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Balder Dash


Women love to shop

People who say that money canít buy you happiness donít know where to shop!Ē says big time shopper Tara Palmer-Tomkinson. Most women love to shop. There are male shopaholics too, like Elton John and the late Michael Jackson. Shopping is supposed to be a stress buster for women, but for most men it works the other way.

Maybe since some of them have to foot the bills? Way back in time, men had to hunt for food, and once they captured their prey they returned home. Even now, a man will only go for necessities and very rarely buy unnecessary things or just window shop. Whereas women, from centuries ago, went out in groups to gather items of food and anything else they deemed useful to the family.

There was no set time for this, unlike modern woman who has to stick to schedules created by jobs, children and home. They explored for new items to decorate themselves, their homes or as food. So there isnít much of a difference from them and us now, is there? Women take a longer time because they have to look for things for the entire family and may be restricted to a budget.

Obviously most of the big spenders are very wealthy people. Take Paris Hilton, Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopez to name just a few. Although we canít dream of ever emulating them, I must say we women love to keep track of their latest foray into the shops.

Overpriced articles

I personally hate to spend money on overpriced articles, however enticing they look. If I see something I like, even in a low priced store, I buy it promptly. There are some ladies who buy outfits from these shops and put them away for a year or so and then wear it or else, they say, everyone on the street is wearing it!

My argument is that I think I look much nicer than any of the other ladies wearing the same thing. So who cares where you bought it from? I think the real reason is that they donít want to admit that they patronise these particular stores. I suppose it must be nice to pick out anything you fancy without checking the price tag, but how much can you buy, unless of course you do a regular clean out of your cupboards?

And someone who does a regular clean out much to the benefit of my kids is my glamorous niece. She says thank goodness she can give all her stuff to them and not feel guilty about buying replenishments. Now this girl is always shopping!

Since she has a little baby, her trips abroad are somewhat restricted. So, she has resorted to shopping online! Apparently, one can purchase items on sale really cheap. So you donít have to waste time and energy checking out places, itís all there for you to choose from in comfort and leisure at home.

ďAuntie,Ē she says, ď Iíve got more organised now. Iíve got a Little Book with everything all written down, so I can refer to it when I want to order anything specific.Ē Hm..., I suppose if you have a perfect figure and almost anything looks nice on you, and if you can afford it, why not? Maybe I should try for the plus sizes! But things like length are crucial for me, since I have to cover up lots of distensions.

To check it out

Anyway, her latest shopping expedition was due to her cherub having to add fruit juice to her menu. So she was off to locate a baby food processor, a juicer, strainer and organic fruit. When I suggested she referred the yellow pages and called places up, she replied that she preferred to check out what was available anyway. Ah, I thought to myself, another trip to the shops, one of her favourite pastimes, why deprive her of the pleasure?

Anyway, one of my favourite series of books is the Shopaholic books by Sophie Kinsella. Quite hilarious, and you quite wish you had the nerve she has!

One can see how lethal a weapon the credit card is if it is in the wrong hands. I know quite a few ladies whose husbands cancelled their credit cards due to enthusiastic over-use. I think thereís nothing quite like some retail therapy to cheer you up, provided of course you stick to your limits and donít either exceed your budget or get into debt. If you are reaching a trance-like state, and your eyes are glazing over, beat a quick retreat!

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