Arrest Made in Lasantha’s Murder Case

Brigadier Udaya Nannayakkara the government spokesperon on military matters, confirmed that Brigadier Duminda Keppetiwalana was arrested by the CID yesterday.

However Udaya Nannayakkara was unable to confirm the exact charges against Brigadier Keppetiwalana. He was unable to say whether the arrest was in connection with the enquiry on the murder of Lasantha Wickrematunge.

Defeated Presidential aspirant  Sarath Fonseka claimed yesterday that Brigadier Keppetiwalana had been arrested in conjunction with the murder of Lasantha Wickrematunge, founding Editor of The Sunday Leader.

This is the most significant step in the more than 12 months since the cowardly attack on Mr Wickrematunge in broad daylight on a busy road in the neighbourhood of Bakery Junction, Mount Lavinia.

Despite numerous court appearances, the Police have failed to make progress in the investigations even though they have made a number of excuses for the delay in investigating the unlawful killing of Lasantha Wickrematunge.

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  1. This is heartening news for the greeting of dawn. Hope the true culprits shall be brought to justice. The suspect should be given protection in order that he discloses all names and the MAIN CULPRIT of the KILLING OF A MESSENGER. SHOULD IT BE A GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL, HE SHOULD ALSO BE NAMED. EVEN IF IT SHOULD GO DOWN TO THE SECRETARY OF DEFENSE.

    • truth


    • Tony

      This is not good news. I think SF is going to be framed. But the people won’t believe them. The government knows that by the amount of votes that they got. MR will feel that where ever he goes that the people didn’t vote for him.

      • Shaik

        What makes you say you think SF is going to be framed? SF was a suspect from the initial stages, long before he decided to become a politician. If there has been a cover up, it was the Defence Secretary covering up for his Army Commander because ultimately the buck stops at his desk.

        • කමල්

          මළ ගිය එජාපයට පණ දුන්නේ ඔබයි!!!

          රනිල් 2005 ගැන කොතරම් කිව්වත් ඔහු මෙවර ආවා නම් ලක්‍ෂ 25ක් ගන්නත් බෑ.

          බැරි රනිල් වෙනුවට, “පුලුවන්” ජනරාල් එජාප නායකත්වයට පත්කට ගමු.

      • wijaya

        Runil knew it from the begining
        and all the other big shots
        nobody wanted to upset the apple cart

      • Tikiri

        Tony , its called “blind faith”

      • HUD

        @Tony, if SF is still the commander of army you will happily accept this move. But now you are problems with this as SF has changed the camp.

      • Sasitha

        @Tony. “Idiot”

      • Dutugamunu

        Tony matto ! It was SF who messed up everything for greedy of power and his hatred politics have boomeraged to him…he dig up his own grave .. ..God bless this poor creature !!!

        • U are very correct SF has ask for his sins he has done over blood of poor officers and soldiers to come up in the military ladder. Now face the Karma…..

          From a SL Aussi who hang the uniforme because of his dictataship..

        • sali

          its not SF or MR or poor army cheps killed or the terrorist, its the karma of poor innocent tamils who been killed coming back to every citizens of that beautiful island.. ( killing field..?)

      • Wimal

        The involvement of SF for this was revealed in parliment by non other than Opposition leader Mr R.W. So whar is the nonsense now you are talking about.

    • DJ

      dont make unfair alegations withot knowing the truth,dont tarnish the defense secretay image.Weare not100% sure

    • Dilshan

      Its so enjoyable to see the Buddist(Singh-Eelam) people are attacking the Berger(Portugese/Dutch/British) decendants.

      • Parathalingamparasamy

        You twisted ass hole – if you are wishing for such a thing to happen, then you will probably be waiting for a lifetime. Sri Lankans are now much wiser unlike in the 70′s and 80′s. If you dont have a life and got nothing much to do, then go get yourself a blowup doll to release your frustrations.

        • bibbikku

          Aney tell me… where can I buy this blow-up doll? Is it available in Cargills … or Odells?

      • Tikiri

        Dilshan – Whats the relevance .. you are far from the reality

      • Dilshan

        JR said in 1983, “They(Buddhists) are killing the Tamils, now; then they will kill the Muslims; then THEY will kill the Bergers(Christians/Descendants) …..

  2. manjula

    Army spokesperson does not know why he was arrested. May be because he has not retired. What a joker to hold a responsible office. Just like the other ministers.

    • Parathalingamparasamy

      What country are you living in? Maybe it does not happen where you reside but where I live & in the rest of the world, revelations are not made whilst investigations & inquiries are going on. Now who are you trying to excite by this stupid remark?

      • kudu

        where the f do you live Is it in one of those countries which attacked Iraq without the UN security council resolution he he

  3. Today the president changes the long list of Officers who valiantly faced death from the hands of the Tamil Tigers whilst the president and his family stayed home snugly, eating their hearts away off the Tsunamoney’s and the Nations cash, Mihin Air, off course, no risk no gain !!! But who gained ? Tomorrow, when there is division in the Island and hatred abhors, swords will commence to be sharpened. The Lankans will never tolerate a Myanmar type of Government. Sangha, BEWARE!!!!

    • Parathalingamparasamy

      Typical Demala evil thinking & wishing. No wonder you guys are abhored so much.

  4. Preeni

    Gotabaya (or Gotaballa) should be arrested first.

    • kevin

      do you have a mother. only idiots like you can such things. no wonder SF lost.

      • Tony

        Is Gotaballa humping you right now? Don’t be angry. I know I would be angry too when the people you had been supporting turns out to be a dog.

        • Parathalingamparasamy

          Oh Tony, the person who used to tell all MR supporters to put their heads in Mahinda’s colon. Oh you stupid you were so f….u….c…king confident that your Pawnseka was going to win….ha….ha…hhaaaaa….. Now you can stuck your head up Fonny’s ass hole & enjoy the smell which you will treasure for years to come.

      • Weerawansa

        Gota must be humping you mother,that is why sl people call him gotaballa

        • Parathalingamparasamy

          Let me tell you Weerabansa, balla’s are more grateful that you bunch of opportunists. Now dont insult the dogs your piss head.

    • UNP

      Preeni all these guys taking about media you can publish any kind of comment against Def .sec. no problem Rajapakshes can bear any kind of comment.but as a sri lankan we should KILL you stupid ass .

      • Tony

        You must be kooliyata goo mirikanawa.

      • Rajeeva

        you f cant even write a comment by ur original name … u want to KILL ! where are you people coming from … is gota paying for such activities !

      • Rajeeva

        why Viagara 25 mg ? maybe in the future … at present going strong and steady … feel sorry for you UNP it looks like you depend on these stuffs …

        • UNP

          Rajeeva pls understand the reality of the UNP.
          you cant protect UNP.2020 they will have only 20
          members.You are also including that 20 members

      • Kartik

        Hey UNP… in 2020 UNP will have only 20 members as you said. But in next 6 years under Rajapakses administration you might face starvation death

        • UNP

          Kartik definitly you have two horn on your head in 2020 sri lanka is the most develop country in asia.we all can share benefits.

    • Dutugamunu

      Preeni…ai thopita rata berala dunnatada? gunamaku hatta !!!

  5. perera





  6. Mohottige

    Preeni should be careful with her language, but so should also those who called Sarat Fonseka very bad names.
    And for signature UNP :
    Is your intolerance and receipe of handling those you don´t like (KILL?) typical for the Buddhists i Sri Lanka, then the Mahanayaka Theras have a giant job to do in teaching the correct path for the Buddhist population. Can´t you even follow the basic 5 precepts, then you should not call yourself a Buddhist!
    Why seem all solutions to problems/different opinions in Sri Lanka be violence?

    • Rajeeva

      we have fight against LTTE (people who are born in this very own island) for years and we have KILLED thousands of Humans … what Buddhist or basic 5 precepts ! forget about these religious followings … only useful for O/L exam :-) but Preeni ur a brave Preeni

  7. Sighe Putrra

    Another Drama,…
    Same as the coup reviled, ,…assassination plan of MR ,… so on so forth ,….
    All these reviled just after the election ,…

    Good for people who backed UPFA to justify to post election drama of the government … not for others

  8. CV

    Government should not bluff the people anymore. These are all eyewash just to please public. Ultimately nothing will happen. If someone can arrest Gorabaya and interrogate, then he will reveal the actual truth not only Lasantah’s but so many other murders as well.. But the point is how can that be done..?

    • HUD

      OK. Then how about about interrogating both Gota and SF?
      Or do you think allegations leveled against SF by UNP when he was Army commander are false and only allegations leveled against Gota is true?

  9. Sarath Gamage

    One UNP paliamentarian blamed SF and entire opposition in the Parliament was supportive of his idea in respect of assessination of Lasanta Wickramatunge. SF will be in the Bogambara or Welikada not the MR and his family members as uttered by SF prior to the presidential polls.

    • Dilshan

      Singheela(Buddhist) peole are going against the Portugese/Dutch/British(most of them are from coastal areas) descendants.

      • HUD

        Who are those Portugese/Dutch/British descendants? And what Singheela Buddhists have done for them?

  10. It is improper to discuss matters that are sub judice , like in some western countries, partly because it could influence the Judges/Magistrates/ the Jury, as the case may be.
    Do not spread rumors and try to sling mud at a Defence Secretary who is doing a perfect job! In his job, he made many enemies, but his judgements show that he is only interested in protecting the STABILITY in the country. He is a good religious man and has the blessings of SAI BABA 100% as many Californians say. He leads a very ethical life. Without going by claptrap try to analyse the work that our Pres. MR and brothers have done. If you want to know more, discuss with Mr Lalith Weeratunga- another good Civil Servant who is respected by all parties.
    Read the history of Singapore since 1965, and you will see many parallels to what Mrs Bandaranaike’s governments did and what Rajapakses did during the past 4 short years. Do you know that the PM of Singapore in the 1960s mentioned in the U.N. and wrote in articles that he wanted to make Singapore in to a Sri Lanka. He, his son -now the P.M. and daughter -in -law are all in the cabinet and they will confirm what I say and that if families love the country, they can do wonders : LET US GIVE THE R-FAMILY MORE TIME, AND ELECT ANOTHER REGIME WITH OUR VOTE, , if we are dissatisfied later. Mrs Bandaranaike always said after Hon JRJ won on a protest vote in 1977 that VOTER IS ALWAYS RIGHT! Unlike now, during the 17 yrs after her there was so much of rigging and thuggery in S.L. that believe it or not, when the Presidential Candidate Kobbekaduwa went to cast his vote it had already been cast, and even after 4:30 PM when the ballot boxes were to be closed, thugs came with batches of impersonators and cast illegal votes. Those were the hey days of some of our today’s senior politicians. Compare those with what is complaint of now. Read the present EC’s report and compare with that of the then EC- Chandananda de Silva.

    Please do not write profanity in this area reserved for educated comments.

    Thank you readers.

  11. Dilshan

    India wants Sarath Fonseka to be inquired for Pakistan involvements.

    Mahinda was slaved by Indinan beauties by indians.

  12. Dilshan

    All Singheela Opposition politicians are running away from their MotherLan(d)ka. Only Tamileelam can save them(like they did it for JVPers in the 70s.

    • UNP

      Stupid guy do not think much about him.he thinks V.Prabakarn still alive in Nandikadal jungle.

    • HUD

      Where is that “Tamileelam”? Not in this world I guess.

      • Kartik

        hey guys… pls dont comment about Tamils without knowing the history of Tamils. Even in 13th century Tamils lived in North and East in this Island and they had their own rule. Just go back and research where were Sinhalese on 13th century and come back to me…

        • Dilshan


          Singhala is a language and they are the Buddhist Converted Eelam People. They spoke Tamil(as they are Eelam Tamils) and even now they use very old Tamil Vocabularies.

        • UNP

          i do not agree with u.
          there was a provincial ruler called Sankili.but all
          country under one singhala King

        • Dilshan


      • Kartik

        Hello UNP, King Sankili lived in 16th century. Portuguese General Phillip Oliviera killed Sankili and captured Jaffna… But way back in 14th century a Tamil king called Arya Chakkaravarthi ruled North. Even at that time a Sinhala king Sapumal Kumara, son of Parakramabahu the 6th invaded in to Jaffna and killed Arya Chakkaravarthi and destroyed his palace and the original Nallur temple.

        Kotte kingdom was ruled by Sinhala kings and Jaffna Kingdom was ruled by Tamil kings. Since sinhalese are majority in numbers the invade our territory always (from 14th century to date)

    • Dilshan

      Sinhalaeam +tamileam + musliuleam = pukeelam

    • Dilshan

      All tamil politicans are running away from their Mohterlan(d)ka.
      Only Sinheela can save them

  13. raguna

    Dilshan is right here although I don’t approve all your comments in this column. Atmosphere is getting created for not only opposition leaders but for the free thinking intellectuals to flee the country so that only those who sing in praise for them will remain. Even decent people who like to voice their opinion in pages like this are being indirectly threatened by all types of vulgar and discriminatory remarks. They have gone to the extent of tracking down of IP Addresses of those who publish anything against them in the web, and they have already got down Chinese IT Experts for the purpose.

    How long can they go on and where do they stop. Can they silence all 40 mil people (actually it is well over 50mil). Can all the people be fooled (and silenced) all the time. Politicians have tried that time to time and we all have seen where and how it ended up. It may be too late when masses begin to realize. It may not be a problem for those higher up because fortunes will already be smuggled by then, but poor citizens, including many who will now rise promptly to negate me will suffer. Whatever is being pumped to us by state media. the scene is set for a bleak and uncertain future unless the present course of action is drastically changed.

    • HUD

      I have a problem with defining “Free thinking intellectuals”. I think that the category of people you identify as “Free thinking intellectuals” are the people who have the least ability to think freely.

  14. harry

    Looks like another good thing with the advent of SF and presdential election (just like dropping oil prices) to be able to make some progress in solving a terrible crime.

  15. Cren

    Good job!! Pres election one down,Gen election two down,next Gen election three down, next Pres election all down,case cloesd JUSTICE done…….

  16. dimuth

    Very true HARRY, it has taken over a year to find someone responsible (are we to believe this story?) for this crime whereas it took just a few days to find KP ! This poor army guy could be the scape goat for backing SF? What democracy in SL, its DEMO-CRAZY !

  17. How Come Gotabaya and Mahinda are still free and about then without being arrested.
    Come on…we all knw what the actual story should be instead otrying to frame people..How come the police could not even indcate of a clue leavealonea suspect so far..and hey presto.!!!.just after the eections, we have a suspect…and guess..a SF supporter..Isn’t Mahinda now so predictable??

  18. sr

    People there are folks a very high places who know who killed who right from the beginning. No one in those high places has ever been charged. This is one instance they want to take revenge and it is being executed. I know for instance Athulath was done by the then president & his cronies. And the list goes on. There are much more but I will leave it to your good intelligent mind.

  19. izzy

    Mervin admitted that he killed him!!! I do not understand the arrest!!

  20. Nayana

    When the media are silenced, and journalists killed for criticizing the government, it is the end of democracy. The Rajapakse regime seems to be a vindictive lot, and it seems many people have been brainwashed into believing the blatant lies, that seem to be the hallmark of the brothers. They have been successful in convincing their supporters that the international community are out to get them, and that SF was out to kill his own supporters just to get sympathy. It is sad that people are in darkness while the brothers rake in millions of rupees in bribes to enrich their family. Hail to the Royal

  21. Randy Mathew


    • NP

      I wonder if the bulath hapaya came to power what would happen to all the madayas??Seems like you are one unintelligent madayas who is not even worth arguing with, but I could not help but say something in behalf of our village people.

  22. Dilshan

    SLA demolishes Liberation Tigers’ Heroes’ Resting Homes in Jaffna
    [TamilNet, Thursday, 04 February 2010, 05:04 GMT]

    Sri Lanka Army (SLA) occupying Jaffna peninsula is actively engaged in demolishing the Heroes’ Resting Homes (HRH) of fallen Liberation Tigers in Uduppidi, Kodikaamam, Koappaay and Veala’nai in the islets of Jaffna, sources in Jaffna said. Foreign media persons now visiting Jaffna peninsula in large numbers who show a keen interest in visiting the HRHs are shocked to witness the systematic demolishment of war heroes’ memorial monuments which are given due respect all over the world.

    SLA which invaded the peninsula in 1996 had then ploughed down the HRHs in the peninsula with bulldozers but during the 2002 peace accord between the government and the Liberation Tigers they had been restored.

    I’langku’lam HRH in Uduppiddi in Vadamaraadchi, Kodikaamam HRH in Thenmaraadchi, Koappaay HRH in Jaffna and Chaaddi HRH in Veala’nai in the islets of Jaffna are ones which are being demolished and erased to the ground by the SLA.

    The people in the peninsula are not allowed to visit the HRHs and now the news of SLA demolishing reaching them has enraged them.

    • Dilshan

      Tamilnet is interested in Tamileela DEAD Heros; We worried about Singheela LIVING Brave Soldiers like Sarath Fonseka and Singha Regiment.

      • Dilshan

        All tigers were against Tamils .they robbed kids and trained them to suicide .so there are no hero’s they had terrorist only.
        SF commanded the force but boys sacrificed themselves
        Tamileem +Sihhaleem = pukkaeelam

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