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“Being Framed For Lasantha’s Murder” Says Sarath Fonseka

By Mandana Ismail Abeywickrema

Former Army Commander General Sarath Fonseka has accused law enforcement officers of trying to force a confession out of Brigadier D. Keppetivalana in a bid to frame him and the Brigadier in an assassination plot that killed The Sunday Leader Founder Editor, Lasantha Wickrematunge.

General Fonseka told The Sunday Leader that Brigadier Keppetivalana was arrested for his alleged involvement in Wickrematunge’s killing. He said Keppetivalana’s wife had told him (Fonseka) that her husband had been arrested on charges of being involved in the murder of Wickrematunge.

“That is what his wife told me. When they arrested him at home, they had told the family that they were taking him in for the suspected killing of Lasantha. After taking him in they are forcing him to say that he got involved in the assassination following my orders,” Fonseka said.

“He is currently being forced to confess to the murder,” Fonseka claimed.

Fonseka explained that Brigadier Keppetivalana had been his Assistant Abbot when he was Commander. Subsequently, the Brigadier was sent as Centre Commandant to the Sinha Regiment. He was a serving officer at the time of his arrest.

He also said Brigadier Keppetivalana was IGP Mahinda Balasuriya’s first cousin.
However, IGP Balasuriya told The Sunday Leader that Brigadier Keppetivalana was not his first cousin, but a distant relative. “I hardly know him,” Balasuriya said.

Pressed on what charges the Brigadier was being held in custody, Balasuriya said Keppetivalana was being questioned on a number of issues and that a press statement would be released once the inquiry was concluded.

Meanwhile Director General, Media Center for National Security (MCNS), Lakshman Hulugalle also said the Brigadier was still in custody and was being questioned, but refused to give details of what he has been charged with.

Military Spokesperson Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara said Brigadier Keppetivalana was still in police custody and that the army would take action against him if the police find him guilty and framed charges.

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  1. කමල්

    මළ ගිය එජාපයට පණ දුන්නේ ඔබයි!!!

    රනිල් 2005 ගැන කොතරම් කිව්වත් ඔහු මෙවර ආවා නම් ලක්‍ෂ 25ක් ගන්නත් බෑ.

    බැරි රනිල් වෙනුවට, “පුලුවන්” ජනරාල් එජාප නායකත්වයට පත්කර ගමු.

    • කමල්

      මළ ගිය එජාපයට පණ දුන්නේ ඔබයි!!!

      රනිල් 2005 ගැන කොතරම් කිව්වත් ඔහු මෙවර ආවා නම් ලක්‍ෂ 25ක් ගන්නත් බෑ.!!!

      බැරි රනිල් වෙනුවට, “පුලුවන්” ජනරාල් එජාප නායකත්වයට පත්කර ගමු.!!!!!!!

      • Weerawansa

        Para Balla Mahinda Rajapaksha keep this in your mind. Rajiv Gandhi has been beaten by a sailor from down south. If the Buddhism is true, your fate will be decided by a brave army soldier from south. Thoge Mulu Pawlatama Henegahapan Keri Balla for abducting a war hero in such an inhuman way

        • Appuhamy - Galle



        • gamed77

          Editor, Why do you allow sentiments from 3rd class, sicko’s like this, in your forum. Such people are a disgrace to your paper and the entire country. there are many other blogs they can go and defecate, Why do you allow it here ? weerawardana, go get your head examined. The War Hero also had a sick mind like yours !

        • Boot licker

          Dear game77,
          Don’t worry about him. He is the same man once called “SF”. Only SF & few others can humiliate or demean people in the presence of others in public. May be he is an infected one.

    • Kamal

      You are the one who cured dead UNP.!!!

      Although Ranil boasts about 2005, if he contested this time, the result would have been less than 2.5 million.!!!!

      We should bring able General to the UNP top seat instead of weak Ranil!!!!!!

      • Dilshan

        I agree with you. The Swan Movement will contest and win in the next election;;;;if Mahinda Hitech not rigg the votes.

        • කමල්

          ඇත්තටම සරත් ෆොන්සේකා උත්තමයා නිසා තමයි

          2005 දී මහින්ද ජනාධිපති උනේ, ගෝඨාභය ආරක්‍ෂක ලේකම් උනේ, කරන්නාගොඩ, ගුණතිලක පත් උනේ. සියලු හමුදාවල් ඇති උනේ, එතුමාට ඕන නම් විනාඩි 5 න් රට අල්ලන්න තිබුන එක එකාගෙ බලු කතාවල් අහන්නෙ නැතුව.
          එතුමා යුද්දෙ තනිවම කලා. මේ ආණ්ඩුවෙ එකෙක් උදච්වට ආවද? අපේ රනිල් නායකතුමයි රවී, ලක්‍ෂමන්, ජයලත් ජයවර්ධන මහත්තුරුයි තමා පස්සෙන් හිටියෙ. ඉතිං එතුමා ඉල්ලනව නම් හයිකොප් නෙවෙයි රටම ලියල දුන්නත් මොකද?

        • Dilshan

          මිනීමැරුමට තිබුන එක එකාගෙ බලු හයිකොප් නෙවෙයි රටම

        • Indu

          In our work place and homes, towns, 90% voted for MR. My cousin, who was a UNP council member for 2 terms under UNP voted for MR this time. This rigging story is an insult for us.

        • rav

          hey guys, everybody knows how the final results came. even you guys are know, but dont want to accept as you are supporting MR.
          But its a shame to hear these things. It was a very nice country, that anybody could do something peacefully. But now not anymore!
          From UK

        • Dion van der Velden

          you think so?
          Namal Rajapaksa will be the next president for the next 12 years after Mahinda.

          I hope for you Sri Lankans they didn’t change the country into a dictatorship. Otherwise there will be Rajapaksa for a longer period.

      • jolly seeya

        What matters is whether the country is going to attain economic prosparity. If Namal Rajapaksha can continue the good work, let it be. Lee quan u ruled singapore for such a long period. Was it bad for that country ? Apply the same rule here without pessimism.

        • Nimal

          Jolly Seeya – you must be insane. This so called offspring of MR is probably an uneducated, mis-guided idiot. He is only 23 ! has he passed A levels? What a tragedy for Sri Lanka, which is already in the dog house as far as foreign investors are concerned.

        • Eheta Kanata

          To Nimal & Jolly Seeya
          It is upto the voters to select him or reject. Nimal has a strong feeling that he would be elected. So may be the others. The politicians who are keen on voter handling will win this election too as it happened in the past. It won’t matter whether the candidate is educated, has qualifications, thugs assisted or worked for the area. It is Sri Lankan politics. If you don’t like him, you have democratic right to reject him in the election through your vote. Ultimately good vote handler will win. Popularity & wealth are the only key factors which need in voter handling.

    • Basheer - Beruwela


      • Samantha

        What an idiot. In Sri Lanka we don’t count votes using computers.

        • Kelum


        • sandman

          U r de one who seems to be an idiot. Be careful when u call others idiots, idiot……..

        • CHRIS

          don’t call these fools -idiots- it’s too good -use the same word that their gunamaku leader uses- kalawadda- paharaya -yaka -those are the good words to use infront of our children by who is asking for the vote to be the byforce president – now our children call him -UNCLE KALAWADDA- but kalawadda doesn’t know it!!

        • HUD

          @Kelum, Who is saying that “THE RESULTS COUNTED WERE NOT THE ONES PUBLISHED”? If this is the case, it is very simple to find. Go to the court, and prove that. Toprove it, they can use the copies of counting results issued after counting (remember party reps should sign them for accuracy).
          In fact, if this is the case why any responsible person SFcamp, not mindless persons like you, can’t say it clearly?

          Have an dignity. Go to the courts if you don’t agree without doing useless protests or spreading bogus rumors. Or just accept the defeat and ready for the next fight.

        • Indu

          If you are interested in how the counting is done, read the following link. Rigging story is a cover up for being unable to accept the defeat gracefully.

        • Oscar

          Machan, Samantha.

          This guy Basheer from Beruwela is a crazy boy. He is Mahinda’s henchman. We will win the G.Elections and General Fonseka will hold a top ministry back with his security. Then very sorry to the Goons. Mahinda uncle will be a single man with no power.

        • PieInSky

          When the results are dictated by the ruler who needs to count. If you NEED election monitors and then button their lips, the country can not really be a democracy. Sri Lanka and Myanmar seem hellbent on ridiculing Buddhism.

      • Rookadaya


    • Ari

      A very worried guy, this SF is!!

    • Appuhamy - Galle



      • SRI LANKAN

        Appuhamy all sri lankans have freedom today because of General SF. umbata HENA GAHANAWA our war hera ta ohoma katha karanawata. umba ada ohoma inne SF bomba kagena api wenuwen fights karapu nisa. GUNAMAKU WENNA EPA YAKO….

        • Chintha

          Sri Lanka

          Eyi Mala Penala, What Apphamy saying is true , SF gave different picture to Gallory that he did everything during war . All educated people understood except illiterate gallery people , Appuhami I am not saying you are in that bunch , but please be cool , use your head not your heart . SF signed agreement when we withdrew from Jafna , because he couldn’t fight along . that’s his history ,

        • Appuhamy - Galle


        • Mani

          What about GR who orcestrated the war plan and executed to the perfection with the contribution of all the forces.
          Is he bad too?????
          Do not be a kalakanni use the brain and think wisely.
          Do thin about the country FIRST and then the PARTY

      • raymond

        Very soon this SOB Mahinda Rajapakse will get a death sentence – he will be hung by the scruff of his neck until pronounced dead

    • Siribiris

      If you haven’t ordered the Lasanth’s killing why are you worried so much ? after all the justice system will go through the facts and give the verdict
      be cool MR SF.. don’t panic

  2. Andrew G

    The beginning of the Asia’s Zimbabwe regime. There will be more of these sort of events in the future. Be prepared, we get the politicians we deserve. Since 1970′s, the people of Sri Lanka have been taken for a ride by all the political parties. We are seeing the fruits of our ignorance, stupidity and dumbness. Though Sri Lanka has a very high literacy rate, we have a very low intelligence level. We let the corrupt politicians to rule us; destroy the freedom; kill the free thinking. We will be in the same league as Iran, Cuba, Zimbabwe, North Korea.

    • Mihindu

      I agree with you man.

    • SL Lover

      Just to add Myanmar and China.

    • Gunasekara

      Andrew.. I think Zimbabwe is better than Fonseka’s Afganistan. So.. yehh I will vote for Mahinda again.

      • sandman

        Just wait n see how good your Zimbabwe is going to be mate !!!!!

        • teddy

          This exactly the zimabawe’s path GSP+ is gone which will heavily affect our main industry Garment. more supprices to come. Government heavily backed by a politisized miltary. All ‘Ranaviruwos’ being sacked.

      • Oscar

        Maina is Boru Hila & Pacha Guhawa now turned to be IDI AMIN.

    • Mahinda

      I agree with you. We are in a mess now. After winning war they got mad.

    • Raja

      Well said Andrew.
      Having Mahinda in power is like having Mugabe in Power.

      • sur

        known devil is better than unknown god. having SF in power like having lord of hell in power.

    • pukasahib

      Andrew the problem this time is that the people did not get the government they deserve since they voted for the General and were given mahinda.

    • Bashir

      Well said . You ain’t seeing nothing yet. This is only year 1 of the second term of the Fifth Presidency and there will be more firework displays for the voters. Mahinda aiya has just gone to fetch more cluster bombs and what not etc from Russia for the sons and daughters of Mother Lanka!

    • Mani

      Almost all the Politicians in the world are corrupt.
      Corruption is everyware. Most of Sri Lankans are corrupt.
      How could you expect politicians to be good??????
      SF is from the SL Army which is one of the most corrupt organisation in SL
      Can any one be certain that he is not corrupt?????
      Use the Brain not the emotions otherwise you too become a KALAKANNIYA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. nanda

    MR is still taking all wrong steps. I think majority of the Sri Lankan people made very serious mistake again by electing a wrong person. I think it is the time to pay the price for it. I feel sorry for all Lankans!!!!!!!!!!

    • Shane

      I could not agree more Nanda. People deserve whet yhey voted for

    • Soorya

      I think the majority of the Sinhala people did not vote for Mahinda and co.

    • Donn

      The people didn’t make a mistake the last election. They voted Sarath Fonseka for President. Basil was there at the election commissioner’s office manipulating all the results. By the way did anyone answer the question Karin the swiss reporter asked about Basil being there. Nobody did, but she got accused of asking inappropriate questions.

      • Basil_Is_Mr_30%

        Yes.. Basil is the master architect of this stolen presidential election. He had bags of money at his disposal and of course IGP Mahinda, a retard ready to kiss anyone’s posterior, and a psychotic Gota hell bent on retribution.

        The swiss reporter had the courage to ask the question and was to be deported for that question. The DAILY MIRROR, on the other hand, DID NOT HAVE THE COURAGE TO EVEN REPORT WHAT THE QUESTION WAS!!

        Both the Daily Mirror & Sunday Times journos have heir tails between their legs and are shaking in their boots and are in the early stages of boot licking.

      • shanika

        Dont be stupid Don and the likes of you, read the statement by Dr Ruvan Weerasinghe in the same web site(info lanka) who was there (unlike you rumour mongers) and garantees that the election commissioner was in the office and Basil or whoever did not keep any pistol to his head and the election commissioner himself mentioned 4 names(Mostly JVPers) who visited him after 4.a.m and definitely not Basil. Be careful it is a punishable offence all over the world to spread false rumours that cause a threat to national security(- in America you would have been already arrested and in prison now) and i feel that such people SHOULD BE ARRESTED for spreading hatred and malice by spreading totally fabricated rumours by web, face book and SMS.The Swiss reporter also like you have been stupid and succumbed to the rumors of rumour mongers. They should be chased out of the country for giving rumour mongers like you an international identity and causing havoc in this country. If you have half the brain you think you have you should realize that if there were tampering of results where were the ardent supporters of fonseka when the votes didnt tally their results, dont tell me they are bad in their arithmatic. Its best if people like you who have no idea whatsoever about anything keep your mouth shut and do something worthwhile

    • LTTE Cadre

      Well said nanda.

      We LTTEers also feel that Mahinda is an enemy of Sri Lanka.!!!

    • jan Li

      Ranil & MR are both heroes who achieved unbelievable victory for the mother Sri Lanka. Ranil started it. He begged Peace from Prabhakan. He gave LTTE an international recognition. He allowed them to smuggle arms and kill our intelligence. He did not have any plan to destroy LTTE but to beg for peace. During his two years there was no economic development in the country other than in papers published by CB. During his two years Ranil irradiated two main myths from people’s mind.
      1. Even you give Elam to LTTE they will continue to kill all Sri Lankans
      2. Stopping war will not bring economic development or reduction in COL

      This was the platform for MR’s victory in 2005. Even after that Ranil continued to support this victory by constantly supplying MPs to MR for stable parliament and harbouring and leading all parties and international forces who wants to ruin my mother Sri Lanka. He led them from one loss to another not allowing them to think about alternatives. MR would never have achieved any victory without Ranil. Though Ranil is evil to this country, He is a necessary Evil. You all UNP idiots, if you cant help this country to develop as genuine Sri Lankans, You can keep Ranil Sambandan and Mano G. an. With them all of you will go to hell

    • mula

      what the hell did the srilankan want fron the rulers all these years? Wasn’t in the death of tigers!!! Welll done MR

  4. Manoj

    These allegations by Sarath Fonseka is to discredit the President for the defeat he got in the hands of the people of SL. SF cannot smart the defeat he should get in to a rehabilitation camp to check his own brain

    • Chanaka

      Allegations? What do you mean allegations? The Brigadier D. Keppetivalana has been arrested and has been confirmed by none other than Military Spokesperson Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara. This is not an allegation, its a fact. Now, tell us, what exactly was the Brigadier arrested for? Why is he in custody? What are they questionning him for?

      • Manoj

        The true story will come out from Keppetivalana wait for it I am sure he has mud in his hands if not you do not just get arrested.If this was not the case you and my self also should get arrested but it is not the case.

        • ayesh

          Manoj here is not better than our Military Spokesman.
          Both have no idea what they are talking about !!!

          Yes, Manoj we all expect something to come up, same way we expected when KP was captured. Well we all know what came up since then, dont we manoj?

      • පාහර කළවැද්දා

        ලසන්තගෙ මිනීමැරුමට සැකපිට නේද?

  5. Basil_is_Mr30%

    This would not be the first time people (alive and deceased/killed) have been framed for the assassination of public figures in our resplendent isle.

  6. Mahendra de Alwis

    SF is just one big sour loser. The UNP campaign was a disgrace, and SF was no match whatsoever for an experienced MR. SF will not try and tug at various strings and discredit the President and Govt. Accept your huge defeat and either leave the country, or, learn politics and prepare for the General Election. SF has lost all credibility.

    • Shane

      So MR has credibility? Wait and see what happens to you all stupid MR supporters….racists and idiots

      • mula

        Whatever said and done, MR deserves the victory for winning the the war . Grudge between MR & SF is clearly and internal power struggle

  7. Mahendra de Alwis

    sorry, it should have read, NOW try and tug at various strings.

  8. Dilshan

    Since, Ex-President Premadasa considered himself as Indigenous and Kept away from Evil Buddhism, the Evil Monks had planned to finish him off.(Also, Premada got evidence, some Top Monks had Kamalila in Buddhist country Thailand.

  9. Chandra

    Former Army Commander General Sarath Fonseka is once again proving himself that he is capable of uttering loose talk. The precision he showed in fighting the LTTE and bringing the war to a finish is not shown by him in his political life.
    He talked about his getting 1.5million majority vote. So far, two weeks since making the claim, he has not substantiated his claim. From where did he get this figure?
    Look at the other two statements:
    “1 “After taking him in they are forcing him to say that he got involved in the assassination following my orders,” Fonseka said.
    “2 He is currently being forced to confess to the murder,” Fonseka claimed.”
    Who told him this? Did he meet Brigadier D. Keppetivalana who is in custody? Or did a journalist tell him as he previously claimed that his own army killed the surrendering LTTE leadership? So far he has not identified this embedded journalist who told him this killing story.
    See another statement he is making:
    “He also said Brigadier Keppetivalana was IGP Mahinda Balasuriya’s first cousin.
    However, IGP Balasuriya told The Sunday Leader that Brigadier Keppetivalana was not his first cousin, but a distant relative. “I hardly know him,” Balasuriya said.”
    How much credibility we can place in the former Army Commander’s utterances?

    • anthony jones

      mr or ms chandra, the IGP, admits that the army dude is a relative, by that whether one is a first cousin or a distant nathawo, they still have a loose connection. relatives are relatives, you just cannot un-do them.
      there is mobile phone video recording that the surrendering LTTE cadres were mowed down in cold blood, hopefully there will be war crime charges being brought against all those involve.
      nobody can deny the fact that under the leadership of SF, the mighty LTTE, were ruthlessly elimanated after their erstwhile leader the impregnable VP, made some very stuid decisions. GOOD for the COUNTRY, as a whole we have peace, even though we still have the checkpoints and have to carry identification at all times. a j.

      • Soorya

        Who said killing of surrendering LTTE cadres is a war crime? What about the nearly 30000 civilians killed by rain of bombs in the safe zone defined by the government?

        • anthony jones

          Well, we were in a state of war, the LTTE chaps were surrendering wth the blessings of the Norweigians, who were one time peacemakers to the cursed conflict.
          Only cowards will blindfold and then shoot the unarmed, hopefully they will pay the price and justice will be done.
          What is the safe zone defined by the govt, they are the ones who allowed the conflict to reach boiling point and they with their superior manpower won the battle but they ruined it with the callous executions. a j.

      • For this great accomplishment Mahinda the war criminal “honored” with doctor title by another one of the few biggest war criminals, the Russians.

    • Chanaka

      “He talked about his getting 1.5million majority vote. So far, two weeks since making the claim, he has not substantiated his claim. From where did he get this figure?”

      Perhaps, if the Gov did not raid all his offices and steal all his evidence, he would have some to show.

      “2 He is currently being forced to confess to the murder,” Fonseka claimed.”
      Who told him this?”

      Do you think that the former SL Army commander does not have anyone loyal to him in the army that relays him information? Are you that stupid? He probably has countless men loyal to him from just underneath the top brass to the very lowest foot-soldier.

      “Or did a journalist tell him as he previously claimed that his own army killed the surrendering LTTE leadership? So far he has not identified this embedded journalist who told him this killing story.”

      Oh, and I am sure that he and the journalist are just itching to come out and indentify the journalist in the current atmosphere that SL is engulfed in. Use your head man, the moment the journalist is revealed, that evidence would be “destroyed” too.

      • feroz


    • dutu

      in sri lanka goraka=dadamas

    • Donn

      Sarath Fonseka won the election. Want to see proof of Mahinda stealing yet another election. Go to you tube and search for Mahinda gave LTTE money. Watch the press conference given by Tiran Alles. Now don’t attack the messenger which all government goons are very good at. Argue the message that Tiran reveals.
      Sarath Fonseka promising to send Rajapakses to Bogumbara do you think Mahinda would even come close to losing the election? And did you see Mahinda’s face on the day of victory? Much like a civet’s who stole it.

      • Kanishka1

        SF won the general election ? Hmmm… may be you are correct and 1.8 million srilankan voters are wrong ! Must have been really tough task to fill in 1.8 million of ” hora votes” !
        Don’t you know the story that Mahinda gave money and told prbhakaran ” please take this money and stop killing innocent Tamils and sinhalese or otherwise I will have to terminate your death squad.” Prabhakaran did not heed. See what happened ?

      • Indu

        MR won from our votes. We are disappointed from his low percentage. The way our work places and towns voted for him, he should have got 80% of votes.

      • Basil_Is_Mr_30%

        Basil carried Rs 180 Million (in SL Rupees and US $) to Tiran Alles’ office and personally handed it over to Emil Kanthan (LTTE) to ensure the N-E vote was suppressed in 2005.

        Basil is rotten to the core…his cherubic face and growing belly is nourished from stealing from the people of Sri Lanka. These % he is creaming off the top, are mostly from these large projects are funded by chinese loans at commercial interest rates. The Sri Lankan state is saddled with the debt and when its time to start repaying we will all be crying…

        • jolly seeya

          It’s good tactic togive money and get the work done. He should have given 200 million. Our blessings!

    • sandman

      Chandra recommend u to get a new pair of glasses for reading. The general clearly has stated that all this was told by the Brigadier’s wife. Please read more carefull.

    • ayesh

      Could you please RE-READ the article ? Without wasting server space by asking questions which are already been answered by none other than General himself !!

      Or, could you please tell us what has happened to the 400+ deserters supposed to be captured @ the cinnamon gardens hotel?

  10. sahal bandula

    Perfect example of how the minority 42% have put the fear over the majority 52%

  11. maluman

    This is the most manipulative, corrupt government SL has ever had. They are willing to bribe, kill, kidnap, intimidate in order hang on to power. Does anyone really believe that in spite of flouting all election laws, having dansalas for police officers and artistes at temple trees, slinging mud at SF on state TV 24 hours a day, burning opposition officers, attacking opposition activists, killing opposition members etc, that this election was free and fair. It is obvious they rigged it and robbed it. How could the government (which surveys indicated would lose the election), win SF’s hometown ambalangoda, CBK’s hometown Attanagalla, UNP’s stronghold Colombo, and JVP’s stronghold Tissamaharama?????

    • Donn

      I have a customer in Ambalangoda who said SF had won his home town by 90%.
      Any how why did the government run scared? Why all the cut outs every fifteen feet? Who are were they going to impress,our 83% who are literate?
      Another anomaly: Mervin said about three weeks before the election that if SF came to power he would be a UNPer. But just a week before the election he bet 400 million that Mahinda would win the election.
      So why the change of stance? I bet some ministers knew they were going to win by stealing it.
      They should be scared for the next election too. They cannot change people’s minds fast enough to win an election.
      Now the opposition must have a plan to prevent the rigging.
      I can be the change to see that it happens.

  12. Prem

    Let people enjoy what they voted for. Todays world they cannot be ignorant. They should stop voting for emotional feelings and race cards. Then only you can elect a leader who can take care of all the citizens. look closer at the cabinet and you will know the reality

  13. Rahul

    Many learned who contribute/write here does not understand the True picture (and blindly criticise either SF or MR.) or what is happening in Sri Lanka, I live in USA & TRAVELLED TO S/L during OCT/NOV/Dec 09 and visited North/South and East and can give an impartial report: the weakness of this President ,is that there are some members of his family who try to ruin his good reputation , there is some sort of corruption in the public service like what happened during UNP rule, there is no whatsoever accusation directly at the President….this President is loved by the Sinhala,muslim and a section of the tamil population as he had been a very strong leader who loves his country, people are happy that there are NO BOMBS on streets and no passport is needed to cross Anuradhapura or to the East, I noted that specially mothers are happy that children and husbands are safe to return home, this is after 30 years of WAR, there a lot of development taking place by way of Roads and infrastructure. looking at the situ I expected MR to score over 60%. The reason why Sarath F. did not get more votes was because of JVP ( the sinhala people hate them and they command about 1% of the vote) Most votes SF received was the UNP vote base , I noted people no longer support this great party UNP, as people feel UNP & SLFP policies are one and the same and SLFP & specially MR’s policy on Terrrism is much stronger. My thinking is that the next General election will see around 62% or even more for the ruling party. Unless UNP get rid of the corrupt old politicians like Ravi K. and starts a new journey it is very difficult for them to come to power or get a larger piece of the cake.

    • Kanishka1

      Well said Rahul ! You have grasped the groung reality in Sri Lanka better than SF, eventhogh you visited for a short period !

    • Sebas

      Rahul.. you have travelled but to say something like SF got high votes because of JVP is rediculous. You have not mentioned the word ‘Tamils’ in your writing, which clearly tells me that you are either very ignorant/biased or both. The bottom line is equality in a country. The tamils had to get bettter grades than Sinhalese to get to the same course at university. That was the issue for the war. New roads and infrastructure doesnt fix the underlying issue of ignorance and prejudice. New roads in Sri Lanka equates to higher debts to China and Iran. If threatens to pull the plug and insists on a naval base, SL has no choice but to give it to them. I really suggest you looking into the underlying isssue of the land on your visits and speak to the average Tamil to work out the truth behind it all. They may (if they are not threatened by you or think you are not a govt agent) just tell you the real truth. Peace.

      • Kanishka1

        “The tamils had to get bettter grades than Sinhalese to get to the same course at university. That was the issue for the war.”

        Dear Sebas , your comment on the cause of the war shows you have no idea of it at all. The people like you who do not analyze the socio economic factors in depth are the people who paved the way to killers like prabhakaran ! Come back to your senses and make positive remarks to build this country for Tamils and sinhalese without racial prejudice. We have suffered enough because of your type of thinking!

        • karu

          The problem is that positive remarks for you are remarks that are pro-Sinhalease and not pro-unity (i.e., pro-Lanka). We expect the tamils to feel bad about LTTE, but we have shown no remorse for what we did in 83 and 2009 and the many number of riots we had killing them.

          You cannot have your cake and eat it.

        • pirabaharan

          karu ape porak machang ! uda panala support eka deepan machang !

        • Sebas

          Mr Kanishka
          With all due respect. I speak from my parents’ experience and also through alot of other professionals who live here in the US who left SL back in the early 70s (long before LTTE crept in) and todate blame the ‘Sinhala only’ act for them leaving. The have suffered alot for just being hardworking and not having a ‘Sinhala’ name, even though alot of Tamils can speak Sinhalese very well. That is the root of the problem. I am never for killing of anyone and actually do not agree with any of the violence caused by LTTE against Sinhalese people. BUT i do stand on the fact that during the time LTTE was at it’s peak was when the ‘Tamil’ person really got respect for the average sinhalese person. 1958 riots against the Tamils alone was way before LTTE was formed. violence is never a solution for violence but the LTTE force was borne out of that. They killed alot of Tamils too, so in the long run they suffered the consequences of it. Thats not to take away all the cruelty the Army did to innocent tamil civilians. I was target short at by an army helicopter when playing cricket in jaffna.. a few times. It was a game because they knew we knew they would shoot at us flying past. We could even tune into the SL bombers radio frequencies when we were kids. The pilot had a heart (in Sinhala) “no there are kids there we cant bomb there”.. and the orders were “this is an order.. drop the bombs”….

        • Kanishka1

          Srilanka has changed a lot since your parents time. Ask your parents to do a new assessment before contaminating your mind with germs of racism. It is the only way you can make this world a better place!

      • john jayapala

        “The tamils had to get bettter grades than Sinhalese to get to the same course at university.”

        My guess is that either you are a second generation diaspora who believes the lies of your uncles or haven’t been to a school in SL, cause anybody who has been in SL and done A/L’s know that the above is not true.

        Sri Lanka university entrance is based on Merit and district quota. The best get to the uni irrespective of the district based on merit. The rest goes under the district quota to account for the inequality of facilities.

        Jaffna normally have high admission marks in the same range as Colombo, Kandy, etc as Jaffna has a good set of schools. But look at the other districts in north & east. Most of them have much lower admission marks than most of the other districts in Sri Lanka.

        • karu

          Actually, what he said earlier is true. Statistics can be altered in marvelous ways. District-wise admission were created to make sure Tamils had harder time getting admissions. It is only now in the last 10 years or so that schools in the north east have been moved down the ranks. Imagine, a city like Jaffna which has been bombed to smithereens by us and by LTTE still has to compete with Colombo. Surely, it should not be the case. It is not a case of good schools as much as a case of good students who even through war have done well.

        • pirabaharan

          karu ape porak machang ! uda panala support eka deepan machang !

        • John Jayapala

          Can you explain me the reason of majority of doctors & engineers and other high ranked professional being Tamil in the early post independence era? Many like your self believed Tamils have much superior intellect due to that.

          1. Divide and conquer rule of foreign invaders.. They wanted bring minority Tamils to higher powers.
          2. The missionary schools in Jaffana. They found it easy to build missionary schools in Jaffna and that it’s easy to get the Tamils to be their henchmen than Sinhalese in the country. Hence they invested heavily in Jaffna peninsula to create a set of best schools in the country. Another reason is the dislike of missionaries in other parts of the country. While I agree that Jaffna Tamils are hard working, these schools were/are the reason for their performances.
          3. The insider support from the majority Tamil staff in the universities to get through the practical tests that were required at that time. Talk with elderly Sinhalese who passed the A/L’s with good results but failed the practicals miserably in the hands of tamil staff, while Tamil students got the illegal ability to enter the labs in prior days to get exposed and to practice the experiments.

          Because of the above issues, the students from the other parts of the country (including rest of north and east) with less facilities did not have an equal chance of getting in to uni’s. This was the reason for the district quota system. Are you saying that district quota system is flawed??

      • Clinton

        Sebas = Frog in the Well :) :)

      • Where does Sebas get this idea that Tamils have to get more marks than Sinhalese to get to a University. What a rubbish. Does he not know that two estate Tamils got in to medical college with less marks last year. Does Sebas know how? It is through Standardization. Standardization not on the basis of race but area. One could get in to a University with less marks if he live, study and sit for the A/L at a school in a less developed district like N’Eliya or Moneragal or Vounia. If you are in Colombo, Gampaha or Jaffna, you have to get very high marks. Got it

    • Donn

      Well said but very imbecile like. The people have had enough of the Rajapakses’ arrogance. Were you also here to witness the 80 foot cut outs of our king? Were you also here to witness the burning of opposition’s election offices? Where you invited to the dansalas at the Temple Trees paid by us the taxpayer?
      With all that spending the Government had to restrict Sarath Fonseka’s movement on the Results day to prevent him from making a complaint before the results were read. That was the only chance SF had to prevent Mahinda being given the victory. Doesn’t look fair does it.
      Please explain this: Karin the swiss reporter asked the the government at media briefing if Basil was in the election commissioner’s office on the day after the election. The government told her that it was a inappropriate question and that it insulted the office of the election commissioner. When asked why she would ask such a question. Her response had been that the local media won’t ask such a question. No one from the government answered her question though and the next day she was notified from the Immigration department that her visa was canceled.
      The government realized a day later revoking her visa is going to look bad and let her stay till her original visa expired.
      Would you like to answer her question? Or would you rather ask me to leave my own country too?

      • john jayapala

        “Government had to restrict Sarath Fonseka’s movement on the Results day”

        Did he try to move?? According to what I heard, he never tried to go out from the hotel, but as usual started accusing that they are not letting him go out. Watch the newsX video on youtube.

        • siribiris

          Next thing you know SF and his supporters will claim the reason he “couldn’t” vote for him self was because he was not allowed to go out of the Hotel… These guys are that good in spinning lies out of nothing!

  14. Saro

    Other Sinhalese wait until the military intelligence officers knock at their doors. The government is prepared to go to any length to tarnish, harass, hurt and eliminate anyone suspected of against Rajapakse brothers. 300,000 innocent Tamils all of whom are Sri Lankans were interned forcibly behind barbed wire that too in the most appalling conditions without any voice or witness to report shows there is no limit of atrocity or ill treatment that the government will rule out.

  15. Ilyas iqbal

    All these are political games! One thing is sure, the killing was done by the govt. Now what they want to do is fabricate the story and put the blame on SF. People, realize one thing the victory is fair, all manipulated! To cover up the results, now they are playing the dirty game. General election is also going to be like that, unless otherwise the state medias are fair and neutral and all the power is given to EC!

    • safa

      EC would be very difficult to tolerate with all the power. Imagine the magnanimous job he did at the presidential elections with less power!!

  16. Sebas

    Interesting: This is for the Sinhala people (with all due respect).
    Here is a Sinhala leader (SF) who ‘won’ or ‘helped win’ the so-called war against LTTE under a year ago, who has gone from winner, to election loser (rigged or otherwise) and now possibly ‘framed’ for the murder of the great journalist…lesson learnt. I wonder if the ‘poison gas’ and ‘cluster bomb’s used against LTTE will ever come up as well and who will be blamed for that..those who live by the sword, die by the sword..
    Lets flip the coin. Imagine just drawing a line in SL and telling the tamils to go away with it. Chances are they would have…. but here is the unspoken. Would the sinhalese leaders and people (in general and no offense to the liberal sinhalese) have even been united if they are chewing each other right now? SWRD was killed by a so-called sinhala buddhist monk..JR survived everything.. Premadasa was killed (blame the LTTE ofcourse but surely there is more truth to it)…when the Sinhalese people cannot manage their own, why and how is it that they intend on managing the minorities of the land? or am I way off mark? should I just point my fingers at the Rajapakse regime? I think the brothers just figured out the formula to truly manage the land. They got it. Using force. Buddhism is a religion, but has it ever been used ‘not to kill’ in SL? no. Its the nature of the people of the land where ‘death’ is cheap. Hence the brothers have worked out how to deal with the people using the right tools for once. Do I think its the right approach? perhaps not. Do i think it’s working. Truly so, and I hate to say it. Atleast if there was VP as president, he truly would have respected sinhalese as he named his son with a Christian name. Something never heard of in Buddhist leaders. I guess we reap what we sow..

    • Basil_is_Mr30%

      Let’s keep things clear… VP was a megalomaniac.. a psychopathic killer who didn’t care for anyone…singhalese, muslim but especially the tamils.. he has killed more tamils than anyone.

      Basil is probably South Asia’s biggest thief, Gota is a psycho hell bent on retribution, revenger using goon squads and death squads. Together they are working to preserve MR’s presidency by hook & crook, stealing the nation’s wealth right before our eyes. Such despots and thieves are not unique to any religion or race… however they are most able to fool the uneducated and the illiterate. The rest of their support are from the sycophants and carrion feeding low lives.

      • Ideananda

        Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms Basil_is_Mr30%
        Don’t be a pig-headed and call other people uneducated and illiterate just because they voted for somone you don’t like.

      • Suresh Jeywardena

        I wonder how you got the number that VP has killed more Tamils than the government. Do you actually believe the news that SL govt has been feeding us for the last 30 years. Do you think we did not kill 20000 Tamils just last year. That was mostly us killing them. I don’t think VP’s killing of Tamils even come close. He did kill high profile Tamils but in numbers, we are much ahead of him

      • sandman

        Man, u r hot………………………..awesome hot………..

      • Pottu amman

        Darling Basil_is_Mr30%,
        Prabhakaran would have written the same words without missing a letter if he was alive ! good work . carry on !

    • Kanishka1

      There is nothing to harp about killing. It has happened in all the nations in this world . You do not have to go far. Prbhakaran killed amirthalingam,Kadirgamar and tried to take the life of douglas devananda thirteen times!

      • Suresh Jeywardena

        Even as a Sinhalease, that one where I wish he had succeeded. Not that i want Douglas dead but I wish he wasn’t in the government. He is opportunisitc, not good for Sinhalease, not good for Tamils.

        • deshmamaka

          Mahatma Gandhi was killed by his own people because he was against dividing india . Althogh douglas is no equal of him, he took his stance against the brutal LTTE killer . That is not going against tamils. He wanted to save his people from that megalomaniac.

    • Concerned Citizen

      You have a point Sebas, though I do not agree with your statement on having VP as a President. If that had happened, the scenario would have been worse.

  17. Reality

    There is never smoke without fire.

    • Hansya

      But, please don’t take fog as smoke.

      If those power greedy men have at least one piece of credible evidence they at would have tried in courts…

    • Pottu amman

      There is. You can have smoke without fire in Bobbel’s machines!

  18. SUGOMI

    In my opinion, one the demise of Mahinda Rajapakse will be his clan, mainly, George Nandasena Gotabaya Rajapaksa!

    Please watch and see the ignorance arragonace of this ex-soldier. His inability to articulate in English is another !
    Watch thee video and judge yourself.

    3 Feb 2010 … Secretary Defence Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa Interview with BBC 2010/02/03.…/secretary-defence-mr-gotabaya-rajapaksa-interview-with-bbc-2010-02-03-video

    • truth

      i was proud as a Srilankan to watch Gota’s interview. idiots like u are not worth a hair of that great man.

      • sandman

        Truth –its guys like u who make things from bad to worse. Gota is not a private citizen , he was not talking as a private citizen for you to feel proud about. These antics are for the guileable masses who get fooled by all this “hot” talk. It just brings out a bad image for a member of the government, a brother of the President and the Defense Secretary to talk in this manner. Look at how other officials of other countries handle these tough questions on the international media. And last of all remember that this GREAT HERO of yours, ran away from the Army, ran away from the fight, only to return after his brother and now waxes eloquently about this patriotism and love for the country. He also lead the fight against the cursed LTTE, no doubt about it. I give him credit for that without reservations.But do not feel PROUD about this individual.

        • simple man

          Although I tried to not to feel proud about this individual as you asked, the feeling of pride creeps back into my head! As it does to at least 6 million people.

    • Pirabaharan

      Sugomi, Do not insult gotabhaya. Although he is my enemy I respect him . He is the shrewed coordinator and main force behind my demise. He is the one who caterpillared me using SF !

    • raguna

      This link has already been removed. These guys are much more smarter and are much more richer than we think, so that nothing is impossible for them now. But the truth can only be suppressed not destroyed, as the history has shown over and over again.

    • Cabbage_Pie

      I tried this link. It has been removed.

    • Cabbage_Pie

      This link has been removed. I tried it.

  19. Jay

    Why did they not arrest him all this time? Only when he supported Sarath MR’s goon squad woke up one morning and decided he was involved in the murder. It’s time the Sinha Regiment reacted to these arrests of our people.

  20. sandman

    How in this wonderful country of ours yesterday’s GODS have become today’s TRAITORS and MURDERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sri Lanka A COUNTRY LIKE NO OTHER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Anthony

    Birthday of the Liberation he was a HERO
    Few weeks later he was a TRAITOR

    They brought all sort of allegations against him for secret pack with TNA and with the western world. As soon as they realized that they were being defeated, soon they created another version saying he attempted to overthrow the government and to assassinate the MR. What a fairytale ! government should be ashamed to asses the Sri Lankans as bunch of ideates. They know SF is a threat to them. They will try to destroy him by imprisoning him or by death.

    • simple man

      what if the allegations are true ?

    • siribiris

      Correction: They know Sarath is a threat to Sri Lanka and it’s people!

      By the way when Ranil, Mongal, Mano, Rauf & Co. talks and spreads their venom it’s the “Truth” for all you gullible diaspora. When the government acts on evidence and arrest the culprit, it’s “framing”! Would like to know how you make the difference between them?

      We know Sarath is a threat as he almost sold SL to his western puppeteers, threw his army buddies under the bus to get votes, and continues to harp about “war crimes” (that took place when he was the commander) to the international community! Being a one time HERO doesn’t give him or anyone immunity to go beserk and betray the country.

      Simple man makes a good point… What if the allegations were true? Did any of you took time to take your head out of your ass to ever ponder that?

  22. the rogue regime will not rest till sf is either killed or permenently ot of circulation from the general publc. he is, as long as he is in public life is a potent threat to goonda mahinda and his petty thieving brothers.

    therefore, the rogue regime will try it’s best at any cost, the way they maniplated the elections, to take sf out of public circulation. it is the responsibility of the opposition to thwart this diabolical attempt of the rogue regime at any cost.

  23. jan Li

    Ranil & MR are both heroes who achieved unbelievable victory for the mother Sri Lanka. Ranil started it. He begged Peace from Prabhakan. He gave LTTE an international recognition. He allowed them to smuggle arms and kill our intelligence. He did not have any plan to destroy LTTE but to beg for peace. During his two years there was no economic development in the country other than in papers published by CB. During his two years Ranil irradiated two main myths from people’s mind.
    1. Even you give Elam to LTTE they will continue to kill all Sri Lankans
    2. Stopping war will not bring economic development or reduction in COL

    This was the platform for MR’s victory in 2005. Even after that Ranil continued to support this victory by constantly supplying MPs to MR for stable parliament and harbouring and leading all parties and international forces who wants to ruin my mother Sri Lanka. He led them from one loss to another not allowing them to think about alternatives. MR would never have achieved any victory without Ranil. Though Ranil is evil to this country, He is a necessary Evil



  26. Suresh Jeywardena

    All of you are celebrating SF’s downfall but time and time again, India has us cornered. Where do you think MR turns to when he needs military help. Nepalis believe that India will soon corner them and it will become part of India. It is a matter of when, not how or if. Sri Lanka is going the same way, with MR paying homage to India at every turn.

    • Sebas

      I have to agree. India is the root cause of SL division. Period. Initially they did not want SL to be economically sucessful. Hence they helped the tigers create the dramas and other factions. Then they felt threatened by the LTTE. So jumped ship. Killing Rajiv had it’s reasons as far as the jaffna tamil community was concerned. So many rapes , murders were committed by Indian PKF. They were worse than SL army by 10 fold. But the LTTE did kick those animals out. I do think the solutio is for the Sinhalese people to get together and give the Tamils a regional autonomy type thing. Then team up with the Jaffna tamil and really stick it up India, kick the Chinese out and bring out a very ecomonically and militarilly powerful north and east and keep those Indians at bay. Never trust an Indian. Sorry. Sri Lankans, Sinhala or Tamil are a similar bunch and very different in attitude to Indians,. Maybe its the island thing. Maybe its the ‘ill never let you down’ factor which SL’s (Tamils and Sinhalas) proudly stand by while the Indians love backstabbing at any given moment. Either way, its time SInhalese opened up to the plight of tamils, understood it, respected it, acknowledged the truth and the past and moved to a unified island that is purely self sufficient.

      • peter

        Srilanka always have to depend on India. Do you see both the ruling & opposition party people run to india even for a small thing.

  27. Kalu Sudda

    Why should this gonna be framed when he could be treated the same way as This guy takes the cake as the biggest jackass Sri lanka ever produced.

    • Sebas

      What does Kalu Sudda mean? No offence though.. I remember as a kid when I could speak sinhala well… Kalu=black and Sudda=white fella… but we used to refer to is ‘sudda’ and ‘kaluda’… or am I totally off mark? not sure if it referred to people of mixed origins or otherwise….? Sorry to hijack the thread…

  28. Rampa


    The widespread systematic pattern of crimes committed by the Sri Lankan state against Tamil civilians, particularly during the first five months of 2009 in the Northeast province, constitute violations of international humanitarian and human rights law, legal scholars have said. During this period, indifference exhibited by the international community, including the United Nations, led to the deaths of more than 30,000 Tamils. The strong transnational expatriate Tamil community now has the burden (a) to prevent Sri Lanka from erasing the massacres from historical record, (b) to resist attempts by international powers to persuade Tamils for reconciliation without establishing justice and accountability for the crimes, and (c) to seek justice for tens of thousands of Tamil victims by charging Sri Lanka of war crimes and genocide against Tamils in world courts.

    The hidden massacre Sri Lanka's
    final offensive against Tamil Tigers:
    Times Online
    The global focus on the suppression of the LTTE and Sri Lanka's 'democratic' processes, has deliberately neglected and continues to side-step the state-sponsored campaign of jus cogens norm violations which ended the conflict, a campaign in which Sri Lanka was widely reported to have engaged in ethnic cleansing, and committed war crimes, crimes against humanity, and acts of genocide.

    Given the failure of the international community's responsibility to protect the Tamil people during the slaughter and during the post-massacre collective internment in Manik Farm, new national and transnational litigation strategies must be explored by all actors supporting the cause of Tamil justice so that substantive remedy can be afforded to the thousands of Tamil victims.

    Military supervised internment camp in Vavuniyaa (Photo: The Times, UK)The global Tamil Diaspora can play a central role in this movement, counterbalancing the complicity through act or omission of the Sri Lankan state and multilateral human rights organizations, such as the United Nations, in the perpetration of the Vanni Massacre, the justification of post-massacre collective internment, and subsequent de facto policy designed to gradually erase this massacre from Sri Lankan and international history.

    TAG Report: Channel-4 video analysis
    Report: Satellite images confirm PTK attacks (5Mb)
    TAG Report: Trincomalee executions
    Dublin war-crimes tribunal final report
    World at large has witnessed unambiguous lack of political will by powerful actors in the international scene to force independent investigations into Sri Lanka's violations of international humanitarian law during the last phases of the war. Tamil Diaspora remains the only entity that can act as a catalyst in initiating legal actions on war-crimes that will decisively expose the character of Sri Lanka state. Moreover, unlike circumstances surrounding the earlier anti-Tamil pogroms in 1956, 1958, 1977, 1981, and Black July, at the end of Eelam IV the Eezham Tamil community is geographically spread out in sufficient strength, and individuals are generally beyond the reach of State's intimidatory tactics and threats to individual's and their families' safety.

    Almost all western countries have either signed, or respect international human rights treaties, and every Tamil who is either directly impacted by the SLA campaign, or indirectly impacted by the death or serious injury or detention of a relative, is likely entitled to fundamental rights and freedoms arising from these obligations by his/her country of domicile.

    Interview with Philip Alston
    on authenticity of execution video
    Courtesy: Channel-4
    Historically, Tamil justice has been conceptualized as realizable only through Sri Lankan national judicial institutions, whose power and independence have chronically been compromised by the pervasive influence of executive encroachment and Sinhala-Buddhist majoritarian culture.

    Exploring a new, necessary path to address the legacy of abuse and injustice suffered by the Tamil people, the Tamil Diaspora can initiate legal action from outside of Sri Lanka for egregious crimes against Tamils committed inside Sri Lanka by the state or its agents.

    Through either the extra-territorial application or exercise of universal jurisdiction of non-Sri Lankan national laws or international laws, the Tamil Diaspora can potentially organize to initiate a multi-pronged criminal and civil legal action agenda from multiple nations outside of Sri Lanka, to either support future international efforts in this regard if they are to emerge, or contrarily, to pressure and force legal action and Tamil justice at national, regional, and international venues where government or multilateral institutional involvement suggests exoneration of the Rajapakse administration or the Sri Lankan state is a preferred policy objective.

    Hierarchy of venues available for legal action [Illustration by TamilNet]Venues available to diaspora to mount legal actions fall into three broad categories, international, regional, and national judicial institutions.

    With regard to filing a claim against the state based on state criminal responsibility, the main venue available is the International Court of Justice (ICJ), where procedures allow only member states of the ICJ to to file a claim against another member state. Here, Tamil expatriates should lobby to identify a willing State to file charges against Sri Lanka.

    National courts that support extra-territorial/universal jurisdiction AND which allow exceptions in their domestic laws for state immunity, also are suitable venues.

    With regard to filing a claim against an individual or group based on individual criminal responsibility, multiple potential venues where claims against individuals in the Rajapakse administration can be brought or initiated by the transnational Tamil Diaspora.

    International Criminal Court (ICC), which exercises jurisdiction based on the Rome Statute, primarily have complementary jurisdiction over Nations who are signatories to the Rome Statute. Sri Lanka is one of several South Asian countries that are non-signatories, and therefore, enjoys some level of protection. However, the Office of the Prosecutor can be directed by the U.N. Security council to investigate egregious crimes against nationals of a non-signator State.

    National level action should focus on countries whose judicial system provides extra-territorial or universal jurisdiction. Countries where there is well-established precedent including Norway and Spain, is where efforts should begin first.

    Once the legal forums are identified and a committed diaspora structure is setup to pursue legal remedies, logistical issues particular to different country of action need to be considered before moving to more labor intensive actions.
    1.Legal action will first require evidence collection mechanisms which will collect, consolidate, and standardize the available fragmented body of evidence available in Sri Lanka and in the Tamil Diaspora, into multiple narratives establishing discrete counts of jus cogens norm violations, including war crimes, crimes against humanity, torture, and genocide.

    2.This evidence collection body then will be able to feed evidence to legal constructions of these crimes based on the national laws of different non-Sri Lankan countries, such as France or Norway or Canada or the UK for example.

    3.The legal constructions of the crimes can then be operationalized into criminal and civil complaints, which in certain national jurisdictions can be filed, and in others can be lodged with the national judicial establishment where the Tamil constituency in that nation may lobby for the government to support furtherence of the criminal procedure. These legal constructions can also be pushed at international and regional legal venues.

    Functional framework for legal action [Illustration by TamilNet]

    This effort can be carried out in parallel in several countries. The transnational dimension of this effort arising from the the geographic distribution of the Tamil Diaspora allows for engagement regional/international venues and generally plays to the advantage of holding the GoSL accountable by providing multiple legal venues to file legal action.

    Diaspora will also be indirectly internationalizing the Vanni massacre in a manner outside the capacity of the GoSL to suppress.

    Diaspora activists who take up the legal action will face several challenges. While there are many avenues for the Tamil Diaspora to deliver Tamil justice, a clear understanding of the following challenges is imperative to sustain the process until successful legal results are achieved.
    •Legal procedures are lengthy multi-year processes and will not deliver Tamil justice over night.

    •Jurisdictional complexities may provide legal challenges in certain national courts that exercise extra-territorial or universal jurisdiction over certain crimes.

    •If jurisdictional hurdles are overcome, defense arguments on non-exhaustion of domestic remedies or forum non conveniens are likely to be raised, and convincing legal arguments should be crafted to convince the courts to allow criminal/civil procedure to advance.

    •Sovereign immunity and/or head-of-state immunity are also impediments to legal action against individuals with military command responsibility over the Vanni massacre. In the cases of individuals who have been removed from the their official positions, such as Sarath Fonseka or other military commanders, sovereign immunity will not be a valid defense. For others still holding official positions, such as Gotabhaya Rajapakse, or Mahinda Rajapakse, for the class of crimes constituting non-derogable peremptory norms under customary international law, sovereign or head-of-state immunity defense is not unconditionally accepted as a refuge of immunity. The legal theory to pursue the prosecution of President Mahinda Rajapakse for jus cogens norms violations perpetrated during at least January-May 2009, will be partially based on precedent-setting instances of litigation rejecting the head-of-state immunity defense, including concurrent criminal and civil litigations in the U.S. and Europe against Chile’s Pinochet, Republika Srpska’s Milosevic, and Liberia’s Charles Taylor.

    •Sri Lanka was able to exploit the generally pliant international community to destroy material evidence of the large scale killings that occurred during the critical early months of 2009. While courts will be sympathetic to spoliation arguments, evidence collection should be efficient and innovative, and will need to employ precedence setting techniques including the use of Satellite-based images.
    Legal challenges might appear complex and difficult, but they are not insurmountable. Diaspora Tamils have the resources and know-how to successfully haul the Sri Lanka state into the global judicial net.

    What can vwe do?

  29. Bashir

    Something is fishy, very fishy indeed. Why have the Human Rights Minister and Attorney General rushed to Geneva to meet with the UNHRC Navaneethan Pillay after SF vowed to give evidence in a war crimes trial? “I will not protect anyone”, he has vowed! Something sure is cooking. We’ll know quite soon given that Russia is going to supply 300m $ worth of arms to SL. For what? for Gdd’s sake after spending 35B $ all these 35 years? Are there yet Tigers left?

  30. raymond

    Hail Hitler, Hail Mahinda Rajapakse W.P.!!!!!!

  31. Dion van der Velden

    Sri Lanka a beautifull country to visit as a tourist…

    The country is a disgrace when it comes to politics and social welfare of citizens.

    Just back from a 3 months visit from Colombo…

    • Deshmamaka

      This country degraded politically and socially because since 1505 AD invaders from Portugese, Holland and England created havoc in our society by forcing their culture, conspiracies and divide and rule methods. They are the root cause of all these.Now you are commenting on the good and bad of our society!

      • Dion van der Velden

        When colonists would never have been in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka would have less economically developed than today.

        And something else about your culture. You mean the sinhalese/ buddist culture. Even if the buddist society in Sri Lanka want to bring everything back as before the Colonist period.
        Why are they the one involved with all money and business today and even politics.

        Buddist monks should give up everything in live to live there live peacefull and in meditation. That’s what buddist monks suppose to live like.
        Today I see them run business and advice the president and formerly involve into defense matters.

        So if you have a really strong culture with true values that would maintain. For instance Buddist monks are not showing that they want to maintain true values.

        So why point your finger to colonist influence?

        • Deshmamaka

          We had a rich history where our kings built great tanks and we were self sufficient in our needs.

          If we were allowed to go our way of development we would have developed much better than what westerners have given us. But invaders destroyed all that culture. We are trying to reach for western culture and behaviour to which we are aliens. Still westerners plunder our economies with new colonialist methods through trading and loans. westerners live at the expense of many poor countries in the world. That’s why you see poor social welfare in our countries.

          We have been caught in a vicious cycle where we cannot escape.
          In this culture everything including ethics, human relationships, politics and religion have become corrupted. Buddhist monks are no exception.
          We “had ” a storng culture which was destroyed by colonial influence.

        • Dion van der Velden

          OK, I told in my first opinion that Sri Lanka is a country of disgrace when it comes to politics and social welfare of citizens.
          You can look back about the cause.
          You can point your finger to Colonists.
          Will that make a difference? It doesn’t solve about today problems.

          Look about the facts today. What you have as a society.
          Is the society open and together for a change?

          But in the Sri Lankan daily life society, people are very selfish and closed to each other.
          Everybody is living so individual. There is not much tollerance, heart and openness for other people. People live only for them selves. Everybody knows it’s place in the society. And have accepted that some people are “more” and other people are “less”.

          In the colonist countries for example Holland. Everybody has the same human rights. No people are “more” or “less”.
          Don’t tell me that the colonists left you with unfair human rights.
          In the colonist countries people greet each other when we walk into stores, on the streets, in our neighbourhoods. To known and to strangers. There is “respect” for each other.

          I think Sri Lankan people must change standards, about the way people treat each other.
          Give the same respect as the respect that you want to recieve from other.

        • Dehsamamaka

          Dear Velden , To quote a sentence from your writing ,
          “But in the Sri Lankan daily life society, people are very selfish and closed to each other.
          Everybody is living so individual. There is not much tollerance, heart and openness for other people. People live only for them selves. ”

          Why has people changed in to this sad status? Because our society ( that’s is almost all the societies in poor countries ) Because they are economically, politically unsecure. No country in the world maintains values you mentioned without economic prosparity.
          So what prevents us becoming prosperous.? IT is westerners. They control whole the world economy in such a way that they are safe and we are gullible.
          Do you know that rats fight among themselves and kill each other when there is scarecity of food. That is what is happening in the third world including us. 90% of resources are being used by 10% of countries. That’s is the root problem. Without answering that probelm you cannot expect poor countries to behave well.
          It’s ” we eat and drink and you tighten your belt and behave well! ”
          Is it what prosperous countries should be doing ?

        • David

          “For instance Buddist monks are not showing that they want to maintain true values….”

          My goodness how very true…the State has hijacked The Lord Buddha and the monks have responded by uplifting the lives of the masses through taking office and perks and car permits by virtue of membership of the JHU. Is this the path to Enlightenment?

        • Dion van der Velden

          I understand your disappointment about a dominant group who rules the world today with there dominant system, the 1st world. But that’s the way it is.

          Thank you for quoting my sentences, But I see you only took a piece and left 1 sentence out that I mention to be in. The problem is that things are getting out of there context that way.

          The part you didn’t use in the same piece.
          This is important:

          “And have accepted that some people are “more” and other people are “less”.”

          In the Sri Lankan daily life society, there are people that are less human than other people.

          -Is that because of a caste system?
          -Is a caste system beneficial for equal rights?
          -Is a caste system brought with the colonist?

    • Deshmamaka

      Thanks for the interst you are having on continuing this discussion.

      In summary what I am stressing is Economy play the biggest role in deciding the nature of society more than anything else.

      Our people accept that some have more and some have less ?
      Yes that’s because there is no other option for them than complying.

      Acording to you there are less human people in our society. Isn’t that a common truth in all the societies in the world. You have murderers and serial killers in your society. is’nt it?
      Caste system is almost non existant in present Srilanka .

      Dear Velden , You are saying that there is a 1st world and it has to be accepted. That is where it is wrong.!

      What I am saying is that your world has to change attitudes and change the system. But I know that you will never do that.

      The best example is the stubbornness shown by USA and other developing countries in cutting down the carbon tonnage released by them into the atmosphere, in preventing green house effect. They think only about upkeeping their economy. If they will not agree to save this planet’s atmosphere. no wonder they care nothing about uplifting economy of 3rd world countries!

      • Dion van der Velden

        “Dear Velden, You are saying that there is a 1st world and it has to be accepted. That is where it is wrong.!”

        Again you’ve interpret ate me wrong. I never mentioned “that it has to be accepted”

        About the 1st world, that’s the way it is. There is nothing you can change about the system now. You have to deal with it how it is today. Like im saying:

        “I understand your disappointment about a dominant group who rules the world today with there dominant system, the 1st world. But that’s the way it is.”

        I mention clearly that in this discussion, you never answer my points. And avoid the things I’m saying by answering with total different examples.

        The examples you bring makes sense, but got nothing to do with the subject.

        This discussion is getting too big if you answer my stories with examples that don’t make sense on the subject.

        I’m even questioning how you get your knowledge about how things work in the 1st. Do you create your opinion by subjective articles in newspapers and magazines?

        Where have you ever been in the world, that you can tell how things are going? I’ve been in both worlds. I’m from the 1st world, been in 2nd and 3rd world countries to observe daily social issues and more than that.

        Now I will interpret ate a quote of you.

        “What I am saying is that your world has to change attitudes and change the system. But I know that you will never do that.”

        I misunderstand where you want to go…
        I think the only country that has to get a change is Sri Lanka in this subject.

        With friendly regards and all the best,
        Dion van der Velden

        • Deshmamaka

          Yes Velden,
          You said our society is disgraceful.
          And it depends on us to change.
          I told that the major factor for deterioration of society is poor economy.
          We have become poor because our economy is controlled by developed world. Therefore developed world should change their attitude.

          I did not answer each of your sentences because above vision answers all.

          However it was a very valuable experience of having a discussion and learning how other people can have different opinions over the same problem.

          Welldone veldone.

          Thanks and goodbye!

  32. raymond

    Now that the King of Kings is in POWER by rigging,what is next? Suffer in silence for the next couple of years till this SOB gets what he richly deserves!!!!!
    Hail Hitler Rajapak0!

    • jolly seeya

      Considering your political views Apparently that’s the best thing you should be doing.

  33. Rahul

    Fonseka is no SAINT, readers should know by now, he waited for his turn and if he really got it….there would have been blood and killing his Political Opponents everywhere, he is full of hatred and NO EXPERIENCE in handling politics…you will have to have extreme patience, use your kidneys if not the BRAINS, wait for your turn…we saw how he address his opponents in filth and humiliates them…THE GUYS from forces always think that they are superior…there should be an impartial wnquiry and if found guilty should be severelly punished and stripped off his ranks….

  34. Vadivel Santiago

    Tamils in New York are bringing pressure on the U.N. to investigate MRs bro who went from California to help him. As a citizen of the U.S. can he hold the defence secretary post? Not likely.

  35. Fred Jansz

    Intelligence is one thing government and their supporters lack in a big way. It is always thuggery and intimidation from start to end. The dumplings who run the missions abroad are even worse than the master and his family. One person openly says he has the power to stop anyone entering our country. Does this person realise that as long as you are born in the country and not done any thing wrong we all can go to our country at any time. Why are these people taking away our freedom of movement? Is this the 21st century or the 14th century of primitive animals.

  36. Lone Ranger

    If they are looking for the murderer, they do not have to go far. Everyone knows who it is, but afraid to say it. The two brothers who came from California to help the other brothers – just ask them confidentially and they will tell. When LW was going to expose them over a major scandal involving millions of dollars, they decided to get rid of him. Others who are know are in New York and another city 540 miles cross the border.






  38. N.C.Wijeratne

    In whatever way one looks at it the killing of Lasantha Wickrematunga made certain things possible-Probably if he lived-Certain things would have been almost impossible-Whoever who deicided he should be eliminated acted in that direction and towards that goal!If one chooses to live with Lasantha haunting his or her life throughout their lives-so be it-But noot for long-the truth will come out one day!

  39. dharma

    srilanka adminisrative service has gone to dogs.example the commissioner of election.

  40. I quite want True Blood to be my life…

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