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G.S.P. + Gone

G.S.P. + is lost, a multi-faceted corporate executive whose interests also include garments exports, speaking on the grounds of anonymity told The Sunday Leader.
He was referring to the recent arrest of defeated common opposition presidential candidate General Sarath Fonseka on charges of allegedly fomenting a coup against the Government.

The source described the Government’s action as “arrogant” and “Mugabe” style, despite the fact that they knew that the G.S.P. + concession was in the balance, before the arrest of Fonseka.

Robert Mugabe is the premier of the once prosperous Zimbabwe (Rhodesia), who has turned his country into a beggarly and despotic state by his strong arm tactics.
“It’s sad that these things should take place particularly in the context of the war win, when things looked bright for Sri Lanka,” he said.

The source further said that it’s “easy” for the West to impose trade sanctions on the country in a “refined” manner.

“What if they insist on a certain quality standard for Ceylon Tea exports, a standard which the local industry would find both difficult and expensive to obtain? That would be the end of tea exports to the West,” he opined.

The source who is a permanent resident of Australia is seriously thinking of migrating with his family to “down under.”  “Sri Lanka is increasingly becoming a police state, I’m even afraid to talk freely over the phone for fear of it being tapped,” he alleged.

G.S.P.+ allows the island to export some 7.000 items to the E.U. on a duty free basis. Chief among the beneficiaries of this facility is Sri Lanka’s garment industry which is also its biggest foreign exchange earner, providing employment to 300,000.
Other beneficiaries include the cable manufacturing sector, leatherwear, fisheries and ceramic exports.

The concession is however linked to the observance of human rights and labour rights, with the E.U. faulting the island, particularly in regard to the observance of the former.
Therefore the E.C. has decided to suspend the G.S.P. + facility to Sri Lanka, with E.U.’s finance ministers expected to ratify this decision on Tuesday, after which it will become law in six months time.

But in the interim, if Sri Lanka shows signs of mending its ways, the suspension may be revoked.

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  1. Roshan Perera

    The Central Bank Governor Nivard Cabraal says Srilanka will not be affected by the loss of GSP+. He goes to say that the depreciating rupee will provide the necessary cover for the loss of GSP.This is what happenns when you place an hotel accountant as a governor instead of an economist. Look at the caliber of the central bank governors in India then you will know why they prosper.

    • Citzen Silva

      Nivard Cabraal is an imcompetent boob. There are many Sri Lankans with the necessary heavy weight educational credentials to do the job properly.

      Incidentally in the 2 weeks leading up to the Presidential elections, vast sums of money was wired out of the country with his direct collusion. This is one catholic who is going to rot in hell.

    • Roshan Perera…..Don’t talk Pleeeaaasee .
      Nivard Cabraal has all the qualifications to be the givernor of the central bank…. He sucks, he robs and helps the president and his goons to also rob..Yo9u don;t need any firther qualifiactions to the stooge like the meantime, we all know his credentials when he previously was in politics..hook or by crook he wanted to win…so that he could make money…
      Now he just makes money by sucking Mahinda and the others..Another shameless , spineless pig who shpuld be ashamed to be a catholic sri lankan..Gutter material he is.

    • +
      A long time back when Cabraal was in the UNP, he wrote a write-up to some news paper proposing to privatize the Railways in Sri Lanka. He wanted to take a leaf out of what Thatcher did to British rail. To my amazement Cabraal had not known it was another failed privatization by Thatcher.

      Cabraal proposed private companies to buy engines and coaches and ply them along the government owned tracks. He had not realized that no company would put engines or coaches on unsteady old tracks like ours. He didn’t realize it is the tracks that cost us a fortune to modernize.

      Anyway that was them; right now, he seemed to be doing alright, I suppose. Then again I am no economist or even an accountant. Roshan; take it from me, there are very very capable people in the CB. I had a friend who was a very capable deputy governor. As far as I know, they could even make you a good governor.

  2. Dr. TKPK Kaluarachchi, VIC

    exactly this is what make me migrate to Kangaland.. there is not democrasy or human rights in Sri Lanka with this killer regime.

    lets work together irrespective of any divide to make this land a blessed land.

  3. ranjit de mel

    dear learnerd editor, please publish a article on gsp,gsp+ ,wto, etc etc which regulates the imports(exports too) to highly developed countries from the so called developing countries,very much less developing contries,bannana republics and so on.educate the s.l.ans specially those who write comments.when i say educate then please on all relevant aspects,and you should as a learned individual know what i the writer of this article i can only say the price for our exports to the e.u. for the buyers would go up by about 6%due to the suspension. for quality products there are enough buyers at a higher rate.(marketing strategy).if one brings down the profit margin of the exporters ,it may far as i know s.l. is the only country in asia with gsp+ previlage.i wonder how the other countries in asia with quality goods are the way there are very strikt laws and norms for the import of food and beverages to the e.u.only for s.l. they wont bring new laws and need not take letters written by individuals without a name that seriouse. i do say before the suspension comes to effect,the suspension would be lifted.bussines as usual. ranjit de mel berlin

  4. SAnjeeva

    so what ?? MR said that he will not depend on GSP+ and he can do all business with china, myannmar, russia, iran, cuba,

    • Bleed Lanka


  5. Dr. TKPK Kaluarachchi, VIC

    This Nvard Cabrall is a dirty pig who do not know anything about ethics or good governance in financial management.

    It is a shame for the local economists and accountants to have such a rogue at the helm of that institituon the CB.

    This pig names Cabral just play into the cards of the Rajapaksha junta brothers and help them to get away with the ill gotten money which was robbed from our masses and deposit in swiss bank accounts.

  6. Bleed Lanka

    ALL WRITES ABOUT CB GOVERNOR …WHAT WILL HELP TO OUR POOR GARMENTS WORKERS after GSP+ gone forever ..specially female workers…more than 300,000 will be out of jobs….after they sew dress for the Royal Family.?

  7. Rohana Perera

    The EU wants the 17th Amendment implemented and Emergency Regulation halted before any consideration for GSP+ is given. Our brave ‘soldiers’ in Brussels and Colombo do not want to see this. Who cares as long as their pockets are lined right!!

  8. Cabrall should be shot dead along with other underworld thugs

  9. MR and his brothers along with cabrall should be sent to hell

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