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The Pettah (Photos)

by Indi Samarajiva ( According to the New York Times, Sri Lanka is the number one place to visit this year. Luckily, we already live here. Over New Years I stayed between beach and lagoon in Tangalle. Next week we’re going to Jaffna to watch the eclipse. Just over the weekend I visited Pettah with [...]

Swedish investor hit by G.S.P.+ uncertainty

The future of an industrial park set-up to make “hi-tech” goods is under a cloud due to the uncertainty of the G.S.P. + facility that enables it to export those duty free to the E.U. market. Rune Flinth, Chairman, Flinth Industrial Park, Kadawatha, indirectly referring to the future of the G.S.P. + facility, in his speech [...]


by Azrael’s Word ( I cannot imagine the world you live in. Filled as it is with Defender jeeps, Gucci shades, Limited Edition Repsol Replica Blade and the best Grey Goose laundered money can buy. Money can’t buy love said Lennon, or was it McCartney? Nevermind… it buys everything else. You lie back on the [...]

In Brief

J.V.P. Embraces Private Sector The economy is in the hands of the private sector, a Marxist leader said. J.V.P. leader Somawansa Amarasinghe addressing private sector leaders on Tuesday said that they expected the private sector to be styled in the form of Japanese private sector companies, where the employees are treated as family members. The [...]

People’s Choice

Last week, The Sunday Leader, in one of its columns, quoting Chandra Jayaratne, a former chairman of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, said that the country needs to have in place four pillars to take it forward. He listed those in order of priority as being political stability, rule of law and good governance, economic [...]

Don’t Be Mean To Indi

by Messy Mama ( I have noticed that people write really mean comments to Indi because he supports Sarath. I don’t know Indi personally but I figured that he is from the famous and formidable UNP vote bank. These are people who always vote UNP whoever the candidate. There is a sinhala saying that goes [...]


John Keells Social Responsibility Foundation made a donation of furniture and linen to disabled soldiers. The donation was made to the Trincomalee Army Brigade 22 commanded by Major General Prasanna de Silva. The furniture included tables, chairs, baggage racks and TV stands. Items of linen included bed sheets, pillow cases, blankets, towels and curtains. John [...]

Namaste – The Indian Experience

by Lady Divine ( So let me start off with my Bangalore experience. I never imagined it to be such a developed city. On my way to the office from the airport, I was stunned at the level of development. The standard of their out-door communication was spectacular ..and it made me remember Dubai to [...]

An Acid Test To Select The Good Ruler – The Dasa Raja Damma

by Lanka Rising ( The Buddhist approach to political power is the moralization and the responsible use of public power. The Buddha once said, ‘When the ruler of a country is just and good, the ministers become just and good; when the ministers are just and good, the higher officials become just and good; when [...]

Sri Lanka Reaches No 1 in New York

by David Hopps ( This is now officially boom time in Sri Lanka. Even the good ol’ New York Times has granted its approval. Travellers from the United States are not known as the most adventurous in the world — in recent years with good reason you might say — but the New York Times [...]

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