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Utopia Vs. Reality

At last, B.o.I. chief Dhammika Perera, like Rip Van Winkle, has woken up to the possibility of Sri Lanka losing the G.S.P. + facility.
Speaking at a function organized by the Oxford Union recently (see page 34), he had said that the loss of the G.S.P. + facility would hurt the country’s economy.
But speaking to this reporter (see the main article on the business pages of The Sunday Leader issue of January 17, 2010), he said that the E.U. will never withdraw the G.S.P.+ facility, because it would be their investors who would be affected.
But now reality has dawned upon Perera that losing the G.S.P. + facility is more than a distinct possibility.
The lead article on the business pages of our February 14 issue quoting a corporate manager who did not want to be identified said that it’s easy for the E.U., Sri Lanka’s largest export market, to exert economic pressure on the island.

This pressure is seemingly further apparent, when, according to reports, Lloyds of London has delayed sending a team of risk assessors to the island, ostensibly on the grounds of the forthcoming parliamentary elections.
Vessels calling over at Colombo have to pay higher insurance premium because it is deemed as a risky destination after the L.T.T.E.’s attack on the Colombo Airport in July 2001.
In a fact a representative of a luxury liner which called over at Colombo only once, before withdrawing from this destination, told reporters that one of their biggest impediments in calling over here was that they had to pay a war risk insurance of Euro 10,000 per call (see The business pages of The Sunday Leader issue of December 13, 2009).
The idea of Colombo trying to get down a team from Lloyds here was to downgrade or completely remove Colombo’s risk factor so that the higher insurance ships have to pay when visiting Colombo currently would be waived off, thus making Colombo an attractive shipping destination, now that the war is over.
But this now appears to be further delayed.
S.L.F.P. led governments since 1956 have had the knack of betting on the wrong horse, this Government appears to be no different. (See also page 37)

9 Comments for “Utopia Vs. Reality”

  1. shipshape

    Is this man also supposed to be Casino King of Sri lanka? Reading his boasts about inviting Lloyds and removal of the shipping risk factor, he better stick to the gaming tables and leave economics to people like Ponzi Cabral who can also speak from the other orifice and try to sound more convincing than him. Has he ever heard of the Baltic Dry Index and does he know what its current standing is? If he has, then perhaps he will learn to attach less importance in todays downturn to his great achievement in inviting LLoyds down. These half-baked sexperts mouth textbook knowledge without any relevance to reality and the current situation. There seems to an ideopathic disconnect between their mouths and their brains. God Save SriLanka with people like these.

  2. manipay

    dhammika and cabraal will sri lanka good, so that after they get thrown out they could after me the deluge. louis 14th

  3. anthony jones

    The main qualifications that Dhammika and Ajit have are that they are the best A…e and boot-lickers, that the mighty Idi Robert Rajapakse has.

    Dhammika has as his damsel a Tamil lady and Ajit’s sister is the wife of a really wealthy aristocrat Tamil.

    • geetha

      So………….. it is Idly,Thoosa and Masala Vadai all around. But when they open their mouths they are trueblood blueblooded sinhala nationalists. With these connections, I wonder how we ever got rid of the SunGod and his boys.

  4. Leonard S

    Dhammika and Ajith do not have back bones. They read out any rubbish Mahinda lokka gives to them. To be in possition they will do any dirty thing and help lokka to take the entire country on a ride. Let us see what is there for people in May 2010.

  5. ayesh

    Our BOI is run by a CASINO dude, Our central bank is run by an accountant !

    Accountant says he has controlled the inflation through currrency control showing his total lack of knowlede in currencies.

    • rapon siva

      This CB fellow is a worthless hanger-on. He is an accountant but only a Sri Lanka Charter. Not even internationaly recognised like a CCAB membership. So how the heck do ya xpect him to run the CB with his horse-sense. At least the casino king has his cunning and Vegas tactics to draw in gaming money if not to attract investment.. Heard he was caught fiddling in Ranils trousers looking for something to hold onto and was thrown out by him becos Ranil didnt trust this overambitions silly fool. So he switched sides and was made CB chief over several seasoned professional economists.See whan ass he made of himself in the BBC interview. To make matters worse he still cant keep his mouth shut but says things that would make maynard keynes tremble in his grave.Doesnt care, but talks BS like that Bandula man the food minister whom he is now trying to out-do in terms of ridiculousness.

  6. Gundappa

    Why should the BoI chief or the CB Governor upset the smoothly flowing apple cart.

    They get their salaries and perks, and the positions they hold

    Who cares about the hoi- polloi

    MR is KING of SL

    Long live the Kingdom of SL, with / without GSP

    Dr. Mervyn Silva should be appointed a deputy governor of CB and an alternate director of the BoI.

    He will add colour, as he always does, where ever he goes

    All these guys are like A.J Ranasinghe, who once said that he will eat / lick, sandals worn by late president Premadasa

  7. terrence jobba

    Privately he and his wife were active pyramid scheme organisers and brought misery to many people.Then as CB chief he approved Kotelawalass ponzi schemes which brought more misery to more people. Then he hedged oil and sold the countrys virginity to foreign banks. Then he relaxed CB ec rules to allow capital flight to those his bums he sucked. This man really sucks very well. Begin to wonder whetherr he was also the brains behind CBK selling Lankan Airlines to the Emiratis for a cup of Kahata.

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