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Kandy SC Will Continue To Dominate Rugby

By Hafiz Marikar

Malik Samarawickrema

The century old Kandy Sports Club which was founded by a group of coffee planters in 1874, was at that time  known as the Kandy Athletic, Boating, Cricket, Football and Dancing Club.  The status changed 14  years later in1888  when they started playing cricket, football, rugby, hockey, athletics and polo, and the name too was changed to Kandy Sports Club.  The scene was the Bogambara  grounds and it stayed thus until 1939 when the British Colonial Army took it over during the 2nd World War. It was then  later  turned over to the General Hospital to house their house officers.  But they continued to play rugby at Bogambara and there was no  club house. In 1949 the garbage dumping ground area at Nittawela was released to the Kandy Sports Club by the Municipal Council.

By 1954 the club was transformed due to the untiring efforts of late Col. Stanley Ratwatte, Chandra Wijenayake and a few keen members.  They started  with a small hut, like a scout tent, which was used as the club house. The Kandy Club which was housed behind the Elephant House Building (now known as White House) by the side of the Torrington Square, shifted their club to Malabar Street, and they  gifted most of their furniture to Kandy Sports Club, through the efforts of Col. Stanley Ratwatte, and few members, all of them members  of both  clubs. This was the beginning  of Nittawela Grounds and the club house.

Today, thanks to Malik Samarawickrema and the rest of the committee the club is gifted with all what they need — a modern club house, dressing room, tiers, restaurant, gymnasium and everything that a club needs.  And also the game of rugby became popular, and Kandy SC had top class teams since 1992, and  they have been dominating the game let it be sevens, league or knockout. They are the kings and have been winning  trophies after trophies, for that too Malik gave a big hand.

Kandy SC,   along with CR & FC,   Havelocks SC, CH & FC, Dimbulla A & CC, Dickoya MCC,  Uva and KV  played in the first ever inter club tournaments in 1950, where Havelocks SC became winners. Kandy SC on four occasions entered the Cup finals  in 1954, 1955, 1969 and 1978 but  failed to win the cup on all four occasions, it was in 1992 they won the Clifford Cup for the first time.

So, this time too, they are blessed with a top side. Fazil Marija the new captain is happy with  the presence of some top players, and Coach Johan Taylor is planning for another big season. There are over 30 players at  practices and some of the top players seen at practices were  Marija, Saliya , Sanjeewa  (the most experienced),  Gayan, Roshan, Sumedha , Chaturanga, Saranga, Jehan, Thalagampola, Selvam, Sean, Kasun Walpola, Swarnatilake,  Sheriff, Pradeep, last year’s skipper    Vithanage to name a few.

The Chairman of Kandy SC Rugby, Lasantha Wijesuriya said that all players are in top form and they are at practices  daily and this time too would be able to give a good display of rugby.

Nalak Rejoins Kandy SC

One of the top class back division ruggerites in the country, Nalaka Weerakkody, who said good bye to his pet sport of rugby last season, is hoping to make a come back this season.

Weerakkody, a fine thinker of the game, who can break or make game with his talent, was seen at practices at Nittawela last week.

Nalaka who started his club rugby with Kandy Youth SC, later played for CR & FC, Kandy SC  and Sri Lanka as a top class fullback.

He had the privilege of leading Kandy SC and Sri Lanka  and has helped all teams he played with his power kicks to win matches.  So, Nalaka’s coming back is going to help champions Kandy SC in a big way.
— HM

7 Comments for “Kandy SC Will Continue To Dominate Rugby”

  1. chandran-Kandy

    Yes ………! I was very happy after reading this good news about Kandy Sports Club’s Rugby story.Another good news that veteran Nalaka weerakody’s rejoining of Kandy sports Club.Wait & see the glorious Year of 2010 of Kandy sc. chandran-Kandy

  2. truth

    well done KANDY! you are da best nothing more to prove!

  3. William

    Malik buys all the colombo players for money to represent Kandy, Now he tried to buy polititions also what a player ? so long kandy

    • Norman

      Sour grapes it seems? What about the Kandyans playing for Colombo clubs? Do you think they are playing for charity?

    • Hi,william,
      It is always 15 players for club who can play a match. how many schools are there who produce hell no of players a year. are they all playing for kandy?noop. it is not money who wins matches but players and their talent. your comment is politically motivated. it is better get rid of your political cluster and see what is hapening with other clubs?it is lack of comitment,orgenisation and determination. what malik did was counter attack what colombo clubs were doing. Retained kandy talent in kandy by paying what colombo clubs were paying.If a player from colombo gets the same payment what he gets at colombo,who dares to come to kandy and enjoy the pleasant wether,climate and spend their life comfortably while earning same what he earns at colombo. Now that is what hapening. unfortunatly there are 15 slots avialable, otherwise lots of players from colombo will come to kandy to enjoy the nice cool climate rather than bieng cooked in colombo.

  4. chandran-Kandy

    Hellow! mmmmr. Wiiliam I am sad about you.Because you have blammed Mr.Maliksamara wirama the Big sports promoter in Rugby.Do you know about him?.Because of him too many youngster have got job opportunities in reputed Ltd companies.Not only in Kandy but also everywhere in Islandwide.I am very shame about you Mr.william.You know Mr.Maliksamarawikrama is a fair & generous minded gentleman.OK.leave it we will come to the point.I can remeber some 2 decades ago former SriLanka & Kandy SC skipper Priyantha Ekkanayake who did a marvellous job to Kandy sc while he was captaining the kandy team.Also he is one of my favorite ruggerites during his period.At the same time we should not forget Mr. Maliksamarawikrama the gentleman who promote the formation of Kandy sports club with the help of senior members of the club. What a contribution by him.Well don Malik-We the Kandyan always with you. chandran-kandy.

  5. chandran-Kandy

    Mr.Norman do you know in Colombo there are are some six top clubs playing Rugger games.But in Kandy one and only Ruggby club like Kandy SC.During Rugby season Colombo clubs have to travel only one time to Kandy. But Kandy club has to travel six or seven times. They have to (Kandy) incur lot of expenses for playing in Colombo.Who will pay this cost. You can give? In this circumstances Kandy sc Beating all top clubs in colombo-Kandy-chandran

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