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The era of the buffaloes

The feeling to be on the roof of a five star hotel is great. It was a tremendous sight seen rarely. The flood lit Galle Face Green was packed with humanity, all jostling to get closer to the hotel and to me. Buying the hotel for a mere (US$) 45million- peanuts - was all worth it.

The Army Grounds was packed. People were swarming all over buildings. Foreigners were perilously leaning out of windows of the Taj and GFH. Kollupitiya ladies in their Gini Jungis (Hot Pants) were on roof tops risking their delicate bottoms to red ants to have a look at me.

Galle Road stretching down south was a river of humanity. Commentators were saying that they were extending beyond Wellawatte to Dehiwela Bridge. Vermin, had done well having placed giant TV screens all the way. It was a great crowd to address.

 As I strode to the microphone searchlights focused on me,  Hak Gedi  bellowed and  Geta Bera rattled.

 I commenced to the roar of the adoring hundreds of thousands, which my media commentators said was heard well beyond Galle.

 A dream  come true

 'If there is anyone out there who still doubts that a son of Lanka, a son of the Ruhuna, who could unite this country once again, who still dreams of the story our Great Chronicle coming true, tonight is the answer.'

 Crowds were bursting out to cheers: Jayawewa, Jayawewa - Kawda Raja, Apey Raja!

Buffaloes to the fore

I named 2008 in my New Year message, last year, as the Year of the Buffalo. I re-dedicate this year too to the buffalo.  I will name the following two years too for the buffalo. Without that noble animal nothing of what was achieved last year would have been possible.

This pack of noble beasts followed me unerringly, unquestioningly, through thick and thin. I was never faulted. These buffalos masticated everything that was churned out by my favourite presses with delight. I must also thank the independent media which provided the animal feed with a different flavour which the buffaloes loved.

 Eight decades ago there emerged a leader in Europe who spoke of 'One pack of buffaloes, one nation and one leader.' He led them to great heights. Never mind what followed. It showed what one leader and one pack of buffaloes could achieve.


 Today there are enemies of the nation trying to mislead you all. They are telling you to buy petrol at Rs. 100. Iam offering you petrol at Rs. 120. Whom will you buffaloes support? I know that you will take my offer at Rs.120. Whatever I have done  in the past you have supported me. How else could we have won the war?

 We of the ruling party do not intend to pocket the extra Rs. 20 per litre from petrol.  It  will  be spent on you the people. I have already spent Rs. 2 billion on a budget airline for poor housemaids to travel.  It was grounded for the lack of funds. Now with this income from petrol we will be back in the air.

We need funds for development - for the benefit of the poor. We need about $ 45 million for the purchase of this five star hotel. This is for the Port Development Authority office - the office of the poor workers. Aren't poor workers entitled to work in five star hotels?

 We South Asians are all buffaloes. Last week the Bangladeshis elected a cow buffalo as their leader. The contest was between two cow buffaloes. Both had been prime ministers before. This cow buffalo was elected for the third time despite being jailed for corruption. What are buffaloes for?

SAARC Summit

Remember how I was castigated by my enemies when I hosted the last SAARC Summit?

They said I spent billions of rupees to host the summit. But we South Asian leaders got to the root of the problem confronting the billion buffaloes in the sub-continent - terrorism.

We resolved that terrorism in all its forms must be eradicated from South Asia and formulated a treaty for cooperation and prosecution of terrorists. It was widely acclaimed. Three months after the grand summit terrorists staged a devastating attack on Mumbai. What did we do? We called for greater cooperation against terrorism at the Summit.

But now one member country is accusing another of  terrorism. That is South Asian cooperation against terrorism. What happened to the Colombo Treaty Against Terrorism? Who knows? Who cares? We are all a billion strong sub-continent of buffaloes.

Victory at hand

Now we are close to our biggest achievement - victory against terrorism. Soon we will capture Killinochchi and our victory will be sealed. For that to happen two things will have to be done. We will have to win the provincial councils elections for the Central Province and the North Western Province.

If we lose these two elections our troops will be demoralised and victory against terrorism will not be possible. Iam certain you will support me in this national endeavour. You have done it so many times, the last occasion being the victories at North Central Province and Sabaragamuwa.

Like faithful buffaloes you will trudge the fields unquestionably for me and of course the nation, as before. It will not be my victory but yours. Victory is in your hands. Don't be fooled by gimmicks such as petrol at Rs. 100.     


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