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The Mahinda Rajapakse-Douglas Devananda Agreement:

  • A Monumental Breakthrough Or A Deceptively Fatal Trap?

Douglas Devananda’s support conditional to the recognition of a Tamil homeland

Douglas Devananda’s support conditional to the recognition of a Tamil homeland

By Com. Surendra
Secretary Ceylon Communist Party (Maoist)
A Stupendous Acrobatic Somersault:

It has been reported that President Mahinda Rajapaksa has agreed to all 10 demands laid down by Douglas Devananda as a set of conditions for supporting him at the presidential election. This set of conditions include recognition of the concept of a Tamil homeland and the right of self-determination of the Tamil nation. Back to Thimpu! After nearly 30 years of war and tremendous sacrifice and untold suffering and devastation on both sides of the divide, we are back to square one.

Has Mahinda Rajapaksa agreed?

Has Mahinda Rajapaksa agreed?

Some would be jubilant. Some would say that the armed struggle led by the LTTE has been vindicated. The whole Eelam project has been vindicated. We, the Maoists, the Left forces, the entire progressive camp that had stood unwaveringly for the recognition of the right of self-determination of the Tamil nation and who opposed a military solution, who had been hounded and branded as traitors and terrorists, would feel vindicated. However, we are extremely skeptical about the Mahinda-Douglas deal.

The Mahinda-Douglas Deal

Douglas Devananda gave spirited support to the war to eliminate the Tamil National Liberation Movement and the LTTE. He is equally responsible for the military campaign that has decimated this struggle and its leadership, as it existed. He is equally responsible for the colossal humanitarian crisis and human suffering of the Tamil people. Now, this minister of the chauvinist-militarist Mahinda Chinthanaya regime has come forward in defense of Tamil rights, including the right of self-determination.
The deal has exposed both to some real contradictions. Evidently, Mahinda Rajapaksa has agreed to the concept of Tamil homeland and the right of national self-determination. But, how can he possibly engage in such gymnastics? In his inaugural Presidential address, he stated that he rejects the concept of a Tamil nation, including the concept of historical homelands and the right of self-determination. This is enshrined in his Chinthanaya.

He then led a war to liquidate this concept of Tamil nationhood and statehood. This opportunistic compromise with Douglas is bound to raise some serious contradictions within his own camp. Of course, the armed forces would feel utterly betrayed. After all, the war had been waged in defense of the Motherland, equated with the unitary state, under the Sinhala Buddhist banner. They would feel that their blood and sacrifice has been bargained for the survival of this pathetically opportunistic politician.

Some would rebel, but most would wriggle around to find the best argument to justify this stupendous acrobatic somersault that befits the greatest circus act in the world. The spin machine made up of people like Dulles Alahapperuma, Wimal Weerawansa and S.B Dissanayake would praise this as a truly patriotic move befitting a great statesman, and so on. Wonder how the likes of Champika Ranawaka, Ven. Medananda, and Ven. Athuraliye Rathana, let alone Dinesh Gunawardena would react. Perhaps they are all expendable.

The JVP has pounced on this agreement. Poor Mahinda Rajapaksa, he will sell his soul for his political survival since defeat would surely mean his ignominious and fatal end, and that of his family dynasty and his coterie of corrupt, egomaniacal ministers. This type of opportunism shows how desperate  Mahinda Rajapaksa and the royal family, along with the entire entourage that had raked off billions through reeking corruption and who had abused power in the most brazen and arrogant manner, are to hold on to state power, at whatever cost.

Ok! So you wish to recognise the right of self-determination of the Tamil nation. We salute you Sir!  We have stood for this fundamental democratic right at the cost of our lives. For upholding this right, we were branded as traitors and hounded, and so many of us assaulted, intimidated and killed. Comrade Wickramabahu, the common Left candidate, was even shot at by the JVP for this courageous stand. So Sir, if you are serious and honest about recognising the concept of a traditional Tamil homeland and its right of national self-determination, then please dismantle the military bases, the high security zones, withdraw the armed forces, resettle the 200,000 detainees held in concentration camps and release all political prisoners, replace your policy of appointing your military commanders as governors, re-merge the north-east, and present a political solution that recognises the right of self-determination of the Tamil nation. And, do so, before the end of this election campaign.

Could you  give us a guarantee, Hon. Devananda? Of course, you should not erect war memorials over the graveyards of Tamil patriots in the  Tamil homeland. You know this is like pouring salt on bleeding, gaping wounds! You simply cannot have the cake and eat it too. There is a saying, ‘ you can only fool some of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all of the time.’ A lesson from history.

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  1. Only a low life tamil would kissass for power and prostitute them.well done demalo

  2. Mahesh

    Guys This is election time Mahinda had to tell all these lies,once and if he wins the election It wiil be evaparated like writing in the warter. What can the poor Douglas do. If he opens his mouth he want get any crumps or bones.

    1.Tamil women interned after escaping the horrors of the civil war in Sri Lanka were sexually abused by their guards who traded sex for food, a British medic has revealed by Gethin Chamberlain
    The Observer, Sunday 20 December 2009
    2.Sinhala Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapaksa unveils AK47 monument for Sinhala soldiers in conquered Tamil homeland New item in Srilankan news paper
    Every day as we pass by the statue, we will spit at it. The statue helps us to retain our focus. Vanni Tamil.
    3.Sri Lankan guards sexually abused girls in Tamil refugee camp

  3. Mahesh

    Given President Rajapaksa’s genocidal record, it seems that his theory of reconciliation may be simply stated: kill off as many Tamils as you can and then marry those that you have failed to kill. It is this Sinhala society which President Rajapaksa seeks to pass off as a Sri Lankan society – albeit with a Sinhala Lion flag , with an unrepealed Sinhala Only Act, with Buddhism as the state religion, and with the Sinhala name ‘Sri Lanka’ which the Sinhala majority gave the island unilaterally in 1972
    “Ethnic cleansing is a crime against humanity. Ethnic cleansing is about assimilating and digesting a people. It is about destroying the identity of a people, as a people. And in the case of Sri Lanka the theoretical frame was articulated with clarity in July 2009 by Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapaksha
    Now, my theory is: there are no minorities in Sri Lanka, there are only those who love the country and those who don’t… For reconciliation to happen, there must be a mix [of ethnicities]. Here the Sinhalese, the Tamils, and Muslims inter-marry. In my own family, there have been mixed marriages: Sinhalese with Tamils, Sinhalese with Muslims. This is Sri Lankan society…” Sri Lanka President Rajapaksa’s Theory of Reconciliation: Intermarriage, 7 July 2009

  4. jeevindran

    viva left front
    vote for the left front to make major victory in name for all working class
    long live working class

    socialist party of malaysia

  5. AJ

    I know UNEMPLOYED Douglas during 1983, now he will create a image about Mahinda and giving employment to poor tamils and school buidlings out of government money.All should declare there assets.Where is Karuna uncle gone, must be busy with girls. Dont belive Mahinda OR Dogulas please

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