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Poor Sarath Fonseka

by Baila Man (

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Honestly, there was nothing shocking about Fonseka’s loss in the 2010 presidential elections. Ask a nationalist if Sarath Fonseka was any more instrumental in the defeat of the Tigers than Brigadier Shavendra Silva, and the answer is more than likely going to be “no”.

The Commander of the 58th division (formerly Task Force 1), Shavendra Silva, was instrumental in taking on the Tigers deep in their heartland. Troops under his command ran through Tamil Tiger strongholds, taking town after town, progressing quicker than most experts thought possible. The voter base Fonseka hoped to garner support from knew all too well the most minutest detail of how the war was won.

Ask anyone who followed the end of the war closely and they are likely to tell you Fonseka’s role was nothing more than passing on orders. The Sinhalese nationalist voter, that Fonseka hoped to win over, knew that the Rajapaksas transformed a military which had struggled to defeat the Tigers to a professional fighting force. Fonseka, nor the Sri Lanka Army could defeat the Tigers before. We know it was only possible post 2005 due to the will of Mahinda Rajapaksa.

It appears the voters knew that too.

In his resignation letter, upon stepping down as Commander in Chief to run for president, Fonseka said he was unhappy with the treatment he received after the end of the war. He was convinced that he was instrumental in winning the war.

As far as the average man was concerned it was Rajapaksa who made it all possible.

So who voted for Fonseka? Opposition supporters, Tamils who supported the Tamil Tigers and wanted Rajapaksa defeated as a means of getting even, and those who down right hate Mahinda Rajapaksa for reasons best known only to them.

Some didn’t care what would become of Sri Lanka had Fonseka won, they just wanted to see Mahinda fail at something, anything.

The Tamil Tigers and their funding source (the 1million strong Tamil diaspora spread across parts of Europe, Canada, and Australia) were praying that Rajapaksa would be defeated. David Poo’pillai the national spokesman for the pro-Tamil Tiger Canadian Tamil Congress told AFP weeks ahead of the poll that the “Tamil diaspora wants Mahinda to be defeated.”

Poopalapillai is seen on this video here supporting the Tamil Tigers on Canadian national television. Canada has listed the Tamil Tigers as a terrorist organisation.

So it was no surprise then that Poo’pillai’s British counterparts calling themselves “Global Tamil Forum” these days, led by the Tamil Tiger propagandist Suren Surinendran, were devastated this morning at the news that Mahinda had won.

Suren like Poo’pillai had backed the pro-Tiger Tamil National Alliance which had thrown it’s weight behind Fonseka in hopes of avenging the defeat of the Tamil Tigers.

The only thing Fonseka had in common with all these groups who backed him is their personal gripe with Rajapaksa. So the next time you hear Fonseka talk about representing the aspirations of the people, ask him to go f*ck himself. We know better.

With that said, we get a better understanding of the 6,015,934 voters who turned up in support of Rajapaksa. 57.88% of 14,088,500 voters placed their faith in Mahinda Rajapaksa with no ulterior motives, or with revenge in mind, or sinister agendas up their sleeves. They voted for him because they have firm faith in him to take Sri Lanka forward after war.

In the end the Sinhalese majority vote was not split as the foreign media had hoped. The minority vote did not decide the election. The results from the Western Province, namely Colombo- a multi ethnic city where Burghers, Tamils and Muslims make up over 50% of the population, if looked at closely enough, will reveal that even the non-Sinhalese backed Rajapaksa to some extent. Rajapaksa took Colombo by 52.93% (614,740 votes).

If you are Sri Lankan then you know what’s next. There will be claims from the opposition of a rigged election. Fonseka has already written to the Elections Commission crying foul. The following is an excerpt from the BBC,

Dear commissioner of elections. Before and after handing over the nomination papers, President Rajapaksa’s election campaign has made great use of state resources.

Further, there have been threats, intimidation and accusations levelled against me. Many of my supporters were intimidated.

The government engaged in a campaign abusing state media and state resources to accuse me of being a foreign agent and a traitor.

Eventually it will sink in. Fonseka will realise that the sheer margin of defeat cannot be attributed to abuse of state media. That’s a feeble excuse.

In the letter, Fonseka also tells the Commissioner of Elections that he fears for his safety,

I humbly request you to order the inspector general of police and other appropriate authorities to take appropriate security measures to protect my life and to protect my freedom of movement.

Ironic isn’t it? Fonseka, once the Commander of the all powerful quarter million strong Sri Lanka Army now fears for his own safety and is holed up at his residence. Moments after the election results were announced Fonseka had summoned the media and informed them that he feared leaving the hotel. Several hours later he departed with no incident.

The government appears to be bemused by all this. Another quote from the BBC,

Late at night, Gen Fonseka finally left the hotel in a BMW and was not arrested. “Why should we persecute him?” asked Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa.

But the president’s brother said the authorities were concerned about allegations against them made by Gen Fonseka during the campaign.

Fonseka betrayed the very administration that was responsible for making him a war hero. Those close to him backed him and lulled him into a false sense of security where he felt he was popular enough to be voted in as the next president. He failed. He stepped down from his post as Commander in Chief and now he is nothing. What was he thinking? Did he really think that an opposition which the people have no faith in could win him an election?

Poor Sarath Fonseka.

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  1. JP

    Poor Fellow, Is he hallucinating or what? Thank you Baila man for bring some sense to the people who cannot figure out this simple facts of 2010 Sri Lankan elections! It was simply a JOKE!

    • gamma


      • Ari

        What do you mean by “The Sinhalese nationalist voter”, Baila Man? This is OUR country, Baila Man, this is our country. Is there any other country, where Sinhalese live? The Sinhalese should always vote for a Sinhalese, not a half-baked “foreigner” or Kalu Sudda from Colombo 7.

        • Menik

          I think Mr. Fonseka is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress disorder. Other than that, I cannot find a reason for his irrational behviour, accusations and allegations towards most everyone in the government. Ranil and the crowd finally got the message and have dropped SF like a hot potato. I hope SF gets some medical/counseling help to get him through the rest of his life.

      • A tale of three toilets, two army volunteers officers have a hearty shiiiiiit singing cou,cou,cou,cou,cou,hibou, cou, cou, Mrs Srimavo Banda in the third toilet got her jungis’ wet in fear and had all the officers arrested and shut in the magazine prison, well finally the entire world had a laugh it was the first Kakussi coup, maybe gothabhaya forgot the KaKUSSI COUP SONG

  2. Minnal Sri from London

    Baila man, you need your brain checked by a doctor. How much you got paid by your master to tell this rubbish. Frget about the Tamils for the time being. How many poor journalists got killed by your master and his merry men. How much your master and his family swindle the public money. Baila man, are you part of it?

    • Just shut up & stay where you never see the sun! Like you know who killed the journalists, why didn’t you go to the authorities if you are a witness? You are talking about the master swindling money, where did your General get the money to book 20 rooms in the Cinnamon Lake Side hotel?

      • raguna

        Authorities ? Where are they ? Where are the courts. Who cares for court verdicts. Who cares for the rules & regulations. When the King flouts the constitution openly and disgracefully who dares to go to authorities. When the man who contested in an election, which is a democratic right for any citizen of the country, why go hunting for his life. Although a few brainwashed people cannot see, the whole world has seen the dirty drama that has taken place.

        Like some journalist association has said this is not a country for democracy & fair elections. This is good for centuries old tradition of the Kings and their suckers.

        • Eddi

          Your ethnicity seems to give the unfounded bemused negative criticism over Sri Lanka. If you started to believe in foreign media and that is the fist step to alienate yourself from the Sri Lankan ground realities. May you have a better sense. When someone as like yourself wants to hate something somebody you people will find and create things to hate even more. Poor sod!

        • raguna

          Eddi, don’t believe me. Read the statement of EC made in front of the President announcing the result. He said “I couldn’t protect even a single ballot box this time”. And we all saw the agony he was going through on TV.

          Did you say something about my ethnicity. I am a Sri Lankan and Sinhala-Buddhist and I am ashamed to say that now.

          And now for your information; the govt. is closing down media institutions against them (Lanka paper) and blocking web sites when needed (Lankaenews etc.) and now tracking down IP addresses of people against them. They have already got down Chinese IT Experts for this purpose. So we may go off air soon, and you guys can happily blow your trumpets for the untruth knowingly or not.

        • Ari

          Usually, you guys are anti-Sri Lanka, Raguna and you guys hate our motherland, so stay in that adopted country of yours and make sure you guys won’t betray it too, like you did to our motherland!

        • raguna

          Ari, Listen to what I have said without shouting the same thing like a parrot. I am not away. Deeply rooted in SL.

        • Condosthara Marvyn

          Aye mama’ne authority. Mata kiyapanko. Mama maranney apey Rajunta trarjanayak karanna unvah vitharai.

      • Don

        Not 20 but 60 rooms each at Cinnamon lake side and Taj Samudra ( altogether 120 rooms) . May be Minnal and co ( LTTE sympathizers) was behind the funding.

    • gamma

      stay in london & wash da toilets idiot! dont talk abt public money after running away to london

    • Wilson Thilakaratna

      Hollo, Minnal, Who killed Riched De Soyza? Why all TV political programs were suspended during Ranils,s regime? Can you name any Sri Lankan politician in successive governments from 1948 who was convicted in court of law for swindling money? All rubbish. Politicians of all over the world get money by way of donations that cannot be defined as corruptions. Ask from Jonston Fernando the amount of donations that Ranil got to UNP. Where that money has gone? You are asking Baila to check his brain and I suggest that you get a DNA test done to find your biological father.

      • manjula

        Did any of the guys about Buddhist priest got killed during the elections. Any comments why the great Mahajara Rajapasha silent on that???????????

        • Kennedy

          Hey Manjuka, prior to talking about HE President MR’s silence over the killings you’d better get some English lessons and come up to post comments.

      • Sasitha

        wilson.. true that

    • DJ

      Dont listen to katta katha

    • rakitha

      its poor fonseka now its poor Minnal, checked the previous comments of baila man and try to figure out his master..u should check ur brain too. C d light in the day not darkness

    • HUD

      For some people, something written against their belief is a rubbish, and the writer is a mad. For them, anything written supportive to their ideas are golden, and the writers are the heroes.
      Those are the people who must done their brains checked.

    • Don

      You are joking Minnal. SL is an anti govt paper how can you say this journalist got payed. This is the first time SL has spoken the truth. As the truth is always bitter better for you to not know the truth at all as it hurt your eelam feelings isnt it,…. poor Minnal….Try to read only the news from UK,UN etc. it will keep you happy

  3. Kalag

    The Southern Sri Lankans do not like a military man to be their political leader. That is why they didn’t vote for him in larger number. Whatever votes he had was the die-hard UNP, JVP and other votes. Unlike the comments by the foreign media (who have been fed by the Tamil diaspora) Singhalese people did not vote for “war heros” (either MR of SF). They voted for the country.

    The nuggling fact about SF is that he fell out with his boss, MR. MR gave him even the kitchen sink to fight the war and took all the blame on to himself (especially from USA, EU and even Indians-whose war we were fighting). But it was his sheer smartness and diplomacy finally won the day. Singhalese people rewarded him with another term. There is no secret why Tamils voted for SF- just to punish MR for defeating their army. Now they are in deep S**t because they are the ones who need MR badly. There sholud be something else to be noted. Almost 80% of the Tamils (northern) didn’t vote. It can’t be because of any intimidation or anything. They just don’t want to be part of the game. They probably knew that the feeling in the area is to punish MR and they just don’t want that. So SF (and TNA-importantly) can’t claim victory in Tamil areas either.

    • lionheart

      According to the chinese astrological calender, until 2011 only the uneducated, unworthy, and evil will govern the world order. Be it work or governance. If most of you see in your workplaces, this saying maybe true. This is just an example of it. MR is an uneducated thug who stood upto the world….that is his only qualification….Regarding the multi million rupee projects, only thing to say is that 4 of such could have been done by money spent on one….

      • Eddi

        Do u say uneducated thugs to lawyers?………….Do u have any idea…that MR was a lawyer by profession? I’m bemused to see your acute knowledge on facts………………Surely you should know better!……………..

      • Don

        Lion Heart ( shame on the lions any way) So is Sarath Fonseka educated? He joined the army just after finishing school and not with good passes even then. MR is a lawyer whether you like it or not. So before you write your 2 cents get the facts right


      It maybe true that Fonseka fared badly in the South during the Presidential elections – especially having suffered a humiliating defeat even in his own home terrace Ambalangoda. However, he fared pretty well in the former Tiger Terrorist held areas of the country. Perhaps he’s the one they view as their future leader. Taking up residence in Vavuniya or some place might be a good idea for him – unless he wants to go back home to America.

  4. Atupid Fonseka (SF)had just reached the end of his ego trip. He has no political future because he has no political party. Those political parties and individuals that jumped in to his soup or alliance had already abandoned him. He is on his own now.

    SF had forgotten that he would not have become the commander of the army, if not for Rajapakse. But all the Sinhala people remembered it. They were sad because he joined LTTE sympathisers that ridiculed him and bit the hand that fed him. Many daft things he said about Rajapakses during his campaign are bad. But what he said he was going to do to them on 27th after his win is worst.

    Just like his supporters that posted comments all over the internet, SF had undermined President Rajapakse’s popularity. Stupid as they are, Stupid Fonseka and his supporters thought number of comments posted in SF’s favour in the internet is a measure to check his popularity. They never knew that vast majority of Sinhalese are not internet savvy. They never knew that Sinhalese hate IC, Norway, their NGOs, Evangelists and those that support them. In his ego to reach power Stupid Fonseka overlooked this vital aspect.

    SF was like a balloon. He was made larger than life by the International media and NGOs only to be blown up in the end. Now that Rajapakse had won the Presidency, his party will win the parliamentary elections as well. The IC, their NGOs and the Christian evangelists will continue hatch new conspiracies against him. But he will overcome all of them and usher Sri Lanka to new heights.

    Had General Stupid Fonseka become the president of Sri Lanka, our country would be like Idi Amin’s Uganda in the late sixties. Now he is lost, and he is in a deep chasm is there any point talking about him?

    • lionheart

      Hi leela,

      I think us readers have got an overdose of your comments this morning….. Did rajapakses’s falling bread crumbs taste good or was it that you had some good sex last night at last…….

      • Eddi

        @ Lionheart………………Man……. personnel comment of that nature is not nice……..Use of language is pathetic…….It shows more about you than Leela……..Grow up man……..

      • My Dear lionheart
        Some may like my comments and some others may not like them.I am not a racist or a bigot. I speak my mind and always call a spade, a spade. In doing so, I have to criticize hypocrites, racist and bigots. Though I am not an astrologer, my predictions on the outcome of the election have come true. I have no problems with sex so I need not talk about it. Thank you

        • Way to go Leela. I respect your thinking. They cannot take the loss and now they have to find an out let. What I am saying to all the UNP ers is, that use the energy to rebuild their party. Learn the mistake they did this time by joining with SF, JVP &TNL. All the hatred towards MR & family is not going to help them. Majority of the voters gave us this message. I hope they (the UNP) will get the message too! We need a strong opposition!

        • Franki

          Alright you will call a spade, a spade.

          Our countries poor didn’t get their tsunami funds – our countries treasury didn’t get the billions worth all that gold, cash, etc. confiscated from LTTE and KP – our countries treasury didn’t get all the loans that the government has taken during the last four years (which the country has to pay back for generations – until then lak mawage moda janathawa kewun kagena inna vei).

          One innocent family has robbed all these wealth and has banked in other countries.

          Spade, a spade! What do you like to call them then?

      • Sena

        Your words are disgraceful and repugnant. They lower the quality of the dialogue that is taking place in this blog. Please be intent on adding value to the process without taking away from it. Leela made a contribution that indeed made sense. In fact they are facts. It is a pity you lost balance confronted with facts!

      • Ranils Bana

        I second that

      • Don

        So lion heart being a thug himself is calling MR a thug!! Pot calling the kettle black. These comments show that you should be from the slums. Even slum people must be more decent than this moron using bad and dispicable language.

    • Sometimes the UN will say ahinnytg to not have to admit the real motivations of our enemy. The Darfur tragedy is not caused by global warming it’s caused by something very similar to what caused the Holocaust. The Genocide in Darfur is motivated by an evil hate fill ideology. The problem is with fundamentalist Islam, not global warming.

  5. Democracy

    Dear Baila Man and other baila champions,
    Whatever Fonseka’s intentions were, we don’t care, because SL is a “Prajathanthrika Janarajaya”. Anyone who can pay “Apa” can go for it. People will give their mandate to whomever they want. 4 Million people voted for Fonseka and 6 million for Mahinda and let it be like that.

    Don’t try to impose your personal views onto someone else or Fonseka because we are a Prajathanthrika Janarajayak. Janathawa will decide whom they want, and we will obey and follow.

  6. P.L.J.B.Palipana

    Hellow Baila man,
    Are you from the Kelaniya University baila group?
    This article is truly a shame for our motherland. The world knows who fought the war and please don’t let down the Militory Doctrine in the world.
    (Pl.ref. Urvick and Henry Fayol)

    • Deshapremiya

      Dear Dr.

      I saw you issuing several comments in favor of SF during past few weeks. Now you may realize that the majority of Sri Lankans have not listned to you. They may not have beeen intelligent enough to understand your expert views or may not have access to internet. You are free to reach such conclusion. But, in my view, majority of Sinhala buddhists and christians (particularly in villages and suburbs) were intelligent enough to understand

      1. who gave the leadership to eliminate the terrorism


      2. with whom the forces appeared for divided Sri Lanka in recent past

    • Chintha Naya

      Dear PLJB,
      I commend your courage of typing with your real name, despite whatever your political views are.

      The Kelaniya University baila group may never understand what you have typed and probably need a Sinhalese translation (LOL).
      All the deshapremiyas who type hear are කටින් තමය් බිස්නස් එක, වැඩ හිගය්. It’s a shame that Kelaniya university is producing such a lot of half wits. I don’t know what faculty the students are from? Certainly they are not from the Dept of Maths, Eng or Medicine (if they have any of those), because I believe, that they are too busy in their courses, to follow some one who is utterly deluded!
      මෙයට චින්තා-නයා

  7. Tony

    I disagree with your view points. You sound like the government spokesman. And some times in the article I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.
    I cannot reply to your article point by point, because I am not a professional.
    The Tamils and the Muslims didn’t vote for MR in Colombo. I can assure you that. There is no way in hell MR increased his vote base in North, West, East and Central Colombo and the UNP lost votes. It can be proven. If you can come to Colombo please do and ask around. The responses you will get will be 65% for SF.

    • raguna

      You are right. Even rural folk whom I always thought were firmly behind MR expressing shock at results.

    • Don

      So Tony you were in the counting panel. So why didnt you file a case against the results? You idiotic so called colombians think what you say is the thing in colombo. Grow up or get lost. The majority in colombo voted for MR and idiots like you who suffered from SF euphoria are still living your day dream. Why only 150 attended for the SF pahan poojawa? Acording to you the streets of colombo should be filled with protestors supporting SF’s release and by this time he would have been released for the sheer presure of your so called majority if there ever was one. He is not getting even the support the Sigiriya rock is getting.

  8. gamma


  9. raguna

    Mr. Palipana is right. This sort of Baila men should be confined to the Palace where they belong. This country do not deserve honest people. When they can’t see what happening before their own eyes how can they see what’s going on behind, and what in store for them in unseen future. They want only Baila singers who sing in praise for the King.

    • This is getting better and better!! I am having sooo much fun!! You guys are amazing! Keep it up we need humor! Now which “honest” people are you talking about? Let me think hm………
      Now I believe the saying “laughter is the best medicine”!

    • raguna

      No. I am not going to elaborate further on the term ‘honest people’ since it takes a long time & space. It may look surprising but we did have honest men, even in SL politics. But I have to tell you friend that the present scenario is not at all amusing for us, and neither for Mahinda from the way he behaves. He doesn’t seem to be a man who has just won with a thumping majority but rather like someone who has robbed a thing and unable to hide it, arresting and threatening journalists, closing opposition presses, canceling journalist visas and again re-issuing, and unable to decide what to do with SF, arrest or not, allow him to go or not. Of course you will see it differently, I know that. …..In the meanwhile, laugh it off, brother (or should I call son..I wonder..) laugh while you can, because one who laughs last will laugh the most.

  10. Dilshan

    Mahinda has more white skin than Fonseka.

  11. Dr. TKPK Kaluarachchi

    What a load of rubbish is this?
    MR and his goons did a wholesale vote rigging using some Indian computer folks and this is the end result.

    This is the worst elections that you have seen even Robert Mugabe should have performed a better election.

    • What sort of a Dr. are you? So, while MR & his goons did this whole sale vote rigging, YOU just watched the whole deal and did nothing, because?? Let me see… oh yeah, you are afraid of your life right? What a Dr. of an “eyewitness”! I hope you will never have to treat me. You will just stand there watching me die!

  12. Ranaviru Perera

    Am I reading Sunday Leader ?

  13. jj

    i feel this is just rubbish.seriously

  14. MahesL

    These Kottu articles are the nearer to the truth of the real ground situation than one sees im many of the other Sunday papers in Sri Lanka.
    Keep going, Sunday Leader!
    Congratulations on an innovative and interesting communication tool.!

  15. Chandika

    Now only you all have realised the truth.

  16. Nihal

    We have to feel sorry for the wrongdoers as only they know the truth and will have to live with it. For those with a backbone and sound morals, do not worry! This too will pass!

  17. sandman

    Baila man : u were only singing a baila…………get your brains washed out man, it will do a world of good for you. And suddenly the articles appearing in the SUNDAY LEADER virtually seem to be sucking up to MR and Company. Anyone notice this lately ????????????????????????????

  18. dimuth

    Ha ha, don’t waste your precious time on these………get back to work and let’s build the country. Let’s hope that all the other issues will be handled by MR and team as they did the war.

  19. kevin

    Bailaman way to go dude. spot on. keep up the good work.

  20. Marlon

    MR you are the only hero. god bless you.

    • yo marlon how can thugs be heroes. maybe in your environment thugs are heroes. we dont consider thugs heroes especially those heroes who plunder the country for their benefit, and for the entire hathmuthu paramparawa. god bless people like you.

      • Marlon

        ha ha. SF is a saint. kiss my ass dude.

        man who raped all most every new female soldier in the army is the hero.

        do you have a mother. lol.

        • raguna

          Comments like this do not deserve answers. But I can’t just let go the insult you have done to few thousands of your own sisters who joined the army sacrificing their lives and served our mother Lanka. Besides you put yourself in the ridiculous position of the pervert who was watching a man doing this thousand times. Behave yourself son and watch your step. You may criticize but this type of pervasive remarks will not insult the man concerned but damage yourself.

  21. Rohana

    Am I reading Sunday leader? I feel sorry for Lsantha. Good he is not living to see this change of Sunday leader. Fedrica MR ta Kade yanawa

  22. pukasahib

    Real bailah.

  23. Kalag

    Fighting an election is not like fighting LTTE for SF, is it? He had the MR’s support and all the obstacles were cleared by the president when he was fighting Prabakaran. Fighting a smart leader like MR made him really tired and he had to rest in the Lakeside hotel. Even that turned out to be a bad idea as one of his colleagues pulled SFs leg and informed the security forces that there is a plot being hatched.

    Just hang around for a while, for sake of your loser colleaques UNP, JVP, TNA and MC. And go back to Oklahoma. The loser colleagues will find some excuse for the next election.

    • ayesh

      Do you have any idea what happened to the 400+ deserters supposed to be captured @ the hotel ? Huh! So are you kinda guy who easily get brain washed by watching SLRC or reading Lake House? Other than blocking and closing genuine media, this government has given us NO proofs! Do we expect any in the future ? Nay, not from a government which having captured KP, the LTTE’er, for 6 months, failed to bring a single charge YET! Not from this government who has failed to even question MR’s sons about that infamous photo? Even failed to question Karuna about the fate of 700 policemen who were massacred by LTTE in 1990!

      North-East is separated thanks to the JVP & Sarath Silva, and both supported SF ! If anything MR’s government, if my memory is correct, opposed this in the first place !

      MR and his family are definitely smart, coz they are the only winners here ! But I doubt they can fool Sinhalese people for a long time !!

  24. aswin

    I feel very sorry for the people who are celebrating Pakse & co victory. Be careful when you all are celebrating even your underwares will be grabbed by the covery soon and it will be too late.

  25. The LTTE demons and their killing machines were crushed not by Sarath Fonseka but by the true Sinhala patriots of the Sri Lanka army, navy, air force, police and most of all by the visionay statesman in the calibre of Hon.Mahinda Rajapaksa. If not for this fearless brave commander in chief of Lankadweepa, Sri Lanka would still be in an abyss, from where it cannot resurrect itself. Traitors like Ranil, Mangala and others who seek vengence at any cost, must be thrown out of parliament at the next general election. Those foreigners in the west who are bent on regime change and try to revive the LTTE remnants in western countries, must not be allowed to use false propaganda , interfere in Sri Lankan affairs or step into our shores at any cost. Sri Lanka is not interested with those who have permanent interests to sell there military hardware, hinder our sovereignty or to become their colony again. Let Sri Lanka safeguard our nation with all the might we have.

    • Sarath

      You are right Laksman. Even our army killed all LTTE who tried to surrander & carried a white flag. It might be agianst the international law but we don’t care. We have the support of our own sihala people.

  26. Marlon

    good one man.

  27. raguna

    More happy news for us (LTTE) 13 army seniors close to SF, which means who assisted MR & SF for our defeat, are sacked and many others transferred or on compulsory leave. Now we can party together with happy Grateful Lankans. Enjoy !

  28. Nisalanka

    Hey Guys,
    It’s not rocket science.This election was a simple decision. It was about ordinary village folks paying tribute to MR for winning the war.
    All the others who hated MR join the opposition.

  29. Dilshan

    India Helped Rajapaksas with Hightech IT to RiG Votes.

  30. Dilshan

    Singheela People are going to oust Indian Rajapaksa


    Bailaman, where were you all these days,you have been cornered before re-emerged following High tech underworld drama of MR to make him president again.Do you knew EC was held along with his wife in Temple tree( Underowrld Fortress) then deceived the Srilankans over electio result.Poor EC has to accept every demand to keep him alive along with his wife.
    SF not looser, say Poor EC and disgusted MR .

  32. P.L.J.B.Palipana

    Gen.SF is not a joker. Today MR is visiting RUSSIA to fool the people. He didn’t bring nothing from there but wasted Tax Payers Money. Is not MR a craisy man according to the modern litrature

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