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Mr Tiran Alles has contacted The Sunday Leader and stated that he, contrary to what has been stated in our column ‘Inside Politics’ today, had no officially appointed role to co-ordinate appointments for Sarath Fonseka. We are happy to accept this version and state that our copy was based on our own experience of contacting Sarath Fonseka when Mr Alles was kind enough to co-ordinate communication to Sarath Fonseka’s inner nexus


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  1. Andaman

    Puhul Hora Karen Dene kiyanne okata thama, well done Sunday Leader

  2. Matalan

    Well clarified. He would be wiser to refrain from any open publicity regarding ‘roles’; given his roles in the past 7/8 years, which were a sham and an insult to a great Asian Buddhist country that can boast of very intelligent people.

    • Donna

      Are you refering to Tiran facilitating Basil to meet Emil Khanth on Mahinda’s orders?
      Why didn’t nobody discuss the press conference given by Tiran Alles a day after his house was attacked.
      Well a video of that is on Youtube. Go search for Mahinda gave LTTE money. Watch them and do come back to defend deshadrohi MR.

      • Matalan

        No not just that, For bundles of money twined with future glory if the unthinkable did happen; HE WAS the coolie boy between MR and VP. In the olden days he would have been impaled or beheaded. Now adays under rulership of the worst undesirables, he survives with all his capital and glory intact. I was sick to my stomach when he came through the back door to hold important roles for the country’s true hero SF(thanks to Mangala). Further, to scoff and redicule CBK (albeit with friends) inspite of the fact she put him up at dizzily high positions despite his very low academic/professional qualifications is the behaviour of the lowest. I don’t want to even think of the sick/hurtful jokes about the main religeon of the country. So, there you have it. He is a disgrace and an insult to his parents and our country.

        • Catherina

          At least he did not sell the country and the future generations of Sri Lankans to the Chinese and the Iranians.

        • Reality

          Chinese and the Iranians are 1000 times better than LTTE terrorist. Sold his soul to the LTTE in exchange for erecting Mobile Phone towers in LTTE areas.

  3. citizen silva

    Ralph I T Alles is a respected man and the old boys of DS will attest to this. It is sad that someone so respected can produce offspring who played a major role in destroying the democracy of the country by buying the support of the LTTE to win MR the Presidency.

    • Donna

      So Tiran bought it? Is that your twist or somebody elses? I don’t think he says that He handed bags of money to Emil Khanth.

  4. Rohan Jayawardana

    Yes RIT Alles is a great man we all from DS worship. I still remember him from DS. He call all of us “Raththaran Puthala”. I feel shame about Tiran Alles and feel sorry for our sir RIT Alles. We wish you good health and happiness sir RIT Alles.

  5. Donna

    Grow up. Stop attacking the messenger. Scrutinise and check the invalidity of the message.
    How come the two attack dogs here are attacking Tiran Alles to scuttle his integrity and not dealing with what Mahinda asked him to do before the 2005 election?

    Next person who defends the this corrupt government or attacks Tiran Alles please answer this: Was the 2005 election stolen from Ranil?

    • citizen silva

      do not get your knickers in a twist dear Donna – Tiran’s integrity is as clean as a used toilet paper – but that is of no concern to me. Mahinda & Co. asked him the evil favours to ensure his victory in 2005. the answer to your question is – YES – the election was purchased from the LTTE who by their acts of preventing the tamils from casting their vote ensured MR the seat of President. my comment above is simply – he played a MAJOR role in destroying DEMOCRACY in Sri Lanka.

  6. Tiran Alles will not be a factor for politics in Sri Lanka in the future. Even in the past, he was just a hod for Mangala. Both made their buck and now expect to go to heaven at the tail of the elephant. But his palm is full of slippery mud. So just forget about him, fellas.

  7. Dilshan

    At least 5,000 Sri Lankan opposition supporters have demonstrated against President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his government in the capital, Colombo.

    The protesters alleged that last week’s presidential election result, easily won by the incumbent, was fraudulent.

    Earlier, the election commissioner said he stood by the result.

  8. Dilshan

    Singheelam is going down…

  9. raguna

    The allegation that MR bribed LTTE to get votes in 2005 was made at the time but details were not known since Mangala was with MR. The case was proved beyond doubt only in 2010 election (since nobody denied it), and yet millions voted for him. This yet again proves that for Sri Lankan voter bribing LTTE, the worst enemy, or doing any damn thing, is ok if done by their man.

    And the next point is that the allegation in 2005 PE was proved only in 2010 PE. Does this suggest that the 2010 allegations of the grand robbery of votes will be proved only in 2016 ?

    Another twist of turn is that MR showed his gratuity to LTTE for the favor they did by completely destroying them, and he himself then asked vote for gratuity from the south, for the ungratefulness he did to LTTE. And yet again asked the voter not vote for SF’s ungratefulness. ……..Phew ! ….. What a topsy-turvy word is this in Sri Lankan politics. Yet it has certainly been the magical word for MR.

    • citizen silva

      What a fantastic point of view raguna. Its so sad that the mASSES of this land (like no other) prefer to feed on tasty morsels of trash dished out to them by mass propaganda. As the saying goes “none are so blind as those who refuse to see” applies to the 6+ M who fed on chauvinistic tidbits. They deserve the governance they will have to endure. Sad about the rest though. Grin and bear it up until change arrives.

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