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Swindlers list

Desperate depositors await a verdict outside the Mount Lavinia court house (inset) Deshamanya Dr. Lalith Kotelawala, Lady Dr. Sicille Kotelawal, H.K. Dharmadasa, Prasanna Hennayake, Hemantha Warnakulasooriya, Bishop Cletus Chandrasiri Perera and Khavan Perera

By Eagle Eye

Priding themselves as philanthropists, espousing the word of God, the very name Deshamanya Dr. Lalith Kotelawala and Lady Dr. Sicille Kotelawala evoked respect, trust and above all a sense of security.

Which is why 9054 people in this country, trusted the duo with millions,in some cases tens of millions ofrupees in life savings.Perhaps part of those millions belonging to some depositors was black money. Perhaps some of them invested their monies to evade paying tax to the government. Perhaps they were just plain greedy or a mixture of both. After all, why did they not invest the monies in a reputable bank?

Whatever the case, they were confident their savings/loot would be safe in the hands of two human beings held in the highest esteem.

When Golden Key collapsed like a pack of cards in December last year and as the sordid details unraveled in staggered scenes of drama, horrified, dismayed depositors who had been earning as much as 30 and 32 percent on their investments at Golden Key were forced to come to grips with the fact that soon their monies would be confined to mere numbers on a piece of paper. Soon to be identified as one of the biggest white collar crimes ever committed in this country.

Benevolent father of charity

Embraced as a benevolent father of charity, a lover of humankind, Lalith Kotelawala is today spoken of with venom by the very people who claimed to be his friends and say they trusted him implicitly. Today, these same people spit his name out with vitriol. Thousands of families robbed of a monthly interest amounting from thousands to millions of rupees earned off their capital investment with Golden Key are today destitute. They are shattered. They are broken.

One of the biggest depositors who begged anonymity told The Sunday Leader, 'There is only one thing left for me to do now. Commit suicide."

Having earned his millions, he says off an import export car business in Japan,he invested close to a staggeringRs.180 million with Golden Key because he trusted and above all respected Lalith Kotelawala. "This was no Sakvithi," he said, adding however that today his one time benefactor who gave him a 32 percent interest on his capital is"nothing but a common crook." A multi millionaire more than 150 times over this man is today struggling to pay the medical bills of his four and a half year old son who is suffering from a brain tumour.

"Kotelawala is now attempting to do a Saradiel," he charged asserting the Ceylinco Chief is attempting to "take from the rich and give the poor." "He will use our millions to pay off over 7000 depositors who had much smaller deposits and people like me will be left in the lurch," he said.

A paltry sum

At least one depositor from this list, Lady Dr. Sicille Kotelawala will have no such qualms. Her investment in Golden Key was to the tune of Rs. 10.6 million only. A paltry sum by her standards. Even that, most likely is what she skimmed off from the company itself. After all, according to court documents she was paid a staggering Rs. 3.5 million a month for being the Deputy Chairman.

To the contrary, H. K. Dharmadasa according to the depositors list is the third highest investor having invested Rs. 92.5 million in Golden Key. A hard nosed businessman if ever there was one, nevertheless it would appear that Dharmadasa popularly known as Nawaloka Mudalali has been taken for the biggest ride of his life. Or the most expensive, whichever way one wants to look at it. For, going by available evidence he will in all probability have to kiss his 92.5 million bucks goodbye! Unless Kotelawala can perform a miracle. But then again for Nawaloka Mudalali, this amount is just chicken feed. He is rich enough not to have to worry about paying for groceries or medical bills for that matter.

From lower middle class families to upper, from rich to super rich there was no class distinction between the 9054 people who entrusted their monies with Golden Key.

Beginning with a deposit of Rs. 2, 981.83 by Mr. W. A. M. Perera, the list snowballs into a final Rs. 200 million deposit by Milton Karunaratne bringing the grand total to Rs. 26 billion.

No religious distinction

There is no religious distinction either. The Bishop of Ratnapura, Dr. Cletus Chandrasiri Perera has invested Rs. 40 million. In similar vein Ven. Rathanasara Thero from Kegalle has invested Rs. 17 million. As has Ven. B. Somawansa Thero - Rs. 41.4 million.

His Lordship, Dr. Cletus Chandrasiri Perera confirmed that he had indeed invested Rs. 40 million in Golden Key. "Dr. Lalith Kotelawala is a personal friend which is why I put my money there," the Bishop said, adding, "We are hopeful we will get our monies back." Asked if Kotelawala or anyone from the company had contacted him and indicated how and when they would return his investment the Bishop said, "No. We are only going by what we read and hear in the media," he said.

The high priest of a temple in Matara who also requested anonymity has invested over Rs. 17 million in Golden Key. He said the money does not belong to him but to a Japanese national who is a "close friend." He maintains that the monies were invested so the temple could use the interest amounting to Rs. 342,000 per month towards the development of the temple. Distraught, asserting he now does not know how to explain the loss to his Japanese friend the high priest is at his wits end. He said he has now approached a politician to intervene and use political muscle to help him recover his capital.

A double blow

And in what seems like a double blow Sri Lanka's Cricket Captain and national hero Mahela Jayawardene, injured in Lahore last week, has invested Rs. 10 million. The same Jayawardene who was smart enough to quit the captaincy before the thugs in the selection committee dumped him, was not smart enough to know that even Kotelawala cannot pay such exuberant interest and make a profit.

Former cricketing legend Roshan Mahanama was no better. He had invested Rs. 11 million ofhis hard earned money. Unlike Nawaloka Mudalali both cricketers are known to be gentlemen of the highest calibre and honest to a fault.

Gwendoline Inice Lindsay White, daughter-in-law of Eliyantha Lindsay White, a close confidant to President Mahinda Rajapakse, has also invested Rs. 63.4 million in Golden Key.

Her brother answered our phone call and said the monies were "a collective investment" earned off businesses they are engaged in Japan. "I don't know what will happen to our monies. At the moment we are clueless," he said, voicing similar sentiments to thousands of other depositors.

The strange thing is that most of the big depositors are businessmen who understand finance. They would have known that the unrealistically high interest rates paid by Golden Key cannot be sustained. They would have also known that it was not registered with the Central Bank.

But then again, the company has been in existence since 1978,and the collapse of the Ceylinco empire has been predicted for more than a decade. You can run a pyramid scheme for so long only if new depositors kept putting money in. It is to the credit of the Kotelawalas that they took so many people for a ride for so long.

Hobnobbed with presidents

Prasanna Hennayake, of Hennayake Holdings (Pvt.) Ltd. is a company specialising in photography and videography. Hennayake is a well known and reputed photographer of weddings and hobnobbed with presidents and leading politicians. He is also the current official photographer for the Cricket Board. He invested Rs. 50 million in Golden Key. Hennayake says that apart from attending a meeting at the BMICH which was chaired by Lalith Kotelawala where he had promised to return their monies he has not been informed sinceof any kind of repayment of his Rs. 50 million. "I don't believe anymore he has money, if not he wouldn't be remanded," he said.

Asked how he had amassed a fortune of Rs. 50 million, Hennayake explained, "This is hard earned money. I had a two acre land in Padukka with a nice bungalow. The Ceylinco Group bought this whole place. They didn't actually pay me but advised me to invest the monies from this sale in Golden Key. At first it was Rs. 40 million. For which I was paid an interest of 30 percent.

Subsequently, Hennayake says he sold another land and house he had purchased at Rajagiriya for his daughter and sold at her request. "Around this time I was telephoned by Golden Key and asked to invest a further 10 million rupees. As a result on November 3, last year, both my wife and I personally met  Khavan Perera, at the time CEO of Golden Key, and he assured us the monies would be safe. Perera gave us a guarantee saying that if there was any kind of doubt on my part he would release the monies within a month."

Learnt of the collapse

Elaborating Hennayake said, "When in December we learnt of the collapse of the company we again met Khavan Perera. He promised to release my Rs.50 million capital investment on January 20, 2009. But by that time he was in jail."

"It is off the interest I earned on this money I paid for two of my children's education overseas. Now I am saddled with not only their education fees but also with a mortgage for a new house I purchased in Boralesgamuwa. Seylan Bank collected the repayment on this mortgage from the interest I earned off my investment at Golden Key. It is only after the bank recovered the monthly installment was I released the balance, " Hennayake said.

Hennayake insists he has nothing to hide. "In 2002 the government asked us to show all our assets and money. We were granted a tax amnesty. I have declared everything. I have shown it to income tax, I don't have anything to hide," he said.

M. Samad, had invested over Rs. 80 million with Golden Key. He is devastated. He said, "This is mass fraud. Whoever gave him (Lalith Kotelawala) the title of Deshamanya should be kicked." Too late. It was either J.R. Jayewardene or Ranasinghe Premadasawho gave him that title. Both are now dead.

"We are shattered"

Samad and his wife are heartbroken. An engineer and a chartered accountant respectively the couple say they earned their millions through years of hard work in Bahrain. "We are shattered. This situation has caused such a lot of conflict at home. We are also Muslims and not supposed to earn money off interest payments. But we did. And now we are living in turmoil," he said.

Samad maintains he "trusted" the Ceylinco Group and never dreamt the company and its subsidiary Golden Key would go bankrupt. They continue they say to live in hope, but assert that Lalith Kotelawala "never called us" and to date, no repayment plan has yet taken shape.

 K. R. M. Weerakoon voiced similar sentiments. She has together with her daughters invested a total of Rs. 120 million in Golden Key. "We trusted Lalith. We trusted him too much.Only now we realise what type of a man he is. I trusted and respected him. Now it is all gone," she lamented. 

Weerakoon describing herself as a widow says this was her life savings from a garment and horticulture business she has owned since 1973. She says she never withdrew the interest of her capital investment of Rs. 63.5 million but allowed the monies to accrue. 

"He is the biggest crook"

She said it is she who encouraged her two daughters and friends to invest in Golden Key. "But now I learn he (Lalith Kotelawala) is the biggest crook."

Weerakoon said she has heard that Kotelawala has paid back depositors who have invested less than Rs. 1 million in Golden Key - after having deducted the interest due. "This is his repayment plan. Obviously it does not bode well for bigger depositors like myself," she said.

And the tales continue. Anoop Kundanmal, a highly respected businessman and member of the popular Kundanmal chain has invested Rs. 23.8 million in Golden Key. He said so far he has received no assurance at all that he will get his investment back. He said in fact they have been informed that the company will deduct due rebates from the capital and return only a part of their monies. "So for those of us who did not collect our interest payment every month - we will have to say goodbye to those monies," Kundanmal said.

"Respectable, educated" crooks

Even well known criminal lawyer and Sri Lanka's Ambassador to Italy, Hemantha Warnakulasuriya is not spared. His investment of Rs. 13.5 million is all but now confined to mere digits on a piece of paper. It is going to take all Warnakulasuriya's diplomatic skills to negotiate his way out of this one.

At the end of the day, there is no difference between Sakvithi and the Kotelawalas. It only proves that a good education and a respectable family background stands for nothing. Societies all over the world seem to be full of "respectable, educated" crooks.

No doubt the Kotelawalas will go down in history as the masterminds behind the country's biggest fraud. But that is no consolation to the depositors. They may have been greedy and stupid but that is not a crime. Fraud is..

The top ones

MR        P P B P GURUGE           70,000,000.00

MRS      NAYESHA          RANASINGHE    71,456,813.87

MR        NIHAL   HOOLE 73,000,000.00

MR        M          SAMAD 80,006,307.07

MR        R D S K WIJEWICKRAMA           88,154,914.78

MR        M A S A WIJAYASIRI      88,400,000.00

MR        H K       DHARMADASA   92,500,000.00

MR        A S       SILVA   170,000,000.00

MR        MILTON            KARUNARATNE  200,000,000.00

Some top investors


MR        CHRISTOPHER LEONARD          FERNANDO       50,000,000.00

MR        M J A    KREITMEIR       50,000,000.00

MR        PRASANNA UDAYA LAL  HENNAYAKE      50,000,000.00

MR        D M L P DISSANAYAKE   50,270,913.40

MR        M V M D R         NISHANTHA      53,000,000.00

MR        G W      LAW DAVIS       61,976,512.52

MRS      GWENDOLINE INICE    LINDSAY WHITE           63,450,000.00

MR        V.K.      CHOKSY           63,508,836.03

MRS      K R M    WEERAKOON    63,582,015.21

MR        RANJITH           SUMANASEKERA           66,556,823.06

MRS      J M G    THUSHARI        68,781,270.09

Those holding investments between Rs. 30 and Rs.50 mn

MR        C R       PERERA            30,000,000.00

DR        D S J     JAYASINGHE     30,000,000.00

MR        K          KUMARANAYAGAM         30,000,000.00

MR        W R      TISSERA           30,000,000.00

MR        A M       DE MEL 30,000,000.33

MR/MS  RANIL C / RAMANI D V  WAGISWARA    30,005,000.00

MR        M V M D V M A  SHANTHAPRIYA 30,050,000.00

MR        D W T   ATHUKORALA    30,075,143.84

MR        C          WICKRAMARATNA         30,200,000.00

DR        PANTHIYAGE UPALI EGERTON   FERNANDO       30,400,000.00

MR        ERATH KUMAR  KARUNARATNE  30,953,323.11

MR        G G       GUNASENA       31,000,000.00

DR        H M K   DE SILVA          31,167,597.53

MR        H D       GUNASEKERA   31,189,811.76


MR        E L       SENANAYAKE    31,600,000.00

MR        D K       DASSANAYAKE  33,011,392.36

MR        UPALI S            WEDAGE          33,500,000.08

BRIG     R M B P RANASINGHE    33,600,000.00

MR        N C       ABESINGHE      34,141,037.92

MR        V          SENEVIRATNE   34,500,000.00

MR        MAKUMBURAGE WIJITHA          PERERA            34,500,001.38

MR        K T K    KOTELAWELA   35,000,000.00

MR        KOSHY  THOMAS           35,000,000.00

MR        R L       FONSEKA          35,000,000.00

MR        S DILAN            ABEYEWARDENE           35,000,000.00

MR        DHANAPALA      MAHAGAMMULLE GAMAGE        35,000,000.96

MR        M B       MOHAMED FAIZAL        36,000,000.00

MRS      SHIROMALA JASINTHA  WANIGASINGHE           37,800,000.00

MR        MOHAN GILBERT           38,800,000.00

REV      A R C    PEIRIS  40,000,000.00

REV      BISHOP OF       RATNAPURA      40,000,000.00

MR        D C       ABEYWARDENE 40,000,000.00

MR        MAYURA            APARTMENTS    40,000,000.00

MR        NELSON           THOMAS           40,000,000.00

MRS      M          RITA     40,100,000.00

MR        M P       AGAMBARAM     40,650,000.00

REV      RAJA     PERERA            41,050,000.00

VEN      B          SOMAWANSA THERO    41,400,000.00

MRS      J M       RAUX    45,000,000.00

MR        R P P    SENARATHNA    47,000,000.00

MR        R A D S S          RANDENI          48,200,000.00

MISS    P U S D FERNANDO       48,932,639.96

MR        D THEODORE CLARENCE          RANASINGHE    49,150,647.31

MRS      KUMARI W M T  WIJERATNE      49,667,917.06

MR        D M L P DISSANAYAKE   49,729,086.60

Those holding investments between Rs. 10 to Rs. 30 mn

MR        K M       SOMASIRI         10,100,000.00

MRS      SWINEITHAA    SENADIYRA       10,100,000.00

MR        VERNAN DODWELL JOSE          ABEYSUNDARA  10,100,000.00

MR        A M N   ATAPATTU         10,128,510.88

MRS      K R M    WEERAKOON    10,129,064.41

MRS      K R M    WEERAKOON    10,134,971.76

MR        GAMINI JAYASURIYA      10,140,147.15

MRS      TAMARA ANNE  PERERA            10,150,000.00

MR        P B L    COORAY           10,155,493.06

MRS      K R M    WEERAKOON    10,190,437.46

MR        N N T    PRIYANTHA       10,200,000.00

MR        N W E R            NANAYAKKARA  10,200,000.00

DR        S L G    JAYASURIYA      10,200,000.00

MR        D ANIL KUMARASIRI     ADIKARAM        10,228,389.05

MR        UPALI   WARAGODA      10,250,000.00

DR        H A D A HETTIARACHCHI           10,281,301.13

MR        HECTOR           WIJERATHNE    10,300,000.00

MRS      LILANI MIGNONE          BALASURIYA     10,300,000.00

MR        T H S    ABEYRATNE      10,300,000.00

MR        E A M L EDIRISINGHE   10,304,266.47

MR/MS  R C / S R           DE SILVA          10,326,923.08

MR        P S       FERNANDO       10,332,761.47


MRS      J N D    BANDARANAIKE            10,367,315.84

REV      P D S B RATHNASINGHE            10,391,300.00

MR        PIYADASA         HEVAPATHIRANAGE      10,400,000.00

MR        B RANJITH CHERUKA JUD          FONSEKA          10,450,000.00

MR        KAHINGALA      SADDASENA     10,452,133.42

MR        JAYAMPATHI     PALIPANE         10,453,900.00

MR        M A S D            COSTA  10,462,626.19

MR        P D D    FERNANDO       10,481,757.82

MR        A G C    PIGERA 10,500,000.00

MR        A S R    ARSAKULARATNE          10,500,000.00

MR        D M      DEMOTTE         10,500,000.00

MRS      H A K NAYANA   DUSHANTHI      10,500,000.00

MR        K M P L PERERA            10,500,000.00

MRS      KANTHI DE SILVA          10,500,000.00

MRS      P R       DE SILVA          10,500,000.00

DR        V S       HETTIARACHCHI           10,500,000.00

MRS      W E S D            PEIRIS  10,500,000.00

MR        JAYANTHA JAYASINGHE GUNAWARDANE            10,510,821.52

MRS      PEARL  DE FONSEKA    10,524,335.88

MR        SUNIL   WIJETUNGE      10,534,680.00

MR        N D       JAYAWICKRAMA            10,562,540.13

MRS      C S       PEIRIS  10,600,000.00

LADY DR           S P C    KOTELAWALA   10,600,000.00

MRS      S R E    SIRIMALI          10,600,000.00

MS        GAYANI SUMUDU DHARM          WANNI ARACHCHIGE    10,630,886.60

PROF    P H G    FONSEKA          10,651,678.48

MR        M A C B            PERERA            10,677,954.03

MR        J A        DAVIS   10,700,000.00

MRS      M C      WEERATUNGA  10,763,200.00

MR        NIHAL   KALUARACHCHI            10,800,000.00

MR        P R       ABEYASEKARA  10,840,000.00

MR        L          SIRISENA         10,900,100.00

MR        K S M    KUMARATUNGE 10,920,000.00

MR        G A       HIDELARATCHI 11,000,000.00

MR        HERBERT          BERUWALAGE   11,000,000.00

MRS      L S       GURUSINGHE   11,000,000.00

MR        MAHESH           MUTHUTHANTHRI          11,000,000.00

MR        R L J     WICKREMERATNE         11,000,000.00

MR        ROSHAN           MAHANAMA       11,000,000.00

MR        S V R    PERERA            11,000,000.00

MRS      VICTORINE       WANIGASEKERA           11,000,000.00

MRS      W E S D            PEIRIS  11,000,000.00

MR        W R V   NAWARATHNA  11,000,000.00

MR        Y D W M R A     DISSANAYAKE   11,000,000.00


MR        D F D S P          PERERA            11,000,674.85

MR        N A Y DE S        JAYASINGHE     11,066,400.00

MRS      DAKSHINI         WICKRAMAPALA           11,070,673.14

MR        J A A     PERERA            11,100,000.00

MR        L S B    KULATUNGE      11,100,000.00

MR        M M      KUMUDU           11,102,063.42

MRS      T D R    PRIYADARSHANI           11,196,375.30

MRS      HANDUN ANUSHA SILVA           BOTEJUE          11,200,000.00

MR        D S       WITHANACHI    11,236,580.74

MR        W M D A S        WALPOLA         11,250,000.00

MRS      DAYA    WEERASINGHE 11,300,000.00

MR        N C D R THOMAS          GUNASEKARA   11,300,000.00

MRS      S A M A SWARNAPALI   SENANAYAKE    11,300,000.00

MR        K D S    WIJETUNGA      11,300,000.64

MRS      C D       WANIGASURIYA            11,350,000.00

MR        W A R   FERNANDO       11,350,000.00

MR        BENEDICT        JAYAKODY         11,500,000.00

MRS      K R       MADIHAHEWA  11,500,000.00

MR        T S K    KALUARACHCHI            11,500,000.00

MR        RANJAN            DE SILVA          11,500,000.59

MR        JEFFREY GREGORY CANU          SILVA   11,542,287.03

MR        T P       DAMBAWINNE  11,550,000.00

MR        T T DE A           GOONEWARDENA         11,553,390.00

MR        D D       JAYASINGHE     11,563,074.48

MR        MOHAMED NAZMI         HAMEED           11,600,000.00

MR        R F C    DE LIVERA        11,609,153.64

DR        G M      BUDDHADASA   11,616,086.78

MRS      SWARNALATHA PERERA            11,626,094.60

MR        S S       WICKRAMASINGHE       11,675,000.00

MR        V S K    CHANDRASENA 11,700,000.00

MR        W A N K            WIJELATH         11,700,000.00

MS        MARY ANN        DE SILVA          11,715,000.00

            AKBAR BROTHERS LTD  BROTHERS LTD 11,740,580.00

MRS      JENA ALIZA       PATELL 11,766,324.50

MR        DEVAKA            DE SILVA          11,793,270.51

MRS      EUNICE            FAASEE            11,889,407.55

MR        P J B S  PERERA            11,930,000.00

MR        A J        PEREIRA           12,000,000.00

MR        ARINDA            MIYANADENIYA 12,000,000.00

DR        D K B G GUNASEKERA   12,000,000.00

MR        P P ANURA        GUNAWARDENA            12,000,000.00

MR        R A D P DE ALWIS         12,000,000.00

MR        S          THOMAS           12,000,000.00

MR        S K       RAMANA           12,000,000.00

REV      SISTER HELOISE MARIET          DE SILVA          12,000,000.00

MR        W A D   TISSERA           12,000,000.00

MRS      WICHITHRA SHIROMI   JOSEPH            12,000,000.00

MR        A KUMARA        HEWA KANKANAMGE    12,035,717.87

MR        M S M   SIDDEEK          12,092,918.53

MS        D S       PERERA            12,151,528.27

MRS      K A A S P          KUMARI            12,161,791.54

MRS      DHARSHANI      SENANAYAKE    12,168,750.00

MR        S R       DHARMASIRI     12,194,833.71

MRS      H T       JAYASEELI        12,259,457.08

MRS      JAYANTHA         GUNATHILAKE  12,300,000.00

MRS      RANAVAKAGE IRENE THE          FERNANDO       12,305,506.85

MR        W K      KARUNARATNE  12,309,300.04

MRS      J D        KASTURIARACHCHI       12,429,539.66

MR        CHRISANTHA    PERERA            12,477,000.00

MRS      NANDANI          DE SILVA          12,500,000.00

MRS      NANDANI          DE SILVA          12,500,000.00

MR        SEGU HALALDEEN MOHA          RAUSDEEN       12,500,000.00

MR        SURESH DILAN YASEEN            12,500,000.00

MR        H          EKANAYAKE      12,590,969.03

MRS      P D       NIMALAWATHI  12,600,369.84

MS        P S       FERNANDO       12,626,460.93

MR        WINNIFRED ALOMA MIRIA        PEREIRA           12,665,951.01

MR        TRAVIS TRYSTEM          KOCH   12,699,999.59

MR        J T        MACDONALD    12,700,000.00

MR        SIMON  HITHETIYA EDIRISURIYA           12,800,000.00

MRS      K A H    RAMANI            12,900,000.00

MRS      PADMA FERNANDO       12,900,000.00

MRS      S M K    ALUVIHARE       12,900,000.00

MISS    VIOLA   KARUNARATHNE           12,924,287.65

MR        AMARAPALA      ANDRA HENNEDIGE      13,000,000.00

MR        KANANKE ACHARIGE ANIL        KULARATNE      13,000,000.00

MR        L H G    JAYASURIYA      13,000,000.00

MR        M H      DEANE  13,000,000.00

MR        N V K K WERAGODA      13,000,000.00

MR        P I        PIERIS  13,000,000.00

MR        SINGHA            WEERASEKERA 13,000,000.00

MRS      U I T P  FERNANDO       13,066,062.81

MS        P R R    FERNANDO       13,100,000.00

MR        S C       HEWAVITHARANA         13,100,000.00

MR/MS  W / S WASSIA  KUNDANMAL     13,100,000.00

MR        P G       PUNCHIHEWA  13,110,482.90

MR        P R S    JAYAWARDENA 13,114,050.00

MRS      R A T    HERATH            13,127,599.01

MS        P V D    FERNANDO       13,200,000.00

MR        P C       UPASENA          13,243,962.16

MRS      SANDRA            JAYAMAHA        13,300,000.00

MR        L S       DE MEL 13,337,183.74

MR        W A R D            WIJESOORIYA  13,438,925.52

MR        NIRMAL            DE SILVA          13,444,850.67

MR        C          JAYATUNGE       13,500,000.00

MR        HEMANTHA       WARNAKULASURIYA     13,500,000.00

MR        T M       ABEYWICKRAMA           13,500,000.00

MR        D S       PEIRIS  13,525,000.00

MRS      K A P    PEIRIS  13,550,000.00

MR        K B T    ATTANAYAKE     13,600,000.00

MR        B E J     RODRIGO         13,820,327.79

MR        SIRIMAL D        WITHANAGE     13,854,406.14

MRS      ROSHANIE        JAYAWARDENA 13,877,384.52

MRS      S          FERNANDO       13,911,247.54

MS        AGAMPODI KAUSHALA DE         JAYATILLAKA     14,000,000.00

MRS      R N       YOGARATNAM   14,000,000.00

MR        J W PHILIP EARDLEY VER         BOTEJUE          14,000,000.72

MRS      RAMANI K         WARNAKULA     14,100,000.00


MR        M K T    JAYATILLEKE     14,200,000.00

MR        R P       SUBASINGHE    14,267,000.00

MRS      H D W M           PERERA            14,400,000.00

MR        S E       KULATUNGA      14,500,000.00

MR        THIVANKA         ANANDAGODA  14,500,000.00

MRS      THILANI            DE MEL 14,588,456.94

MR        K M P    PERERA            14,660,593.75

MRS      I           JOSEPH            14,944,074.56

MRS      A U       ABEYEWARDENE           14,946,381.31

MR        A A B R N          ANTONY            15,000,000.00

MR        A S       JAYAWARDANA 15,000,000.00

MR        DAYA    LIYANAGE         15,000,000.00

MR        DAYATISSA       PALLIYAGURUGE           15,000,000.00

MR        DON DEREK      WICKRAMASINGHE       15,000,000.00

MR        J C        FERNANDOPULLE         15,000,000.00

MR        KARL CORNEL   PERERA            15,000,000.00

MR        M D D   PIERIS  15,000,000.00

MR        M Z M & I N      JAWAHAR         15,000,000.00

MRS      MEEWANAGE KUSUMAWA         PERERA            15,000,000.00

MR        NIHAL C           GUNASEKERA   15,000,000.00

MRS      NILMINI            KULATHUNGE   15,000,000.00

MR        P          MUTHUSAMY     15,000,000.00

MR        P D P    KUMARASIRI     15,000,000.00

MRS      P H P    JAYASIRI           15,000,000.00

MR        P P       GUNAWARDANA            15,000,000.00

MR        R P       SHANMUGANATHAN      15,000,000.00

MRS      S M R    ANTHONISZ      15,000,000.00

MR        W R F   FONSEKA          15,000,000.00

MR        H R       CANDAPPA       15,013,000.00

MRS      B N P    PIYADASA         15,053,268.22

MR        THILAK MEEPEGAMA     15,062,453.50

MR        A R       JAYAKODDY      15,100,000.00

MRS      P M       GUNATILAKE     15,100,000.30

MR        M D A S            JAYARATNE       15,204,183.51

REV DR A R L    PEIRIS  15,214,400.00

MR        SUNIL   WIJETUNGE      15,246,500.00


MR        W D F   FERNANDO       15,289,500.00

MR        W W     MUNIWEERA     15,447,001.93

MISS    ANOJA  FERNANDO       15,492,695.31

MR/MR  C G L / Y F        DE ZOYSA         15,500,000.00

MS        L P S    DE SILVA          15,520,000.00

MR        FARZANA          MUSTAQDEEN   16,000,000.00

MR        H G F    PERERA            16,000,000.00

MR        I S        KARUNARATNE  16,000,000.00

MRS      MITHILA PUSHPANI      MADDUMAGE    16,000,000.00

MR        W         RUPASINGHE    16,000,000.00

MR        MAHINDRA        FERNANDO       16,000,558.57

MRS      D P F    WEERASOORIYA           16,226,303.84

MR        K C       ILLESINGHE     16,300,000.00

MR        I A J X A            FERNANDO       16,400,000.00

MR        C J        WICKRAMARATNE         16,500,000.00

MR        KUSUM ASOKA  TENNEKOON     16,500,000.00

MR        B D A C RODRIGO WEERA         GOONEWARDENA         16,505,000.18

MR        DAVE    RANASINGHE    16,562,917.31

MRS      W M E  DE SILVA          16,600,000.01

MR        KORALE WIDANAGE NAN          WIJEDEERA JAYAWAR   16,610,477.06

MR        G A       KUMARARATHNA           16,650,000.00

MR        B D A C R W     GOONEWARDENA         17,000,000.00

MR        B D A C RODRIGO WEERA         GOONEWARDENA         17,050,000.00

REV      KEGALLE          RATHANASARA THERO  17,050,000.00

REV FR M          THOMAS           17,066,944.04

MRS      T K       DIAS     17,200,000.00

MR        P A P L L           PERERA            17,375,000.55

MRS      S DEVIKA SAVITHRI      PEIRIS  17,400,000.00

MRS      K A P    RODRIGO         17,402,436.09

MR        W MAITHREE    FERNANDO       17,600,000.00


MR        M R R    RADHA  18,000,000.00

MRS      MANOJA NILMINI          WANIGASEKARA           18,000,000.00

MR        N I        RANASINGHE    18,000,000.00

MR        S K J     DE SILVA          18,000,000.00

MR        T R       ANTONY            18,000,000.00

MR        DON PRIYAL HEMANTHA           THALAGALAGE  18,025,000.00

MR        D S       RANASINGHE    18,100,000.00

DR        W M G  WIJAYABANDARA          18,200,000.00

MR        H M C P N         RANASINGHE    18,300,000.00


MR        LEKAMAGE DON DILIP LA         DE SILVA          18,700,000.00

MR        K V P    FERNANDO       18,743,671.23

MR        SUDATH            VITHANAGE      18,844,960.60

DR        JOHANNES        MATER  18,900,001.16

MR        S R       WIKRAMANAYAKE         19,000,000.00

MR        M R N   PEIRIS  19,007,300.19

MR        K T H    WICKREMASINGHE       19,200,000.00

DR        D H R    UNDUGODAGE  19,269,855.78

MR        W M     NANDISENA      19,290,968.57

MR        W R F   RODRIGO         19,406,487.23

MR        R T S    SIRIWEERA      19,450,000.00

MR        D T       HEWAWITHARANA        19,500,000.00

MR        S A G    SILVA   19,900,000.00

MR        A J        PIGERA 20,000,000.00

MRS      B S       COORAY           20,000,000.00

MRS      C J        JAYAKODY         20,000,000.00

MR        C P       ILLEPERUMA     20,000,000.00


MR        FEROZE            HAJI ANVER      20,000,000.00

MR        M R HEMANTHA BANDARA          20,000,000.00

MR        P          WIMALASOORIYA         20,000,000.00

MR        R K D    KARAVITA         20,000,000.00

MS        R T       FERNANDO       20,000,000.00

MR        S D       ABEYEWARDENE           20,000,000.00

MRS      S J        ABEYWICKRAMA           20,000,000.00

MR        T          SELVARATNAM  20,000,000.00

MR        W R      TISSERA           20,000,000.00

MR        Y D M S B          RAMBUKWELLA 20,000,000.00

MRS      CHITHRA          JAYAKODY         20,000,000.58

MR        J F R     PERERA            20,002,000.00

MR        B A R    WIJESEKERA    20,021,450.37

MRS      D C       KALUPATHIRANA           20,050,000.00

MR        K T       WICKREMASINGHE       20,100,000.00

MR        N DE SILVA       SAMARARATNE  20,100,000.00

MR        C          DIYUNUGE        20,101,541.55

MR        J N        MIRANDA          20,103,000.00

MR        J A        PEREIRA           20,108,577.78

MR        A N       DE SILVA          20,150,000.00

MR        M C A   PERERA            20,206,500.00

MR        R          BALASURIYA     20,241,315.47

MRS      K R M    WEERAKOON    20,472,933.44

DR        D H R    UNDUGODAGE  20,500,000.00

MR        G R T    SMITH  20,700,294.96

MRS      A L NAYAGI       AROKKIAM        20,840,090.00

MR        P I        FERNANDO       20,900,000.00

MR        A S M    RIFKI    20,970,347.30

DR        D S J     JAYASINGHE     21,000,000.00

MR        DON NEIL         SURAWEERA     21,000,000.00

MR        E N D    FERNANDO       21,000,000.00

MR        R          DAHANAYAKE    21,000,000.00

MR        S A G    SILVA   21,100,000.00

MRS      S          SENANAYAKE    21,350,000.00

MR        P I        FERNANDO       21,360,722.84

MS        SEPALIKA         RATNAYAKE      21,375,000.00

MR        J A        DAVIS   21,700,000.00

MR        D N       HUNDLANI        22,000,000.00

MR        RAVI     HATHIRAMANI   22,035,445.85

MS        KARUNAMUNI SHARMILA           DE SILVA          22,082,000.00

MR        NALIN   KULATILAKA     22,109,999.88

MR        H          BANDULASENA 22,300,000.00

MRS      V A I     SAMARASINGHE            22,340,000.00

MR        PRIYANKARA     JAYARATNE       22,500,000.00

MR        K R S    SHANTHA          22,518,700.48

MR        K A       KARUNANAYAKE            22,570,961.18

MR        R M U   RAJAPAKSA       22,875,000.00

MR        J V        EDWARDS        23,000,000.00

MR        M M A P W        JAYAWARDENA 23,000,000.00

MR        N A S M            DE SILVA          23,000,000.00

MR        KUMAR DHARMASENA   23,200,000.00

MR        N J H    GUNARATNE     23,207,602.84

MR        M D P   JAYASOORIYA   23,286,045.21

MR        TUDOR SARATH K         KALUARACHCHI            23,489,831.33

MRS      MANOJA NILANTHI RUPIK         DAPANA DURAGE          23,709,358.00

MR        P M U K N         JAYAWARDENA 23,724,089.61

MR/MS  ANOOP/INDU    KUNDANMAL     23,845,746.92

MR        ALAUDEEN        HYDER  24,000,000.00

MR        MANSOOR        RAJABALLI        24,000,000.00

MR        K D M K            SIRIWARDANA  24,036,930.00

MRS      NUALA MARYSE DE CABR          WIJETUNGE      24,101,875.00

MR        TISSA   UDUGAMA         24,743,729.13

MR        K LALCHAND     24,850,000.00

MR        S WENGAPPULI ARACHC          25,000,000.00

MR        A DANIEL          JEGASOTHY      25,073,657.06

MR        D J R     WIJEYESEKERA 25,278,020.75

MISS    VIOLA   KARUNARATNE  25,349,193.30

MR        MILTON            DE SILVA          25,369,077.49

MR        M R P C            BANDARA          25,400,000.00

MRS      P A S P WIJETUNGE      25,425,908.26

MRS      C K       DE SILVA          26,200,000.00

MR        K V U    WICKRAMATHILLAKA    26,500,109.59

MR        H T       HEWAVITHARANA         26,700,000.00

MR        R V K    DIAS     26,725,669.73

MR        K A D R J B        NANAYAKKARA  26,774,293.58

DR        HEWA MALAVIGE KUSUM          DE SILVA          26,827,687.58

DR        H M K   DE SILVA          26,832,182.11

MR        N D       CALDERA          27,049,312.32

MR        K S T    NIMAL  27,500,000.00

MR        E J M    PERERA            27,800,000.00

MR        S PALITHA        SENANAYAKE    27,847,312.93

MR/MS  N I / U L           RANASINGHE    28,000,000.00

MRS      T VISHAKA LALANI        PERERA            28,090,022.56

MRS      NAYESHA          RANASINGHE    28,296,414.30

MR        A S       FERNANDO       28,317,969.28

MR        A C       PERERA            29,026,044.42

MR        P W      DE SILVA          29,064,929.27

MR        G B W   CHANDRASEKARA         29,200,000.00









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