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He Died… And The Glory And Justice Died With Him

By Ranee Mohamed

Father in tears: Sandasiri Perera and G.D.P. Perera Photos by Lalith Perera

The telephone call from Muhamalai  came at 2.30 a.m. on January 6, 2009 and Anulawathie Perera did not have to wake up.

She was waiting for her son’s call from the time she had been cooking dinner. ‘Happy birthday mother,’ he had said. ‘I am well and happy, don’t worry about me,’ he had told his worried mother before he went off the line. And that is all he had  said —  to the point — birthday wishes for his mother, wishful thinking for himself.

Then, on that same evening came visitors. There was no birthday party and the visitors bore not gifts and greetings but a message that sent Anulawathie to the deepest depths of despair. On the day she was trying to celebrate her birth came the news that her son was dead.

The voice that spoke to her at  the break of dawn  had been stilled before sunset.

Youngest and only son

Anulawathie and her husband G. Sandasiri Perera had never had a night of continuous sleep since their youngest and only son, G.D.P. Perera (26) joined the Sri Lanka Army as a Corporal 319428 Sixth (6) CLI, 55th Unit).

He did not  have to join the army. In fact Corporal  Perera had gone to work at the Lanka Asbestos Cement Industries and earned a good salary with three bonuses a year. In addition to this,  already sundries as milk powder, soap and other essentials all accounted for about Rs.40,000 a month in earnings.
“But since he was a child, he loved not toys and sweets but the army uniform. He had told us several times that he was  going to get a safe country for us. But now that he had a job we knew that he could not join the army,” recalled Sandasiri Perera in tears.

A respectable father, a glass maker from Malamulla, Panadura, Sandasiri Perera and his wife Anulawathie had been surprised beyond belief when the call came from Boosa  on September 20, 2006. “I joined the army and I am now in Boosa. Come and see me if you want,” came their son’s voice loud and clear.

“When we met our son in Boosa the first thing I asked him was whether he was getting an additional remuneration in the army. But he answered me with a wish – he told me that he wanted to leave a safe country for both of us,” remembered Sandasiri.

“As this was my son’s wish, I let him have his way.”

He did not have a girl friend for he told us that he did not want anyone to call his wife a widow. He had great hopes and dreams that someday when the war is over he will get married.

My  son is dead

As Sandasiri got off the bus at 7.30 p.m. on January 6, 2009, he planned to have an early night. The glass cutting  job in Nawala had almost worn his eyes. The two strangers waiting for him in the bus halt evoked no fear. “They seemed to be friends of my son and  they gave me a ride home. From a distance, I could see that there were additional lighting and some people inside the house. As I walked in my two daughters hugged me and began to cry. They told me that their brother, my son Corporal G.D.P. Perera was dead,” said Sandasiri, crying uncontrollably. And this news, at the end of a tiring day, wore out his heart and his very being.

And on  that day in June 2009 when the war heroes were felicitated at Sri Jayawardenepura Park, Sandasiri and Anulawathie Perera had been among the hundreds of white clad grieving parents. ‘Ask not your children back from me,’ they were told. ‘I will give you everything else – all the payments and allowances.’

But the workings of officialdom had proven otherwise. “We received no allowances, no lump sum payment for the supreme sacrifice that our son made. He was not insured we were told. He was just trained and sent to the battlefront. He was ‘new’ we were told,” said Sandasiri in tears. For here was a father who was unable to give alms in the memory of his son.

Sandasiri and Anulawathie’s home has not been completely constructed and almost immediately after the death of this war hero, some officials of the chief minister had come to his house. “The walls were not plastered and the floor was not cemented. Even the bathroom had no proper door,” explained Sandasiri. “The minister’s coordinating secretary made an open promise that they will construct the house before the day of the three month’s alms giving,” recalled Sandasiri.

Then one day some Samurdhi officials had come to his heart-broken, half-constructed home. “We will spend Rs.60,000 to complete the house,” they had offered graciously.

Declared open by a minister

But the refurbishment came with a plan, that Sandasiri agrees to name his home Diriya Piyasa and let it be declared open by a minister and that the whole ‘opening’ of his old home be telecast via the state TV channel Rupavahini. But Sandasiri had refused this ‘offer’ for he saw no reason why his own home should be ‘declared open’ by a minister – the home in which he had been living in for over 30 years.

Then again a minister’s coordinating secretary had come to his home. He had looked around and snapped about 20 photographs not excluding even the bathroom, and went away promising to complete the construction of their house before the three month’s alms giving.

But it’s been a year since that photography session. Ultimately it is this glass cutter’s own earnings that are being gradually used to complete the building of  their home.

In keeping with the Sinhala Buddhist ways of life, Sandasiri and Anulawathie struggled to give alms in the name of their son. Money was hard to come by and this is what caused the despairing father to go in search of a part of his son’s own earnings in a Yaha Sadaka Aramudala.

Went 20 times to Panagoda

“From February 20, 2009 to December 2009, I paid 20  visits to the authorities in Panagoda but was told that there were no savings in my son’s name. On the last day, in desperation I told them that I am going to sue them and that I will not come for the 21st time,” said Sandasiri. This glass cutter was in search of transparency and it was in tears that he had left the authorities.

Then suddenly, before the first death anniversary, Rs.44,000 was remitted to Sandasiri’s Bank of Ceylon account at Panadura. The total amount to be received however, according to Sandasiri Perera, was  Rs.57,000.

And accordingly on the morning of January 19, 2010 Sandasiri Perera had made a complaint to the Panadura police  (complaint number 2010/01/19 CID (2) 49-325 )to recover the balance amount of his son’s money.

The schemes of Marana Parisochikaya (Death Allowance), Samuha Rakshanaya (Mass Insurance) and Jeewatha Rakshanaya (Life Insurance), seemed dead too, for according  to Sandasiri Perera these schemes did not bring their family any kind of  financial relief. This deprivation  together with deep mental grief  strangulated their feelings and the very heart of this family anguish.

Sandasiri Perera says that it was later discovered that his son was rushed to active duty on the battlefield without being insured. “He was our only son and he was a  great source of strength. We took great pride in the fact that he will one day carry our coffins to the graves – to our eternal rest,” said Sandasiri.

But life is strange, the things that ought to happen last, happen first. The things that ought to have happened first: never happen at all.

That walk, that stumble towards the cemetery with his son’s coffin atop a side of his shoulder is a trudge that Sandasiri will never forget. Burying a child is a nightmare – a nightmare that Sandasiri and his wife Anulawathie, along with the parents of every war hero re-lives everyday as we immerse ourselves in the peace that their tears, heartache and suffering have given us.

And the least we can do for the mothers and fathers of these war heroes is to ensure that the sacrifices of their children – and their very own sacrifices are not blown to smithereens by the two-pronged enemies  called insensitivity and  injustice.

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  1. Hanim

    The unsung,unpaid heroes of Sri Lanka. Who said Rs 4 billion was spent to build 200 800 sq ft houses?

  2. Tamil Widow


    • peter casie chetty

      What about the innocent Sinhalese people who were killed by the Army you supported? Are you the only people who have the right to live. Did you see the children and babies butchered by the people who you fed with your hands calling them “podiyan”. The Tamil people are paying for the sins they provoked from Ponnanbalam to Ganeshan and Prabakaran. No one should feel sorry for a Tamil widow but the Tamils themselves.

      • Tamil Widow

        Peter, I am sorry, but policies of such people like you make tamils (I don’t support anyone who takes arms) to support Ltte. When you think No one should feel sorry for a tamil widow and continue to prevent them from exercising their rights in line with majority Sinhalese, what would stop her from fighting against? The fundamental wrong doing lies with Majority Sinhalese and their thug run government. How many innocent Sinhalese were killed by LTTE during this past 30 year period? 1000?2000? Just for your information there are more than 100,000 innocent tamils were killed by the Sri Lankan army in the past 30 years. We are not paying for our sins, If you talk about sins, you are paying for your sins having a president like Mahinda and loosing your dignity and respect all around the world.

      • Tamil Widow

        Peter, Can I also ask you a question? Can you name a Sinhalese baby/girl/boy/man/woman/property/business/religious place that was killed or damaged by tamils in July 1983?

      • kudu

        peter you are a podiyan yourself no wonder you still behave like one go wash the latrines podiyan

    • Harin Perera

      Dear Tamil Widow – Tamils have equal rights in Sri lanka. The majority of tamils live outside the North and East and are very successful businessmen, professionals etc in Sri Lanka. We are sorry for your loss but please do not insult our war heroes. In every war innocent cvilians at times get killed which is why war is so brutal. You need to blame all those that funded the LTTE terrorists (i.e. the tamil diaspora) and not the heroic sri lankan armed forces who have sacriiced mush to eliminate terrorism. I am ashamed the way the authorities have treated the family of this hero. Its time that we collectively join together to help our war heroes and their families!!

      • @Perera,
        You got it wrong Mr. Perera. It is the Tamils who should say they got the equal rights.
        A simple question? Can I register my complains in Tamil with the police? If you say yes, I want to know in which Police Station? name me ONE out side North & East.

        As For North & East I doubt that too.

        Don’t just write for the sake of writing! think before . . .

        • Naresh

          If you live in a Sinhalese area, learn the Sinhalese language. I don’t go to Tamil Nadu and demand to have everything in Sinhala instead of Tamil.

        • Peace


          You people complain so much about language but in the North, you all operate in Tamil. Also, your people lied and went as refugees to Europe, UK and other countries. Do you demand that they have Tamil language for you there too? YOu jolly well learn their language. If you cannot respect the majority as a majority and the Sinhalese people have rights too. Not only Tamils who cheated at exams and grabbed more places than they deserve in Universities. Become Doctors and go abroad to remit money to destroy. YOu people don’t know what you want. You all are better off than even the majority. The tamils who suffer are the poor people you all call lower caste and shun them. The Sinhalese have more sympathy for your destitute people than your own. Your LTTE has taken children, homes and everything from the poor but the rich and high caste don’t care. Despicable lot!!!

        • Tamil Widow

          Peace, You are right in a few points and wrong in the fundamental issues and you should know more about the history of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka was with two kingdoms. We are using Tamil in North because North has always been a tamil Kingdom. Britain joined both kingdoms together. Thats the history. FYI, most tamils do not lie to get refugee status, I had to come and claim a refugee status which I was given immediately, as my husband was shot dead right in front of me.

          But peace,out of this, you just dropped the reality from your mouth….Sinhalese are envy at tamils education and economical status. no one can cheat in exams in Sri Lanka. Sinhalese robbed my family property and assets in 1983.

        • Tamil Widow

          There you go Naresh, Sri Lanka is not a Sinhalese area. Tamils in north and east lived in Sri Lanka as long as Sinhalese in South. You should be an Indian Naresh, thus you do not know the history of Sri Lanka. When you write comments next time, please do a bit of history digging…If we live in South of Sri Lanka, we would certainly speak Sinhalese … but Can we expect Sinhalese who comes to North to speak Tamil? It was a tamil kingdom before British Rule.

      • Tamil Widow

        Naive Perera, All tamils should say whether they have equal rights or not. I was born in Colombo and was thrown out of colombo in a ship in 1983 with my parents. Now my family owned house is owned by a Sinhalese in Mount Lavinia. NO paper works, no monies, nothing.. they have just taken it.

        • kudu

          your not the only one honey this is the sinhala way
          1958 riots ,1977 ,1978 ..until 83
          and now in the north and east it will never change

      • Sriya

        Dear Srilankan sister-It is time to forget the past and look at the future.We are all equal and trying to be sameright now.It is time to get togeather nowYou need educate tamil sisters and brothers and we sinhalese are trying the same avoid the war and create the PeaceAsk Tamils to vote for Mahinda

      • kudu

        perera your all talk like your government how come you did not quit your job and go to save your motherland instead of hiding behind your mothers skirt you wimp .Ok the war is finished so how about fighting for the war heroes and help them get their due compensation ha ha

    • PAK

      i dont think you are a tamil widow just a LTTE supporter

      • Tamil Widow

        There you go PAK. The reality comes out…If a Sri Lankan tamil talks about equal rights, you and your government would label them with LTTE/LTTE supporter..Horrendous.

      • kudu

        PAK YA sure what other options does she have if it happened to you you too will be first in line kissing VP A…

    • fonny

      The pain suffered as a result of a loved one cannot be expressed by words. Pain does not know caste, creed, ethnicity and any type of ideology. It is something which will always undress us of all artificial and man made distinctions and discriminations and remind us regardless of all that we belong to one race, the human race.

      Words, in what ever way it is expressed will not erase your pain and that of the Corporal’s family. It is too late for that.

      I think many Sri Lankans know your pain or understand your pain. I am very sorry to hear of your loss.

      • fonny

        The pain suffered as a result of a lloss of a loved one cannot be expressed by words. Pain does not know caste, creed, ethnicity and any type of ideology. It is something which will always undress us of all artificial and man made distinctions and discriminations and remind us regardless of all that we belong to one race, the human race.

        Words, in what ever way it is expressed will not erase your pain and that of the Corporal’s family. It is too late for that.

        I think many Sri Lankans know your pain or understand your pain. I am very sorry to hear of your loss.

  3. John Balthazar

    Why? why? these are the innocent unsung heroes, NOT air condioned room Generals who never donned an army Uniform.

    Another thing, asbestos job would have killed him too, with all the toxins in it

  4. Who says tamils have eual rights? Can we do official work in tamil? The tamils had to come to the south to live as the north and the east was never developed by the siccessive govts. There were jobs and even my parents and uncles and aunties withh high intelegence had to move to the south to seek employment. Why are the normal sinhales people accespting this fact.
    Please do not wirite without knowing the facts. There are lots of very nice sinhalese people but they are mared by the worst ones.



    • Harin Perera

      There are plenty of departments where you can do business in Tamil or English in addition to Sinhala.

      • Tamil Widow

        Plenty of departments? you are proving that in your mind tamils are 2nd class citizens? Why did Mr Bandaranayke declared Sinhalese as the national language when there were significant number of tamils were living in the country? Our great people lived in their own kingdom before britain joined both sinhalese and tamil kingdoms together…..

      • kudu

        yeah thats your department i guess spreading false information
        liar liar

  6. Dear Tamil Widow,

    I sympathize with all of you who lost their dear ones owing to violence. Sinhala-Tamil rift , CASTE Consciousness in Tamil areas in a prominent manner and the privilege class among Tamils even above the then Sinhalese really started from the time of Batticotta Seminary days. Comparatively one group of Tamils had the English Education, had a good education well-rounded western education because of the American mission in the Seminary. Look at the way Tamils , (Christian & Hindus) took foreign names for the same reasons. Why were Vellalas preferred by the British and Batticotta Seminary both. Did not Ramanathans and Cumaraswamys have very close Christian connections, and even married foreign ladies. Please read their biographies.

    Then British gave Govt jobs in the Railway, PWD and the like to Tamils. Ask your ancestors why a lot of Wellala Tamils went to Malaya (now Malaysia) for jobs.

    If you go to Legislative Council Days, Ceylon National Congress days and the early days of the State Council Days (say from 1900-1936) Tamil high class educated politicians were not interested in area representations. They wanted to be in Colombo and run the country with Sinhalese Elitists and the influential Burghers and English.

    Mr G.G. Ponnambalam who wanted 50% of the area representations and the other 50% for Tamils and other minorities was a pioneer who argued for area representations. The LTTE problem has its roots in the Economy of the North and the East, class struggle , the privileged Tamil Wellala Caste exploiting the KARAVAS and others(read the Mavaddipuram Temple case filed by Prof C.Sundaralingam and inquire why Praphakaran’s saintly father very religiously gave up the Trusteeship of the family Temple in Velvettithurai ). TULF leaders like Amirthalingam, Yoheswaran and Dr Neelan Thiruchelvam were killed because they were educated, High Class and Caste and economically above the LTTE members. If Thambi Prabhakaran followed educated Tamil advice and negotiated, he could have wonders.

    Except for GALOYA scheme, where Tamils had been prevented from applying during Mr D.S.S’s time , the Govts cannot be blamed for not developing. Statistics and Land Registry Information will show how Tamils bought property in Colombo and its suburbs, Kandyan Areas etc from early last century, thus neglecting their own areas beacause it was prestigeous for them to do that.

    and organize dialogues. Communication directly with our own Tamil & Sinhala people is the best, WITHOUT INVOLVING THE WEST AT ALL.

    Kindly read what I wrote above . The very Senior Tamil gentleman in Canada who was there when Mr SJVC Q.C. and Mr SWRDB , old P.M. discussed the problem of Sinhala Only will tell you that the latter cannot be blamed for the “language violence” as some Sinhala and Tamil people do. If you could get his name it will be useful to trace the article.

    Many thanks.

    • Tamil Widow

      Hello Mr Amarekone,
      With respect, I think you are missing the point I was trying to make. I appreciate your wide knowledge on issues that are causing a disproportion within the Sri Lankan communities.

      But the crux of the matter and the question is, do Tamils in Sri Lanka are being treated equally in Sri Lanka? It is not about the casting system in both tamil and sinhalese communities in which people tend to discriminate their own races, often influenced by wealth. I am sure you would agree with me.

      I was born in Colombo, lived in jaffna for 6 months during which period my life turned up side down. Thus, I have no reasons to support the LTTE. However, my uncle a, Sri Lankan police inspector was arrested by LTTE and never seen after. My husband, a doctor was shot by the army for preventing them from entering our prayer room with shoes, my brother, a lawyer from colombo was abducted in Jaffna for questioning the army over my husband’s murder has never been seen again. You should tell me whom I should blame? In 1998/1999, my cousin from Jaffna obtained 4As in advanced level and prior to her university she wanted to study at NIBM, Colombo. During the interview she was asked if she wants to go and work for LTTE after completing.

      The perception on tamils in Sri Lanka should change. If you are tamil, then you are most likely to get a terrified label by the majority of Sinhalese. Why is that?

      LTTE, their ideology is not acceptable, however, their cause is reasonable. During the 30 years of this war, How come all of these leaders failed to draw a line in sand and offer a political solution? Every single former presidents of Sri Lanka, surprisingly wanted to offer political solution to tamils prior to election..but to no avail. Can anyone justify Mr Bandaranayake’s act? Madam Chandrika, when she was campaigning, her words were “We should apologies to tamils, we sinhalese, have made the mistake and if I come to power I will offer a solution” . Historically, Tamil-Sinhalese rights issues are being used for political benefits and that is the fact.

      I am in no way trying to justify tamil diaspora’s act or undermine their efforts for what ever.

      I am thankful to the tax payers of Sri Lanka for making me a doctor and I am brave enough to make my own judgement on incidents and movements instead of following others’ directions.

      Killing intellectuals, I have heard that LTTE killed many tamil intellectuals for having a close relationship with the government or those who oppose them. But on the flip side, Are you trying to say the government has not killed any tamil intellectuals? G.G.Ponnambalam’s son, Kumar Ponnambalam was killed by the govt???

      I am appalled and disgusted by the governments act to promote a former terrorist Karuna as a tamil intellectual while keeping those who recruited by him in camps? Did he pass O/L?

      You have mentioned that tamils bought properties in Colombo and surburbs, thus neglecting their own areas because it was prestigious for them. I think I have a responsibility to answer here as my parents/grand parent were one of them. Buying a house/business in Colombo does not mean they were neglecting their own areas, does not mean Sinhalese can be occupied in their lands without making any arrangements. Colombo was the capital of the country, and business men were moving to Colombo looking for better opportunities and I am not very clear how you can land at a conclusion and say they were neglecting their areas. Thats not correct. My dad’s own house is now occupied by a Sinhalese Gem merchant and he is not willing to move out and claim it is his own place. My parents bought that house in Mt Lavinia for no avail.

      Anyway, you seem to be a good man, good to share our views here.

      Best Regards


    • kudu

      modayanse what a load of C…

  7. Dear widowed Tamil daughter,

    Re G.G. Ponnambalam above, I wanted to say that his 50:50 was where he suggested that the Sinhalese should occupy 50% of the electorate and that the other 50% should be for the Tamils and others at a time when Sinhalese were like 70% of a population of about 7 million(sic.) Sorry for the omissions.


  8. Dear Anu,

    I did not mean to hurt you and I write with tears in my eyes and a heavy heart. I am sorry!

    I am a Buddhist Rationalist who does not believe in anything that divides us- race , religion or any other, as, to me, all those are man made things. My genealogy that goes back to 1600′s show that I am a nondescript- well mixed. I have argued as a student in the Anthropology class and as a University teacher that there is nothing called a race scientifically, unless we identify ourselves according to the geographic confines. I still do not know to define who a Sinhalese is and who a Tamil is; what are the components necessary to have that identity when many go upto their great grandfather in the family tree. Read the Bandaranaike , Jayewardene and Lake House Wijewardene genealogy & you will see the Indian connection then. I take refuge in the thought according to great Indian Buddha’s Teachings: I am or we are all made up of the five aggregates- RUPA-form, VEDANA- sensation or pain, SANNA- recognition, SANGKHARA- judgement and VINNANA- memory , and the rest about from where we came or where we go after death noone knows.

    Hate amongst siblings, spouses, families, villagers, provinces, countries and Races are common to we mundane people like love jealousy etc. Its only education that can help all of us. It was former Jaffna M.P. Yoheswaran who was attending a Colombo school who held my tiny hand and took me there on the first day of school. Time and again I was thinking, “if only Prabhakaran was educated like Yohes’ ” , as I knew him as a very kind individual.

    Regarding the house in Mt Lavinia, I helped 2 families, one Tamil and the other Sinhalese who were in the same position as you are to recover their property- one in Colombo 7 and the other in Kandy. You must have someone in S.L. to go to the Cocilliation Board with the title deeds/or copies thereof. The only thing they do is to claim prescriptive title. In a court of law , your documents will enable you to establish title. I understood from Basil Rajapakse’s office that new laws will be introduced to handover property back in war stricken areas. If the present occupant went into possession by force , adverse possession for more than 10 yrs with your knowledge will help him to remain there , but will have to pay you compensation/ the value of the property. If it is a tenant he has no case. Some cases stop at the Concilliation Board itself, when the occupant sees red.


  9. Bowled

    tamil widow,
    13 Soldiers were kileed instantaneously that sparked the riots. true hundreds of inncocents Tamils were killed. From there after over thousands of singhalese, muslims and Tamils (Mostly Singhalese were killed) religeous places destroyed, monks, pregnaent women butchered by the LTTE. did you write any articles? did any one protested? equal rights- atre you getting same in singapore, Malaysia, Canada, USA or Australia? Are you getting same in India/ You need to live with the minoriries. our country gives more preferences to minorities than any of the countries that are mentioned.
    why are so many Tamils wants to visit SRi LOanka yearly? Can they mingle like this in any other country? How are other Tamils living in wellawatte, Kpotahena, Negambo peacefully? Your husbands case is an isolated case. Like that there are several who has lost lives. You blame your community for this, being silent while other races are being massacared. if you try to do this in any south asian country they will wipe the minority. just try it.
    i have pity for your husband. have pity on thousands that were butchered.
    Please dont come to Sri Lanka.

    • kudu

      bowled out none of these countries burn and loot tamil homes and businesses ,none of these countries military rapes there minority
      lights tyres around their necks and rapes and sodomises their children
      stop talking through your A..

  10. Divide the country

    Very simple task..just like when a husband a wife don’t get along together they seek a divorce..Like that Sri Lankan sinhalese and sri lankan tamils don’t get along so we should separate. We tamils will take our tamil Kingdom the one that we ruled before the british, and you Sinhala’s take the Sinhala kingdom which u ruled. So when we both have our own areas, there wont be violence and fear in the country as whole. There will be love and peace. This is what we Tamils said in the beginning, but you Sinhala are greedy you want our land. We wont give our possession to you. We will fight in one way or another and WE WILL DIVDE SRI LANKA HOW IT WAS BEFORE THE BRITISH RULE. YOU DONT NEED MY LAND AND I DONT NEED YOUR LAND!!!

  11. Damminda Amarasinghe

    As majority Sinhalese are against your say. As a proffessor looking at the Sri lankan history, I have to say that you are correct. North East was under your rule before British Occupation, so once the British leave your land should be in your control, why is under Sinhala Rule. So I am with you ” Divide the Country “. Sri lankan should be seperated the Tamils in there area and Sinhala in there area.

  12. Damminda Amarasinghe

    My Sinhala brothers if your going to talk about LTTE. I believe the LTTE and SLA should be brought to court and let the law decide justice. But for the people give them their lands back.

  13. For once and for all we all must know that THERE WAS NO TAMIL TRADITIONAL HOMELAND before the British. If you go in to a infinite regression, you will see people settling down in small pockets near mouths of rivers of Sri Lanka. Then each king from Pandukabaya had well-marked territories. Ruhunu, Pihiti and Maya were one such instance in that evolution. The etymology of words prove that Sinhala is not a Dravidian Language like, Tamil, Kerala Malayalam, Kannada & Telegu. However, it must be accepted that owing to mixed marriages and trade affinities one finds similarities in the scripts , customs, food , dresses, words etc. It is a fact that a lot of food that Sinhalese and Tamil eat have much Kerala Malayali influence. Kandy has Malabar St due to Sri W. Rajasinghe’s clan that settled down and another old name for Kerala was Malabar. See Ptolemy’s Map. Some even will laugh when I say that the so called Kandyan Saree is the Kerala Malayali Saree.Its a fact.

    From time to time Chola ,Pandya warriors took over small parts of Lanka temporarily along with Tamils who came from South India. There is no contemporary history on pre-historic Sri Lanka ,but its clear that Indo-china did much business with us before Arabs, Romans and the westerners, in terms of archeological findings. When one takes the Christian Era into consideration Koolangai appears to be prominent as a leader . That time according to one Dr Arasaratnam a lot of high caste wellala’s came from South India and settled down and he thought that many others who were already there were fisherman here and there and much of it was thick jungle. That is why early Iranians called Sri Lanka in the maps as” BHISHE.” I do not want to go in to detail due to lack of space and time.

    Let us come to Colonial Times. It is not after the British ,but from 1505- 1948 Tamils did not rule the so called homeland. However, read the etymologies of village names that have indo-european language roots(and not Dravidian.) Some are direct Sinhala. See Weligama & Welikamam, Kodigama & Kodikaamam. There were a few Tamil place names like Nalluruwa-from Nallur and Panadura- from Paanthurai. Please be careful of TAMIL NET etymologies; one gets the impression that it tirelessly tries to show that all sinhalese words come from Tamil.Even today if one goes to the WEB SITE of KARAVA CASTE SRI LANKA one sees a good description given by its authors
    on how a lot of Panadura and coastal Sinhalese families have direct blood relatives in Jaffna among well-known families. When roads connected different parts of the country, fusions did take place. As someone mentioned -may be Prof /Anthropologist, Bandaranaike, Jayewardene, Wijewardena (Ranil W’s maternal Grandpa family) out of known families, Walgampaya, Kottahachchi, Wellappili, Udippily Sinhala family names or GE-NAMES ending with suffixes or prefixes KUTTI ,PULLI , HETTI , CHITTY or CHETTY and many others show Malayali , Tamil or Indian progenies in Sri Lanka.

    How can Trincomalee port and various others in the so called Traditional Homeland be that , when they were used by foreign visitors to enter the country and visit the King of Ceylon. For ex. Von der Behr, Schweitzer, Hubbard, Lanerolle who became a citizen, Gacoign -father of DASCON ADIKARAM(P.M.) and well-known Robert Knox. Some of them were conducted in big processions from the harbours. Dr Indrapala the Tamil Historian scholar and Former President’s Secretary WIJEDASA -C.C.S. have written on the North and the East. See what they say.

    Lastly, the DIVISION OF THE COUNTRY IS OUT OF THE QUESTION; not because Tamils are No 2. We are all MIXED. We have gone through hell, during the war owing to the LTTE. We do not want to get divided again, for the DIASPORA will start building a wall again. They will not suffer. We in the country will suffer. Start developing the N & the East as being done now and with more mixing and prosperity the new generations will praise for not dividing the small country. Then the Diaspora descendents will think we are all Sri Lanka “GODAYAS” and not have connections with us and we will live in PEACE.

  14. Dilshan

    Old white skin rich people send Young(child) soldiers to kill the Indigneous people. Our Singheelam and Tamileelam people are victims of the Buddhist Monks’ evil call for the “Killings” since their arrival to our Eelam.

  15. Kalu Sudda

    You guys are amazing. Still fighting over crumbs left by the British eh? Get a life and think of tomorrow because yesterday will never come. If you continue to wish for violence it will be met with violence and yes many innocent people will die.You have a choice be a citizen of the world or hang on to dreams that will never come true.Have a nice day people I am going to sleep with a

  16. Robert Mugabe

    Leaders like Mahinda & I, do not care these. We do not care about the people of this country and their needs. Mahinda invested a huge sum of money and had secret talks with many to buy this seat. Let him become the king of Sri Lanka….He will then give dhana to all poor every month… people of this democratic republic can go and beg from king….

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