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Our Electoral Rubicon

By Tisaranee Gunasekera

Mahinda Rajapaksa

“Fashion me now a man such as princes commonly are, a man ignorant of the laws, almost an enemy of the public welfare, intent upon private gain…a hater of liberty and truth…measuring all things by his own desire and profit… Then put on him a golden chain….set on him a crown adorned with gems….”
— Erasmus (Praise Of Folly)

The crown was made of solid gold with jewels encrusted. It was presented to President Mahinda Rajapaksa by the Peoples Friendship University of Russia “as a token reminiscent of Russian Monarchy and in consideration of the President’s role also as a king who brought about peace to the world” (Daily News – 10.2.2010). This latest accolade would be an apposite addition to the President’s already formidable arsenal of illustrious titles (which includes such nonpareils as ‘Universally Glorious Overlord of the Sinhalese’; ‘Heroic Warrior Overlord of Sri Lanka’; and ‘Monarchical Emperor of the Glorious Land of Buddhism’); The minaret shaped crown could adorn the stage when the ‘Musical Concert to Honour the President’ takes wing on February 28 at the BMICH.

Indulging in delusions of grandeur is an essentially harmless human foible. But when this malady affects powerful political leaders, the consequences can be both dangerous and far reaching. Velupillai Pirapaharan was hailed as the Sun God and the Leader of the World, and these delusions became acute enough to impact on his thinking and actions. Mahinda Rajapaksa would not be called king, against his wishes; the state media and ruling party politicians persist with this practice obviously because it pleases him (and thus helps their career). And when a man who plays at being a king asks the country to give his party a two thirds majority in parliament to enable him to create his own constitution, it cannot but be portentous.

A Rajapaksa constitution will not turn Sri Lanka into a de jure monarchy. But it will introduce an executive presidency or a premiership sans term limits, thereby enabling Mahinda Rajapaksa to remain at the helm of the country beyond 2017. An irreverent email doing the rounds states that thousands of people are changing their name to Rajapaksa ‘to get appointed as a Member of Parliament or even to get a job…. Hospital authorities were reporting that all new born babies are named Rajapaksa by their parents (also called Rajapaksa)……’ A parody, but a recognisable one; from November 2005, the Rajapaksa family has moved relentlessly to establish a stranglehold on the Lankan state and the government.

The formal entry of First Son Namal into politics has provided this Rajapaksa octopus with yet another far reaching tentacle. This, together with the pervious elevation of another political neophyte, Presidential nephew Shashindra Rajapaksa as the Chief Minister of Uva, marks the reconstitution of the Rajapaksa Brothers Inc. as the Rajapaksa Brothers and Sons Inc. Sri Lanka’s newest arriviste dynasty has arrived.

The President’s antipathy to the 17th Amendment (aimed at reducing the excessive powers of the Executive) is no secret. In his February 24th interview with the ITN’s ‘Ethulanthaya’, Defence Secretary and Presidential sibling Gotabaya Rajapaksa decried media freedom and human rights as ‘foreign concepts’ and opined that media organisations and judges who succumb to such ‘foreign concepts’ retard the forward march of the country.

A constitution prepared by such minds is unlikely to emphasise either media freedom or human rights. At the end of a Rajapaksa constitution-making process, Sri Lankans may find themselves with rather fewer rights than they enjoy currently, with patriotic jargon covering up (and glorifying) the democratic lacunae.

The Rajapaksa Peril

Lankan democracy is in peril, but not from corrupt politicians, nor from inept policies, nor even from a gargantuan cabinet. A new UPFA government will abuse power and resources and mess up the economy; it will thrash its opponents now and then and violate the rule of law. But all its crimes and misdeeds will be within the Lankan norms. And eventually, when the populace has had enough, it will be swept from power, electorally. This is the way Lankan democracy has functioned from 1947, with one exception, the Referendum of 1982.

Lankan democracy is in peril, from the anti-democratic proclivities and dynastic ambitions of the Rajapaksa family. The UPFA would have been content with winning the parliamentary election with a simple majority. But for the Rajapaksas this cannot suffice. The Rajapaksas need a two-thirds majority. A simple majority would enable the UPFA to form a stable government but it would not enable the Rajapaksas to make a Constitution. And without a constitutional change, Rajapaksa rule is likely to end in 2017.

Since democracy is being imperilled by the overarching ambition of the Rajapaksas, the task is not so much the defeat of the UPFA as the defeat of the Rajapaksas’ two-thirds project. While defeating the UPFA is not politically possible, currently, stymieing the two-thirds project of the Rajapaksas is very much a realistic goal (it may even appeal to those SLFPers who are not total invertebrates, yet, and are unhappy about a future consisting of kowtowing to the Rajapaksa family). It is an achievable goal which must be achieved.

The UPFA can win the upcoming parliamentary election with a simple majority, freely and fairly, without abusing power to a degree which makes a mockery of democracy. But a two-thirds majority cannot be attained without fundamentally violating election rules and democratic norms. The Report of the Commonwealth Experts Team on the Presidential Election assumes a particular significance in this context.

The Report makes two key observations – the voting was free but the election was not: ‘Even though on the day of the election voters were free to express their will, shortcomings, primarily in the pre-election period, meant that overall, the 2010 presidential elections in Sri Lanka did not fully meet key benchmarks for democratic elections” ( There was no computer skullduggery, as the opposition claimed (this is evidenced by the exclusion of this ‘issue’ from the Presidential Election Petition). But Candidate Rajapaksa’s abuse of state power and resources during the campaign was gross enough to make the election itself an unfair exercise.

The Commonwealth report identifies several areas of concern, such as the gross violation of election laws (‘particularly in the case of the ruling party candidate’); the ‘Abuse of Incumbency’; the far from impartial role of the police (symbolised by the unsuccessful attempt to search the office of the Leader of Opposition for illegal weapons); an ‘environment of intimidation’ leading to ‘self-censorship’ by many journalists; the ‘unprecedented blurring of lines between party and state’; and the role of the state media (‘the performance of state-owned newspapers and broadcasting organisations failed to meet acceptable standards and practices for publicly owned media’). These malpractices will re-occur during the parliamentary election, on a much larger scale, since the Rajapaksas will pull all the stops to ensure that the UPFA wins the parliamentary election with a two-thirds majority.

The parliamentary election is our political Rubicon; if the UPFA manages to obtain a two-thirds majority (or thereabouts), a Rajapaksa constitution will empty Lankan democracy of its content, keeping the shell as a convenient cover for dynastic rule. (Incidentally, when the ruler is ‘king’, citizens become subjects. The state sanctioned de facto anointment of President Rajapaksa as ‘King’ may perform the useful ideological function of encouraging Sri Lankans to see themselves not as citizens with rights but as subjects with duties, the foremost of which is obedience).

Will the opposition lose itself in a morass of internecine squabbles and squander the final opportunity to prevent Sri Lanka’s transformation into a family oligarchy? By failing to contest under a common symbol, the opposition debilitated itself; however dwelling on this failure is as purposeless as dwelling on the outcome of the presidential election. Instead, the opposition should focus on cooperating whenever possible or, at the least, refrain from attacking each other (as the UNP and the JVP have to appeal to diametrically opposite voter segments, there is no objective bar to such cooperation). After all, parties which were on the same platform backing a common candidate just a month ago cannot hurl verbal thunderbolts at each other without undermining one’s own credibility with the electorate. The onus is on both the UNP and the JVP to act with maturity to ensure that their campaigns are directed against the Rajapaksas rather than against each other.

Abuse and Impunity

When Anatole France was asked to sign a petition (organised by Marcel Proust among others) demanding the revision of the Dreyfus verdict, his response was, “Show it to me; I’ll sign. I’ll sign anywhere. I am revolted”.

France was ‘revolted’ not because he regarded Col. Dreyfus as a hero; on the contrary he thought Dreyfus was ‘the same type as the officers who condemned him; in their shoes he would have condemned himself’ (quoted in The Proud Tower by Barbara Tuchman). He was ‘revolted’ because he believed that justice is a birthright not only of the just but also of the unjust.

As Army Commander, Sarath Fonseka saw nothing wrong in witch hunts or kangaroo courts to deal with his opponents. His persecution of Gen. Pannipitiya is an excellent case in point. In that sense he is reaping today the bitter harvest of the seeds he helped sow – abuse of power and impunity. Today, when the retired General is being persecuted by his former allies, we cannot remain silent without becoming unjust ourselves, and without creating dangerous precedents which may boomerang on us.

The antipathy of President Rajapaksa and Defence Secretary Rajapaksa towards Gen. Fonseka is no secret while ruling party politicians publicly demand he be punished. In a military court, the judges are serving officers with careers. Would any of them dare to oppose the will of their political bosses, the President and the Defence Secretary? Consequently the military trial of Gen. Fonseka is likely to be rather like the Presidential Commissions of President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga. Staffed with judges and lawyers eager to do the bidding of the President (including Sarath Silva who played a major role in the Vijaya Kumaratunga Commission), the Commissions arrived at pre-determined conclusions with the aid of willing witnesses.

Anti-factually, President Premadasa and the UNP were found guilty of killing Vijaya Kumaratunga, Denzil Kobbekaduwa and Lalith Athulathmudali. The manner in which the Commissions obtained evidence is illustrated in an article by a senior lawyer (‘I am not one of those who sell their souls’ – The Sunday Times – 27.12.1998). The military trial of Sarath Fonseka is bound to end with a guilty verdict and a long prison sentence. A rival will thus be removed from the political arena and all Sri Lankans taught a memorable lesson in obedience.

Abuse of power and impunity are on rampage in the south and in the north. Pradeep Eknaligoda is yet to be found while a man has died in police custody in Inginiyagala. According to media reports a nine year old schoolgirl has been raped by soldiers attached to an army camp in Batticaloa. The raping of a minor is a heinous crime; when the perpetrator is a soldier on duty and the victim a Tamil child, the need to ensure that justice is done, expeditiously and transparently, becomes an absolute imperative.

Any attempt at glossing over, covering up or delaying will exacerbate the twin trends of abuse and impunity, with armed forces personnel as perpetrators and North Eastern Tamils as victims – a situation conducive not to peace and reconciliation but to mistrust, hatred and revenge.

35 Comments for “Our Electoral Rubicon”

  1. “President Mahinda Rajapaksa meditating during yesterday’s religious programme conducted by Ven. Uduwe Dhammaloka thera at Sri Maha Bodhiya in Anuradhapura. Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickramanayake, Ministers, MPs and all UPFA candidates at the forthcoming parliamentary polls took part in the ceremony.”

    Or Yamarajjuruwani, please forgive me my “Foolish Actions”, I have done, and robberies I have masterminded to “Tsunami Funds” and number of killings I have organize and done to be in “Power” including Mr MahindaWijesekara,Suriyaarachi,FernandoPulle,Janaka.Perera and others, but Yamarajjuruwani, I have done lot to my family , including my uneducated brothers, one guy who was a Pumpman in U.S.A I made an Executive to earn as much as he can useing the “War” and another one who has no job I made him a multimilliner with my corrupted money, and please give me little bit time to make my uneducated foolish son to have a” Lucarative Job” as a cabinet minister in my foolish cabinet.I am very sorry “Yamarajjuruwani” for making Sangabedaya” and keeping poor” War Hero” Honarable Sarath Fonseka in custody to safeguard my Foolis Brothers and myself.Please give me in power untill I die because if I lose my power I cannot live in this country as whole Srilanka and the World is against me.Please forgive me and my Ahindas Team to win this election useing my “Thuggery” way.

    • Jaliya

      President at the first SLFP meeting after the presidential election announced that he has stood for his last election and that he will retire as president before his term finishes in 2016 Nov.

      • DJ

        If the presidents roll was reversed with that of SF I wonder if their would have been any protest about his arrest.Tissarani you are a biased leftist journalist with no religous beliefs.even a rogue like SFis better than our MR in your thinking.

  2. The UTHR is attempting to tarnish the name of GOTA the Defence Secretary. The government should deal with defamation action against these so called Rights groups. Journalists have responsibility and when they engage in sedition and subversion they should be dealt with appropriately other wise another hundred thousand lives could be lost in the future.These people are backed by some overseas countries who have their own agendas against the Srilankan Government. Quote “The LTTE executed 800 Sinhalese policeman who surrendered to them in Jaffna. Killed thousands and thousands of moderate Tamil leaders including the Tamil leader of the Opposition. Killed President Premadasa and a host of Sinhalese leaders. Killed the Indian Primminister Rajiv Gandi, killed all members of rebel Tamil groups other than his own. Raided Sinhala villagers and hacked to death men women and children. Bombed trains and busses and airplance on the tarmac. Where were the Human Right Activists and Western hirelings of the terrorists ?

    • Hamuduruwo

      Korea Dosthara Mahaththaya, mahaththaya dannawada ada oya kiyapu “Overseas countries ‘ ttika thena” hingamanen” bawa ape rata oya okkoma “Sakkili weda” karanne?.Mahaththaya kathakaranne Katennda nathnam pu………?

    • Humbug

      Dr Korea, the LTTE is or was an acknowledged terrorist organization – but there is a lot of similarities between the LTTE and the present regime. This regime is the worst than any before. The white flag story came out the day it happened and the whole world knew it then, but the flak is now on Gen SF. SF is no saint but neighther are the Rajapakshas or their supporters. If you do not see the danger we are headed if they get a 2/3 majority – we do not know what will make you people see the danger.

      • Kandy Lamisi

        Well said HUMBUG.

    • UTHR is unbiased they criticized the LTTE also for their killings & abduction of fellow tamils.

  3. Hamuduruwo

    “Mahajanayata wadi bana kiyamin rawata,
    sapa windi eka nirayata noyathida Malada?”

  4. Chanda Dasa

    Dr Koreao, thamuse gihilla eka eka ballage” bola mirikala” thanak gaththata, apita eva karanna bahea.Api meyrate honda ugath “Vishva vidyala collo”Therunada?

  5. Dr S.Jayasinghe

    Excellent article by Tissaranee! I admire her for her brilliance, fearlessness and principled stand. Rare among journalists in Sri Lanka who generally are prone to sell themselves for a pittance.

    • I bet Thisaranee write-ups will not change just one vote that would cast for MR. Neither her writing will have any effect on policy matters for the next seven years. Her other half, Dayan tried to change ‘Mahinda Chintanaya’ his way; and he end up loosing his job

  6. dipsomaniax

    excellent article and one to be taken to heart.. However feel that the computer fraud issue will not end . Although it has not been brought up in the petition , the
    petititioners have asked for a recount , the result will be a pointer to what actually took place. Beleive they were wise in not raising it at this point however feel the opposition has not articulated the reasons for not doing so ,convincingly.

    • Humbug

      Do you think the recounting would be of any help? By now the Elections commissioner would have been threatened to disrupt this process too. As Tisaranee says everyone concerned on the recounting issue, the judiciary and all other deprtments etc would be now be under pressure to favour the incumbent by hook or by crook. Do you think after fighting so hard for this victory they would let a stupid recount take place? The Rajapakshas are here to stay but stooges of this regime like Dro Korea do not want to see this.

  7. Gundappa

    What an article! It was great and an eye opener to those who would be exercising their franchise soon.

    I could not help laughing reading thru’, and again I say great article.

    Are our voters ready to instal a government that would transform our country from the DSR of Sri Lanka, to the Kingdom of SL, and instal a monarchy (from the present anarchy?)

    Rise up ye those who value your freedom

    • Thisaranee gets paid to write what people like you like to hear. As far as the vast majority of the people in this country are concerned they don’t care two hoots about what she write. To say the least, her writing doesn’t reduce even one vote from MR.

      I believe she is writing for Miliband and company. I say; keep it up Doctor doom.

  8. deva

    Excellent analysis. But being in english makes it fall far short of its mission. Can somebody have this in the vernacular.

  9. To me, Thisaranee Gunasekara and Dayan Jayathilake have a similar outlook for most things. There is a difference though; Dayan hunts hare with hares while Thisaranee hunts the hare with the hounds.

    Remember, Dayan had gone to HR council of Geneva as the representative of the Rajapakse government. Just like Tissa Withrana of APRC, when consolidated his position, Dayan had conveniently forgotten that he was a representative of the Rajapakse Government and started to publish views of the so called International Community, NGOs, INGOs and the Christian Evangelists as views of the Rajapakse Government. When the brainy man lost his brain to understand that ‘Mahinda Chinthana’ should have been his guidelines, he was recalled. Hence, so long as the President understands that anti-nationalists have their own agenda; they could be posted anywhere.

    When the Elam war 1V started at Mavil Aru in 2006, in her numerous verbose write-ups; Thisaranee wrote that LTTE is so invincible that Rajapakse could never be beat it. So much so, she and the entire gang of NGO writers warned MR to negotiate with LTTE and not to face the wrath of their masters, the so-called International Community. Thisaranee had gone further and said India would never allow LTTE to be beaten. When our forces surrounded Kilinottchchi, in order to demoralize us, she reminded us the surviving ability of LTTE and foresaw an entrenched fight there. However when weakened LTTE was driven out to Mulathivu in no time, Thisaranee seek to fret us on the perils of LTTE going underground to wage a protracted guerrilla war from Mulativu jungles. We know today, everything that she prophesied has come to be joke.

    Here Thisaranee tells us; “An irreverent email doing the rounds states that thousands of people are changing their name to Rajapakse ‘to get appointed as a Member of Parliament or even to get a job.” I propose Thisaranee and her gang in the NGOs are the initiators of all these e-mails. Show me just one person if you can, who change his name to Rajapakse that had become an MP, leave out the Parliament; show me a one in the Predeshia Saba or Palath Saba.

    Thisaranee is the type that drinks water from a well and praise the sea. She draws life from Sri Lanka but praise any country that is of the white man. Before Fonseka had become the common candidate, Thisaranee accused him as a war monger, racist and murderer of Tamils. Now that Fonseka threatens to give evidence against our front line battle commanders in a international court, he has become a hero for her.

    During his campaign SF said he would court marshal army officers that involved in politics, ’when’ he wins the Presidency on 26th. We are told that all retired army officers are bound by the army rules and regulations for six months since retirement. If that is the law, what is wrong questioning him about meeting foreign emissaries while he was CDS and all those inappropriate things that came out from his foul mouth and those white flags etc he talked during his campaign and divulging state secrets? SF should be tried at court Marshall and if found guilty must be punished.

    Thisaranee should know that the US and its so-called international community have been supporting LTTE for the last thirty years. For them LTTE were special kind of terrorists or freedom fighter terrorists. We all know that LTTE were the pioneers and the masters in the art of suicide bombings but Thisaranee doesn’t.
    Four of our earlier Presidents tried to beat LTTE but failed because their attitude was wrong, their approach was wrong and their policies were wrong. The so-called man with brain in his veins, JRJ was daft enough to make an enemy out of India. He had been known to be so pro-American, he was called Yankee Dicky. JRJ was the solo supporter of the British at the UN when they invaded Malvinas. Yet, neither the US nor the British had even bothered to supply basic arms in his fight against LTTE. Instead they had provided enough arms and all other paraphernalia to LTTE through their agent, Norway.

    After electing a long list of wrong leaders, we have finally elected a leader who had the correct vision to eradicate the LTTE menace. In spite of all kinds of national and international impediments MR had eradicated not just LTTE but all its leaders as well. And there are no bombs explode in our buses and trains since. And that is not too good for your peace business. Is that correct Thisaranee?

    Since peace business is redundant for now, I feel you are scheming for a new trade. But Thisaranee, the people are so happy they called MR the king. What’s wrong with that? Didn’t the rockers call Elvis the king?

    • This Stupid Leela is saying America is Pro LTTE, then why did
      they train our Armed Forces & gifted warships to the Navy. when
      MR was president.
      I dont know about Tissaranee, but I know Dayan Jayatileke who
      defended Srilanka to the tilt during his tenure, it was Bogollogama & Mahinda Samarasinghe who backbited against him to the president, Dayan knows the pulse of the international
      Community unless the Tamil problem is addressed quickly Srilanka is going to suffer very badly.

      • Sheriff; Very few Sinhalese believe there is an ethnic problem in this country. Tamils say there is a problem but they cannot say what it is in broad sense. I can tell you about the problems of the Sinhalese though. Tamils could buy land in both north and south but the Sinhalese cannot buy land in the north by law. No Tamil like to talk about it because they cannot deny it. If you want to know more; buy a book on ‘Tesawalame law’ and grasp the extent of Tamil prejudices that persists even to date.

        Tamils must tell us loud and clear about their problem for being Tamils, if they want it to be redressed.

        • Well take it from me what tamil peoples first problems are when official languages
          declared Singhala & Tamil,
          Why name boards are not in tamil in our public transport system & Streets.
          Why dont State depts & police entertain tamil forms & complaints in Tamil, Why does the
          hospitals persist on religion you may be not aware what does religion got to do with
          treating wounds or admitting a patient to
          state hospitals .
          If any tamil says loud & clear his problems he will be taken to custody as
          pro LTTE.

        • Sheriff; I cannot answer all your questions because I do not know the answers. To say Tamils are treated as third-class in Sri Lanka, is a lie. No citizen is treated third-class in Sri Lanka. It was in England and Australia that coloured are treated as inferior third-class people. In the sixties I have seen window ads that said “NO DOGS, NO CATS AND NO BLACKS” in England. There had been no such things in Sri Lanka, ever.

          Can a Buddhist worker carry a little Buddha statue to Saudi for personal veneration? No. Can a non-Muslim visit Mecca. No. Would an average Muslim allow his daughter to marry a Buddhist and be converted? No. Last year a young woman was murdered in UK for her marring a white man. I can go on and on. To say the least I say; average Sinhalese is less prejudiced than all others. But there is a Muslim mosque next to our Dalada Maligawa in Kandy. Are devotees harassed there. No

          A few weeks back there was a discussion program on Sirasa TV about what you are talking about. I wish you had viewed it. Actually its worth for anyone to see it so they could see what is happening as far as the official language policy is concerned.

          More than 50% of the audience or about 50 people were Tamil under graduates that were studying in universities here in the south. There was the commissioner responsible for the implementation of language act. You would have surprised how far Tamil language is forced on government servants.

      • fonny

        I agree with Leela about land ownership and the Theswalamai Law. This law was codified. It should be repealed.

  10. justitia

    An excellent factual article. I fear for the nation if MR gets 2/3 majority. Even if he gets less than this, there are political scum from other parties who will be enticed to cross over for portfolios, perks, position and power – as happened already.Then
    the nation’s fate will be worse than now.
    Tisaranee must beware of the White Van.

  11. claude

    we will see who will get 2/3 majority.but sure MR won`t get.LTTE leaderVP is dayhe say HALLO to MR. wait for that.their are lot of changes happing in politics.acctres, creketers,ollimpik winers.they do not no politics.and why election commetioner allowed them to paticepate in election. the sri lankan law is under MR.this we have to change.why the acctres ect, ect, contesting under UPFA ticket.they know that they no chance in UNP. in the UNPers are well educaterd UPFA are all kilers,kidnapers,thugs, ect, ect.. RAJAPAKSA can be a king to russia. not to the other world leaders. he is a criminel man to the eyes of other world the our eyes MR is a KING OF KILLER AND CURAPTION. he is doing all bad things to the people and going to pray in the temple. beggeing the GOD to kill more people.

    • You should work hard and get RanilW elected as the leader of this country. I bet you can’t. Have you thought about what RanilW had done as a minister for fifteen years under JRJ and Premadasa
      and a Prime Minister for three years under amenable Wijetunga. And there after as the executive prime minister for three years. Tell me what has he done during all those years to up lift democracy or the economy or the poor people

      You see, I don’t get agitated when someone criticizing MR or his policies. I don’t think MR is against criticism either. But criticism should not be based on malaise and rumors because it will have no value in the end. Now you seemed to be following such a strategy. The way you people go about, even a truth may be classed as a rumor and not accepted by the public at large as true.

      See what happened at the last election. People that live in villages like me had rejected all those rumors as untrue and opted to vote for MR.

      • Well Mr or Mrs Leela you may be a educated villagemen but most of them are ignorant of politics because they are brainwashed by the state media &
        many private channels do not reach far away villages,
        poor fellows fall for the lies of state media, you coul
        d be a beneficiary of this corrupt regime, thats why adamantly supporting MR & Clan blindly.
        I dont mean to say Ranil & UNP are good they too are in the same boat.
        As an independent honest law abiding citizen If you are on that category forward your comment , the truth
        must prevail.
        our entire political system is corrupt with thugerism
        intimidation & murder & bribery from top to bottom
        dont you think somebody should rectify this,
        when people like you support corrupt regime their
        wont be an end for corruption. SF will be the right
        person where all good people (good people ah) missed the chance we cant believe the fabricated
        charge put forward by UPFA.
        now regarding tamil problem i did not say tamils are treated in 3rd class way, what i said there is a
        problem to be addressed since 30yrs passed still not
        addressed otherwise again the LTTE problem will
        crop up aided & abbeted by western countries,
        To your comment above, Saudi Arabia is a pure muslim country ruled by a king which has no democracy fully supported by western regimes it has no support of good muslims i too dont support
        them but srilanka is multy national country boasting
        democracy to the international community. dont put
        up silly arguments like a child, women murdered in
        london for conversion , Father not allowing daughter
        to be converted those are religious issues & beliefs
        of an individual its irrellevent to our subject.
        Sirasa program starts very late, but there is a tamil
        program done by SriRanga called Minnel (lightning)
        every sunday at 6 pm in that N/E University students
        participate & pinpoint their problems .

        • Ilankai Thamizhan

          Oh! Leela
          You definitely are a piece of work. JRJ had people like you, Premadasa had AJR and now MR has you and Mervin

  12. sanjeeva

    looking back into the history books, I found an African leader with the following title:
    “His Excellency, President for Life, Field Marshal Al Hadji Doctor Idi Amin Dada, VC, DSO, MC, Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Seas and Conqueror of the British Empire in Africa in General and Uganda in Particular”. My intention is not to quote them both at par, but just to note the frenzy in collecting self proclaimed titles, of course the followers find this very nice.

  13. Ilankai Thamizhan

    This is a well written article but I do not know if it is well intended. MR and CO are not interested in the country but in their pockets. KP is filling their pockets and very soon there will be a Jnr. Wijeweera or Jnr. Pirapakaran.

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