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Govt. Has Successfully Concluded World’s First Hi-Tech Election Rigging Operation — Mangala

By Mandana Ismail Abeywickrema

Mangala Samaraweera

SLFP (M) Wing Leader and Co-media Spokesperson for General Sarath Fonseka, Mangala Samaraweera charged that software/paper rigging finally changed an approximately 1.5 million vote victory for General Sarath Fonseka into a 1.8 million majority for President Rajapaksa. He said this “is perhaps the first successfully carried out software/paper rigging in the world.”


Q: General Sarath Fonseka’s camp has said the polls were rigged. On what basis do you make this allegation?

A: We have many reasons to believe the election was manipulated in the most insidious and subtle manner to distort the true mandate of the people. I would accuse the government of concluding successfully what I would term the world’s first hi-tech election rigging programme. The details of which are beginning to emerge. Before I get into that I would like to highlight some of the more conventional types of election malpractices and irregularities of this scandalous election.

People will realise one day soon that this election was perhaps the most outrageous and insidious election ever held in a country which claims to be democratic. Once the true details emerge, the world will realise that this election is even more shocking than the notorious election held in November 1933 under Adolf Hitler in Germany, which is seen by many historians as one of the most scandalous elections ever. Hitler claimed that 96% of the voters had voted for him and amazed the world by even claiming that 2,100 of the 2,300 inmates at the Dachau concentration camp voted for him.

Q: Yes, but on what basis do you make this allegation?

A: Before I explain this very serious and complex picture of vote rigging, I must say this is not at all a case of sour grapes and to justify the defeat of our candidate. In my 21-year-old political career I have never resorted to justifying our political setbacks before by making allegations against the victor. However, this time there are serious questions now surfacing and these questions need to be answered before we can be convinced with the claims of victory.

I will start off with the mundane. First the mood of the country — Did the people of our country act in a manner they should after giving the President a resounding victory? The majority of the people were shocked and stunned by the announcement, while small pockets of supporters led by a few UPFA PS members took to the streets in intoxication. What was most indicative of what may have happened was the Election Commissioner’s statement on January 27 announcing the final results. I would ask people to read his statement carefully and read between the lines.

To me the statement is more a cry for help from a man held hostage with a gun at his back  than an official statement proclaiming the victory of President Rajapaksa. I would like to highlight that at one point he says, “Now on certain occasions we can’t even protect our ballot boxes. This is a big situation. A wrong situation. Because of this I’m sad to say I have had to work in great difficulty.” Leaving aside the other extremely serious allegations, which are emerging, this statement by the Elections Commissioner alone would have been enough to declare the election null and void in any other country which is truly a practicing democracy.

He also talks about the unprecedented misuse and abuse of state properties and resources at this election. The misuse of public funds is well documented in the Transparency International report recently. He also highlights how he was totally helpless in the face of the despicable and totally partisan media onslaught by SLRC, SLBC and other state media. Despite appointing a Competent Authority under powers vested with him, he had to withdraw the Competent Authority in a most shocking manner.

Even on the day of the election, state media was campaigning for Mahinda Rajapaksa with advertisements and other programmes. These allegations in themselves would be enough to disqualify the President in an election petition if we really had a truly free judiciary. Unfortunately, we have to remember the present Chief Justice has also been appointed in total violation of the constitutional requirements.

However, the country cannot wait for the court ruling because what finally changed an approximately 1.5-million-vote victory for General Fonseka into a 1.8 million vote majority for President Rajapaksa in the early hours of the morning is perhaps the first successfully carried out software/paper rigging in the world.

Q: Does the opposition have proof that there was software/paper rigging?

A: We don’t have proof at the moment. As I said earlier details are emerging and there are many questions that require answers. The international election observers who were here have apparently issued a report claiming the polling day was violence-free and extremely peaceful, and concluded that the election was free and fair. These monitors who issued such a report after spending a few days, most of which were spent wining and dining at events organised by the government, had made some senior members of the delegation say this was the best-paid holiday they have received.

The election day was relatively free of violence, although there were government-inspired grenade attacks and artillery firing in the north. In their master plan they did not want the software rigging operation in the north, but were only interested in reducing the majority of Sarath Fonseka in the north and east by keeping the voter turnout low. In their master plan they had already decided to allow Fonseka to gain a victory in the north and east in order to back up their allegation of him only having the support of LTTE sympathizers in the north.

At the beginning of polling it was planned to show Fonseka in the lead in the north while the rest of the country gave a massive endorsement of Mahinda Rajapaksa. We now believe that the results were changed with the connivance of certain senior counting officers in the District Secretariats with whose help the final numbers of the tally sheets were heavily inflated in favour of Mahinda Rajapaksa. We are also receiving information on how these counting officers were handpicked by Basil Rajapaksa before the elections. We are in the process of getting concrete proof about this shocking operation. Until such time as we will have those in hand I will say with responsibility and gravity that this was one of the most sophisticated poll-rigging programmes carried out anywhere in the world.

Q: Are you saying there was no rigging on ground level during the polling period?

A: The traditional, crude forms of rigging never took place where armed hooligans show up in booths and stuff boxes. On the other hand even the polling day was violence-free. Like in the Zimbabwean elections, most violence took place in the run-up to the election. Goon squads operated by Colombo were based in various parts of the country. In Matara alone these squads, handled by the officer-in-charge of the Gemunu Watch along with two relatives of the President, roamed the area in government vehicles with impunity carrying arms.

They threatened opposition supporters with death and several times came near my house and shot in the air. Despite repeated complaints to the police with even their names, they turned a blind eye. Finally, when a police officer arrested a vehicle with armed thugs and remanded them, the thugs were released the following day because of “orders from above.” The respective police officer was questioned by the CID for carrying out his duties. I wrote a letter to the IGP on January 22 with details and names of the culprits, and in response the police raided my house in Matara, searching for weapons.
There were two other forms of rigging at the election. One was the issuing of temporary IDs. The Elections Commissioner ordered the issue of 2.1 million IDs. They were to be issued through the Samurdhi officers, but when the opposition complained it was decided to issue them through the Grama Sevakas. We are now receiving information that apart from the 2.1 million approved ID cards, thousands of false ID cards have been issued to trusted party people. These have been issued in place of dead persons and those who have gone overseas. We believe there might have been 400,000-500,000 votes rigged in this manner. The ID card machine and the laminating machine it is learnt were taken to Temple Trees in the run up to the elections.

Another method that was used, again not at the polling booth but at the counting centers, is to change the bundles. When counting, ballot papers are divided according to symbols and packed into bundles of 50. If a betel leaf ballot paper is placed on top of a swan symbol bundle, that bundle is counted as a betel leaf bundle. This was noticed in certain areas.

Q: In which areas were there malpractices recorded during counting?

A: It happened even in Matara. For example, 20 bundles are a few thousand votes. The coup de grace, however, was the massive operation which was carried out. We will come out with the details. My life is in grave danger, but I am confident that we will be able to come out with the details. There are so many questions that need to be answered:
Why did SLRC send its staff on leave on the 26th and 27th and operate for two days through an OB bus from Temple Trees? The usual practice has always been that before any media institution can give results a copy of the results certified by the Elections Commissioner has to be sent. Why were computer generated results sent this time?

Usually postal results are out by 2 am and the rest of the results start to come in. This time the postal votes took so long that electoral results got delayed; why  did the voter turnout, which was announced by the district secretaries in some districts, increase dramatically when the final results were announced? Why did Basil Rajapaksa spend so much time with the Elections Commissioner? According to information, he had been with the Elections Commissioner since 3 pm.

We have reason to believe that the Elections Commissioner was put under duress to release the certified results against his wishes.

Q: The opposition camp has also said polling agents at counting centers were assaulted and chased away. Have those agents made official complaints?

A: I’m not sure that official complaints were made. They were attacked and chased away. They were not in a proper state to make complaints. Most of the representatives in counting centers were chased away at the time the hi-tech conspiracy was taking place.

Q: What action does the opposition plan to take with regard to the alleged poll rigging?

A: The opposition must first keep the people informed. Many are asking why the opposition is not on the streets with the people protesting. We will also take this to the people and try to deal with this great conspiracy at different levels. While protesting with the people, we will file a presidential election petition for what it’s worth. We will keep the international community informed of these developments and will also ensure that such insidious acts against the people’s mandate will not be repeated during the general election. We are trying to get to the bottom of this terrible crime so that we can prove to our people what really happened.

Q: How long would it take for the opposition to gather the necessary proof to take action?

A: We will try to do it in the shortest possible time. It’s going to be a very dangerous investigation because we are dealing with a regime prepared to kill, maim, intimidate or threaten to hang on to power. What is remarkable is that the President is not behaving like a man who has gained such a remarkable victory. Even during a statement made after the results he looked guilty and dared not look at the cameras, which made me realise that he still may have a conscience. The Rajapaksa regime has already started a witch-hunt against their political opponents. Sarath Fonseka is being harassed in the most shameful manner. Former President Chandrika Kumaratunga’s security is being removed, my house was raided on the 27th and my colleague Upulangani Malagamuwa’s house was stoned by government-sponsored mobs.

Q: What will General Fonseka do now?

A: Fonseka has the ideal qualities needed for a politician. He also has the charisma and personality to attract the people. That is why I feel that while fighting to regain the position he rightfully deserves he must remain in politics and come forward at the next general election on behalf of the millions of people who voted for him.

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  1. Sena

    Of all allegations leveled by Mangala, the most serious and far reaching one relates to the computer-aided ‘most sophisticated poll rigging programme’. According to his own words, there is ‘no concrete proof about this shocking operation…’. Yet, he proceeds to declare that ‘until such time as we have those in hand, I will say with responsibility and gravity that this was one of the most sophisticated poll rigging programme carried out anywhere in the world’.

    The enormous gravity and the serious implications of an allegation of this nature are very obvious for anyone to comprehend. Thus, it is absolutely necessary that such an allegation should be based on solid facts. Regrettably, in this instance, although the allegations is already raised, facts are yet to be verified. In other words, the allegation has been made pending collection of evidence or verification of facts and in the meantime, Mangala’s imagination is running riot. The irony is he still wants us to believe that he is acting ‘with responsibility and gravaity’ when, in fact, he is clearly engaged in a process of conjecture. Is it unfair for one to suggest that this is an obvious insult to the intelligence of the readers.

    To briefly delve into the electoral process obtaining in Sri Lanka, as everybody knows, it is not one that is fully computerised as in the US. What obtains here in our country is dominantly a manual one upto and inclusive of the stage at which votes cast are counted at the designated counting centres and the total number of votes polled by each individual candidate is ascertained. The computer operations commence only after that stage. What is significant to bear in mind is that manual operations upto the point of counting and determining the votes polled by individual candidates are all performed by the staff of the Commissioner of Elections witnessed by agents accredited by the candidates themselves and their political parties. These WITNESSED operations include, among others, sealing of ballot boxes at the polling stations, transporting them to the respective counting centres accompanied by the representatives of the candidates, verification at the counting centres if the seals on the ballot boxes are intact, opening of sealed ballot boxes, sorting out the votes by candidates, making bundles of them, counting the votes, determining the total votes polled by each cndidate, etc. At any of these stages, the accredited representatives who monitor the activities can lodge objections and also demand repeat of activities. For instance, they can ask for a recount of votes, in case of any doubt. On completion of the counting process, the representatives of the candidates become aware of the total of votes polled by each candidate. In other words, before the results are officially declared, they are unofficially within the knowledge of official representatives of the candidates.

    As mentioned earlier, the computer system features in the electoral process only after the votes have been counted at designated counting centres and the total votes polled by respective candidates have been ascertained. The relevant figures are then entered into the central computer system. When all counting centres throughout the country have entered the relevant figures , the system comes with the final and overall figures which the Commissioner of Elections announces.

    The critical question that arises in the above context is if there is the possibility at all to carry out any computer-aided poll rigging programme in Sri Lanka. To any person with commonsense, it is almost an impossibility. Some genuine errors and acts of omission apart, such a scenario is a sheer impossibility without immediate and sure detection because, forgetting about the computer genrated figures, any candidate could compile for himself/herself the total number of vortes polled by him/her simply by adding up the figures relating to the final counts at each counting station in consultation with his/her official representives who are already in possession of the statistics involved. It is simply a task of adding up figures.

    Any fair minded citizen will feel disturbed whilst reading through what Mangala has stated in relation to the vote counting and results tallying procedures presently in place and carried out by the staff of the Commissioner of Elections. By levelling the allegation, as he did in this instance, of a sophisticated rigging programme, by implication, he clearly calls into question the efficiency, the integrity and the independence of the Commissioner of Elections and his devoted staff . For Mangala to have acted in this manner without providing an iota of evidence of wrong doings on their part is monumentally unfair and irresponsible, to say the least.

    The law of the country provides for clear avenues for aggrieved parties to follow to seek redress in circumstances where acts of wrong doing have taken place in the process of conducting elections. Unfortunately, Mangala does not have confidence in our judicial system to do an impartial job. So what is the way out? To engage in irresponsible rhetoric causing damage to the image of the country!

    • Paul

      Judging by the behaviour and utterences of the losers thus far, I do not believe they have the brains to understand such simple logic even…

      • Nadaal

        Very funny. They have definitely cheated. They can cheat using state power and assistance from India. But one thing is clear. They cant cheat the natures law. It is a matter of time they be punished by the powers like so many greedy rulers before MR. May God bless this nation and protect it from Tyrants and dictators.

    • Operator

      With a computer it is a case of “Garbage in, Garbage Out”. Likewise “False Data in, False Result out”

    • N.C.Wijeratne

      Mangala is a responsible Politician with a family background that has had a very long history with the affairs of the south.Analysing the different answers he has given to the Leader Newspaper which is very widely read by the educated population of this country, it is quite serious and the issues mentioned therin affects the very basic rights of the citizens of our Country.If those accussations are true then we have a serious threat to our democracy! And if those statements are true further I cannot see how the Rajapakse family will get the blessings of the Buddhist deity and God above to proceed with their plans for the Country. Most of all I dont see how this Family members could sleep peacefully that certain very serious allegations have been made following the election results.
      However there are many thousands of men and women who have witnessed the various stages of voting and counting processes that have taken place.And it may be appropriate to initiate a massscale verification to identify the exact areas of such rigging and implications. It may also be neccessary to round up all the Reporters and Journalists who have in and out of these centres and other related Agencies to ascertain the exact nature of the rigging, if it so.
      It is also deemed neccessary now to determine on what official document the private radio/tv stations gave out the results.Were all those results announced confirmed as coming from authentic sources.
      For those of living abroad but still intersted in the welfare of our country and the protection of democratic rights we may need also a comprehensive report from an Agency like Transparantly International and any other independent source that there are certain doubts about the manner in which this election was conducted.
      As for the Judiciary in Sri Lanka, they will be expected to act impartially at all time when it comes to this type of allegations, as this is not merely about somebody wanting to be the President; but the very existence of our sovereignty at stake! And I suppose with very good Buddhist s at the helm of tour judicial system, and moreover now with christians also playing a vital role in the judicial machinery they will have to act according to their conscience and not with the intention of favouring any of the parties, if and when such a case is brought before the courts!
      We are watching this situation very clsoely! And if the need arises there are proposals to hold an international forum at a independent centre soon; very much prior to the General Elections in Sri Lanka!

      • Sebas

        Mr. N.C.W…
        This family massacred Tamils in thousands, not just using conventional weapons but with weapons that are banned. All the Tamils know that. The international community has evidence too which will surface out soon. It’s a damn shame the Sinhalese are slowly working it out. If they are so buddhist, dont they have a conscience to know that they were responsible in massacring thousands of innocent tamil civilians? I guess they dont, which is why the world must get together and get rid of all the evil that is put upon that land. The world must also delegate an independent state for the Tamils (not divide SL but in an effort to protect the minority). The world must also bring to justice the likes of paramilitaries, the kidnappers, the journalist murderers, the corrupt. Killing Prabaharan (or believing he is dead.. remeber.. it was a plastic face shown and cant believe the SInhalese people even believed that!) was not the answer, because the trouble has shifted down-south. One common enemy was alot cleaner than internal division. My point being, it’s all coming back in a circle. So the SInhalese people should expect to be divided due to their own leaders using ‘nationalism’ to win a so-called war over the Tamils, while all that should have mattered was to not be prejudice and let the Tamil grow and prosper because he wanted to and not ever stop that by using power and creating animosities for no reason. Justice will prevail but at a severe cost to the Sinhalese people, as the Tamils have already paid their share.

        • Panduka Dasanayake

          Sebas – thank you for your heartfelt comments here.
          1) Please remember that there are many Sinhalese who empathise with your sentiments. We share the pain that you as a community have suffered since independence, and it is in no small measure that we have been aghast at how nationalism was touted from the 1950s to detract the nation’s journey to becoming a modern liberal democracy. We do not even have to go to the end phase of the so-called war that was ended last May.
          2) Please bear with us as we have been helpless amidst the pseudo-nationalist element amongst us, and do remember that those who genuinely profess the Buddha Dhamma have no truck with those who demostrate external rituals only and are mere nominal Buddhists with behaviour that is incongruous with its basic tenets. See the allegations made in this column about the falsities one will utter and the lawlessness that one will resort to and defend for the lust of power. Pardon us but this is no different to the late Prabha missing the point about negotiating sincerely with the CFA that the Hon RW offered!
          3) If we say the LTTE leadership was intransigent, we humbly say that the manner and extent of maladministration and abuse of state power that we have had to witness for a number of decades now, behoves us to admit that the Sinhalese majority has lost the plot about what a modern liberal democracy was all about.
          4) It was in this light that many moderate, decent, Sinhalese and others who make up Lanka held out hope for the victory of the UNF and allied parties that placed themselves with General Fonseka.
          5) The hope was that we ultimately have got to a point where we realise that inter-dependence within was the only way forward. A political culture based on consensus seeking, consensus building and mutual respect, was a sine qua non if this land is to face the future, and be counted amongst the liberal democracies of the world that recognise and thrive on inter-dependence amongst all peoples.
          6) We do not yet know how the allegations that are reported in this interview column are to be supported with evidence, but we do hope that such evidence will emerge in good time. Either way, we know this from the Dhamma: As all component and conditioned phenomena are transient, this shall also pass.
          Think of all the leaders, good and not so-good, sometimes good and sometimes not-so-good, etc from 1948. They have all passed on, and so shall the incumbent President and all around him. We can only hope that in the process, they do not do much more damage than what they’ve already done, to make the collective conscience of the people to suffer ignoble consequences!
          May a time come soon that you Sebas and all your loved and near and dear ones can put these sentiments you’ve openly expressed, aside, and think that there was enough remorse and compassion in the Sinhalese to give leadership to a genuine process of reconciliation and to building an equitable state where all communities will enjoy the protection of the law equally.
          May we all be blessed with just and fair rule!
          May all be safe and well!

        • safa

          I can understand the pain you must be having. You can’t blame all the Buddists. There are chauvinistic and racial people who voted MR solely because he ended the war. they even proudly pronounced that they dont mind the MR family owning half of Lanka. better him than Praba. no point of talking to them till MR really does something to endanger them….

      • Mr. N.C.W.,
        In which World are you living? All of your proposals are only possible if Sri Lanka is a democracy. It is unfortunately run by a family of crooks and criminals. Not only the justice system is free from meddling, the whole governing system is in jeopardy. Either people with conscience are fearing of thier life and leaving the country or people who are bribed in any form keep thier mouth shut.

    • Sam

      “Dayananda subjected to pressure’’
      Intimidation at counting centers accuses RanilWhile polling proceeded between 7 am and 4 pm on election day in most places in a peaceful and non-intimidatory atmosphere, the situation was different at several counting centres that night, Opposition Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe said in a statement issued from his Cambridge Place office on Friday evening.

      He alleged that several groups of thugs accompanied by ministers and MPs chased away crowds who had gathered at the counting centres to observe proceedings ad permitted only their own supporters to remain.

      The opposition has appointed a special team to gather details of these incidents, the statement said, adding that the Elections Commissioner has stated in his report that such incidents had occurred and even elections officials could not be protected.

      This statement had been made by the Commissioner at the time he declared the results. His speech on that occasion was quite different from the speeches he had made on such occasions previously.

      Wickremesinghe’s statement said that the Commissioner’s speech suggested that something sinister had happened and the Commissioner himself had indicated that he was subject to some trauma (arthathiyakata). The Commissioner had said that whatever incident occurred, he would have to bear it by himself.

      What this statement reveals is that the Commissioner could not fulfill his duties in the manner he had expected. What had actually happened to him? Was he exposed to some harm on election night? Or was he subject to some pressure before that? Did he have to face a threat or fear?

      What we see from the speech made in announcing the results the Commissioner had been subject to some harm and this is something which is most dangerous for democracy.

      The founding members of the UNF have decided that this is a matter of which they must take notice and also consult with other leaders of constituent parties of the UNF.

      Wicremesinghe also said they the UNF must state that there is no foundation in the accusations being made against General Sarath Fonseka who was the common candidate at this election. He should be permitted to do his work without hindrance without being subject to the pressure and harassment he now faces.

      It is our position that after any election all sections of the polity must unite and live in harmony. But this has not been possible after this presidential election with acts of thuggery in various parts of the country. These thugs are taking revenge on their political opponents. On election day the police had been able to maintain peace but not thereafter.

      Although President Rajapaksa has said that peace must be established after the election and all must cooperate in this effort, such a situation did not prevail in the country.

      If the security forces can be deployed to surround Colombo hotels, why can’t ordinary people in the villages be protected is a question I ask, Wickremesinghe said.

      At any presidential election one candidate must win and the others will lose. But we cannot allow democracy itself to be defeated or the people deprived of their franchise. Exposing the voters to thuggery is a negation of democracy.

      Wickremesinghe therefore asked for the people’s support across political divisions to protect democracy.

      At the inception of his statement, Wickremesinghe thanked those who supported Fonseka and also the security forces and other officials who properly performed their functions at the election.

    • Samuel

      here is more to read about post election behaviours

      ..ඇතුගල යක්‍ෂා වේෂයෙන්
      Thursday, January 28, 2010 Leave a Comment
      (January 29, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) ජනාධිපති මැතිවරණ සමයේදී ශ්‍රේෂ්ඨාධිකරණයේ නියෝග පවා නොතකමින් ඒක පාක්‍ෂික ලෙස ජාතික රූපවාහිනිය හැසිර වූ එහි සභාපති ඇතුගල මහතා ඉතා පහත් ලෙස තම විරුද්ධ පාක්‍ෂික සේවකයින්ගෙන් පලිගැනීමට ක‍්‍රියාකරමින් සිටින බව වාර්තා වේ.

      දැනට ලැබී ඇති තොරතුරු අනුව ජාතික රූපවාහිනී සංස්ථාවේ රොබට් කුමාර අලගියවන්න මහතා වහාම ක‍්‍රියාත්මක වන පරිදි සේවයෙන් පහකර ඇති අතර සේවයෙන් නෙරපා හරින ලද ලිපිය ඊයේ රැ ඔහුගේ නිවසටම ගොස් භාර දී තිබේ. මීට අමතරව වැඩ සටහන් නිෂ්පාදකවරුන් 6 දෙනෙකුගේ වැඩ තහනම් කිරීමට අදාල ලිපි මේ වන විටත් සකස් කර අවසන් බව එහි අභ්‍යන්තර ආරංචි මාර්ග සඳහන් කරයි. මෙලෙස වැඩ තහනමට නියම වී ඇති සේවකයින් අතර රූපවාහිනී සංස්ථා සේවක සංගමයේ භාණ්ඩාගාරික නිමල් තෙන්නකෝන් සහ ජාතික සේවක සංගමයේ ලේකම් හේම අජිත් යන අයද සිටින බව එම ආරංචි මාර්ග සඳහන් කරයි. කාංචන මාරසිංහ, ගාමිණී පුෂ්පකුමාර, රවි අබේවික‍්‍රම, මහින්ද ගුණතිලක ඊට අමතරව වැඩ තහනමට ලක්වීමට නියමිත වැඩ සටහන් නිෂ්පාදකවරු වෙති.

      මැතිවරණ සමයේ යක්‍ෂාවේෂයෙන් හිට්ලර්, ඉඩි අමින් වැනි ඒකාධිපති පාලකයින් ගැන නිතර ප‍්‍රචාරය කරන ලද ජාතික රූපවාහිනී සංස්ථාව සහ එහි සභාපතිවරයා මැතිවරණ ප‍්‍රතිඵල නිකුත්වීමත් සමග මෙලෙස යක්‍ෂාවේෂයෙන් තම විරුද්ධ පාක්‍ෂිකයින්ගෙන් පලිගැනීම පිළිබඳව දැඩි පිළිකුලෙන් යුතුව හෙලා දකින බව එහි සේවකයෝ තවදුරටත් අප හා පැවසූහ.

    • Crow

      Mangala … Still your under the madam’s skirt and suddenly wakes up and say things that you day dreamed. Wake up man … it is enough seen your jokes man… sorry sorry not man … boys man…

      First let the oppesition apologise from the nationa for been such assholes.. gready for power.. that all you’ll need… you will do anything what west will say.. you do not have your own vision or mission. get real

      • kudu

        here we have the crow eager to hear his own crowing
        caw caw caw

      • pinky

        what the crow has to say about interdicting employees belong to SLRC because they supported Sarath Fonseka, is it fair?

      • pinky

        what about sending 14 senior army men on compulsory retirement, because they supported sarath fonseka.


  3. Tharaka

    Dear All,
    Please stop showing our naked to the wold……….
    y these people are between two parties & fighting each other…….
    what u people will get from those politicians,nothing?????

    Think a little & behave your self as a proud sri lankan.

    I would like to request from the newspaper editor,Please don’t post all the dirty comments in your web…………..keep some quality of your news paper.

    • Ravin dont have the 2 cents worth….so willl not understand what we write hear…so better watch your patchavahini and dr. marvin ayyas bahubutha sindoo. Tharaka MR ayyas royal family robbed 6 million votes..thats the bottomline…

    • Oh dear little Tharaka,
      don´t cry dear, the Sunday Leader is writing such article only to “discredit” our vergin and innocent politicians and it is a disgrace for our mother land Sri Lanka, and all these bad boys and girls -is there any girls- are writing nasty articles and comments, what on earth happend to this people. Tharaka, don´t worry, behave like the ostrich, bury your head in the sand but be careful don´t show your a— someone is going to stick sth. up your’s holy h—.

  4. kasun

    Your mouth must eat a crokadile at matara river…

  5. Ranawaka

    S oory F onseka

    • Ravin

      sorry for the 6 million asses next 6 years for letting MR rob our chande & the economy of sri lanka. hehe now let all of us suffer no gsp+ lets hope IRAN, LIBYA and Chavez ayyas to help us… oo god help srilanka hiks

  6. Bashir

    The worst situation is posibly the lack of an independent judiciary more than the rigging even if true beacuse there is then no remedy to rectify even to entertain a genuine complaint. Today it may be Mr.F, tomorrow it may be poor ME! It is a serious matter.

  7. Sarath Gamage

    We should not bother what an idiot says.

  8. Sen

    I think Mangala says about Rigging operation not about a Software or a programme.. Anyway now there are so many news come out relating to this.. Commissioner was under threat to announce such results. he has to do if he likes or not.. from the begining he was fed-up & didn’t make any strong decisions. any way its usual cause of his age & health, also he wants to retire since 2005…. everybody love their life.. specially under this type of ruler…If the King is honest why he wont appoint Election Commission ?. Thats the point has to raise with the Presidential petition at the Supreme courts….

  9. Prem

    It is the begining of demoCRAZY in Sri Lanka. Only the god can save Lanka. good luck.

  10. Sam Costa

    If some of you could not follow what EC was announcing on the 27th. ..

    can please go through it here:

    this you can read and feel whether what he has to say is correct or not.

    this is what EC spoke on the very day

    All those who still feel that these PRESIDENTIAL RESULTS ON THE 27th of January 2010 are genuine:

    Please read the statement made by EC on the 27th.

    “Under the empowerment of the Elections Commissioner as indicated in the 17th Amendment to the Constitution, I issued specific guidelines to the state media that were duly ignored. I then installed a Competent Authority for the state media who was completely disregarded. I then met the heads of state media but to no avail. I realized that this was a hopeless cause and so I had the Competent Authority removed.”

    “ I was able to note that during the election, many state institutions operated in a manner not befitting state organisations.”

    “Some blamed me saying that my task was to ensure that the ballot boxes were safe and to ensure that the counting was done right. But under the circumstances I faced today, I could not even ensure the safety of even one ballot box. I did my duties during this time under great duress and mental agony.”

    I hereby state that the situation has reached a dangerous level that is beyond me. I am also advanced in years and have served in this capacity for eight long years so I only ask that I be released from this thankless duty.”

    “It is impossible for me to work in peace under the circumstances – I am constantly under stress and find that I may fall sick and have to face consequences of such an illness.”

    “ Regional leaders harassed my team and I in several areas such as Puttalam, Anuradhapura, Matala Districts , they even bothered the counting centres. This is not a good trend. In fact, it reached an uncontrollable level of verbal abuse directed at Presiding Officers and Asst Elections Commissioners. “

    “ I have been accused of favouring one party in the process of carrying out my duties. I regret that it is no longer possible for me to suffer such indignity and insult – I am not able to do so physically or psychologically.”

    Observers were of the view that the points highlighted by the Elections Commissioner clearly indicated that he has had to announce an election result not in keeping with his conscience, under duress. All we can say is that truth is like a rubber ball in water – it emerges every time you try to suppress it.

    Leaving aside the other extremely serious allegations, which are emerging, this statement by the Elections Commissioner alone would have been enough to declare the election null and void in any other country which is truly a practicing democracy

  11. S. A. Wijeratne

    If there was no rigging computer or otherwise why is the government of a president elected with a 60% majority raiding opposition offices and media institutions? What are they looking for? Are they trying to get to the proof before it gets out? Why did they take over the SLRC? Why did they not send out the election results in the normal fashion? Do they think that all the people in the world are dump and uneducated not to see what is happening.

    • Hi S.A.W. ,

      you mean the USA and India are dump and uneducated not to see what is happening?

      • Suria

        USA praised the voter turnout, but asked to investigate complaints about vote rigging and other malpractices. Surely USA is not dump or uneducated.

        India of course wanted MR to come back to power; he will do what they asked him to do. He has no choice.

        • John

          I think both Soorya and Suria should be dump in the bin for writing stupid things which people cannot understand. The word is DUMB mottayo. Not Dump!!!!!! Dump means “throw away”

    • Samuel

      As any 10 year old could understand it, this should have happened when putting data entries to computer systems. Mr Samaraweera and others have advocated it as a computer data manipulation. As Colombo Uni ´one lecturer made it clear to Sandeshaya today, all the percentages pass through election commissioner before the entries are put into the computer system. As many have now been informed that Basil R is reported to have spent times from 3.a.m of 27th Jan with the commissioner. These were discussed in many articles that were already published. So it is worth to investigate why had Basil R been spending times with EC on his busiest day ? … this could bring truth related evidences to give nearly 50% of lankens who have been waiting to read accurate results even today.

  12. Sam

    EU calls on Sri Lanka to probe reports of election irregularitiesBRUSSELS, January 29, 2010 (AFP) – The European Union on Friday urged the Sri Lankan authorities to investigate reports of “irregularities” during the country’s recent election and ensure the safety of his defeated opponent.

    Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse won a bruising re-election battle on Tuesday, but the result was rejected by his main opponent, retired four-star general Sarath Fonseka, who is calling for an annulment.

    Europe is ready to work with Rajapaksa, but is concerned about “a significant number of incidents,” EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said in a statement.

    The European Union “trusts that the irregularities reported by election observers and the election commission will be duly investigated and that the safety and security of all candidates and campaign workers will be ensured by the authorities,” Ashton added.

    Fonseka, who claims the voting was rigged, told reporters in Colombo on Thursday that the government was trying to intimidate him into silence by withdrawing his security and suggesting he was planning a coup.

    “They are preparing the ground to take me also into custody and they will try to do that in the next few days,” he said.

    Ashton did hail the fact that the vote “took place in an overall peaceful environment” and said the large turnout, 72 percent, demonstrates the wish of the Sri Lankan people “to participate fully in the democratic process.”

    This was the first peace-time presidential election for Sri Lanka since the government declared victory in May in its decades-old conflict with the Tamil Tiger rebels.

    The United Nations human rights chief has said both sides in the conflict could be guilty of war crimes.

    • General Stupid Fonseka (SF) had reached the end of his ego trip. Those political parties and individuals that jumped in to his soup are already abandoning him. He is on his own now.

      Stupid Fonseka (SF) can only blame himself for losing the elections. SF had forgotten that it is President Rajapakse that made him the commander of the army just thirteen days before his retirement. SF had forgotten that that if not for that gracious act, he would have been another retired Major General, today. But Sinhala people remember Rajapakse’s gesture to SF very well. They were sad that SF bit the hand that fed him and joined the LTTE sympathisers that ridiculed him. Now that is only one reason why he lost so badly in the south.

      Sinhala people hate the so-called International Community, Norway, NGOs, Evangelists and those that support them. They hate them because they knew that it is they that sponsored LTTE for the last thirty years. RanilW, the leader of opposition had become an ongoing looser for the last fifteen years because he chose to be an ardent supporter of that clique. When that clique cajoled SF to contest against Rajapakse, Sinhalese realised their aim is not to abolish Presidency or promote democracy but to promote LTTE ideals. They were convinced of this when SF was hailed as the liberator of democracy by both TNA and Tamil diaspora. That is another reason why he won the north and lost the south.

      The same clique has manipulated the so-called international media to portray that Sinhala nationalist vote is divided, 50-50. And, it is they that inculcated their NGO and INGO parasites to write fairy tales about Fonseka winning the Presidency. Tamil diaspora and born again Christians took it to the internet face book, twitter and what not. Stupid Fonseka took the large volume of comments that were posted in them in his favour as a measure of his popularity. Idiots never knew that vast majority of Sinhalese are not internet savvy.

      TNA and Tamil diaspora had communicated to Tamils to vote for SF and help them to get what they couldn’t with LTTE. In so far as the Tamil areas or the North and the East are concerned, internet postings were proved absolutely correct. So much so, SF had won all but one district in the Eelam map of LTTE with as much as 80% of all votes there. SF also won one district in the central hills where Tamils are the majority. Now, NGO parasites and SF readily accept that part of the results but dispute the total results.

      For one thing, the government could have stuffed the ballet boxes and won all seats there if they resorted to sham practices. And they could have done it with the strong presence of the army there.

      The fact that SF had won everywhere Tamils and Muslims are the majority is a good enough proof for election is fair. Ranil W, Hakeem and some others in the opposition accepted the entire results, but stupid SF and JVP dispute it.

      Now that Rajapakse had won the Presidency, his party will win the parliamentary elections as well. The IC, their NGOs and the Christian evangelists will continue hatch new conspiracies against him. But he will overcome all of them and usher Sri Lanka to new heights.

      Had General Fonseka become the president of Sri Lanka, our country would be like Idi Amin’s Uganda in the late sixties.

      • Crow

        Well said sis

      • SL Lover

        Leela, Sri Lanka with MR can now join the list of countries like Iran, Zimbabwe and Myanmar. You have one choice, accept the war crime and poll rigging or destroy SL as MR its Head of state. Where there is a smoke, there is fire. MR, instead of celebrating his 60% landslide win, he is kidnapping, assaulting, arresting and deporting media personals and blocking and sealing their websites and offices. Doesn’t this tell something wrong? We don’t know who the people’s choice was.

  13. Gandi

    This is not the first one , I would term the world’s first hi-tech election rigging programme was the past Indian election where congress Govt agents played the roll .Same game applied again here with their help too ?.
    Democracy and humanity were long died in Sri Lanka.

    • Ravin

      Gandi is rite..i see simalarity between today news article “India is relieved MR is in power” what a coincidence…hehe

    • Sen

      True, SL king got help from the same company who did it to Congress in India.. no wonder the out-come

      now we dont have a king – we have a Ali- Baba

  14. Ratnam

    The Island – “Tthe Commissioner’s speech suggested that something sinister had happened and the Commissioner himself had indicated that he was subject to some trauma (arthathiyakata). The Commissioner had said that whatever incident occurred, he would have to bear it by himself.
    What this statement reveals is that the Commissioner could not fulfill his duties in the manner he had expected. What had actually happened to him? Was he exposed to some harm on election night? Or was he subject to some pressure before that? Did he have to face a threat or fear?

    General feeling of the public: What is remarkable is that the President is not behaving like a man who has gained such a remarkable victory. Even during a statement made after the results he looked guilty and dared not look at the cameras, which made me realise that he still may have a conscience.

  15. Harshe

    MR = More Robbery

  16. the biggest swindlers in sri lankan history. there were die hard supporters for the worlds worst dictators likehitler, stalin, polpot etc, thug mahinda will also, not be short of blind supporters either in uniform or civiies.

    god bless all of us.

    • abarang

      peter you can’t have the cake and eat it too..this is how democratic systems work my friend.. if 60% of the population is blind, then so be it..they too have votes.

      • Suria

        Authoritarian system also works the same way: ask Chinese, they would tell you. China also conducts elections. Only one party can contest – the Chinese Communist Party! Here the voting is 100%. You can’t claim they are blind though.

        • abarang

          Can you see SL situation is different from China – we had about 20 candidates contesting from nearly as many political parties, not one party as in China. Furthermore our voter turnout was around 70% – a record for Sri Lanka still well below 100% in China.

        • wimal

          Talking about China and elections, I was reminded of Sirimavos China visit in the 60s. She asked Mao how often he had elections and he replied “Every morning”.

        • Nariya

          He,he, what was he thinking…. And what was SHE thinking when she asked him this naughty question?

        • Paul

          Quote: wimal says:
          February 1, 2010 at 10:09 amT… She asked Mao how often he had elections and he replied “Every morning”.

          You mean “EveLy morning” ;<)

      • hinnaya

        This woman surely knew that:-
        1. In Mao’s China elections were not tolerated.
        2. The Chinese mix their Rs and Ls.
        So why DID she have to ask this question? Maybe it was her way of getting her kick, knowing that Mao at his age was still capable of having e(L/R) ections …..oh now im getting confused about which letter to use (like the great Confucius).

  17. vssubramaniam

    Rajapakse outclasses Kazai in the much abused presidential elections
    The hype after release of Kazai (2009) election results led to an outcry over the electoral abuses for a run-off ballot. A third of Kazai’s votes were invalidated by a ‘U.N. backed Electoral Commission (none in Sri Lanka-SL) based on ‘clear and convincing ‘evidence of fraud’ in the elections.
    Unlike Kazai, Rajapakse’s reputed tight iron curtain ensured that ‘evidence of fraud’ was covered up that detection and leaks of information on electoral frauds were impossible. Embedded Sinhala chauvinism in SL did contribute to Rajapakse’s voting strength, but electoral fraud and other mal-practices also played a major part in Rajapakse’s much boasted ‘…mandate’. The US embassy congratulated Rajapakse on his victory and also called for “’a thorough investigation of the (fraud) allegations’. SL’s observance of democratic norms is in such a pitiable state that attempts to seek redress for electoral abuses are exercises in futility.
    Yet public interest calls for such blatant electoral rigging are exposed. A 4.17 million valid votes would have delivered Sarath a win in a credible fraud free election. Opinion polls despite their faults allow for a margin of error of +/- 5 per cent not 44 per cent deviation from forecast; excessive statically to require impartial investigation.
    In Afghanistan despite the presence of election observers in sufficient strength (unlike in SL) Kazai fraudulently boosted his total votes by over 33 per cent. Rajapakses’ using this tool gained more estimated at 44 per cent. Adjusted for this Sarath would have won by 1.5 million. Extensive ballot stuffing apparently occurred in the news blackout days just preceding the announcement of the official results. One conclusion is certain; Rajapakse’s win was not boosted by normal increases of total votes polled or an increase in voter participation rate.
    The Rajapakse rushed the elections to take full advantage of the mechanism he had in place to use ballot rigging to guarantee his victory. Only 18 per cent of the virtually disenfranchised (polling cards not delivered and public transport suspended that those with polling cards do not go to the polling booths) Tamils voted. The climate of fear (white vans, disappearances, arrests) affected both the Tamils and Sinhalese voters and the explosions on the morning of election day despite the heavy presence of the security forces (dotting every few meters in the North) in such strength had only one objective; to frighten away anti-Rajapakse voters. Loyal bureaucrats manned the counting stations that allowed extensive ballot stuffing to go undetected. Vote stuffing on this scale effectively also disenfranchised the Sinhalese themselves.
    For the Tamils no longer stake holders in SL, elections or no elections with or without rigging are inconsequential. They only need to nurture a culture of self reliance to safeguard their lives and their life supporting assets.

  18. dutu

    last time ltte adjusted tamil voter this time mpr&co

    • Suria

      Last time LTTE did it only after Basil paid 180 million rupees.
      This time it was 0 rupees.

  19. Nihal

    Well, this is the same guy who said SF was not even fit to lead the Salvation Army not so long ago– coming from such a person I don’t think anyone ought to take these charges seriously…

  20. Shantha Jayawardene

    There’s a very big number of most senior and experianced government officials who can’t come out with their bitter experiance at this election due to the threat hanging over them says that there was a gimmic on this election. The truth will come out even 100 years after.

    • Sen

      Shantha, U are right.. but we have to admit Chandrika is the one who start this mis-using powers.. anyway there is a limited times for one’s life the stars are in high – after that they have to land on earth.. will wait & see.. no one will come out with this type of rule, I read a news today they sacked 13 officers in Army..reason is supporting SF.
      King is real Idi Amin now..

  21. Buwa

    Please go home Mangala. We had enough with you false aligations.

  22. Hewa

    The guy himself admits that he does not have concrete proof of his allegations. Why do not you first confirm your findings and then go public. You have spread lot of rumours during the election campaign without any proof and you are doing the same here. You always try to find fault with somebody or something and express it without any proof.
    The expressions of the election commissioner and the president during the official publication of the results are may be due to so many other reasons. You have to first investigate the entire counting process. according to the information available, the results are first published at the counting stations and then entered to the computers. The election commissioner cannot change the results as they are published at the counting stations. Please get the facts right before you fabricate a loose case.

  23. Nuwair Hashim

    after killing of thousand tamils civilions most singhalese budhist celebrate the war victory with Kiribath and kaums,,, i have a vast knowladge of bhudism and i was really shoked how mejorities go simply out of their important principle and celebrating a seromony for a death,,,

    i feel deeply in my heart to pass this masg that pls we have to protect beautifull bhudism priciplas and velues more than we fight to protect the country,,,,

    • Chamari

      singhalese celebrated the ‘freedom’ of human beings from the ruthless terrorism, not the ‘death’ of terrorists

  24. main place

    S F = Sorry Fonny!

  25. Sri Lankan

    Dear All,

    Mr. mangala , can you expalian to all , what is the proceure of vote counting?

    what SF polling agent did in all counting centers? let all the polling agent come and speak out.

    mangal will see the general election PA will lead 2.6Million votes.

  26. Chandra

    I quite agree with the submissions made by Sena.
    Being a responsible leader, Mr Managala Samaraweera can now get the details of the votes as certified by the Assistant Commissioners of Elections at the counting Centres and tally them with the computerised results released by the Election Commissioner.
    This could have been done on 27/01/2010 through General Sarath Fonseka’s accredited Representatives.
    This will prove whether or not Govt. Has Successfully Concluded World’s First Hi-Tech Election Rigging Operation as claimed by MR Mangala Samaraweera.
    Voters want an answer from Mr Mangala Samaraweera. Will he respond immediately please?

  27. Samuel

    ..ඇතුගල යක්‍ෂා වේෂයෙන්
    Thursday, January 28, 2010 Leave a Comment
    (January 29, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) ජනාධිපති මැතිවරණ සමයේදී ශ්‍රේෂ්ඨාධිකරණයේ නියෝග පවා නොතකමින් ඒක පාක්‍ෂික ලෙස ජාතික රූපවාහිනිය හැසිර වූ එහි සභාපති ඇතුගල මහතා ඉතා පහත් ලෙස තම විරුද්ධ පාක්‍ෂික සේවකයින්ගෙන් පලිගැනීමට ක‍්‍රියාකරමින් සිටින බව වාර්තා වේ.

    දැනට ලැබී ඇති තොරතුරු අනුව ජාතික රූපවාහිනී සංස්ථාවේ රොබට් කුමාර අලගියවන්න මහතා වහාම ක‍්‍රියාත්මක වන පරිදි සේවයෙන් පහකර ඇති අතර සේවයෙන් නෙරපා හරින ලද ලිපිය ඊයේ රැ ඔහුගේ නිවසටම ගොස් භාර දී තිබේ. මීට අමතරව වැඩ සටහන් නිෂ්පාදකවරුන් 6 දෙනෙකුගේ වැඩ තහනම් කිරීමට අදාල ලිපි මේ වන විටත් සකස් කර අවසන් බව එහි අභ්‍යන්තර ආරංචි මාර්ග සඳහන් කරයි. මෙලෙස වැඩ තහනමට නියම වී ඇති සේවකයින් අතර රූපවාහිනී සංස්ථා සේවක සංගමයේ භාණ්ඩාගාරික නිමල් තෙන්නකෝන් සහ ජාතික සේවක සංගමයේ ලේකම් හේම අජිත් යන අයද සිටින බව එම ආරංචි මාර්ග සඳහන් කරයි. කාංචන මාරසිංහ, ගාමිණී පුෂ්පකුමාර, රවි අබේවික‍්‍රම, මහින්ද ගුණතිලක ඊට අමතරව වැඩ තහනමට ලක්වීමට නියමිත වැඩ සටහන් නිෂ්පාදකවරු වෙති.

    මැතිවරණ සමයේ යක්‍ෂාවේෂයෙන් හිට්ලර්, ඉඩි අමින් වැනි ඒකාධිපති පාලකයින් ගැන නිතර ප‍්‍රචාරය කරන ලද ජාතික රූපවාහිනී සංස්ථාව සහ එහි සභාපතිවරයා මැතිවරණ ප‍්‍රතිඵල නිකුත්වීමත් සමග මෙලෙස යක්‍ෂාවේෂයෙන් තම විරුද්ධ පාක්‍ෂිකයින්ගෙන් පලිගැනීම පිළිබඳව දැඩි පිළිකුලෙන් යුතුව හෙලා දකින බව එහි සේවකයෝ තවදුරටත් අප හා පැවසූහ.

  28. John

    Mangala, you are a shameless tongue twister. How can you face the public and say things like this when you don’t even sure of what comes out your foul mouth?

  29. Shiva

    Now it is for the Sinhala people to rally and show their frustration of election rigging and fraud with the help of India.

  30. i am a dual national based in the uk – I received an email today from MR’s camp thanking me for my vote –

    I didnt even vote!!! I wonder how many other expats votes have been used like this??!!

  31. bibbikkan

    Shut up Mangy boy. Becose most Shingalayas are Modayaas.dont think all Shingalaya are Moodayas. What you did when you Minister? Only making money for your own pocket. an talking nonsens. Now go away an form a boys club if you have nothin more to do. Only get the madams permission before that. ok..

  32. HUD

    Government has has done many “1st in the world” things. One of them is defeating LTTE, one of the most powerful terrorist groups in the world, with a army leader who was categorized by you as “unsuitable even for the Salvation Army”

  33. Chema

    Dear Mangala, in the recent history you have revealed lot of things like that and we hope yo keep up your habit. People believe you and the past election result showed it clearly. Keep it up and save the nation.

  34. Manula

    Dear Mangala, Yes in the recent history you have revelead many things.. got hammerd from Fonseka.. crying for the western money..what stop stories.. dont make rift between people and work towards the country progress. We requred to build the country and not make bad image about SLworld wide.

  35. N.C.Wijeratne


    • lamiisa

      Ssshhhh…. N.C.Wije ….. Guard your tongue ….otherwise the white van will follow you and no one will know the truth about YOU..

    • Sena

      Wijeratne, As if the silly stuff Managala came up with is not enough, you now have the impertinence to offer this outrageous sugsestion involving a so called International Commission to seek the truth! Do you honestly think that as a nation, we lack the capacity to add up some sets of figures and ascertain the totals involved ourselves without calling for international intervention? Kindly read comments from Chandra under date 01 February above to enlighten yourself as to the crux of the matter.

    • Chamari

      Mangala is making gounds to talk in the coming general election!! poor chap

  36. Panduka Dasanayake

    From time immemorial people have considered freedom to be their natural state, and when freedom is denied, they have yearned for, fought for, and died for it. In modern democracies, civil, economic, and political freedoms of the people are paramount.
    The allegations here are about the government denying to people their political rights. This a violation of the sanctity of fundamental freedoms guaranteed by the democratic constitution of this land.
    it is sad when Lankans have to fight for their democratically declared rights and liberties, because a corrupt and ruthless government lusts for power at any cost!
    The civilised world has accepted that when freedom is forcibly denied, people have the right to insurrection to regain those rights, even in instances of organised slavery.
    When Lanka’s opposition parties take their protest to the public as planned tomorrow, it is hoped that they sufficiently motivate the people to acknowledge that there was indeed an organised pilfering of votes and violation of the electoral process, sufficiently large to justify the gravity of the allegation, and we pray that they be safe from untoward state action.
    May this land be blessed with just and fair rule!
    May all be safe and well!

  37. Sivaji

    SF branded this guy few months before as a person who make ladies underware and does not know anything on war techniques. Now it seems SF is correct. He does not know about computer or under ware both. But he is a born expert to split the unity of political parties and let them vanish off as betrayors.

  38. Randy Mathew


    • Chamari

      Randy as you say …if MR hijacked victory in 2005, as a sri lankan i am truly happy about that. Because of that hijacked victory in 2005 we and our children have a terrorism free country today. If Ranil won in 2005 election still the country is same as before 2005. Thank you Mr. President

      • Panduka Dasanayake

        Thank you Chamari, and we can all agree that the terrorism that the LTTE leaders unleashed on hapless civilians, whether in the south or the north, was something that just had to be stopped. In fact the stupid sense on invincibility that the LTTE developed in their psyche led to their undoing, as they violated agreement after agreement, culminating in the CFA of 2002.

        Getting rid of armed terrorism by this known group of Tamil militants was undoutedly a good thing.
        However, the reservation that I think My Randy Matthew and many others hold has no issue with that part of what the Rajapakse administration achieved.

        The issues are related to1) the manner in which the war was prosecuted, in that, whether all precautions were substantially taken to safeguard civilian life and property at all times; and 2) whether the administration followed the basic laws of the land when it came to the rest of governance of the whole land. In other words, were the laws of the land upheld vis-a-vis the ordinary citizens in the south, was the press and its worthy journalists free to report, were opposition politicians treated fairly and democratically?

        If the answers to these are ‘no,’ or have to be qualified in any way you think justified, then the issue that arises from Mr Matthew’s comment is whether there exists what is called ‘state terror.’

        Let’s also remember that when the state knowingly violates known laws and conventions of the supreme legislature, there arises reason for those affected by such actions to react.

        It is said that when freedoms are wantonly denied and laws against arbitrary use of state power are violated, then those affected have no choice but to have recourse to insurrection, and none can deny that, historically, the Lankan State had given reason to sections in both the north and the south, to feel sufficiently excluded so as to take to arms to be heard.

        The LTTE took it a couple of steps further, and their own limited taste of success against the state’s forces for sometime, their deep distrust of dealing with the Sinhalese, and a stupid sense of invincibility led them to make the biggest blunder in thinking Prez Rajapakse, would also, like leaders before, have a humanitarian approach to pacifying them for the sake of saving many innocents getting caught in the crossfire as it were.

        Then the question we are left with is, does the success over terrorism of the LTTE justify the continuation of limiting people’s democratic freedoms, and violation of laws by the state? If these are seen to continue, then they are nothing short of ‘state terror,’ against which , the people will rise sooner or later, and it can lead to a time of strife.

        In that sense, the limited taste of success that the LTTE felt and which emboldened them to disregard the freedom of peace loving citizens totally, and the state feeling that the people must bow down to them in deference because they succeeded in fighting LTTE terrorism, is no different!

        This, and the resultant sense of disregarding the wishes of peace-loving citizens of the whole of Lanka, and acting arbitrarilly, is what , I believe, are the concerns in Mr Matthew’s comment.

        Thank you, once more, Chamari.

        May this land be blessed with just and fair rule!
        May all be safe and well!.

  39. Nallasiva

    Mangala, when you were on the losing side you called this man all dirty names like Salvation army leader,Tin Soldier etc etc. Now you smell WAASI PATTHATA HOYYA and want to lick the crumbs falling from his plate so you are supporting him even tho you know he can turn out to be Asias worst communal minded tinpot dictator. Grow up man. And stop keeping the company of powerful women. That seems to be your problem.

  40. Mahesalingam

    Just heard that Namal has renamed his movement THARUNAYATA HILAK……..maybe referring to the BIG hole they have already created in the countrys economy after Poncy Cabraal allowed them to spirit away the stolen funds.

  41. janthu

    If Mahinda is a true hero he has to act like one.

    1. Do not use public property/military for politics.
    2. Let the police act impartially.
    3. Cut down the cabinet.
    4. Eliminate corruption.
    5. Get rid of supporters who are a disgrace to our society.

    Now that he has got such a massive mandate from the people, if he can commit himself to the above, he will truly be our king forever. If he can not, all these accusations against him will be accepted by masses as true.

  42. Paul

    “Computer manipulation ‘impossible”

    The computer expert who was involved in presenting the final results in the recently concluded presidential polls has categorically rejected the accusations that the count was rigged using the latest technology.
    Dr. Ruwan Weerasinghe, Director of the School of Computing, University of Colombo, told BBC Sandeshaya that the results were entered to the computer system after several verifications and cross checking. “There were about 25,000 polling stations in Sri Lanka. The results from these centres are brought to about 880 counting centres,” Dr. Weerasinghe said.

    “Hand counted results from these centres are faxed to the commissioner of elections after the polling agents sign the results, the count is supervised and signed off by agents from political parties,” he added.

    The Director also said that the results are checked again before they are entered to the computer.


  43. Kingkong

    Mangala before you start talking about computer manipulation, I would advise you to learn about computer yourself. You look a real fool when you try to talk about a subject you do not know head or tail about it! You are a No.1 stupid!



    • abarang

      Anyone with an iota of brain will understand that 64 ballot papers not counted out of 10,000,000+ total is causing less than 0.00064% margin of error in the final outcome hence statistically insignificant.
      Furthermore with nearly 4,000,000 Ponseka supportes voting at the election i.e hanging around the ballot boxes, there are that many (i.e 4,000,000 ) chances that any one of them could have engaged in this mischievous act purely to discredit the Elections Commissioner and the winning candidate…
      For heavens sake when are you going to put paid to this ongoing deception ?

  45. coco butter

    Mangala gal!

    We are willing to believe everything you say when you are ready to come out of the closet! ;)

  46. indunika

    Dear Miss Mangala S,
    Please stop talking nonsense and go back to your cookery classes.

    • pipuna

      Knitting will be better. Cookery needs a little more skill and intelligence.

    • John

      SF once referred to Mangy as a man who makes underwear for people. I’m sure Mangy must be making free underwear for the Fonseka family these days. If Fonseka does not keep a safe distance with Mangy, very soon he will become Ponnaseka and not Fonseka.

  47. coco butter

    Mangala …I think you should become Fredrica Janz’s assistant!

  48. abarang

    Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva says the recent presidential election is the most free and fair election conducted in the country. The US ambassador in Sri Lanka as well as the opposition leader Ranil Wickremasinghe have stated that the election was free and fair. The Minister further says that the opposition is accusing the government in this regard in order to cover their defeat. The President received a majority of 1.8 million votes. The Minister questions whether such a large number of votes could be manipulated through frauds. The people have extended their gratitude to the government at the presidential election exceeding expectations. This also points out that the masses have endorsed the government’s programme. Minister de Silva further says the local voters have demonstrated intellectuals political wisdom, disregarding unfounded accusations. The presidential election results clearly demonstrates that the public opinion could not be changed through false charges. The government’s programmes initiated in the northern and eastern provinces are being implemented continuously. The stance of the government is to treat all areas alike, disregarding political party or any other differences. The rural level development programmes in the south are to be reorganised. It is certain that the government will receive two thirds majority in parliament in a future parliamentary election. This will pave the way for a constitutional amendment. Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva further said that such a revision would enable to introduce an appropriate electoral system in place of the present proportional representation system.

  49. abarang

    The election commissioner guarantees that the results of the presidential election are extremely accurate.
    Wednesday, 03 February 2010 13:47
    Election Commissioner Dayananda Dishanayake says that he sternly rejects the analysis made by certain groups regarding the election results. He reiterates that the election results are extremely accurate. Processing of results has taken place according to the general methodologies. The computer unit of the Colombo University has been used for computerisation. The Colombo University is not a private company but an institution which has established confidence in the country. He expressed regret for identifying the activities of this institution as that of a private company. The commissioner added that he would guarantee with confidence that the university carried out its activities in an extremely responsible manner.

  50. Sena

    The Commissioner of Elections ought to be commended for having taken the opportunity though a little belatedly to clarify matters in relation to the process of counting of votes and ascertaining the final results using computer technology. Reading his explanations and clarifications, it is most unlikely that there still are people who have the heart to talk, with any measure of seriousness, about Mangala’s allegation of a ‘high-tech fraud’ involving the presidential election result.

    A significant issue that arises from this episode is why people should rush to raise serious allegations of this nature without first ascertaing facts. It is all the more intriguing when such allegations do originate from key leaders and politicians popularly considered to be educated and also experienced in national affairs. A civilised norm is for people to be gracious in defeat. Such behaviour adds to greatness. To the contrary, irrational behaviour on the part of politicians when confronted with defeat could be damaging not only to them personaly but also to the image of the country as well. In this instance, the allegations raised have gained wide publicity in foreign countries thus leading to the wrong impression that Sri Lanka cannot even conduct a presidential election in the proper manner devoid of fraudulent practices. Thus, the reputation of the country has undoubtedly taken an unnecessary beating as a result. That is indeed a regrettable situation.

    Not only politicians, there are also citizens blessed with the capacity to read and write (and thus falling into the category of the privileged educated lot) who have unfortunately contributed to spreading of canards in recent days concerning the election result. Imagine, for some of them, the fact that the Commissioner of Elections appeared stressed at the time of officially declaring the election result, was tangible evidence to prove that the election result was definitely ‘rigged’! (This issue featured at the Commissioner’s press briefing and his explanation was that he had been continuously at work for 30 long hours leading upto the time of announcing results and that may have made him to reflect an unrelaxed posture.) And, yet others
    concluded that there was definite foul play and manipulation of the result because the President Mahinda Rajapakse appeared to be in a sort of ‘concerned’ mood at the time of hearing that he had won the presidential race!

    There is certainly an absolute need for the politicians and the citizens alike to act with graciousness, maturity and, above all, RESPONSIBILITY at all times and particularly when confronted with difficult situations.

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