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Medical Officer authorised banned drug to star swimmer

Kiran Atapattu

By Lal Gunesekera

Medical Officer attached to the Institute of Sports Medicine (ISM) of the Ministry of Sports and Public Recreation, Dr. (Mrs.) Shiromi Pilapitiya who is at the center of a controversy regarding the doping scandal involving Sri Lanka's outstanding swimmer, Heshan Unamboowe, has been ordered by the Director General of the ISM, Dr. Geethanjan Mendis, to hand over all documents relating to anti-doping to him immediately.

In a letter addressed to Dr. (Mrs.) Pilapitiya by Dr. Mendis on June 29, it states that the banned drug Bambuterol had been given to Unamboowe by Dr. (Mrs.) Anoma Siribaddana on June 15 and verbally accepted by Dr. (Mrs.) Pilapitiya and an inquiry is underway,.

The Sunday Leader exclusively reported about this matter regarding Unamboowe consuming a banned drug prescribed by Dr. (Mrs.) Siribaddana and authorised by Dr. (Mrs.) Pilapitiya, on June 28.

The Secretary of the Interim Committee (IC) for the Sri Lanka Aquatic Sports Union (SLASU), Kiran Atapattu, who had conducted an impartial inquiry and investigation into this episode, had informed Dr. Mendis that SLASU completely holds Dr. (Mrs.) Pilapitiya responsible for this professional negligence on her part and as per the proven facts and documentation available with SLASU, and asks Dr. Mendis how competitors of sports can have any confidence in Dr. (Mrs) Pilapitiya in conducting future doping tests or be involved in doping matters in the future.

Unamboowe is the overall captain of the Sri Lanka contingent at the Asian Youth Games now in progress in Singapore.

Dr. (Mrs) Siribaddana, the Consultant Chest Physician attached to the Kandy Hospital, prescribed four types of medicines to 17-year-old Unamboowe on June 15. They were Clarithromycin tablets, Bambuterol Hydrochloride, Altiva-Fexofenadine Hydrochloride and Seretide Evohaler.

The Kiran Atapattu inquiry had revealed that Unamboowe had informed Dr.  Pilapitiya by e-mail at 6.50 p.m. on June 15 from his E-Mail address (Heshan to Dr. Pilapitiya's e-mail address (shriomirkd

The mother of young Unamboowe had also telephoned Dr.  Pilapitiya immediately thereafter and requested advice regarding consuming the medicine with Dr Pilapitiya asking Heshan Unamboowe to go ahead with these medicines till she found out more information about the prescribed drugs.

Atapattu in his letter to Dr. Mendis on June 29 states that Dr.  Pilapitiya is no stranger when it comes to doping tests on athletic and weight lifting competitions and gone abroad on numerous occasions on doping issues. He (Atapattu) further states that in Sri Lanka, Dr. Pilapitiya acts as if she is the sole authority and specialist in doping matters and does not seem to know what a banned substance is.

"She has been given a laptop computer with government funds and could have certified these matters by simply pressing just one button on her laptop at 7 p.m. on June 15, without waiting for the next day. She had even failed to clarify matters from Dr. Mendis or any other subordinates from the ISM immediately," states the inquiry report from Atapattu.

Heshan Unamboowe had shown Dr. Siribaddana's prescription to Dr. Lala Ekanayake, team doctor for the Asian Youth Games, at the Gymkhana Club car park on June 20, and was told to immediately discontinue the use of the prescribed medicine, which was a banned substance. Unamboowe was prescribed some other medicine by Dr.  Siribaddana on June 20 itself.

The fax machine of the NOC was utilized to fax the TUE form, prescriptions, medical history of Heshan Unamboowe to the attention of Dr.  Pilapitiya on June 24. Why the NOC fax machine? What is the connection between Dr. Pilapitiya and the NOC?

Speaking to The Sunday Leader, a sobbing Mrs. Unamboowe (Heshan's mother), said that Dr. Anoma Siribaddana, has been treating her son since 2001 and that Heshan did not take the banned drug willingly, which was prescribed by Dr.   Siribaddana and authorized by Dr.  Pilapitiya.

This entire episode has now been reported to the Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) headed by Dr. (Mrs.) Lalitha Mendis on July 1, for necessary action, on medical negligence by Dr. Pilapitiya.

Sara Stadium boasts of a rich history

Last week we discussed the˜T 20 world cup and its final and the performance of our team. Immediately following is the test series against a rejuvenated Pakistan team on home soil. It is heartening to note that the Tamil Union Cricket Ground (the Oval) has been given a Test match. This ground is one of our best and boasts of a rich history.

I am particularly happy to see Chamara Kapugedera back in the squad. This series will do a world of good for the game as the last series in Pakistan is one well forgotten for the wrong reasons. Make no mistake the Paks will be raring to go and will want another feather in their cap to follow the T 20 victory.

The visitors fast attack is  superior to ours on paper. With the inclusion of Mohammed Yousuf the batting seem balanced too. The younger players within the Paks will want to show off their talent and cement permanency. Oh and Vaassy being left out is a shame though not surprising. It would yet be the swing that would bother the Pakistan front line as they would have ample hits at the nets against their own fast attack.Mmm.....Vaassy would have been yet good for this tour.

Remember I said that the seniors in our team have to lead the way. Well I do stand by that and the Test series too would require them to steady the ship against a superior fast attack. We have the required armoury to counter. This seriesÿwould be another gruelling work out for our spin twins Murali and Mendis. The warm up games showed that their would be plenty on the boards and the spinners would bowl at leastÿ30 overs a piece. Good luck lads.

On a happier note this column wishes skipper Sanga and wife on their double...twins! A perfect left hand/right hand combination to boot. I mean a girl and boy. Congratulations.  

Sadly, politics kills off the sevens    

The cancellation of the eleventh Singer/Srilankan Airlines Inter national Rugby Sevens, an imminent eventuality under the present interim committee administration, came to pass last week. The event's organisers, Kandy SC, made the heart-breaking announcement that it was ditching the tournament this year, ending a ten-year sequence. In these recessionary times when the corporate world isn't exactly in clover you'd think cancellation of the popular event was a decision made in the boardrooms of the sponsoring companies.

Not so. Neither Singer nor the national carrier, I understand, had even hinted withdrawal from the event. After considerable investment since the event's inauguration in 1999, the title sponsors had little reason to regret their involvement. After all, when a tournament comes to be popularly identified by its sponsors' names then. well, it's pretty much a case of mission accomplished for the sponsors. The IRB and ARFU calendar, no less, refers the event to as the Singer- Sri Lankan Airlines Sevens.

Establish identity

"The reason for ten years of continuous of support was to establish our identity with the tournament. That the IRB's calendar of events enlists the event as the Singer-Srilankan Airlines Sevens is proof we've achieved that identity. So, you have to say that our association with the event was never in danger of rupture,'' said a spokesman for the national carrier. Singer's sponsorship of the event was always gilt-edged; given that the company has been a long-time backer of Kandy SC, the organisers.

The irony, so, is inescapable. On the one hand, here is rugby pleading for sponsors support, and on the other, doing things to disillusion two of its faithful and generous backers and, possibly, drive them out from the game. The disappointment of Singer and Srilankan Airlines can't be overstated; they wanted continuity of what is really a unique event: the only annual international rugby tournament of the country, and thus are entitled to feel snubbed by the cancellation. And with the continuity of a 10-year event now interrupted, any reservation about future involvement on the part of the title-sponsors is justifiable. We might've seen the last of the tournament.

Sad as the cancellation of the 2009 event is, it isn't exactly surprising. After all, without approval of the IRB/ARFU there was no way the tournament could've been staged anyway. Normally, securing official approval for hosting international tournaments by IRB member-countries is a straightforward thing, as it had been all through the ten-year life of the Singer/Srilankan Airlines Sevens. The problem with 2009 is that the game is administered by an interim committee, a government- appointed body which the world body does not recognize.

The laws of the IRB clearly specify that all of its member-countries, without exception, must be democratically elected. By appointing an interim committee early this year, Sri Lanka acted in contradiction of the world body's rules for membership. Indicative of just how seriously the IRB viewed Sri Lanka's breach of that rule was its decision to fly out two officials on a fact-finding mission to Colombo last February. The IRB duo met the Sport Minister, IC members as well as the president of the last elected committee and, to put it bluntly, said: "We only deal with elected committees, not ones appointed on the whims and fancies of whoever.''

Rs. 14m. dole out deferred

So that they meant what they said, the visiting officials recommended to headquarters in Dublin that the IRB's annual Rs.14m. development dole-out to Sri Lanka be deferred for review till May, by which month, the Minister promised, an elected committee would be put in place. As you know, it was a promise that wasn't kept - and the consequences haven't been pleasant to say the least. With annual IRB disbursement not forthcoming, some 25 development officials' stationed countrywide has as good as been thrown out of job. And rural development lies idle and abandoned.

These are the less visible damage dealt by Minister Lokuge's false promise to the IRB. Arguably, the greatest hurt caused by the minister's bluff is the loss of the Singer/Srilankan Sevens, the only international fare on offer to the country's many rugby followers. Secretary, Kiran Atapattu reconfirmed Wednesday, what he had already told The Sunday Leader last month - that is, the IC did not - and will not - seek IRB approval for the event on a matter of principle. He argued that when the IRB doesn't give financial assistance to the development of the country's rugby, it is not right to ask for assistance for hosting a mere tournament. (The IRB disbursed Rs.7m. each year, 2004-2007, when the event was a part of the Satellite series). That in the eyes of the IRB, the IC is an illegitimate body, however, is a point the IC secretary ignores. As far as the IRB stand is concerned, it won't give its blessings to a country which, by its own admission, considers a pariah - so, there was no point in the IC seeking approval, a fact Atapattu prefers to not bring into the debate. 

Approval not sought

Against that background, the ARFU stand on the cancellation is, to say the least, baffling. In an email to all Asian unions, Ross Mitchell, Secy-Gen of the ARFU, says it did not deny approval of the Sri Lankan tournament, a rather superfluous statement, given IC Secretary Atapattu's admission that approval was never sought in the first place. It is contradictory and confusing, suggestive of a concealment of the true story. It seems to me the ARFU is unwilling, for reasons only privy to it, to declare that it doesn't recognize our IC and so its endorsement of the Singer-Srilankan Sevens isn't possible. The IC has been told in clear terms that it is not recognized by the IRB, which means official dialogue between the two is not possible.  

The precise official reason for the cancellation might be a matter for conjecture, but what can be said with certainty is that the popular event has become another victim of internal politics. The fact is: if the administration of the game hadn't fallen into the hands of an IC, the Singer Srilankan Sevens would've continued just as it had done for ten long years. But the IC, it has to be said, wasn't foisted on the game for no reason. In fact, it was self-inflicted by the elected regime of DIG Lewke. It will be remembered that, with the resignation of President and Secretary of the SLRFU, DIG Lewke and SSP Hamid respectively, days of each other, the union was left without an official with the authority to summon the 2009 AGM. So a two-member IC was appointed in February, ostensibly, to clear the decks for the 2009 AGM, but the duo had other ideas. They enlarged their brief, including a re-writing of the constitution - and the 2009 AGM has been consigned to the forgotten.

Amended constitution

Reportedly, the SLRFU's member clubs haven't objected to the amendments to the constitution by the IC. The amended constitution has now been forwarded to the Attorney General's Department for legal scrutiny - a fine-combing which, by any stretch of imagination, is not something you can finish overnight. The league season is not far from ending, the knockout is of brief duration and the curtain will have come down on the 2009 season next month - all of which will make the holding of the 2009 AGM a meaningless exercise.

Politics has never corroded rugby this much since the game was played here over a hundred years ago. SLRFU AGMs were held even when the world was at war; in 2009 it wasn't, all because the only two SLRFU officials with powers to summon an AGM both resigned weeks before the meeting. Then the 10-year Singer-Srilankan Airlines International Sevens that had survived the N-E separatist war as well as 9/11 in 2001 is shot down in 2009 because an IC, an illegal body in the eyes of the IRB, unashamedly came into being for the first time in the game's long history.

Recordings of 2009 surely are material suitable for cartoonists than historians.

Murali renews his partnership with Ceylinco Life

Cricketing icon Muttiah Muralitharan will take the field for Ceylinco Life for another year as Brand Ambassador for the life insurance leader, the company announced this week.

The renewal of his contract will see test and one-day cricket's most prolific wicket taker actively supporting Ceylinco Life's efforts to increase awareness of the value of life insurance through its emotive 'Life, Love, Protection' campaign, for a third successive year.

The spin-wizard will also spearhead a new community initiative of Ceylinco Life by leading a team of bowlers on spin coaching camps for school cricketers in Sri Lanka's north and east, the company said.

"Murali's image as a devoted family man, and his irrepressible enthusiasm and commitment have been assets in our marketing efforts, and we are now providing a platform for him to pass on some of his knowledge and skill to a new generation of cricketers," Ceylinco Life Deputy Chairman R. Renganathan said.

He said plans are being drawn up to conduct the first spin coaching camp in Trincomalee in August. Muralitharan would be supported by two or three other spin bowlers at this one-day camp.

Muralitharan will also continue to be one of the elements of the company's multi-faceted communications campaigns aimed at generating greater consciousness among Sri Lankans that life insurance is an essential safety net against an uncertain future.

In 2008, Muralitharan supported two distinct projects of Ceylinco Life as the company's Brand Ambassador. The first of these was a nation-wide recruitment campaign that sought to improve general perceptions about insurance as a career and to attract high-calibre individuals to join the company's sales team. The second was the Ceylinco Life 'Family Savari' mega promotion that provided a day's outing at Leisure World to 2,400 people, and a luxury ocean cruise to five families.

"Murali's appeal transcends age, geographical, racial, social and gender boundaries," Mr. Renganathan added. "His never-say-die commitment to his sport, his well-demonstrated team spirit and strong devotion to family values have endeared him to Sri Lankans at all levels, making him a good ambassador for life insurance."

Born in April 1972 in Kandy, Muttiah Muralitharan made his test debut in 1992 and played his first one day international in 1993. He had captured 770 wickets in 127 test matches and has taken 505 wickets in 328 One Day Internationals.

Rizvi Farouk wins Kukuleganga Rally

Rizvi Farouk, driving a Subaru Impreza WRX and co-driven by Jamal Hussein, won the MRA Kukuleganga Rally 2009 on the tarmac roads surrounding the Kukuleganga Holiday Resort last weekend. Farouk beat Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII driver and former winner Dinesh Jayawardene by 1 minute and 12 seconds to also take home the SL ‘GT’ class winner’s trophy. Jayawardene, co-driven by debutant Dilan Seneviratne, set a record time on the final stage to take the position by just 14 seconds from Evolution X driver and former MRA Rally Champion Dinesh Deheragoda. However, with a 3rd place result Deheragoda further consolidated his lead in the 2009 MRA Rally Championship after his win in Pelwatte in January.

For Farouk, a veteran TSD rally driver, this was a first special-stage rally victory after suffering from bad luck and mechanical issues in previous MRA rallies. However, he had far from a straightforward event as he had to claw back an early lead taken by Deheragoda and co-driver Mushtaq Ahamed and then weathered a furious charge by fellow Subaru driver Janaka Dias who set stunning stage times and extraordinary speed to close within an unbelievable 0.5 seconds overall going into the final night stage on Saturday evening. Unfortunately for Dias, he went off the road 50 metres from the finish of Special Stage 5 and despite eventually finishing the stage, threw away all hope of challenging for victory.

Be impartial Pinnawela

The Secretary of the Amateur Athletic Association of Sri Lanka (AAASL), Prema Pinnawela was seen and heard cheering one particular athlete during the women’s 400 metres final at the "trials" last weekend (June 27 and 28) at the Sugathadasa Stadium from the computer room.

As Secretary of a governing body and also involved with the Selection Committee, Pinnawela, should be impartial.

Not a bed of roses to reach the top - ARL

By Lal Gunesekera

Students who receive awards should bear in mind that its not all a bed of roses to reach the top. You require high levels of discipline, dedication, determination, commitment, stamina and physical endurance to withstand the tough schedule of international play. Talent and ability alone won't get you to the top. You need a strong mental approach and a hunger to succeed and the honour to represent the country should be a motivator.

So said Dr. A.R.L. Wijesekera, Chairman of the Sri Lanka Standards Institute (SLSI), who was the chief guest at the Colours Awards Ceremony of Gateway College held at the BMICH. He was a former national Badminton champion; who had represented Sri Lanka in the Thomas Cup, a top class coach, President of the Sri Lanka Badminton Association (SLBA) and a national selector. He was the Government Analyst too at one stage.

Dr. Wijesekera spoke about the use and abuse of drugs by sportsmen and sportswomen at all levels in this modern day and age with sports stars driving themselves to the limits of human endurance by fair means or foul. He said: The Olympic theme of citius, altius et fortius (Faster, higher and stronger) is being stretched to the utmost. Its necessary to ensure that athletes who beat the clock by tremendous effort involving hours of unmitigated practice, unaided by any performance enhancing drugs, are justly regarded and untainted, since miscarriages of justice are all too often evident.

Dr. Wijesekera spoke about the case of Sri Lanka's Olympic medallist Susanthika Jayasinghe, in whose defence, he was proud to provide the scientific hypothesis which led to her complete exoneration, which the IOC jury accepted.

He also spoke about the "gulf" between the standards of play at school level and national level, which is applicable to most sports in the country. He again spoke out against the "evils" of private tuition classes, which interferes with sports practices, but has now been institutionalised as a necessary evil due to the highly competitive University admission process.

Dr. Wijeskeera spoke about the ability to enjoy success and take defeat graciously, stand up and defend ones rights and recognise ones opponents rights too, work within the rules and abide by them, enjoy winning and success with humility and most importantly be a law abiding, responsible citizen of this country.

Bulgaria keen to host Grand Prix

Bulgarian motorsport officials will meet Formula 1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone next week as they aim to try to secure a grand prix from 2011.

The Bulgarian Motorcycling Federation's (BMF) grand prix organising committee chief Rumen Petkov has been invited by Ecclestone to the German Grand Prix.

The BMF have two projects for a circuit and want Ecclestone's opinion, with the town of Pleven being a likely venue. Bulgaria has already signed a deal to host MotoGP motorbike racing from 2012.

The country is also on the provisional schedule for the 2010 World Rally Championship.

"We submitted a plan a few months ago which was considered by F1 management," said BMF president Bogdan Nikolov.

"According to the draft, Bulgaria could sign a contract to host a race between 2011 and 2015 and there's an option for a contract extension until 2020." The German GP is at the Nurburgring between  July10 and 12.

Thomian Walk on Saturday

The mega event, Thomian Walk 2009 is scheduled to take place on Saturday, July 11. The walk commences from the St. Paul's Milagiriya Church Bambalapitiya, at 4.30pm and concludes at S. Thomas' College Mt Lavinia around 6.30pm.

The event is to raise funds for the infrastructure development of the school - upgrading class rooms, student facilities and the campus, in keeping with the high ethos of the college. Thomian school boys and the old boys will participate actively to repay their nurture fee to their Alma Mater, true to the college motto - Esto Perpetua.

The walk will be colourful with the usual parade in full cry, music, fun and entertainment in the Thomian spirit.

At the conclusion of the walk in Mt Lavania, there will be food stalls, kiddies games, games of skill, elephant rides, DJ music, aqua display and the ever popular  papare band  and more fun and surprises in store.

The new Warden of S. Thomas' College, Rev J.C. Puddefoot of Eton College fame will grace the occasion.

Smit worried by Botha precedent

South Africa captain John Smit fears the long-term implications for the sport after Bakkies Botha received a two-week ban for dangerous charging.

Botha was suspended after an incident which left British and Irish Lions prop Adam Jones with a dislocated shoulder.

An appeal against the ban was thrown out, but Smit believes there was nothing wrong with Botha's challenge.

"I hope it's just a case of Bakkies being victimised. If not, it could change this wonderful game," said Smit.

The Botha incident happened just after half-time of the ferocious second Test in Pretoria, with the Lions in the process of securing possession at the ruck.

Botha charged to the tackle area and collided with Jones - an incident that South Africa claim was perfectly legal "clearing out".

If it wasn't for the injury which came from it, I don't think anything would have been said about it," said assistant coach Dick Muir.

Smit added: "Sanity did not prevail at the appeal and I've had referees phoning me, and support from the Lions management and players that it is very concerning for the future of the game.

"Unfortunately Adam Jones got injured purely because his arm was stuck in the ruck.

"If Bryan Habana is running down the wing as fast as a cheetah, it would be really poor for the game to make him slow down in case he hurts the tackler."

But despite the controversy in Pretoria - team-mate Schalk Burger is serving an eight-week ban after an eye-gouging incident - Smit expects Saturday's tour finale at Ellis Park will be played in good spirits.

"I sincerely hope there's no bad blood between the two teams," said Smit.

"Rugby's all about running into each other at a million miles an hour and tackling each other at a million miles an hour, stitching oneself up afterwards and sharing a beer.

"There is still a massive amount for us to play for because we don't get the opportunity to play against the Lions for another 12 years.

"It's been a phenomenal series, although it's probably easier for me to say that as the captain that's won."

Lions assistant coach Warren Gatland said the tourists did not believe Botha should have been cited.

"We didn't have an issue with Bakkies Botha, it was a very tough decision on him," Gatland told a news conference on Friday.

"Adam Jones did not have an issue with the clean-out and neither did the Lions management.

"If Bakkies could be banned for that then you would have 50 incidents in a game. Bakkies has a history of occasionally not using his arms but we had no problem with that incident, we felt it was legitimate."

Thomas completes switch to Wigan

Hendry Thomas on a three-year deal, subject to international clearance.

The 24-year-old was set to join Wigan from Deportivo Olimpia last summer but the move was turned down as he did not meet the work permit criteria.

However, the situation has now improved and Thomas was able to agree terms after passing a medical.

"He is another quality addition," said new Wigan manager Roberto Martinez.

Former manager Steve Bruce identified Thomas last year but even though he left for Sunderland this summer, Wigan decided to make a second attempt to sign the player.

Thomas is the third Honduras international to play for Wigan, with left-back Maynor Figueroa and Wilson Palacios becoming key members of the team.

A number of clubs were alerted to Thomas following his aborted move to Wigan and Martinez expressed his delight with the signing.

"Everyone knows how well Wilson and Maynor have done in the Premier League and it is no wonder there was lots of interest in Hendry, who comes from the same club as those two and has impressed," the former Swansea boss told Wigan's website.

Rugby: National selectors cannot coach clubs

By Lal Gunsekera

Another national rugby selector, Marco de Silva, has run into controversy. He assists Hisham Abdeen in coaching the Havelocks side who are competing in the current Caltex `A' Division League Rugby Championship.

This is against the sports law, which stipulates that a coach cannot hold office as a national selector.

When The Sunday Leader spoke to the President of Havelocks, Priyantha Grero, he said that De Silva helps Abdeen with the coaching, but no payment is involved, though it was requested.

Grero said: "We refused to make any sort of payment, but Marco de Silva was told that we would employ him, if he first resigns as a national selector. I will stop de Silva assisting Abdeen within the next few days and even our Rugby Chairman has been informed about this matter." Marco de Silva has not resigned as a national selector up to date.

Earlier, Viraj Prasantha had to resign as a national selector when it was discovered that he was coaching S. Thomas' College, Mount Lavinia.

Stick to your role

The Chairman of National Selectors, Ajith Abeyratne, has been advised to stick to his role as a selector and not get himself involved in matters outside the jurisdiction of selectors, by the Secretary cum Treasurer of the Interim Committee (IC) of the Sri Lanka Rugby Football Union (SLRFU), Kiran Atapattu. This was in response to Abeyratne's letter to Lasitha Gunaratne (CEO of the SLRFU) on June 22, regarding the squad for the Asian Under-20 Championship in Hong Kong in September.

Abeyratne had suggested about formulating a plan for the training programme, whether the players had responded about their availability and consideration of the coaches of Kandy, CR &FC and Royal to be in charge of the Sri Lanka Under-20 squad. Another selector, Tikiri Marambe, has also made inquiries from Royal College about the availability of their coach. "They must stick to their role and not interfere in things not coming under their purview" said Atapattu.

Sisira Mendis replaces Lewke

In another development, DIG Sisira Mendis has replaced DIG Nimal Lewke as chairman of Police Rugby. The latter, who was president of SLRFU, has resigned and is now stationed in Vavuniya.


Meanwhile, the Chairman of the IC, Dr. Maiya Gunasekera, told The Sunday Leader that the AGM of the SLRFU will be held, as soon as the amendments to the constitution are approved by Minister Gamini Lokuge and Attorney-General, Mohan Pieris. The Secretary cum Treasurer of the IC, Kiran Atapattu, has also to sort out the accounts.

Dr. Gunasekera said that the IC met with representatives of provincial unions and that there were a few alterations and are awaiting for the provincial unions to sign the document and send it to the IC, who in turn will seek the final approval from the minister and the AG.

He further said that players (club and national poolists) will have to sign contracts with the SLRFU and a transfer fee of five percent will be charged if players want to move from one club to another. Also, national poolists who pull out for some reason or other will have to pay back to the SLRFU what the controlling body had spent on them.

"We have also stipulated that the SLRFU constitution has to conform to the Sports Act, voting system and elections/selections to the Council which will comprise of 22 persons and nine for a quorum. Everyone must play in a major tournament ,'A' Division or Clifford Cup or at national level" said Dr. Gunasekera, who also said that it was a fair system and everyone agreed to the amendments.

Anil Goonetillake,  President TCK OBA (Colombo Branch)

Anil Goonetillake was elected as the President of the Colombo Branch of the Trinity College Old Boys' Association for the term 2009/10.

The following Committee was appointed for the year 2009/2010 at the 101st   Annual General Meeting held on  June 13, 2009 at the Diocesan Chambers, Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 7.

Patron : The Principal - Trinity College, Vice Patrons:-  Gilbert Paranagama, James Mather, Dr. Neville Karunatilleke, Sriyantha Senaratne, Y C Chang, L. U. B. Dissanayake, Jim Bandaranayake, Chulika de Silva, Jayantissa Kehelpannala, Gotabaya Dasanayaka, Andrews Thevathason, Upali Ratnayake, Himendra Ranaweera, President: Anil Goonetilleke, Vice Presidents:  Nath Wijesundara, Horace Jacob, Prabath Harshakumar, Ajith De Silva, Romesh Jayawardena, Dan Seevaratnam , Sidath Pananwala, Amitha Nugawela,Muthiah Chandrasekeran, Suchitra Aluwihare, Secretary:  Ranil Prematilake, Treasurer: Vajira Abeysundera  Asst. Secretary / Asst. Treasurer: Keshan Thalgahagoda, Trustees: Dr. Douglas Nethsinghe, Y.C. Chang, Jayantissa Kehelpannala, Committee: 20-30 years: Shamal Gunawardena, Ronald Gunasinghe, Kapila Pilimathalawe, 30-40 years: Nalaka Madugalle, Chandana Abeywardena, Chamila Wickremanayake, 40-50 years: Clifford Shadrach, Manik Swaminathan, Marjan A Manzil, Over 50: Major General Niranjan A Ranasinghe, Dr. Prathap Ramanujam, Prince Nayagam, Auditor: Keerthi Mihiripenna & Co.

SLC clarifies

With reference to The Sunday Leader article on June 28 tilted "Polons on the mat," Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) through its Media Unit states that no matters pertaining to the supply of clay were discussed or taken up at the last TOC meeting on June 23. Tenders by suppliers of clay were in keeping with proper procedure, clay samples weree received and sent for approval and certification by the Industrial Technology Institute (ITI).

Apart from Sampath, three other curators trained by Anurudha Polonowita are employed at Dambulla, Pallakelle and Kettarama stadiums, and have recruited for other curators with agriculture degrees who are training under Polonowita.

Polonowita had also duly followed the right procedure by a SLC employee in applying for overseas leave.

SL Malay event today

The Sri Lanka Malay Association holds its Coffee Evening today at Hotel Holiday Inn at 4 p.m. 

A part of the proceeds of the event will be diverted to the enhancement of the community's social and cultural life, including sport.

Tickets, priced Rs.1000, are available at the Holiday Inn. .







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