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Lanka Newspaper Sealed By Cid

By Mandana Ismail Abeywickrema

Lanka employees stad outside their sealed office Photo by Thusitha Kumara

The CID yesterday sealed the Lanka newspaper office in Delkanda, Nugegoda after receiving a court order.

The newspaper office according to an editorial member of Lanka was sealed around 2.30 p.m. He told The Sunday Leader that the CID after visiting the newspaper office about three times earlier in the morning had arrived around 2.15 p.m. and requested all its employees to step outside, as they had received a court order to seal the newspaper office.

The CID on Friday (29) took Lanka newspaper editor Chandana Sirimalwatte for questioning and later on in the evening members of the CID had accompanied Sirimalwatte back to the newspaper office and had carried out a search.

“Chandana was questioned inside the office premises till early Saturday morning. He was then taken to his house and brought back to office. The CID took him with them. It was when they returned to the office for the fourth time in the afternoon that they informed us the office was going to be sealed,” the editorial member said.

Sirimalwatte was on an earlier occasion questioned by the CID during the Presidential election campaign for a lead story published in the newspaper. Also, three Lanka journalists were taken into custody last year when they visited Bevaraliya, Deniyaya to report on the alleged Presidential palace being built in the area.

Police Spokesperson SSP I.M. Karunaratne told The Sunday Leader that the newspaper office was sealed by the CID after receiving a court order.

He said the CID had requested for the order following an investigation currently being conducted by the Department.

However, when asked what the CID was investigating into with regard to the Lanka newspaper, SSP Karunaratne said he was unable to respond as the matter was being handled by the CID.

Officials at the CID told The Sunday Leader that it was DIG CID who could respond to questions regarding the sealing of the Lanka newspaper. However, DIG CID Nandana Munasinghe was not available for comment.

37 Comments for “Lanka Newspaper Sealed By Cid”

  1. Edward

    here some the democracy, jaya wewa

  2. Ariya

    Good! We don’t want BS newspapers, do we?

    • kugan

      maybe a hardcore down south guy dont need democracy but we do n therefor we need all kinds of news papers.
      if u feel BS, then dont buy

      • Ananda

        We don’t buy. Even 60% of voters don’t buy. But you can fool 40% of our “Mongal” population

        • Dilshan

          Buddhist Monks are from Mongolia. Some Buddhist Children looks like Mongal(Lion/Singha) face.

        • Johann

          Ananda, you are a modaya who is barely capable of thought…what are you doing on this site.

          When the President decides to line people up unfortunately it wont be you. You contaminate the gene pool to keep Sl in the third world.

      • Ariya

        We don’t buy the sh*t. We only read such BS newspapers online. We don’t read JVP newspapers either. Its better to close all BS newspapers

  3. Senaka Amarathunga

    Lanka paper published some important information to public.
    that was about LTTE. As a newspaper they cant do like they have to punish
    according to our internal low.

  4. Anton

    A few months back, a very smart woman said of the President: “The question is whether he will be Mandela or Mugabe.” Rajapaksa wasted no time in answering that question.

  5. Roshan Perera

    Srilanka at present called as “Democratic Socialist Republic of Srilanka” sooner will change to ‘Democratic Socialist Slave Republic of Srilanka”. Because people will be slaves in their own country, something they will realize after 8 years. It is not the minority that will be slaves, even the majority will be slaves too. They will have no rights whatsoever other than living in the country. After that time the “Republic” will go away, MR will be king so he owns the country, so the name will change to “Kingdom of Srilanka”. This the future to our country.

  6. ljlanka

    If anybody thinks that anyone who registered as a newspaper can publish anything what they want, it is wrong. Look at the following link. How is this news reports are?
    Does anybody think this type of news gossip bulletins should get the protection as a free media? If they can get that protection, someone can yelling with all filthy words in front of school can get the protection free speech law.
    All those freedoms are designed for the benefit of people. As long as they are harm full to the society, it should be banded. Political propaganda is a one thing. Harming to the country and society is one thing. People must have the right to know the truth. People pay money to buy this news papers. So they are protected under consumer protection laws too. People pay money to see through news. They are registered as a News Paper they must give through news to the people. Not Gossips.

    • raguna

      I saw the page your link points to. They may be half truth. But the fact is such news was all over state media during election times. Rupavahini and ITN were giving much more false and fabricated news. What about the false propaganda about SF’s candidacy being invalid given repeatedly over state media right on the election day. A news item is how wrong or right will depend on the individual and his point of view. Therefore it is useless trying to argue who is right or which paper or media is more biased. But the fact is where the country is being led to by such acts. Such controls on press freedom and political freedom was seen in 60′s and 70′s and we all know how it ended up.

    • ayesh

      1 How do you know those news are NOT TRUE ?
      2 How about the gossips spread by none other than military spokesman ! 400+ deserters bla bla blas… Should we kicked out him too ?
      3 How about lies spread by SLRC on the election day? Should we close that too?

  7. SL Lover

    MR mastered poll rigging by unnecessarily conducting all 8 provincial council elections except the North (where grenades were blasted to scare people) during his first term while war was going on and after that. During this time, Commissioner of Election office was completely cleaned up and his people were installed in all jobs. Now, no matter who voted for whom, MR only can win, nobody else. This is why he was very keen on having all provincial elections to be prepared for his sure second term. Opposition Leaders were week to see this coming. Can SF provide a summary report as to what happened on each of the 11,098 polling stations from his 2 polling agents on each of them, on Jan 26th? How about another summary report on 886 counting centers from his agents? And then proof, it was rigged. SF, don’t just blame with out any facts in your hand. Where there is a fire, there is smoke. MR, instead of celebrating his win, he is kidnapping, assaulting, arresting and deporting media personals and blocking and sealing their websites and offices. Doesn’t this tell something wrong? We don’t know who was the people’s choice

  8. Roshan Perera

    SL LOVER says “Now, no matter who voted for whom, MR only can win, nobody else”. YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. Srilanka has three types of votes. A – Minority Voters . B – Educated Voters who understand the economy C- Voters who are against the Tamils and LTTE and defacto MR is their hero. Voters type C constitutes 60% and hence MR can never loose. The political parties have become irrelevant to to Srilanka, going by the vote statistics, in the parliamentary elections SLFP will bag clsoe to 170 , JVP will bag 0, UNP will bag 15, and TNA will bag 20 and become the opposition party. The Type C voters are even prepared to undergo any hardship as long as minority is given a hardship. MR is the only person who can do this.Forget all those billion rupee corruptions, as long as you can screw the minority, you are empowered to do Trillion rupee corruptions.


  10. Shaik

    We do not know the reasons why this newspaper office was closed. It is wrong to speculate because invariably they would all be for undemocratic reasons. I strongly root for the preservation of all media, even those that are critical because it then gives you the opportunity to refute and argue your case and educate your critics. Shutting them up will only exacerbate the falsities and cynics would start believing them too.

  11. Anton

    What astonishes me is how STUPID it is to go after newspapers and journalists this way, even if some of them are publishing fact-free stories. The harm to the country from this kind of lawless behaviour by the government itself is far, far greater than any danger presented by a free, uncensored press.

    History teaches that this kind of oppression never ends well for the oppressors. How come they themselves cannot see this?

    As for future treatment of Tamils, the Rajapaksa regime can learn yet another lesson from the Israelis: Only the victors can be magnanimous. If they are instead cruel and vindictive, a simmering civil war could last for decades, as it has in the middle east.

  12. raguna

    More examples for media freedom; quote;
    “Lanka-e-News office sealed by unknown group –40 death threats within 45 mins.! –whither media freedom?
    (Lanka-e-News, Feb.01, 2009, 10.30AM) January 28th night, a group of unknown persons who raided the Lanka e news Office premises have sealed it by padlocking the main gate leading to our office with chains and locks.
    Since yesterday night (29) until now, it is reported that an unknown trishaw has been parked with two men inside gazing around. The three wheel Number is 21 -3450.
    Meanwhile, the Lanka e news Editor has received over 40 death threat calls within just 45 mins. Though most of the telephone numbers could not be identified, 15 numbers have been track-able.”

    • Marlon

      ha ha. lanka-e-news does it consider as a unbiased web site. good for tamils. the idiots. lol.

      • raguna

        Who said unbiased and where on earth you get unbiased web sites or media for that matter.

  13. I am glad they moved courts to reopen their paper. Having said that I must say something about their paper as well.
    ‘Lanka’ news paper hard print and Lanka-e-news does not carry comments contrary to their views. All we see are the comments that endorse and back up their write-ups. Don’t take my word. Write a comment opposing their views and see whether they publish it. I have been trying this during the whole of last week without success.
    Yet, the journalists at those two papers project themselves as liberators of democracy. What a joke.
    Though I do not agree with political ideology of ‘The Leader’, I read all their write-ups. And I respect and defend the right for their views because they publish our comments as well. Now that’s true democracy. Can Lanka say the same?

    • safa

      Leela I’m not a Lanka fan. But even my comments supporting their views were not published. so what do you say?

  14. raguna

    We do not have unbiased media in SL. What we have is biased and moderately biased media. I am not a fan of ‘Lanka’ either but in this environment when almost all of media is either biased or moderately biased to one side, especially the state media which has a moral duty to be impartial, people do need the opposite view. Any news which is fabricated will be rejected and die down as most of the news we heard during election time, and the truth only will remain in the hearts of the people. Clamping down of media as well as resorting to all kinds of undemocratic acts against opposition will only help sustain suspicions, if any on the mind of the people.

  15. jayathilaka


  16. Just what I was looking for – Thanks for the nice post and I’ve bookmarked it again for future reference :-) Cheers

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