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100 pt. gain if S.F. wins

The stock market will rise by 100 points in a day if the common opposition presidential candidate wins Tuesday’s poll, a market source who did not want to be named told The Sunday Leader.

However, investors, having got their fingers burnt more than once, this time don’t want to speculate, he said. They are adopting a “wait and see” attitude till the elections are over and the results are known, before chancing their arm, he said.

The common opposition presidential candidate is General Sarath Fonseka.

On previous elections since 1999, investors used to speculate on an opposition U.N.P. win, which used to lead to rapid market gains in the run-up to the polls, only to be disappointed, with the contrary taking place, and the market falling as a result.
Growth however will not be as rapid as it would have had been the case if Fonseka wins, he said.
Another source said that the market reaction was mixed.
“While some felt that Fonseka would win the elections, others felt that the incumbent President Mahinda Rajapaksa would be re-elected,” he said. If the latter happens, investors feel that the country would be gripped by post election violence which would have a negative impact on the bourse, he said.

Fonseka is backed by the opposition U.N.P., perceived to be a party that is market friendly.

The bourse has got over its biggest bogey, which was terrorism, which had blighted it for the past 26 years, after the war end in May of last year.

8 Comments for “100 pt. gain if S.F. wins”

  1. Max

    If this was to happen, a few people would benefit but not the country as a whole, SF is likely to pawn the country to his foreign backers.

    • Tamilian

      Nothing different to the current regime… they are doing the same anyway…

      • HP

        All these years country has been struggling with LTTE nuts. It takes time to rebuild the country, have patience!

  2. HP

    Jayawewa to Colombo people who sits around getting fatter and fatter and the rest of the country will be in a bigger dump!

    • fonny

      Colombo is the engine of growth of the economy. If ” Colombo People” stopped working tomorrow, the economy will come to a grinding halt. Do you think uneducated villager knows anything about shares, debentures, futures , forex and how to run multi-million dollar companies?

      You are a village idiot to have made that comment.

      • HP

        Very soon you will find out who the idiot is? What sort of an “idiot” would want to develop only 1% of a country? You want a country to develop & prosper you should develop most of the country, not 1%. You idiot!

  3. Dilshan

    Sarath Fonseka destoryed the Terrorism and now he will destroy the Buddhist Evil Terrorism(Barbarianism).

  4. Dilshan

    Buddhist Monks holding voters list in 1956,1977 and 1983 urging Thugs to kill the Indigenous Tamil People. After that, the Monks are using politicians(presidents and forces) to kill the Indigenous Tamil People.

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