credit goes to all and readers can individually decide who should get more, if it is necessary.
    But one thing is evident. The war ended too soon for MR which resulted in his term being shortened by 2 years and hence this untimed election. Which also shows that SF who had no other time frame but to end the war as soon as possible brought the end. Further proof was that arms deals were coming even after the end of war.

  7. PB

    It’s time to end the rule of the corrupt, dictatorial Rajapakse brothers. There will be more Mervyn Silva’s joining their clan if they come to power again. Folks, use your vote wisely by ousting the Rajapakse brothers.

  8. SF

    mahinda did nothing sarath is the best i wish 2010 gone be a great year

  9. Kush Uppandi

    Unfortunately the Walrus will win again.

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