3% g.d.p. for Defence

Sri Lanka’s defence expenditure is 3% of g.d.p., whereas in countries such as Thailand and Indonesia it’s 1.2% and 1.4% respectively, said I.L.O. Economist Steven Kapsos speaking at the launch of a report titled “Labour and Social Trends in Sri Lanka 2009” that was released recently.
K.D. Ranasinghe, Central Bank of Sri Lanka’s Director Economic Reasearch in his speech said that inflation is the number one enemy of the working class, especially those earning a fixed income.
Labour Ministry’s Senior Assistant Secretary Upali Athukorala said that 60% of Sri Lanka’s workforce was employed by the informal sector.

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  1. justitia

    Defence against whom or what? This large peacetime army is a financial burden on the state. Most should be sent home with inducements to take up agriculture,animal husbandry,fishing,small business etc. There need not be any capital expenditure – there are sufficient arms left over plus those captured/found buried from the LTTE. Most longrange airplanes of the airforce should be sold off before they age some more.No new ships for the navy are necessary.It is time to “beat swords into ploughshares” in the interest of the nation.
    The armed forces left over should serve the citizens as in all countries, and not vice versa like now.

  2. LTTE leaders may be dead, but their ghosts and the sympathizers can be seen everywhere. Their aim is to divide Sri Lanka and have their Eelam in the north and east. One could offer them 13th plus or anything for that matter but they will never give up Eelam dream.

    How could they? To date, there are over seventy million Tamils that live in India and Sri Lanka and Malaysia. There are more than one million Tamil diaspora that live in the developed world as well. Talk to any of them, and you will feel that they are at a loss of something that Sinhalese have taken for granted. Tamils with such a mindset thought; Piripaharan would deliver them their ‘homeland’ in the north and east of Sri Lanka.

    Let’s make no mistake; Tamil aspirations, claim for a homeland, demand for 13th amendment plus, federal solution, all are part of the roadmap for Eelam. To understand the real motive of Tamils we have to dig in to contemporary Indian history. Tamils had been demanding ‘self-rule’ since long before India got independence. And this ‘self-rule’ is a euphemism for a separate country.

    Anyway, A report on TamilNet on December 14 noted, “31,148 eligible Eezham Tamil Diaspora voters over 18 in France participated this weekend in the referendum to say yes or no to independent and sovereign Tamil Eelam and 30,936 of them have said yes”.

    It is these people that pumped money for Piripaharan to continue fight for Eelam for the last thirty years. There are no signs what so ever to show that they have given up their violent campaign. On the contrary they want to restart it with new leadership.

    Moreover, the US, Europe and their so-called international community have been supporting LTTE for the last thirty years. For them LTTE were not terrorists but freedom fighters for a long time. There is nothing to say they will not support them to come-up again. So we should allow them to take us for a ride again. Our forces should be ready for any eventuality until such time Tamils see some sense; until they understand that there can be no Eelam here; there can be no self rule here; there can be no federal here; there can be no demarcation based on ethnicity.

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