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                      An act of revenge?

Two of the eight children who were caught in the bomb that went off in a
van at Udawalpola, Kurunegala last Friday (2) at 6.55 a.m were
photographed by our cameraman as they lay wounded in hospital.
Eight children and four adults were injured in the blast
 — one child later succumbed to her wounds.

Photo by Thusitha Kumara

 PB and Basil lobby EU for GSP+ 

By Mandana Ismail Abeywickrema 

Following a damning report compiled by a panel of experts on renewing the GSP+ facility to Sri Lanka the government in its effort to lobby the EU for an extension on the Generalised Preference System Plus (GSP+) rushed Treasury Secretary P.B. Jayasundera and Senior Presidential Advisor Basil Rajapaksa to Brussels last week.

Jayasundera and Rajapaksa returned to the island on Friday after holding cordial discussions with high ranking EU officials.

The Sunday Leader learns that the government will continue discussions in its efforts to lobby EU officials to consider granting an extension on the GSP+ facility to the country for a further three-year period.

The EU however last month submitted to the government an interim report titled The Implementation Of Certain Human Rights Conventions In Sri Lanka where experts who conducted the inquiry have accused the country of violating human rights which include incidents of torture, rape, disappearances and extra judicial killings.

 However, while several senior government officials travelled to Brussels to build a dialogue with EU officials on retaining the GSP+ facility, Ambassador to Belgium, Luxembourg and the EU Ravinatha Aryasinha and Government Spokesperson, Minister Anura Priyadarshana Yapa adopted a defiant stand saying the government would not respond to the EU report.

 Aryasinha told the Human Rights Sub-Committee at the European Parliament at a hearing held on Sri Lanka on October 1 that the four member Ministerial Committee appointed recently by the President of Sri Lanka would not respond to the experts’ report on the GSP+ investigation but that the government will continue to engage on the issues of concern with the Commission.

 “The government had not accepted the process of GSP+ investigation and a request for experts to visit Sri Lanka as a matter of principle, as it was felt inappropriate and unnecessary and the government was not willing to compromise on its sovereignty,” Aryasinha had said.

He had however added that the Government has continued to engage with the European Commission on the relevant human rights conventions, through meetings at senior officials’ level both in Brussels and Colombo, by providing material which showed Sri Lanka’s compliance with these conventions, refuted unfounded allegations, and above all provided periodic reviews to UN bodies which monitor these conventions.

The expert report prepared by the EU states that on the basis of the material before the panel, it has been concluded that the three conventions under scrutiny have not been effectively implemented in Sri Lanka.

 The report has looked at the implementation of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), Convention Against Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman, or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (CAT) and the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) in the country, which are key among the 27 conventions that need to be ratified as a prerequisite to receive the GSP+ facility.

 (See exclusive details of the EU report on Sri Lanka on pages hr violations)

Crisis ridden SriLankan looks at purchasing new aircraft

By Raisa Wickrematunge 

Despite suffering a massive financial loss running to nearly Rs. 10 billion, the country’s national carrier SriLankan is mulling the possibility of purchasing new aircraft in an effort to update its present outdated fleet. 

Ports and Aviation Minister Chamal Rajapakse told The Sunday Leader that if SriLankan Airlines followed the business plan it had drawn up for the current year, it would soon be able to recover from its losses.

Rajapakse noted that the airline needed to invest in new airplanes to match up with other international airlines.

When asked how the airline would come up with the money for this, Rajapakse said that he was confident that if the airline followed its business plan it would be able to self finance it.

“They are an independent entity,” Rajapakse said of the airline and brushed off a possibility of the government funding the new aircraft purchase.

Meanwhile, SriLankan Airlines CEO Manoj Gunawardena said the refleeting programme for the airline was in two phases. “The first step is to update the old A320 fleet of five planes. We have replaced three, returned one, and one is on a waitlist to Mihin Airlines. It will be returned at the beginning of next year,” Gunawardena said.

He added that the A320s were all on operating lease. The CEO went on to say that the refleeting of the A330 and 340 would not be necessary immediately. “We have current leases (on those models) until 2011.” Gunawardena said.

Basil appeals for continuous EU support 

Senior Presidential Advisor and Parliamentarian Basil Rajapakse has appealed for continuous European Union support to Sri Lanka. 

Rajapakse who also serves as the chairman of the Northern Task Force for Resettlement, Development and Security, emphasised the need for the EU and the European Parliament to strengthen Sri Lanka in its endeavour to rebuild the country.

Speaking at an inauguration of a photographic exhibition titled ‘Sri Lanka: facets of Post-conflict Development’ in the European Parliament premises in Brussels on Wednesday, the presidential advisor said de-militarisation had been successfully achieved in the north and a lot of democratic activity was taking place in the province.

The exhibition was jointly inaugurated by Rajapakse and Vice-President of the European Parliament Dr. Libor Rouek.

The exhibition was organised by the Sri Lanka Embassy in Brussels, with the sponsorship of Elisabetta Gardini, MEP and the ‘Friends of Sri Lanka’ group in the European Parliament.

During his stay in Brussels, Rajapakse also met  European External Relations Commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner where he briefed the Commissioner in detail regarding the government’s effort to assist and resettle the displaced.

Commissioner Ferrero-Waldner impressed on the need for speedy re-settlement of the displaced and was reportedly supportive of the government’s initiatives relating to the IDP resettlement programme and development priorities in the North. She indicated that the EU would extend greater assistance.

Harry J wants strays  gunned!

By Cassie Mascarenhas 

Controversial businessman Harry Jayawardena who serves as Chairman of the Aitken Spence conglomerate is alleged to have ordered municipal authorities to gun down all stray dogs loitering around his business premises situated in Colombo 2, animal activists charged Friday.

The alleged move has sparked massive outrage among the country’s animal loving public. However Aitken Spence Deputy Chairman/Managing Director Rajan Brito shot down the allegations saying that everyone at Aitken Spence were dog lovers and thus the allegations levelled were completely false.

“Harry Jayawardena would never dream of doing such a thing. Yes we do have a problem regarding stray dogs outside Aitken Spence but no such measures will be taken,” Brito claimed.

Jayawardena is known for his gun strutting moves, and was at the centre of controversy some years back when he had pulled out a gun and threatened several customs officers who were conducting an inquiry into an alleged under-invoicing scam by a subsidiary of Distilleries Company of Sri Lanka (DCSL) which cost the government millions of rupees in duties.

25,000 military personnel removed from payroll  

By Raisa Wickrematunge 

A staggering 25,000 service personnel from the army, navy and airforce who deserted the forces have been removed from the payroll and Defence Ministry records in an attempt to overhaul the country’s defence sector, military officials told The Sunday Leader.

Military Spokesman Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara said that the deserters were made up of 20,000 army personnel and 5000  navy and airforce personnel.

He said that all those who made use of the amnesty period and surrendered were discharged formally from service after they turned in their respective identity cards, mobile phones and money, which belonged to the forces.

“But from Friday, all those who failed to surrender during the amnesty period will be arrested and punished accordingly,” he said.  

Military sources said that the aim of this move was to make way for new recruits.

New lease of life for Tamil youth in Jaffna  

By Nirmala Kannangara

After a lapse of 30 years Tamil youths from Jaffna are to be recruited to the Police Department, Police Spokesperson Senior DIG Nimal Mediwaka told The Sunday Leader.    

Six hundred Tamil youths have been selected for recruitment as Police Constables, Women Police Constables and Police Drivers at an interview held in Thellippalai, Point Pedro, Jaffna, Kayts and Chavakachcheri on September 28.

“Although there are many Tamils in the police force, the department did not recruit Tamils from Jaffna since 1979 due to the insurgency. However since the victory over the LTTE, the Police Department decided to give an opportunity to the Tamil youth in Jaffna to join the police force,” added DIG Mediwaka.

According to the Police Spokesperson, 717 male and 37 female Tamil applicants were interviewed in five police stations in Jaffna but only 600 were selected.

When queried as to how long it would take for these youth to report to duty, DIG Mediwaka said that this would take a considerable amount of time as the authenticity of the details furnished by the applicants have to be confirmed.

“Out of the 600 applicants selected we have to find out whether the documents produced to us are accurate and whether there are criminal charges against them. We also need to find out whether these selected Tamil youth have a link to any anti government forces before absorbing them to the police force,” he added.

Irudina journalist threatened at her home

Reporters Without Borders has expressed their concern for the safety of Dileesha Abeysundera, a journalist working for the Sinhala-language weekly Irudina, who may have been the target of a kidnapping attempt when unidentified men tried to force their way into her Borella home on the night of September 28. She reported the incident to the police.

“The abduction of journalist and press freedom activist Poddala Jayantha in June showed that this kind of threat is to be taken seriously,” Reporters Without Borders said.  “Political gangs continue to intimidate journalists and human rights activists with complete impunity. We urge the authorities to carry out a thorough investigation in response to Dileesha Abeysundera’s complaint.”

Several men arrived outside Abeysundera’s home in a white van shortly before midnight, called out her name repeatedly and tried to force open the gate before eventually leaving.

Abeysundera thinks she is being threatened because of her role in campaigns for media freedom and against the government’s plan to restore the Press Council.

The newspaper that Abeysundera works for is part of the Leader Publications group, which also owns The Sunday Leader. She is deputy secretary of the Free Media Movement and secretary, National Forum for Journalists.

The investigation into the murder of The Sunday Leader Editor Lasantha Wickrematunge nine months ago has meanwhile stalled without any suspect being arrested.

CEB unions threaten blackout

By Nirmala Kannangara 

Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) trade unions may resort to crippling the country’s electricity supply in the event the Power and Energy Ministry fails to heed demands made by the unions for a salary increment.

The JVP affiliated Lanka Viduli Sevaka Sangamaya (LVSS) Convener, Ranjan Jayalal told The Sunday Leader that the unions have tentatively scheduled to launch trade union action in November, if their continuous appeals for a pay hike falls onto deaf ears.

Jayalal warned that unless Power and Energy Minister John Seneviratne gives an assurance to the trade unions that their demands would be met, the trade union would be compelled to initiate a three-day strike early next month.

High flying couple’s maid alleges abuse

By Faraz Shauketaly

A high flying Sri Lankan couple who are based in Abu Dhabi, UAE, are at the centre of a storm over the alleged mistreatment of a local housemaid.

The daughter of former senior DIG Kotakadeniya and Soma Kotakadeniya who herself was a former Commissioner of Motor Traffic is at the centre of the allegation made by the housemaid. Miss Kotakadeniya is married to an airline pilot, who is also from a highly connected and respected family. Captain Weerasingha is the son of Major General (Retired) Ananda Weerasingha, and is a pilot with his base in Abu Dhabi.

Ananda Weerasingha apart from being a retired Army Officer  is in retirement, an ordained Buddhist monk.

DIG Kotakadeniya after a fairly successful career in the police force joined the semi-extremist, Hela Urumaya party. He is one of the most vociferous exponents of the Hela Urumaya policies and programmes and is now a provincial councillor.

The housemaid in question, has alleged abusive treatment and managed to raise the alarm with the police before ending up at the Sri Lanka Embassy in Abu Dhabi, seeking refuge.

When we contact DIG Kotakadeniya, he told us that the maid had signed a three year contract of employment and was now trying to rid herself of this contract. DIG Kotakadeniya also stated that his home was a home of great comfort for domestic workers where they were treated with dignity and kindness. He added that the maid did not have to incur any costs as they were all met by his son-in-law. Confirming that the young couple had three children the oldest of whom was 10 years, he said that his daughter was an active participant in the household chores in Abu Dhabi, especially since her husband was out of the UAE for around three weeks in any given month. He speculated that the reason the maid was making these unfounded claims was that despite signing for a 3 year contract, she had now made up her money to pay off a housing loan and therefore she had little financial impetus to continue with her overseas employment with the Weerasinghas in Abu Dhabi.

Despite laws, sexual harassment is here to stay

By Raisa Wickrematunge

Two years ago, the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce and the Employer’s Federation of  Ceylon (EFC) launched a Code of Conduct to combat sexual harassment at the work place. At the time around 42 companies agreed to adopt the Code.

Even with a framework of conduct, sexual abuse is a murky area. Victims of sexual abuse often feel afraid to speak out for themselves. In addition, allegations of harassment often rely on the word of the victim. This places the victim in the spotlight, not a situation many people relish.               

Despite the Code of Conduct, therefore, incidents of sexual harassment at the work place continue. And now the spotlight falls on prominent garments manufacturing company, Next.

It has been alleged that Gamini Dassanayake, a Personnel Manager at Next, had harassed W.M.P Weerasinghe, a 35 year old Technical Officer.

Improper suggestion

Chamila Thushari is a member of Da Bindu, a women’s rights group at the Katunayake Free Trade Zone. Da Bindu is supporting Weerasinghe’s case, which has been taken to courts. Thushari said that Dassanayake had on some occasions groped Weerasinghe, sent her lewd text messages and had even asked her to come to a hotel room with him.

Weerasinghe had then gone to the Katunayake Police Station, and attempted to lodge a complaint against Dassanayake. Inexplicably, she was prevented from doing so, Thushari says. She had accordingly gone to the Peliyagoda police, who then contacted Katunayake police asking why they had refused to record Weerasinghe’s statement.

 Offensive text messages

Thereafter, Weerasinghe went back to Katunayake. This time she was successful. Thushari said Weerasinghe was able to produce the offensive text messages to show the police. An investigation ensued, and Dassanayake was arrested for five days.

So far, so good. Weerasinghe’s claims were investigated and Dassanayake was punished accordingly.

However, Thushari said, three of Weerasinghe’s superiors, one of them a female, had asked Weerasinghe to withdraw her complaint. Weerasinghe had then gone back to the Katunayake police. The three superiors were called upon to give statements, but a mutual understanding had been reached between the parties.


All’s well that ends well? Not quite. The next day, Thushari says, Weerasinghe arrived at work only to be told that she had been dismissed. What’s more, Dassanayake had been reinstated at his post.

Weerasinghe herself was unavailable for comment, having switched off her mobile phone. However, The Sunday Leader was able to contact Gamini Dassanayake, who was indeed back at work at Next. He refuted the allegations, saying “This is completely wrong information. An inside investigation was done and I was released.” Dassanayake added that he was unable to go into detail as Weerasinghe’s complaints had led to a court case, which was ongoing.

Court case ongoing

Paul Sergeant, Manufacturing Director at Next, spoke on behalf of the company. “Although we aren’t able to comment on specific cases, Next Manufacturing has a robust grievance mechanism where any such complaints would be thoroughly investigated through an independent external inquiry, and the findings and recommendations of such an inquiry fairly applied,” Sergeant said.

And so we have a situation in which the parties involved place blame squarely on someone else.

If indeed, Weerasinghe was dismissed from work simply because she dared to complain of Dassanayake’s inappropriate conduct, this is surely an outright violation of her rights as an employee. However, once again we have to depend on the word of the victim, who for the time-being, remains in shadow. Next and Dassanayake claim that appropriate action was taken. A court case is currently ongoing, and the parties must now look to the legal system to ensure that justice is done.

Minority parties unite to free IDPs

Five leading minority parties in the country have appealed for the immediate release and resettlement of thousands of Tamil and Muslim Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) who languish in temporary camps in various parts of the country.

In an appeal titled ‘Let our people free’ released last week, leaders of the five parties, namely the Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF), Democratic People’s Front (DPF), Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC), Akhila Ilankai Tamil United Front (AITUF) and the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) emphasised that the Tamil speaking people of Sri Lanka have suffered great hardships for many decades since independence including discrimination, ethnic riots, pogroms and ethnic cleansing and despite seeing an end to the country’s nearly three decade long conflict, these people continue to suffer from unbearable pain to date.

Forcible detention

The parties stated that the forcible detention of hundreds of thousands of Tamil citizens of Sri Lanka in camps for Internally Displaced Persons is illegal, without basis in the Constitution and in gross violation of international human rights norms.

“These people should be released immediately to return to their homes and permitted to resume without hindrance their traditional livelihood activities such as farming and fishing, or to take up residence with friends and relatives, or to exercise their lawful right to abode elsewhere at their discretion. Those likely to face criminal charges should be produced in a court of law without further delay,” the minority party leaders said.

Open the camps

They strongly urged authorities to open the camps for relatives, religious functionaries, parliamentarians, provincial councillors, civil society, UN agencies, journalists, and national and international aid and humanitarian organisations.

“We urge that immediate arrangements be made to allow the Muslim people who were evicted from the north and have suffered acute hardships for nearly two decades to return to their homes and to resume their economic and social activities without hindrance,” the appeal said. 

Resettle those from the east

They also urged that similar arrangements must be made to re-settle in their original homes all those in the east, who remain displaced and continue to suffer greatly. 

“The restrictions on movement in and out of the Northern Province and some locations in the east should be lifted and the need for permits to enter or leave should be rescinded forthwith. In particular, any form of quarantine of the Northern Province is a violation of basic rights and should be lifted,” the parties noted.

Restore normalcy

The appeal said that curfew and other restrictions on normality in many parts of the Northern Province and elsewhere are unjustified and emphasised on the need to restore normality without delay. 

“We call for an end to military administration and restrictions placed on civilians, and we urge the restoration of full civilian administration to facilitate return to economic and social normality,” the statement concluded.

TULF’s V. Anandasangaree, DPF’s Mano Ganesan, SLMC’s Rauf Hakeem, AITUF’s K. Vigneswaran and R. Sampanthan of the TNA signed the appeal.

Ruling party politician wants ‘certain castes’ thrown out

By Nirmala Kannangara 

Allegations have been levelled against a member of the ruling party for using the caste system at election rallies in the Matara District in a bid to win more preferential votes at the upcoming Southern Provincial Council (SPC) elections.

Former Devinuwara Pradeshiya Sabha member Anura Gunarathna is alleged to have told a public rally in Walgama, Matara recently that the majority ‘Durawa’ and ‘Karawa’ cast people have to be chased away from the district.

The alleged statement has resulted in all round criticism from opposition party politicians and members of civil society.

“This is the first time in the political history in this district that a member of a political party has raised caste issues for petty political gains,” a source from the area who spoke on conditions of anonymity said.

Meanwhile Matara District Member of Parliament (MP) Mangala Samaraweera told The Sunday Leader that Gunarathna who is supposed to be a relative of President Mahinda Rajapakse has no right to make such statements.

“This particular Gunarathna is also a member of the two Rajapakse Organisations – ‘Rajapakse Foundation’ and ‘Rajapakse Parapura’ and if he is trying to get rid of the people of certain castes then the people of this country cannot expect a proper administration for their betterment,” Samaraweera said.

Lasantha to be honoured in London

The James Cameron Memorial Trust will honour Founder Editor of The Sunday Leader Lasantha Wickrematunge on Wednesday (7) for his courageous journalism by presenting this year’s award posthumously.

The event will be held at the City University, Northampton Square, London EC 1 and will start at 6.30 p.m, with tea and coffee served from 5.45 p.m.

The event will be followed by a buffet supper for the guests.

Mark James Walter Cameron (June 17, 1911 – January 26, 1985) was a prominent British journalist, in whose memory the annual James Cameron Memorial Lecture is given.

Security strengthened at Sri Lankan embassy in New Delhi

The Indian government has taken immediate steps to strengthen security at Sri Lanka’s High Commission in New Delhi after a group of protestors vandalized the embassy on Friday afternoon.

 India’s Minister for External Affairs S. M. Krishna telephoned his Sri Lankan counterpart Rohitha Bogollagama on Friday evening and assured that immediate steps have been taken to strengthen security at the High Commission and that action will be taken against the perpetrators.

“He further stated that the incident is contrary to the cooperative relationship that exists between the two countries and certainly does not reflect the close and warm bi-lateral friendship that exists between India and Sri Lanka,” a statement issued by the Foreign Ministry in Colombo said.


Cruel litigant attempts to evict a Ridgeback 

A gorgeous Ridgeback considered a third child by her owner, a known social activist is the subject of cruel, false allegations with intent to have her separated from the owner and her two companions who are the children of the owner and sent out of her home.

Given its animal rights day we are highlighting this story.

The owner wants to mobilize animal rights activists to take on the case of Sasha and do justice by this Ridgeback. He is likely to publish an advertisement next week calling for activists to come forward to fight this case, which has cruelty and vindictiveness written all over. We have kept out the case details due to legal stipulations prohibiting the publication of details.

US Green Card lottery now open  

The US Embassy announced that the Green Card lottery is now open for applications and will accept them on-line starting October 2. 

The 2011 Diversity Immigrant Visa Lottery Programme more commonly known as the Green Card Lottery gives 50,000 randomly selected applicants a chance to legally live, work or study in the United States. This is granted only if the candidate is born in a qualifying country such as Sri Lanka and has the required educational or work experience qualifications. 

To sign up for the lottery, applicants must visit Registration is free and applications will be accepted from October 2 to November 30.

Each person is allowed to apply only once and if selected will be informed via e-mail within May and July 2010 after which he will have one year to immigrate to the States.

BOI: Millions spent on promotion with no results 

Startling revelations have come to the fore as to how the Board of Investment of Sri Lanka (BOISL) officials have failed to bring investors to the country despite their spending millions of rupees on promotional tours abroad over the past two years.

The Sunday Leader is in possession of the description of visits and the expenditure incurred by Deputy Director General (Promotion and Investment) A.M.C. Kulasekera, Executive Director (Promotion and Mega Projects Unit) S. de Silva and Executive Director (Promotion) D. Ariyasinghe on these trips.

According to the statistics, Deputy Director General (DDG) Kulasekera has gone to Israel, China, China and Vietnam, Geneva, Japan, Singapore and Thailand, USA and Canada to set up a special economic zone in Mirigama between March 22, 2008 and July 26 this year. This has cost the BOI a colossal Rs.3.7 million while De Silva has spent nearly Rs.8 lakhs on his South Korea, UK and Belgium visits between May 4, and June 11 this year.

Meanwhile Ariyasinghe’s trips  to New Delhi, Singapore, India, Germany, Turkey, Middle East region, Libya, Sinagapore and Thailand, and USA and Canada from January 14, 2008 to July 30, this year  has cost  the BOI  Rs. 2.8 million which brings the total expenditure to over Rs. 6.7 million.        

However according to an internal memorandum by Executive Director (Finance) P.C. Matthias to the Board Secretary, it is clear as to how these three officials have failed to bring a single investor to the country although they have spent several millions of rupees on foreign promotional trips over the past two years.

According to Matthias’ internal memorandum to the Deputy Director General (DDG), Kulasekera has tried to exonerate himself from the accusation levelled against him and the other officers under his supervision for spending a colossal amount of public money on several promotional missions but failing to satisfy the Board of Directors, about the foreign investments that they have brought during this period.

“In this connection I wish to state that I have given actual figures and therefore if the DDG (Investment) has any objections to the factual contents he should object with facts and not with broad statements which do not answer to the facts given. If he objects to the board paper I have presented what he should do is to present the foreign direct investments that have flowed into the country from their visits,” states the internal memorandum sent to the Board Secretary by Executive Director Finance.

Meanwhile Executive Director (Promotion and Mega Projects Unit) S. de Silva and Executive Director (Promotion) D. Ariyasinghe when contacted for a comment on the allegations levelled against them refused to talk to The Sunday Leader saying —

“Since I am a public servant I do not have any authority even to defend myself until I get Director General Dammika Perera’s approval. No sooner I get the approval I will speak to your paper to prove my innocence,” Ariyasinghe told The Sunday Leader.

De Silva however wanted the newspaper to contact the BOI Director Media for a comment, as he too had to get the approval to speak to the press.

“If there are allegations levelled against me the Media Director would be able to give details but since I do not have the right to speak to the media I am compelled to be silent although I want to defend my self against these baseless allegations,” De Silva told The Sunday Leader.

DDG (Promotions and Investment) Kulasekera was not available for comment.

Executive Director (Finance) Matthias who did not wish to comment on the issue told The Sunday Leader that the issues raised were purely internal matters.

“I do not want to talk about the internal matters to your paper,” she said.

All attempts to contact Dammika Perera for a comment  by The Sunday Leader failed.




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