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K’nochchi, M’tivu Still Depopulated

Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu, nine months after the war are still depopulated, with a corporate manager  saying that it may take another two years for normalcy to return to those areas.
“Several of the areas in the north are still plagued by landmines, it may take two years for those to return to normalcy after being cleared,” Chevron Lubricants Lanka PLC’s Sales & Marketing General Manager Bertram Paul. told The Sunday Leader.
Those two districts are “taboo” for business, though one could drive pass those towns, simply because there is no one living there, Sumith Hewavithana,  the company’s National Sales Manager who visited Jaffna, Vaviniya and Mannar on business, said.
He however said that sales to the north, on an overall basis, boosted by demand from the agriculture and fisheries sectors, have had increased from 5% of overall sales previously, to 7-8% after the war.
It’s the outboard engines of fishing boats, tractors and water pumps that are driving demand for lubricants in the north, he said.
The East is faring even better.
It will take time before demand from the vehicular sector in the north picks up, with traffic on the A9 road being few and far between, currently, Hewavithana said.
While overall vehicular sales have dropped, however motor-cycle sales have increased, added Paul. He said that lubricant sales have grown marginally in volume terms in the past few months and attributed this growth to the war end.
“Last month saw sales grow by 4-5% year on year,” added Hewavithana.
Chevron Sri Lanka, a Rs. 10 billion company and the predominant player in the country’s lubricants industry sells 45 million litres of lubricants to the local market annually, comprising both automotive and industrial lubricants.

2 Comments for “K’nochchi, M’tivu Still Depopulated”

  1. anthony jones

    The de-mining process has to be expeited, to enable the dis-placed inhabitants to return and rebuild their homes and lives, un-nessarily destroyed by the rasist government that we have today.

    At least, as far as the human beings are concerd, hopefully there are warning signs in abundance, my concern is for the animals, that enter these areas, being illiterate, cannot read and they become the innocent victims.

    Only yesterday, I was watching a news video of a cow, during the war era, which had a mangled leg and was hopping on three instead of the four, this was proudly exhibited by the govt, saying that it was a LTTE doing, the whole world knows who the gulity are.

    All thes happen in the land of the BUDDHA. How sad. A j.

    • Dilshan

      BUDDHA was a Mongolian and doesn’t belong to Eelam.

      He was a CURSE to Eelam and Buddhism is the Evil Religion is destroying Eelam, specially Singheelam.

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