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The Other Family Firm: The Fonsekas Of Sri Lanka

  • Rs. 78 million “campaign donations” found
  • Ashoka Tillakaratne released on Rs. 20 million sureties
  • General Fonseka’s son-in-law “at large”

By Faraz Shauketaly
With additional reporting by
Mandana Ismail Abeywickrema

The Fonseka Phenomenon continues to dominate the public’s attention even if it has slipped a notch or two in the print and electronic media. The sensational news earlier in the week was the “discovery” of a large amount of cash from a safety deposit box. The find included Rs 15 million in Sri Lankan currency as well as US$ 550,000 also in currency together with a small amount of Sterling Pounds. All in all at current rates of exchange the equivalent of Rs 78,819,500 was found within four safety deposit boxes.
The find was made by the CID, who with the appropriate court orders, raided the Sampath Bank Thimbirigasaya Branch. The safety deposit boxes were in the name of Mrs. Ashoka Tillakaratne. Mrs Tillakaratne – whose son Dhanuna, is married to Sarath Fonseka’s daughter, Apsara – had earlier taken out the safety deposit box facility for the express reason of storing this cash.

The latest twist to the Fonseka Phenomenon, had its origin on January 28 when the Cinnamon Lakeside was enjoying an unusual level of security courtesy of the Sri Lanka Army. The level of security was later clarified as being due to an “increased” threat and as a separate search was going on for possible army deserters in the area including the possibility that some deserters maybe within the hotel itself.
In that backdrop, Ashoka Tillakaratne, who was the sole member of the inner nexus of the Fonseka family, not at the hotel, received a call from her daughter in law, Apsara. She was told of the increased army presence outside the hotel and perhaps somewhat panic stricken had also said there was an imminent danger that they may be “raided” and perhaps arrested. Clearly, Apsara Fonseka was not privy to the assurances given by the President to the Chief Monks in Kandy that General Fonseka would not be arrested at the hotel.

Sources close to the Fonseka family, speaking on condition of anonymity, confirmed that Apsara had told her mother in law, of the sum of monies in her custody. She had told her that these monies were contributions received in the last few days of the campaign and that she needed it kept safe until those in the party could take on the responsibility for the money.

Mrs. Tillakaratne, had promptly told her that she was uncomfortable having the money in the house but would put it in the bank. With that she drove the short distance to the Sampath Bank where she already had an account. There she was advised that for various reasons it would be best to take out a safety deposit box as opposed to depositing the money into her account. An application for the safety deposit box facility was immediately filled out and the branch closed the doors as usual. A person – described by our source – as a “messenger” came to the bank and handed over a parcel to Mrs. Tillakaratne. She then placed the money in the boxes. However due to the rather large volume, there was a need to have two additional boxes. There is some confusion whether the Bank Manager permitted Mrs Tillakaratne to have all four boxes in her name or whether it was held in another person’s name with operating powers given to Mrs. Tillakaratne.

The Sampath Bank Manager at Thimbirigasaya confirmed that there was no restriction on the number of boxes given to a customer, it was more an “availability” issue rather than anything else.
However all banks ask their customers to sign a declaration that the contents of the boxes – which the bank is not normally privy to – belong to the account holder and is not in the ownership of any third party.

According to our source, Mrs Tillakaratne had placed the parcels into the safety deposit boxes and was unaware that the parcels contained foreign currency notes. It was also said that Sarath Fonseka had no knowledge of these funds and that it was his daughter Apsara who had made the contact and the arrangements with her mother-in-law.

The Tillakaratne family meanwhile claim they are unaware of the whereabouts of Dhanuna Tillakaratne, for whom an arrest warrant has been issued.

The regulations covering the importation of foreign currency falls under the purview of the  Exchange Controller. However the Controller, Mr. Chandrawansa was unable to speak to the media. Information collated from other sources indicate that foreign exchange brought into the country must be declared where the value exceeds US$ 15,000 in currency. Thereafter, within a period of 90 days the currency must be deposited at any licensed and authorised institution like for example a bank. In case the individual is leaving the country within the time period of 90 days, any monies declared can be taken out of the country without further permission.

The key here is that at the expiry of 90 days one must not be in possession of the foreign currency imported bar a nominal sum of US$ 2,000. The placing of the currency in a safety deposit box will not meet the requirement of “not in possession of” as the placing of anything inside a bank vault is a private matter and the bank plays no role in the content and will be unable to provide a receipt.

The accepting of foreign currency for goods and services is also regulated. The recipient – for example a shop or a hotel – must be licensed by the Central Bank and strict procedures follow in terms of having to deposit those funds into a bank account. It is an offence under the Exchange Control rules to accept foreign currency without the appropriate license. The penalties can be punitive.

Under the Exchange Control Act, a very select list of organisations are permitted to accept and or change foreign exchange – mostly for the purposes of facilitating tourism in Sri Lanka. Political parties are not included in that list:

By the act of placing the funds in a safety deposit box, a number of issues now arise including the test of whether these funds were received in Sri Lanka within the 90 day exclusion period and taxation issues. The bank would have ordinarily have had to charge debit tax amounting to 0.1% of the value making that a trifling Rs. 78,800. More important are the legal issues surrounding Mrs. Tillakaratne, who it appears has been left holding the proverbial can, having tried to assist her daughter-in-law.

The charges against the Fonseka family have been building momentum and the latest twist – the discovery of foreign currency notes – came at a very opportune moment for the government. There was growing discontentment at the arrest of the retired General with the opposition spin departments going the whole hog and the government media units in disarray.
The most expedient and simple task of saying the same thing failed the government. There were three statements made on the General’s arrest and all three were contradicting each other. It beggars belief that the spokespersons could not work as a team and agree on the exact legal position of the arrest and detention. It appears that all three statements were made in a hurry and lacked a coordinated response giving the opposition ample opportunity to exploit the case.

The CID have also now made a link to Dhanuna Tillakaratne and British Borneo Defense Services. The original company – British Borneo Holdings, is registered in Malta and has issued a statement denying any link to the British Borneo Defence Services company, which is based in Oklahoma, USA.

This leads to further allegations of fraud against Dhanuna Tillakaratne. He appears to have given the impression that British Borneo in Oklahoma was in fact that of the established British Borneo Holdings of Malta who have the necessary expertise under existing Army tender regulations to participate in tenders which the Sri Lanka Army may call from time to time. The specific charge of “passing off” which is an offence in law refers to a company using a similar name to that of an existing company. Another arm of British Borneo Holdings, BBD Australia have also confirmed that they had not engaged in any work in Sri Lanka apart from a presentation made to the Army. It is widely held that Dhanuna Tillakaratne has left Sri Lanka. In an interview with BBC News Apsara Fonseka confirmed that her husband was “at large” and that whilst he had no problem about making a statement, their information was that he would then be arrested and held without bail. Sources close to Mrs Ashoka Tillakaratne, speaking on anonymity said that Mrs Tillakaratne has no knowledge at all about the whereabouts of her son and considered it fortuitous that she had no knowledge, lest she be hounded for that information.

No relationship between British Borneo Holdings and British Borneo Defence

Maltese company accuses US company of misusing its name

PR Log (Press Release) – Feb 18, 2010 – It has been brought to our attention that a company called British Borneo Defence, incorporated in Oklahoma, USA is under investigation in Sri Lanka for possible bid rigging in military tenders.

It would also appear from documents filed with the Registrar of Companies in Oklahoma that the owner and registrant of the company is a Sri Lankan national Mr. D.Tillakaratne. Mr.Tillakaratne is also the President of the aforementioned company ( …)

British Borneo Holdings Ltd is a holding company registered in Malta with interests in shipping, oil and gas exploration, and power generation. The company has no links with British Borneo Defense and has no activities either in the defense sector or in Sri Lanka. While we have the copyright within the EU on the name British Borneo, we cannot control the use of names similar to ours, especially in jurisdictions where we do not operate.


What The Partners Had To Say About The Monies Found:

With Ashoka Tillakaratne stating that the moneys found in her safety deposit box were campaign funds, the news reached the Alliance partners like a thunderbolt. Many simply did not answer their mobiles including some who ordinarily answer immediately.
Tissa Attanayake: Took the line that this matter was under investigation and did not wish to comment further at the moment. He acknowledged that the party had found it difficult to raise money and that they did so with great difficulty.
Mangala Samaraweera: Not available
Sarath Manamendra: These were campaign donations, quite usual practice. The foreign currency was obviously from people who had come to Sri Lanka had declared that money and given as donation. What’s wrong with that?
Rauf Hakeem: Not available
Somawansa Amarasinghe: Not available
Vijitha Herath: Not available
Ravi Karunanayake: Referred us to both Tissa Attanayake and to the JVP.


Saddam And Fonseka: Similar Monies

In an uncanny similarity of sorts, when the US Army found Iraqi strongman, Saddam Hussain in hiding, they also found a sum of US currency with him. The amount they found was US$ 700,000 – in the case of the Fonsekas the sum involved is approximately US$ 703,000. The difference being that Saddam Hussain was the sole authority and was President of Iraq when he took off – General Fonseka did not take off anywhere but was arrested for “military offences.”


The Central Bank has permitted, subject to conditions in the permit
(a)    hoteliers;
(b)    persons engaged in the gem and jewellery trade and ap-
proved by the National Gem and Jewellery Authority;
(c)     travel agents;
(d)     duty free shops;
(e)     hospitals;
(f)     agency post offices approved by the Post Master General;
(g)     harbour traders approved by the Sri Lanka Port Authority;
(h)     other persons engaged in or connected with the tourist in-
to accept foreign currency for services rendered and goods supplied to tourists.

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  1. Senaka Wijesundera

    Ha ha ha…. real ‘soap opera’ Sri Lankan style

    Sunday leader, do you have any follow up on 47 million found in Rathwatte bank lockers???? The readers would be happy for some info..

    Tazan Baappa

    • Who is in possession of Rathwatte’s money? Certainly we like to know not just where is the money but also what had happened to those inquires.
      If UNP under RanilW had been honest as they claim, they should have expedited the inquires, setup a special court to here Ratwatte case while they were in power.
      In this country only cock and rooster thieves and kasippu sellers are fined and imprisoned. Sooner or later all others go free.

      • Wimal

        Ranil did what he could do to Ratwatte, He kept him in the prison for several months, only difference was there was no one to agitate for release although it was a clear political vengience.




  2. SH


  3. raymond

    What about the Rajapakse Brothers and their goons!!!

    • That should be RanilW’s job. Is it not? But he did nothing while he was in power.

      • well rw was not given enough time to persue matters of corruption. however, politics is a matter of you scratch my back i’ll scratch your back. in a democracy professional politicians will not try to kill each other. it is a mutual understanding.

        • mohandev

          Ranil was busy selling state assets (SLIC, Waters Edge, LMS, CWE etc etc) & collecting or allowing his cronies to collect the dollars commissions whilst dividing the country & giving part of it prabakaran to buy insurance for him to be in power in the south. Thank God saved us all !

        • cardboard

          Mate democrazy!
          It was CBK who did all of that…idiot!

  4. Srilankans why none of our politicians question “How Mahinda Rajapaksa`s jobless son “Namal Rajapaksa” get money to make “Thug Balakaya” in the presidential election and now his “Election Campaigns”.Is this is the money stolen from “TsunamiFunds” by the father or”Poor Citizen`s money” by raising up commodities.

    • Bru

      you are quite correct??? Sri Lankan know about it…but can’t prove it…because of their power?

    • mohandev

      Before you worry about thug balakaya find out who killed 60,000 youth of sri lanka by burning them on the roads, even the innocent journalists like Richard De Zoysa was spared. UNP is only reaping now the atrocities & robberies they committed during their 17 years of dictatorship

  5. S.Nugaela

    Can anyone imagine howmuch money “MR & the Clan” have their lockers and out of the country.You know the huge amount of money is been granted by out side and currupted by the Clan.We should be at least happy to have that money in our soil with SF,if these moneyare not been put in there by the Clan´s guidence.

    • janatha

      “MR and the Clan”as u said spending money to finish the war,build highways,power plants,several harbors,flyovers,so many bridges including the longest one ever build in sri lanka,no matter what amount in their bags.They will remain in power as long as they do the job..until then people like u will continue to sling mud ….


    • ferdy


      • Psycho

        Bitter pill istn’t it? Now blame the scribe.
        If you cant bear it, you are free to join me at Angoda.

    • SF is a baby; he does not know anything about a half a million dollars in brand new notes. And currier service delivered it. And MR. Thilakaratna does not know currier delivered parcels were cash. Make no doubt, this is all ill-gotten money. If SF had become the President he would have robbed my toilet as well.

      • you should be thankfull that sf would have hypothetically robbed only your toilet. what do you think are the rajapaksha clan doing. they are stripping the entire country of everything of any value.
        but the most valuable thing these criminal brothers are stealing from us sri lankans is our democracy.

        • Saman

          You have given a name that you do not understand the meaning of. Are you calling the the SF having illegal money as D.E.M.O’Cracy? your name is halfway there.

        • DJ

          How can yousay that we have been robbed of our demecracy if so MR would not have accepted SF’s resignation.

  7. chandraratne

    Why don’t the CID inspect and investigate the other people’s safes to find the Tsunami Funds, with the help of the bank documents and the evidences of the foriegn establishments who donated the same?.
    Srilankans are aware when the citizens started to question, the millions of (tsunami) money lying in mahinda’s sister’s account was transfered to the treasury just before Mahinda became presidant. So why the CID treat two parties differently on the same offence.

    • CID

      The problem the CID is having is that the Tsunami money was all pledges from different countries, no country gave cash!

      • don’t go to the kade cid, like your siblings in the real cid. what was in the bank account of mr’s sister, which was handed over to the government when investigations started on the tsunami fund. the funny excuse given was, ” it was kept in this particular bank account for safe keeping”. at least we should be thankfull to morons like you who encourage the gangster brothers and company to steal more and more money from us poor sri lankans.

    • Manjula

      Why don’t you make a formal complaint to the CID and publish that complaint so that the government cannot hide it. It appears that you have lot of proof about the “so called” Tsunami money with MR. Go ahead and make a formal complaint. I wonder why it is lot of talk but no action by “any one” in Sri Lanka or abroad. Is that because there is no proof and just a roumer?

  8. andy wells

    Pot calling the kettle black. Is this all a joke

  9. kalu miniha

    Good to hear that audits are done to find out where the money come from.
    I hope audits are done on everyone’s wealth regardless of what party they belong to. Aren’t there people who had built castles, sent their children overseas for education, and various other activities costing millions of rupees.
    It is simple to make an income and expenditure account. If someone has spent more than one’s income, an inquiry should be done to find out where the excess money come from.

  10. Joseph

    Will the public be allowed to break the bank boxes of the Jarapaksa clan, the family tree and the members of the worlds biggest cabinet………

  11. andycap

    There seems to be only one reason for people to enter politics in this country, to make lots of hard cash. For this reason the country is doomed and long term progress is impossible as we slowly slide into more and more debt. For instance the presidents latest visit to Russia to collect 300 million dollars where they probably spent over 5% of that figure to simply get there.
    Whatever happened to the gentleman politicians of yesteryear , the W.D.Dahanayakes and the Dudley Senanayakes who entered politics with the sole intention of taking the nation forward. When Mr Dahanayake vacated temple trees he did so with all his worldly possessions in a single suit case and caught the next bus back to his village.
    Today it seems that everyone is a crook, greedy for one thing or the other. Whilst the antics of the Rajapakse clan are famous and constantly highlighted by news papers such as the Sunday leader, one must not forget that the pig headed mule like obstinate behavior of Ranil Wickremasinghe not stepping down as leader of the UNP has led to there being no formidable opposition in parliament. This in itself is also a crime and driven by greed.
    For some reason or another the Sri Lankan masses have always favored crooks, and hence these politicians have thrived. There are only 100,000 tax payers in the country and their vote is the same as the uneducated junky who lives on the street.
    The latest news is that the government is to start web censorship similar to what is going on in China. Is it not plain to see that by not allowing people to read the truth they are are kept uneducated and blind so that these corrupt politicians can be re elected again and again.
    The UNP accuse the UPFA of corruption, in reality all they want is to get into power so they can have their pound of flesh as well, and it seems that the good general also could not help making a little bit of hay whilst the sun was shinning.
    Ladies and gentlemen the system has failed, yet it continues. The future looks bleak

    • Sal

      Couldn’t have written any better. Only a very few would understand this big picture, as everyone is busy blaming the other.

  12. Patriot

    Can somebody dig into the rajapksa family’s bank accounts local and foreign please……Why can’t the Leader take the first step in doing so.

  13. Man! what goes around comes around. Isn’t that the truth?

  14. sahal bandula

    Joseph and Patriot should meet up and discuss these issues further !!!

  15. feroz


    • Psycho

      Hi Feroze I Know for die hard SF supporters its a bitter pill to swallow, but please dont shoot the messenger.

      End of the day with your hallucination you may end up like me.

      • Saman

        For some people its hard to digest their believable heros are doing the same dirty things behind the curtains as the other smuglers. Don’t blam DM, blam yourselves for your ignorant blindness.

  16. long time no see

    Badly written, No clarity, no credentials, no sources. This like a bed time story for kids. The writers should back to school to learn basic journalism. and now the Sunday Leader seems to be suddenly attacking Fony may be trying to get into the good books of MR. So there would be no articles about Tsunmi funds taken out by MR and his brothers. saw the article written by Ranmali Fernando in Transcurrents, the writer should ask the Secretary of defence why he sought political asylum in US when we were at war. and we wonder whether the writer too got some land in Trincomalee!!! Oops.

  17. Anoma we love you, please don’t give up

  18. Dear Lady Anoma your tears burn my soul. Don’t cry my dear – majority of the country and the world is with you. Get a servant to cook the meals to your dear Husband – you can’t do so much alone

    • Palitha. Ranatunge

      You can be her cook, afterall she must have found so many coconuts in the temple premises. I hope you can make a tasty Pol Sambol for your dear Anoma &S.F.

  19. Forty Horus

    Hey Who is criticising MR. MR is our Chaura Raja in our Chaura Rajyaya. No one can search our lockers. Anyone who try to do it will be bombed by Rohana Nikaya of Sangha.

  20. Reality

    Should the state not concentrate on finding the Millions of government money spirited away by Kuthabdeen and the clan. The 26 Billion of public money spirited away by Mr & Mrs Kotalawala and the clan. Then in order of precedence the Fonseka clan money.

  21. Hero

    YES, we need some investigations of “NAMAL RAJAPAKSA” election compaign monies. AS we all know he has a connection with “Emil Kanthan” as well. So most of the money the MR used for the election compaign were LTTE monies. What a president we have??? now even if the CID investigate the lockers of Rajapaksa family, they won’t find anything as Central bank given permission to take the money out of the country. So they already have take out the money they had in the lockers.. So this poor guy got caught…Another well planned drama from the government. They deserve to get the OSCAR awards.

  22. Manula

    Thanks for the donors as Sarath Manamendra said..Who are the donars.. to give new not used dollars… all are in same number order. any more money any ware

  23. gihan

    Senaka wijesurendra, Lankikaya, ok.. In the Meetings thay said Mahinda they have hora salli but General said hands are clean. no corruption.. but now what is this ..this all before comes to power.. if he got the power ??

  24. gs

    A family affair

  25. gs

    A familier affair

  26. gs

    A familiar affair

  27. tilak

    Should be a drama like great Mussammil’s case. Nothing to get excited. Truth will be expose at the court. I think this government and people who close to this govt is still in primery in the college, No sad about them but for the future of the country…….!!!

  28. nayana

    I agree with some people here. Why not investigate the bank accounts of the present regime too? They should be transparent and disclose the bank accounts of their families too. It will be interesting to know exactly how much the first family has amassed in their bank accounts.

  29. Hiran

    Sri Lankans will never ever learn.
    Everyone that campaigns for an election gets donations from various people and organisations. Ask from any of the 22 candidates what privileges they will get by just being a candidate.
    MR’s government is in a bid to eliminate all opposition. They have been like this throughout. It was good in 2005 because there was a common enemy, but now that era is gone. Now the only way of survival of the MR governement is by way of tarnishing the names of the opposition leaders. MR has a very good set of advisors to do this. They can go to any extent to make anyone a traitor or a corrupt person.
    They are doing this to be in power for ever. After MR it sould be Basil, then it would be Namal, then it would be someone from their family…… Ranil has been labeled as a ponnaya for which he has succumbed. JVP has been labeled as “good for nothing” for which they are suffering. SF was made and “idi ameen”, a traitor, a corrupt individual, a rapist and what not. this will happen to everyone that comes against MR and the family. In short there will be no opposition for the MR regime. No one will be spared (But look out for Champika Ranawaka! He has other ideas. He is capable of changing things. He knows where to nail it).
    Sri lankans both vulnerable and not so vulnerable that do not engage in MR’s politics will suffer. What should the Sri Lankans do? Go with MRs policy. Make money and survive. Cut the throat of anyone that opposes you. This is what even the Sunday Leader is doing now.

  30. Hiran

    Sorry, forgot to write in the previous post.

    Even if Lord Buddha or Jesus Christ campaign against MR’s regime, the supporters of MR will have things to say. Lord Buddha will be labeled as a demon that can create fire and water at the same time. Jesus Christ will be labeled a drunkard for turning a river to flow with Wine.

  31. Gamini Perera

    Sarath Fonseka should have give some of this money he received from foreign countries to poor JVP goons who are the only ones still with him. No doubt JVP who were talking ‘samajavadaya’ would still like ‘adhirajyavadee US Dollars’.

    • Saman

      No problems, some of the JVP goons already live outside sri lanka loves the foreign dollars, and most of them have alrady fogotton their mother tongue. Api nodanna Samajawadaya.

  32. Ponnaseka

    Sarath Fonseka has raped over 70 women soldiers since 1975 to date and 3 of the committed suicide. Presently he is assaulting his wife Anoma by using a cane when she advices not have sex with other women, later she attempted 4 times to commit suicide by taking sleeping pills. Most of the medals Fonseka is wearing today have been obtained illegally and he has recommended himself for that. During the war Fonseka had a hidden agenda with Norway and Sweden to make way LTTE terrorist leaders to escape by sea using U boats thru the lagoon. He ordered Navy to not to come near Nandikadal lagoon. However Admiral Karannagoda found out this and barricade the terrorists escape root with 5 rings of navy boats. Sarath Fonseka was so mad for this action and ordered Mjr Gen Prassanna Silva, not to allow any Navy boats to come to shore. And not to give water to the boats. There for All sea man has to swim from the boat to the shore for shift changes. And work the next 12 hrs with wet cloths. However Prassana Silva secretly helped the Navy by giving water. The last two weeks of the war this mad man Sarath went to China for illegal arms deal abandoning the war front. Therefore according to the military Law Sarath Fonseka has to be demoted, with held his pension, seize his properties and finally has to be shot at diyathlawa parade grounds.

    • SH

      Thank you Ponseka. Why SF supporters are so blind!! They are totally dumb founded and talking about MR and his faults. I am not saying that MR is a saint, but compared to SF he is!!!

    • Asoka P

      What Ponnaseka says here is as ‘true’ as what several contributors say about Rajapaksa corruption. Or just plain nonsense!!! Take your pick.

      I suggest the Sunday Leader should have two sections for comments; one for ‘any old unfounded nonsense’ and the other for serious enquiry and thoughtful comment.

    • Sinhabahu

      This ponna bugger has hold the candel for Fonseka otherwise how can he know all these thigs. Fonseka might have raped this man’s wife as well. He is a real Ponnaya I would say. .

      • mohandev

        Sinhabahu must be truly another ponna bahu to be so blind !
        Wait patiently till April 8 when UNP becomes main opposition & not hansaya or cup promoted by the losers left behind. SF politics will be truly buried then. What a shame, he has disgraced his unifiorm that brought so much of respect & fame. Vengeance & greediness can never win.

        • ayesh

          The real ponnayas were the people who ran away from the army in the middle of war in 1993. And ponnasekas here acting like ponna serveants of that ponnayas.

        • Ponna-Seka

          After completing a tour of duty, you are privy to take your retirement from the army. Nobody should find fault with that. Even Sarath Fonseka himself has got his green card and was on the verge of leaving the country to USA when he entered politics. If you read Austin Fernando’s book, it establishes documents how Fonseka has directed Sri Lankan troop to barracks on the instruction of Ranil Wickramasinghe after the accord he signed with Prbhakaran. Gotabhaya at least left the shores without working for a government who did not have a backbone to defend the country. The real Ponnaya is Sarath Fonseka for having stayed in the Army to carry out the dirty work of Ranil Wickramasinghe. If MR did not provide the leadership and given this biggest Ponnaya a chance to be the Army Commander, he would have been only a number. The monies found in vaults are now established as belonging to Sarath Fonseka.

    • This called blatant lies with cooked up stories of this Ponnaseka
      If this true UPFA would be the first to take up this issue to gain
      political advantage.

      Ponnaseka come up with proof .

    • ayesh

      So MR government made this rapist a GENERAL !!
      And Ponnasekas were worshipping this rapist for years !!!!

      still SH calling MR a saint ! I have never seen a saint turning a blind eye to a RAPIST for so many yrs. ha ha ha…

      So, Ponnaseka care to give some details abt this raping thing ? Coz we all the later part is a fu*king lie.

  33. Herath

    The significance in this case is that while SF is branding MR as HORA, SF himself robbed election donations as a starting point???

  34. Asoka P

    This Leader feature on Fonseka family, discloses the bizarre machinations to win Army contracts.

    To quote: “This leads to further allegations of fraud against Dhanuna Tillakaratne. He appears to have given the impression that British Borneo in Oklahoma was in fact that of the established British Borneo Holdings of Malta who have the necessary expertise under existing Army tender regulations to ….”

    In another feature, “New Twist to Hicorp..”, links between Hicorp, the General and family members, as well as another Army comander is disclosed.

    At first I thought that at the forthcoming Supreme Court hearing (on 24 February), the Army will be ordered to release the General as there is no substance to claims of wrong doing whilst he was in charge of the Army, or that the SC may take that step on procedural grounds.

    Given these disclosures the Court Marshall is appropriate. If that is not to happen, then the General should be charged in civil courts.

    • ayesh

      We should then hang the Defence Minister & the secretary for being so incompetent !
      If SF is guilty for this deals HIS bosses are gulity too !

      • Ponna-Seka

        Yes, that is what Defence Minister is doing now. The corrupt practices of Sarath Fonseka was known for a while, but the Government did not want to upset the apple cart leading the war effort. However, government has the guts to deal with the culprits even they have made a name for themselves as honest.

  35. Ponna-Seka

    When SF get caught pants down, why some are coughing for his defense. Yes, Anrudda was tried for his offences, and Supreme Court under the womanizer Sarath Silva discharged the accused as it was found the evidence was tainted. I wish the current administration will handle this case against Sarath Fonseka in an admirable manner, and if found guilty penalized him heavily for the fact that he was the commander of the Army.

  36. Question is all those story’s are begin because of he contest to the Presient election. if not all those corrupiton under hide, there for we can understand many hudrede’s of high rank people’s undercover ruleing party.

  37. Orpheus Perera

    You must read Lankaweb articles time to time. The writers are well informed. They include prominent Tamil lawyers and drs. They supported the Sri Lanka’s war against the terrorist. Protested to people like Gorden Brown bravely.
    Also you must read the speech given by Lakshman Kadiragamar at his post graduation ceremony at Cambridge. He was a real son of Sri Lanka.

  38. DALLAS


  39. Accounts Student

    Faraz and Mandana, can you give us a comparative financial breakdown including the Assets and Liabilities of the two Family Companies and also the names of the Directors and Shareholders?

  40. There is nothing wrong with the money. Without money how can he run the campaign? These are all doantions to Sarath Fonseka so that he could run his campaign

  41. Starught

    Sunday Leader, as much as I enjoy reading you articles on SF Ratwatte et al, hoe about doing a detailed expose on what the MR Bros Inc. have stolen from the country?? Now there is a novel idea…I am sure will find that what these village thugs have stolen will make Sofy’s robbery petty change! I look forward to reading something on this soon. Keep up the good work, also make sure you have your sources correct…lately I have noticed some mega blunders on your part…not cool. Chalk it up to experience and do some good honest investigative journalism.

  42. Gangdhi

    SF and SWRD are the same. SWRD was paid millions by the Indian Intelligence Service and the local Indians to divide UNP and set up SLFP. SF was paid similarly by the same sources.

  43. sangadasa

    down with rajahpaksha brothers. so that we can come again to sri lanka to live in our mother land. sangadasa berlin germany

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