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Scientific Observations About Those Born In February

By Kumari Kumarasinghe Tennakoon

Systematic use of astrology goes back to the pre-historic past. It is in this sense that human life and astrology are said to have coexisted since the very beginning. It is interesting to note in general some of the many characteristics of people born in February, the second month of the year.

It has been established by scientific observation that if you are born in February you are over sensitive and easily hurt by others. Though you are likely to get acquainted with a large number of people there are times you will feel lonely. By nature you are loyal to those you love and espouse a good cause passionately.

By instinct you can read people and will reserve your comments. Usually you seem generous in helping people in distress and will aid charities more than the average individual. Should an occasion arise you will surprise everyone with your hidden talents. Some of you born during this month always aim for big things and try to come in contact with those in higher positions. You are also inclined to over reach yourself in efforts to make money quickly.

Most of you are attracted by places of amusement and fun and where people congregate. If you happen to be born in the lap of luxury it is believed you will never develop your good qualities but just let life go until it is too late to make any changes.

Most people born in February do not enjoy good health. You may be subject to various stomach, liver, kidney and gall-bladder ailments. You will visit quacks for treatment. Some of you suffer from poor blood circulation, chilblains, palpitations etc. In old age you will face accidents or fractures in your feet. For those who have professional careers such as doctors, lawyers, actors, artists, this month will not be favourable in the efforts to earn money.

If you are born on February 1 – 10 or 19 you’ll have an abundance of mental energy. But those born on  February 28, are physically strong. Your lucky numbers are one and four. You should do everything which you consider important on dates which add up to these numbers. You’ll find a strong magnetic attraction to persons born on dates making one, four or three in any month of the year.

People born on February 2 or 11 or 20 will have many difficulties and restrictions in finance in their early years, unless they happen to be born in good circumstances. But in the end you are bound to succeed using your talents. If born in a leap year on February 29th you’ll have less restrictions and be more fortunate. In early life you’ll be attracted to persons born on dates adding up to  two or seven in any month of the year.

If you are born on February 3 or 12 or 21 you may expect success in any line of work you may take up. You’ll find a strong attraction to persons born on dates making three in any month and such people should have a favourable influence in your life and career.

If you are born on February 4 or 13 or on 22 you’ll be very original in you views. New philosophies or new religions will appeal very strongly to you. You are likely to be called peculiar by friends. Children born on these days should be treated with great consideration and sympathy. Any rough treatment or harshness will harm their moral development. They are considered good organisers. They care little for the opinions of others. You will be greatly attracted to those born on days making one, four or eight in any month of the year.

As regards money matters persons born on February 5 or 14 or 23, are excellent in giving advice to others on financial matters but rarely can follow their own advice. They often make money and become wealthy but seldom make provisions for old age. Your lucky numbers are the series of five and you’ll  be attracted to persons born on dates making five in any month of the year.

You’ll have an exciting social life if you are born February 6 or 15 or 24. You have the faculty of making friends easily wherever you go, even among strangers. You’ll be adored by people in lower positions than you and will attract persons of high rank and wealth. There will be a strong attraction to persons born on dates making six in any month.

If you are born on February 7 – 16 or 25, it is advisable to be satisfied with small returns and avoid all forms of gambling. You will have a peculiarly sensitive nature and should be most careful where you live or with whom you come in contact with. You may make any sacrifice or face any hardship to do what you consider your duty. You should do anything important on dates making fours or eights. You may be attracted to persons born on dates making seven or two in any month of the year.

You’ll have a very unique personality and will be outstanding if you are born on February 8 – 17 or 26. You’ll be a deep thinker no matter what your career may be. Many opportunities will come into your life without you seeking them. Your name is likely to go down in posterity for something unusual in your life or career. You will find a strong attraction to persons born on dates making four or eight in any month of the year.

All number nine persons born on February 9 – 18 or 27 will exhibit marked independence in thought and action. You will have good reasoning powers and will be forceful in debate. You are quick to seize any weak point. You will be influenced by persons born on the series of eight and nine. You’ll be a humanitarian, always ready to devote yourself for the benefit of others. As such you will make many enemies. Persons born on February 27 generally make a name for themselves.

3 Comments for “Scientific Observations About Those Born In February”

  1. samson

    it’s true

  2. Quentin

    I have been researching this and I have come to a conclusion that there are a severe lack of minority. All of this research suggests that every person born in February is the same. Although some of the characteristics will be constant for the most part, there are some things that are case specific. I do agree for the most part on this, I have suffered more pain than I feel one should have to endure and I just put on a smile and act like everything is just peachy. I am very suceptible to getting hurt because I trust people way too much. Now I only let people in very slowly, I am constantly turning people down who have hurt me, because I don’t think anyone that would hurt me would not hesitate to do it once more. Well, that is my rant, thank you for posting this on here, it made me think a lot, which I love to do. :>

  3. Leila

    I gotta admit, I’m a febuary baby (feb 27th) and…it kinda freaks me out because I agree with a lot of the things you said. Especially the 2nd,3rd, and 4th paragraph


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