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Rs. 12 Million To Remove Cutouts And Banners

By Raisa Wickrematunge

The Department of Elections has been provided Rs.12.2 million to employ labourers, who will remove cutouts and posters of candidates contesting the upcoming elections.
This is subsequent to the President’s recent public request to the IGP, to the effect that all posters and cutouts depicting him be removed, in keeping with election laws.

A spokesman for the Elections Department confirmed that posters and cutouts are still in evidence in the streets and public places.

The Elections Department said that at a conference on January 5, the DIG had promised to remove cutouts in front of and around police stations. Party leaders had also promised to remove posters and cutouts, sources said.

In addition the Department had directed the IGP to ask Officers in Charge and Superintendents to “act fast” in removing the offending material. “We don’t know how fast they are moving,” the source said. The display of large cutouts and posters promoting one candidate over another is a direct contravention of election guidelines.

16 Comments for “Rs. 12 Million To Remove Cutouts And Banners”

  1. jayathilaka

    this will be another joke and only be a watse of public money because we know very well how genuine and fast the sri lanka poice do their duties

    • senevi

      Mr.Jayathilake i agree with you?
      the party which responsible for this problem is JVP.
      UNP is hireing them to stick poster every where.(you can hire them to stick funeral notice).
      JVP formed a company called Somawansa & Brothers.they provide lots of services
      1. Stick posters at any place.
      2. Working experience in night time.
      3. Landry services.


  2. Dr S Baskaran

    Dear President,
    We salute you kindness towards the eastern tamils. You liberated us and will make the country prosper.
    Best wishes on behalf of all doctors from Batticoloa.

    • Tony

      I think you’re very kind to offer those words of thanks. But that won’t be enough. The President wants you to pay higher taxes for the next 8 years so that commission can be collected by him for paying China for the development works.
      Just because a man saves your life you don’t let that man have sex with your wife do you?

      • Mudiyanse

        tony please do not try to discuss about sex here.Dr.Baskaran
        commented his personal view about MR.if you want to sex i can give you some address ok.

  3. suren

    wasting public money is not a new thing for president mahinda. what ever happen
    srilanka in corruption nothing will happen when fight for this. country need another
    political resolution.

    • Mudiyanse

      MR is wasting money for different ways.

      1. he wasted money for war.
      2. he gave appoinments to graduates
      3. he is wasting money for highways
      4. he is wasting money power stations, harbers ,air ports and roads
      good luck vote for TNA.they will give you lots of things.

      • Malik

        Mudiyansee…. Susil Nanayakkara is a good English teacher, if you may try pl.

        • senevi

          i agree with you Malik,i am 100% singhala.english is my 2 nd language .my name is somapala mudiyanse.

          you know this is not the time to silent .our country is going to divide. that’s why i am doing my duty.if my English correct or not i must comment these
          i can give you a advice.SUDDA is doing noting
          to Sri lanka.they robbed us

  4. Prem Jayanth

    Watch the 14 diplomats who are in town. They were brought down to serve as ‘carriers’ of money that will be laundered out of the country in the next two weeks. Since they have diplomatic passports, MR things they will not be stopped. But we have advised INTERPOL and they act now.

  5. Baptist

    Waste of Tax payers money. This money should play to develop the living standards of the people. Not to elect any legislators to do bad to the voters of the country. The voters should demand the wrong doers to be brought to task in public.

  6. Mo

    12 millions to remove the cut outs of our Card Board Veeraya, what a shame. This money is real waste. Tsunami victims still not settled, spend this money on them. High time the government stop the usual talking of winning the war, deshapremi, deshadrohi. Wake MR, stop robbing and lets develop our country. Please give away on 26th to a common candidate, who has sacrified his life for the sake of the nation, We dont need a card board veeraya or a puppet

    • Bat

      ah ha 12 millons too much?

      • Bat

        Mo you are a real modaya. MR is our president.that is the truth .wining the war is a team can publish any comments here.but do not try to criticize like or not
        he is the commader of 3 forces.and he provided wepons ,man power and moral support for the army.he absorbed international pressure.
        JVP is responsible for these posters and cut you should blame Mr.Somawansa for this issue.

  7. Mahinda Booru Rajapakse does not care whose and how much of money he wastes as long he and his family gets even a fraction of a benefit.
    Can this stupid Rajapakse honestly put his hand on his chest and say that he has always had the best interest of the country in his mind rather than all the corrupt and malicious ways he has run and manupulated by using his position and authority?
    If he can’t then Hell is also a too good a place for such scum and rotters.
    Has anyone had a close and long look at his face in all the recent posters.
    Does he have any resemblance or characterisitics as a president or does not it show clearly that this is a crook and devious fellow who we will not even trust to do a casual job for us…Yu be your own judge and vote wisely inthe 26th of Jan.

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