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War Crimes

The economy is stagnant, despite the war end.
Expectations were that it would take off when Sri Lanka’s 26 year old war ended last May, but nine months have passed since, and yet that does not appear to be happening.
Blame it on the recession and on the elections, yes, those too played their part in slowing down economic growth, but turn the searchlight inwards, has not the Government, by its actions or inactions, also made matters worse?
In this aspect, the cooling off of relations with the rich and powerful West have played a pivotal role in not giving the economy that thrust which one would have had expected after the war end.
Elections too may have had played a part, but was not the island on the march towards prosperity in 1982, the year two major elections(the second was not exactly an election, but a referendum)  were also held, before the hiatus caused by  July ’83, almost, irrevocably, blighted that progress?
In 1982 we didn’t have a war and in 2010 too we don’t have a war, and in both of those years people exercised, or will exercise (in the case of the current year) their franchise in two major national electoral events.
But in 1982 there was a hive of economic activity despite those two plebiscites, which activity however is conspicuous by its absence at present despite the attainment of peace after 26 long years of war.
It’s the West that has the potential to give us another high capital intensive “Mahaweli” project at low cost, but a top quality capital product, that will give that much desired accelerated momentum to the economy, as it did in 1977, with that thrust continuing for at least a few more years till those projects were completed, coupled with the spillover effects such a project had on other sectors of the economy, be it the free trade zones or the construction industry.
But not only are such mega  projects with people’s participation  a pipe dream at the present, the very trade concession that we enjoyed from the West, namely the G.S.P. + facility that enabled us to export several products to the E.U. on a duty free basis, not least garments, Sri Lanka’s single biggest foreign exchange earner which provides employment to 300,000; is now  under threat of being lost due to Colombo’s allegedly parlous human rights record, revolving round the prosecution of the Eelam war in its final stages.
Sri Lanka has been given six months grace by the E.U. to fall in line. If it does not, then the G.S.P + concession will be withdrawn, making export products such as garments, fisheries, leatherwear and ceramic products to that region, Sri Lanka’s single biggest export market uncompetitive,  thereby placing tens of thousands of jobs in peril.
In as much as it’s the duty of the Government to protect its armed forces from “unfair” investigations from external forces, it’s also its duty to secure the wellbeing and prosperity of its 20 million citizens.
By placing tens of thousands of jobs in jeopardy due to the possibility of the loss of the G.S.P. + facility and neither seemingly making an attempt to find alternative avenues of employment for those who may be affected as a result, President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s Government appears to be nonchalant about this danger.
The Roman philosopher Cicero may well have said that”In times of war, the law falls silent,” but considering Sri Lanka’s economic plight despite the war end, the best way to placate the international community and to ensure the continuance of the G.S.P. + facility, is, may be by appointing a commission to investigate into those alleged war crimes of the military.
Colombo did so in the case of the Muttur massacre, why cannot it do so in this case as well? Or, introduce a Commission on the lines parallel with the Truth Commission of South Africa, where the theme of the Commission should be reconciliation and for forgiveness, and not prosecution for those found guilty, i.e. if any such perpetrators are found out, from either or both sides of the divide.
Sri Lanka cannot afford to end up as a pariah country like Myanmar, Iran, Libya, Zimbabwe or Venezuela. While it’s accepted that the island’s sovereignty is sacred and sacrosanct and its peoples, if accused, must be tried by the law of the land, and by no other law; however, no one, high or low, military or civilian, is above the law.
This was best exemplified by President Mahinda Rajapaksa himself recently, when he told Opposition Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe, when the latter tried to unsuccessfully secure the release of recently defeated Common Opposition Presidential Candidate General Sarath Fonseka now held in military custody for allegedly plotting a coup, that no one is above the law, and that investigations will have to be carried out to its finality.
By that same yardstick, the Government must allow the law to take its course against alleged war crimes, and thereby establish it and the military’s bona fides, thus ensuring that Sri Lanka will not lose out on any economic benefits from the West, and thereby place the country on the rails to prosperity, and not on the rails leading towards poverty.
We still have “9/11” in our favour; that is our Ace.

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  1. Jane Warrant

    Which country were you living in. Rajapksa would never do that. It may mean that he may be prosecuted for war crimes.

  2. anthony jones

    When the conflict ended, I was medically indisposed for a few months, now I have been catching up on the happenings.

    The Defence Secretary admits to the executions of the apprently told and the surrender accepted LTTE senior cadres.

    His explaination is that it was in total darkness that the surrending process was taking place, and the raw soldiers, who were the real winners with the few months of training, were not intelligent enough and were trigger happy to identify and follow out the terms of the agreement reached with the assistance of foreign mediators.

    I was at a medical centre in Pepiliyana, just off Nugegoda when a non-commissioned officer in Army uniform brought in four young males in civilian dress, the doctor attended to their needs, even though I was next in line and when I questioned her, she stated that she had to issue medical certificates as to their suitability to join the Army, which were issued without a thorough examination, just a basic exchange of words did the trick.

    In the good old days these were stringent examinations being conducted at the Army Hospitals. THE WAR HAD TO BE WON AT ANY COST.

    In conclusion, the war crimes commission should take place, those found guilty ir-respective of their positions in life should be punished.

    Hopefully it will happen soon. A j.

    • Kalag

      You are talking about killing the terrorists, not normal human beings. They had no respect for other human lives. Tamils had no respect for anyone else. Why should we sacrifice our people for them anymore? We lost our mn and women to get rid of the terrorist. The Tamils are the main benficiaries for that. Look at Jaffna now. It is booming while Singhala farmers go out of business. Have the Tamils ever thanked for that?
      Let the war crimes and truth commission to do the jobs in western countries. Just leave Sri Lanka out of it. We are doing fine.
      Economy will pick up. It would have done so if there was no madness by SF to challenge his boss. It brought lot of uncertainty and businesses went nervous. It gave the Tamils a chance to rise up again in business front. All the banks open branches in Jaffna, hoping a surge in business there. At what cost? At the cost of southern development. That is why south has not felt the end of war, economically.

      • anthony jones

        Good old Kalag, has got his knickers in a twist.

        He does not dispute any of the facts that I have stated.

        Thanks to the now defuncant, foolish Pirbha, the east and the north now have thousands and thousand of ” kawun yohadaiyas ” are enjoying the forbidden fruits, like Adam and Eve, along with the numerous Sinhala businessmen / women, who are making hay while the sun shines on their back-sides.

        The east and the north, have not been deliberately allowed to be developed by the numerous racist petty minded governments since 1956, hopefully it has come to an end.

        My wish is that Sri Lanka, should come-back to it’s 1956 status-quo, hopefully it does. A j.

        • Kalag

          Dear AJ, I am not sure what I am expected to dispute. I respect that fact that you were close to the field and got more info on things. So I am not in a position to dispute. Child soldiers with little training, if it is true, then this is national emergency. Even in UK, a few weeks ago, there was a 17 year old soldier killed in Afganistan. I was asking the question to myself, how come this was not a human rights violation. OK, they are whiter than white. So they can do anything.

          What about Abu-Graib prison in Bagdad? What about Guantanamo Bay? These do not fall into the radar of UN or international court of justice. It is because the people were/are “terrorists” and US and the west has the right to torture and kill them. The prisoners have no use to humanity, accroding to the US and the west. Only some leftist newspapers in UK, Europe and Canada write about them, just to embarass the governments. No-one else cares.
          In Sri Lanka, the people who are arrested and killed during the “surrender” are/were clearly terrorists in every definition you can find. They killed their own people (Tamils). They killed their own country men (Singhalese villagers/Monks). They killed MPs, presidents and even PM of another country.
          If there was to be a truth and reconciliation committee like South Africa, can anyone of these LTTE goons (no matter whther they are in Sri Lankan prisons or in luxury houses in western countries) sit down face to face with the affected Singhala families (even a Tamil family) and just have a conversation?
          I am not saying that victors should not be prosecuted but what I am saying is the cimes were committed more by the other side. Now they are defeated, the overture and assumptions are that the government won the war by breaking the human rights law. That is what I am disputing. Truth and recociliation is a two way thing, so is the human rights/war crimes investigations. But what most of the people (west and Tamils abroad, may be some Singhalese too) want is the witch hunt and bring the Singhalese people and its government to their knees.
          Obviously the opposition parties have an axe to grind. Nobody knows what SF’s agenda is and we only can speculate things like, he is acting on US agenda and things. However, it is true that his actions have put the country’s recovery behind. Southern Sri Lnkans are now pre-occupied with his actions and govt reactions, tit for tats, RW’s cunningness, JVP’s stupidity and TNA’s wheeling and dealing. Do we really need these right now? Shouldn’t these great patriot(s) realise that if the economic benefit has not reached the people, we have another disaster waiting to happen in the south? May be that is what these people are hoping for. Then only they can fish in the muddy water. It is natural for politicians to expect the oponents to fail. But causing things by encouraging unrest in the country can be treated as treason. I don’t have to spell out the remedy for that.
          The point is that there may be crimes committed, there may be corruption (show me an un-corrupted politicion) but the government has to look after the ordinary people. They need to be given stability. The check points to be removed. Presence of armed forces in the streets is intimidating for ordinary people. The people should be confident to start their businesses.
          The actions of SF, RW, JVP are not going to help, are they? The statement that SF does not accept the verdict of the people spells out trouble in a reasonably better democracy like Sri Lanka.

    • Asoka P

      The story about ‘ the LTTE leaders wanting to surrender’ is a bit hard to swallow. They were a highly disciplined outfit – ‘never surrender was a motto’. The legend is that every one (from leaders to the lowest of rank and file) carried a cyanide capsule.

      The instruction to suicide bombers was to explode the charge if captured before reaching the destination – and if the charge fails to explode – bite into the cyanide capsule and die an honorable death. And some did exactly that!!!

      So, who is insulting the leaders of such an outfit with this talk of white flags and wanting to surrender?? And who would be foolhardy enough to let such a leader approach you in the theatre of battle, with or without a white flag?? Not me!!!

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    • anthony jones

      KALG: I for one condemn the use of children, to be made scape-goats in any form whether by the LTTE or any other fighting group in any part of the world.


      As far the Tamil speaking kids were concerned, the war affected their education, their parents could not find jobs, as the Sinhala politicians did not allow the development of the east and the north and they were enternally getting displaced.

      They had no other choice but to join the fighting force of the once mighty now kaput LTTE, who became their saviours.

      Now the war is over the govy has detained 11,000 kids on the pretext of rehabilitation, hopefully they will be rehabiltated and made into useful citizens of mother Lanka.

      A sad fact is that 54 girls / women were taken out of Vavuniya and taken in a convoy to the infamous Boosa and they have no access to legal representation or visits by their kith or kin.

      When will all these end is the million dollar question. A j.

      • Kalag

        AJ, I understand your concern. You, as far as I can imagine, are one of the rare commodity of humanitarian in the world now. You are worried about the fellow human beings who chose (with force or otherwise) to kill other human beings in the name of “liberation”. It is very much comendable and I wish I have that mind-set. Unfortunately, I don’t have that. So, my thinking always leans towards the poor Singhalese families who sacrificed their loved ones to take the Tamils out of the clutches of LTTE. I think there is a need for someone to voice for them. I feel that it is sacred to defend those who can’t defend themselves. So I am doing what I can.
        Having said that, please put yourself in the shoes of the authories. How can you trust someone, who took up arms against you, just a few months ago? As we all know, the women fighters in any part of the world are the vicious, single minded and dangerous. It is not just true for Tamil women but for all the women. It is not something bad about them. It is the natural defensive motherly instincts.
        Rehabilitating the female fighters will be the hardest ever. These 54 women may be the hardcore fighters. We just don’t know. We hope that they will be released soon. These people may not be in a position to know that the war is over.
        As far as, development of north and east and putting the displaced people back in their homes are concerned, there had been so many displacements over the years. In some cases, people don’t know (or care) where they originally come from. Mind you, these are poor people who never owned any properties, may be. One generation of people lived in hand outs. They only did work when LTTE asked them to carry out some works. A Tamil firend of mine who built some houses (not huts-they are decnt houses) and gave some agricultural lands to about 10 families. He financially helped these families to do some farming. Two months later, some of the kids dropped out of the school and went for begging at the Jaffna bus stand. These are real problems faced by the people in the ground. My Tamil friend lost his cool and shouted at the parents. They argued that they are not his slaves and they can do what ever they like. How do you handle that? I could only console my friend and told him not to give up hope.

        He has small wealth and big heart. Yet, this is what his LTTE “brothers” left for him. These are real issues. The human rights, war crimes and treachery etc are the problems for those with filled stomach, not for the poor Singhalese and Tamils who have no idea what in store for their future.

        • anthony jones

          kalag: You love to write, as for us human beings gratitude is not on everyone’s hands.

          That’s why I prefer animals especially dogs to humans, they are grateful and loyal.

          As for me I am the champion for the rights and well-being of the down-throdden, ir-respective of caste, creed or colour. A j.

  4. President Rajapakse is a nationalist alright. And what’s wrong with that? So-called ‘war crimes’, ‘human rights violations’ are pretexts that westerners and LTTE backers brought up all this time to bring down Rajapakse government. You should write try to an article about ‘war crimes’ that westerners violated by dropping atom bombs in Japan and those Naphthalene bombs in Vietnam. Write about ‘human rights’ violation through their plots in Congo, Chile, Argentina, etc. Because, they are the true violations in mega scale.

    Anyway, you are casting wrong stones at the wrong man. You are projecting the GSP as the biggest issue that we face. CB says the gross tax reduction from GSP amounts to no more than 150 million dollars. This should be less now because white man buys fewer clothes this year than last year. Besides the government says it will fund the difference.

    Rajapakse policies are approved by a thumping majority of 1.8 million? Does the writer of this write-up call 6 million voters that voted for Rajapakse stupid? Will he call those people that will give Rajapakse two third majority at the up and coming parliamentary elections unintelligent? Or is he telling Rajapakse to get elected on ‘Mahinda Chintanaya’ and ditch it afterwards and change his guiding principles to what Miliband and company read out. Nay, Mr. Writer; he will not do that.

    The economy is growing at over 7% of the GDP. Inflation is 6% at an acceptable and manageable level. Per capita income has grown by 1000 to over 2300 dollars during the last four years. Many a huge project is steadily progressing. Don’t just write fallacy living in an arms chair in Colombo. If you want to see for real how much the people have improved during the four years of Rajapakse rule, visit a village like the one I live.

    Rajapakse had done the right thing in every sense. The wrong is done by the so-called international community and their NGOs, INGOs and Christian Evangelists that had supported LTTE for the last thirty years. And they wanted to carve out an ‘Eelam’ within Sri Lanka. For them; LTTE were a special kind of terrorist or freedom fighter terrorists. Yet we all know that LTTE were the pioneers and the masters in the art of suicide bombings not Al-Qaida.

    Four of our earlier Presidents tried to beat LTTE but failed because their wrong attitude, wrong approach and wrong policies. Take for example; President JR had been so pro-American he was called Yankee Dicky. Yet, the US, Britain and their allies had not even supplied arms to subdue LTTE terrorists. And you wanted Rajapakse to align with neo-colonists. And that will be a waste your time. Use all that white man’s money use those dirty NGO cliques, bribe, spread lies, do all the dirty tricks and elect RanilW if you can; he will do everything what you wrote and more.

    After electing a long list of wrong leaders, we have finally elected a true nationalistic leader who had the correct vision to eradicate the LTTE menace. During the last phase of the war, Miliband, Kushner and many other busy bodies of the so-called International Community rushed to Sri Lanka to put pressure to stop the war. Their aim had been to save the terrorist leaders for the time being and make room for them to fight their war on another day. In spite of all kinds of national and international impediments President Rajapakse had eradicated not just LTTE but all its leaders as well.

    There are no clamour bombs exploded on trains and buses in Sri Lanka since. Dogs may bark but the caravan will move on.

    • anthony jones

      What will your allah the greatest President, Sri Lanka, has ever had and will have need a two third majority for ?.

      JRJ, in his calculated shrewd wisdom, followed the white man, subjected a maximum two term policy for an executive President.

      It is a well known fact that it was the LTTE, that brought your man into power, it was a proven fact that the Tamils, always voted for the UNP candidates, the foolish, money greedy Pirbha paid the ultimate price for his stupid decision. A J.

      What will Percy the rampant cheer leader do ?. A j.

      • Don’t be silly, MR is neither a deity nor Allah. There are no bombs exploded on trains or buses since terrorists were wiped out en masse in the banks of Nandikadal. No wonder some grateful people have called MR king. If rockers can still call Elvis king; what’s wrong MR’s supporters call him a king. Only a stupid would take it literally.

        I do not know what other people expect MR to do with a two third majority but I’ll tell you what I expect him to do. First and the foremost is to rid this preferential voting system. Then to form a stable government with fewer ministers. Then to control and monitor anti nationalistic activities of the NGO and the INGO parasites. Then to bar separatist from contesting elections. Then to put a stop to corruption. As so on.

        You say it is a well know fact that MR paid money to sun goat to come to power. I do not believe this stupid story because sun goat had more money in his Swiss banks than the our CB could muster at the time let alone Rajapakses. Anyway, If the allegation is true, I believe its the smartest move ever done by anybody in Sri Lanka. It had ended a costly war. Yes or No?

        IC, Norway, NGOs, INGOs, RanilW, ChandrikaK and all their supporters believed RanilW will win the Presidential elections in 2005 in spite of LTTE boycott. Just think of how ChandrikaK and AnuraB acted at the time. If AnuraB had been a little optimistic on Rajapakse’s win, he would have been a Prime Minister.

        Sun goat knew; with Ranil as President he will have to settle for a con-federal state. But he wanted nothing but Eelam. Sun goat also knew MR as President, would stick to a unitary state. And on that basis he could wage a justifiable war in the eyes of IC. Sun goat also thought he could defeat Sri Lankan forces, otherwise he wouldn’t have compelled MR for a war by shutting down Mavil Aru annicat.

        You should not degrade a genius as a simple fool though a vicious one.

        • anthony jones

          Leela: Tiren Alles has publicly stated that he was instumental along with Mangala Samaraweera, was in arranging the transaction where SL. RS. 180 MILLION was given as a bribe.

          If it is not true, why was Tiren or Mangals, not incaserated like the world’s best Army Commander

          The end result was that the Tamils were forced to boycott the poll, your Allah / Deity, conveniently forgot this fact and turned his guns on his saviour, this is why dogs are more grateful and loyal than humans.

          The end result is a home vs home match on many fronts, the whold wide world is waiting for the end results, sadly it is becoming an one sided affair and even the most scared powerful Buddhist priests are being intimidated. How sad. A j.

      • I am relieved that anthony lones seemed to be very concerned about our Buddhist monks.

        You say as Alas said Rs 180 million was given as a bribe to sun goat to get him to boycott presidential elections 2005. Rs 180 million is just 1 1/2 million US dollars. I thought that is just peanuts for sun goat. As I said earlier, if you think sun goat can be conned for peanuts then he must be a fool. But sun goat is no fool. Anyway, What matters is; majority in this country didn’t buy the story by Alas.

        If you want to consider Fonseka matter as a game of chess, take it from me he is already check mated.

        • anthony jones

          Leela: As you say, a few million US.Dollars, would have been peanuts for your Sun God, as you fondly refer to the great man.

          Can you please let me know, as to why on earth, did your sun god get the Tamils to boycott, if he had not done so RW would have been the winner, as historically the Tamils always voted for the right wing, as proven on the 26th January, even a personal request to the Bishop of Jaffna, from the first lady, who wanted the Tamils to vote foe MRdid not work.


          As for Fonney, it is a home vs home match, I will not waste my time on it.

        • Madduma Bandara

          Leela this is what Tiren told TIU:

          “Indeed, I have told all these to the Terrorism investigation unit (TIU) in 2007. Yet, I am divulging this now, because they tried to kill me, Tiran pointed out.

          Basil gave this full Rs. 180 million to create a camaraderie with the LTTE. When I was giving this statement to the TIU, they were shocked, and did not want to record what I was disclosing. I threatened that I will not sign the statement if they don’t record my declarations.

          The CID then withdrew all the charges against me and released me from custody.”

          Rajapaksas’ are born to cheat. If Fonseka violated law so Basil. They both must go to jail. There is no good or bad law breaking.

  5. Casim

    Have you ever asked yourself these questions?
    1) How come on the last day of the battle LTTE successfully & safely returned the soldiers in their custody? If we were in their position will we let them go of Just execute all of them?
    2) How they executed Katuknayake And Anuradhapura air base attacks destroying almost 60 aircrafts combined with no civilian casualty? How long would it take them to bomb those planes before passengers disembarked? Of shoot them down when approaching the landing strip?
    3) They had such efficient infrastructure in place such as manufacturing war like material, remanufacture and repair machinery including military & faming equipments, run parallel govt operation like social service like their orphanage, Snr homes, run propaganda like TV radio & press while fighting a war with sri lankan Forces & India.
    4) Will it be ever possible to defeat LTTE without India, Pakistan, China, USA, UK & Canada? After the victory is india the real beneficiary as we have given them a ready made market of consumers, who never will match their capability as we are all corrupted.
    5) Last but not least will any sri lankan political party including the UNP & SF will ever give the minorities (Tamils, Muslims, Christians, Catholics etc etc) equal respect for real not by just having them for election propaganda.

    Having served in sri lankan police as a gazetted officer I can assure we as a nation will never go beyond the party politics. Sorry to say this we also lack the discipline as a country. Truth hurts right or wrong Pirabah may have done so many wrongs but for his people he will always be the hero.

    • Kalag

      For once, if LTTE chief was alive now and we all want to see how the Tamils would treat him after the war defeat. It is just he is dead now, he is portrayed as a Tamil hero. Tamils have a habit of ditching the former heros. This is what happened to G.G Ponnambalam, TULF (Amirthalingham and co) and now to LTTE. May be they would rally round Rudrakumaran but it is also very much in doubt.
      Now to the help given by other countries. Apart from handful of countries like China, Iran and Pakistan, other have blood in their hands by helping the LTTE. Indian involvement in the Sri Lankan misery need not to be spelt out. The western countries turned a blind eye to Tamil crimes (and they are still doing that) against Sri Lanka. So their help to Sri Lanka is not to get rid of the terrorists but to limit Chinese influence in Sri Lanka.
      Instead of looking at “without help we would not have defeated LTTE”, why don’t we look at “the way they are forced to help by Sri Lanka”
      About UNP & SF giving equal respect to minorities, the questions are:

      1. What is the real problem in Sri Lanka? Is it power sharing or economic independance? Assume it is power sharing for once.
      We give a federal sate solution to Tamils (that is the maximum we can go, next step is seperation). And then what? What are they going to do with that? They will elect a chief minister and they will have ministers. Then what?
      OK. Say they get funds from abroad (from the Tamils in the western countries etc) and develop their area to achieve the economic progress and affluence. I imagine that is the ultimate aim for the ordinary people, isn’t it?
      Question: do they really need a chief minister and 10 or 15 ministers to achieve that? Why can’t they achieve that now as the war is over?

      Say this federal state could not raise funds from abroad, so it has to rely on the Sri Lankan state. Is there anyone willing to pour money into that federal state, while a huge national debt is looming over, competing priorities demand funds and sothern Sri Lanka also badly need funding. Therefore, the chief minister has to wait till the funds become available or he/she has to spend their own money.

      Again same question: Do we really need a chief minister and ministers for the government to fund the development.

      The point is: These equal respect and equal rights won’t feed anyone. It will only benefit about 30 or 40 politicians. They will create trouble themselves so that it can be used in the next election, as if we don’t have enough troubles as it is now. Whatever the nneds of the people can be achieved without any so called “political solutions”. If the minorities do exceptionally well (certainly in the case of Tamils) in other countries like Canada, UK and Australia without any political solutions, why can’t they achieve that in Sri Lanka?
      People can argue that in Sri Lanka, there is discrimination such as Singhala only etc. Is it really true? Can you live and get a job in Colombo by knowing just “Singhala only”? Like it or not, English is dominant language in the world now and for the foreseable future. So in effect, Singhala only is not really an issue. We can go on and on and at the end we can only conclude that it is the people’s mindset matters. You can’t change the mindset while one community accuses the other.

  6. Madduma Bandara

    KP living in a luxurious location and WAR HERO SF in jail with no ventilation.

    “Kumaran Pathmanathan alias KP, who has claimed to be the leader of the LTTE and is currently in government custody, is actively engaged in campaigning on behalf of the Rajapaksa administration, reliable sources said.

    He had also informed his friends that the government was treating him well. According to KP, he was living in a luxurious location and was provided with a luxury vehicle and security to escort him when he needed to go out.”

    • anthony jones

      KP is a valuable asse at the present moment, he has usefulness on his side, while the now much maligned kota-uda SF is of no commercial use, he is only a pain in the bum, better off dead than alive.

      As to the story how far will KP be able to recover the assets of the LTTE, I am positive that the stalwarts in the LTTE, would have covered their tracks.

      Soon KP will also become like SF, then it is up the murunga tree for him. A j.

  7. Asoka P

    This article on ‘War Crimes’ puts UNP in the middle of the sandwich. This is a misplaced tactic that makes UNP the ultimate loser of the election whilst UFPA goes forward to a huge electoral victory.

    The Sri Lankan soldier was forced to fight with a hand tied behind his/her back when the west -through the UN – insisted that SL Forces do not use air power and heavy weaponry in a situation where the LTTE were using its followers as human shields. The outcome was devastating – thousands of soldiers dead or permanently incapacitated.

    In Afghanistan, the US led NATO forces do not follow this mantra; they protect soldiers’ lives with massive air power and heavy weaponry. They regret the loss of civilian lives, and that is about all we hear, definitely not any calls for war crimes. When a soldier dies, for example an Australian, the nation mourns at the loss of “one of the nation’s best”.

    I ask the Sunday Leader; how many times did you mourn in the same way over the death of Sri Lankan soldiers??? There were 27,000 such occasions to mourn!!!

    None of the established press in the west calls for war crimes investigations over their governments’ activities in Iraq or in Afghanistan; yet the western media and a number of prominent western politicians do so with regard to Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan politicians should be smart enough to know that this demand is a bit of window dressing on the west’s part due to the influence of concentrations of the Tamil Diaspora in some of their electorates.

    Unlike the LTTE, the Sri Lankan Army, as a rule, did not set out with the intention of killing and maiming civilians. A few instances of misadventure do not constitute a case for war crimes investigations. A straight forward military inquiry, in the Israel style, will do.

    Obviously, I take offence to this ‘the Sunday Leader’ article as we must not insult the memory of the soldiers who gave their lives to save the country from a ruthless enemy and a disastrous social and economic situation. When compared to their achievement, the saving of GSP+ pales into insignificance. Any average Sri Lankan voter knows this – and they too will take great offence to UNP’s apparent subservience to the west on the matter of so called ‘War Crimes’.

    The established western press display unparalleled patriotism and loyalty when it comes to matters of war. I suggest that the Sunday Leader also follow suit, even if temporarily, to save the UNP from becoming the meat in the unpalatable sandwich.

    I recommend that the Sunday Leader as soon as possible publish an article exposing the west’s hypocrisy when it comes to war crimes. I further suggest that the UNP makes a statement to the effect that “the UNP unequivocally rejects the demands by some western nations to conduct war crimes investigations against the heroic Sri Lankan Army – as these demands are breathtakingly hypocritical”.

  8. Dilshan

    More than 20 countries HELPED Singheelam to fight the Tamileelam.

    Now the Singheelam soldiers who were converted to Mongolian Buddhism are Torturing Female Detainees…………….While Singheela MEN becomes Buddhist Monks and let the Singheela Women to find MEN from Muslim and Berger communities

    • Dilshan

      SLA systematically terrorises female detainees
      [TamilNet, Tuesday, 02 March 2010, 21:45 GMT]

      Torture of female detainees in special camps of the Sri Lankan Army in Vavuniyaa continues to the extent of making many of the detainees insane, reports reaching from Vavuniyaa said. The torture is mainly carried out by female soldiers of the SLA, according to information provided by reliable civil society sources, which claim that they have hard evidence to prove it if there is any credible international investigation.

      Meanwhile, a large number of female detainees were recently moved to an isolated zone within Cheddiuku’lam internment area with severe restrictions for even relatives to see them.

      The detainees kept in seclusion are allowed to keep only two sets of clothes to change, and are being continuously intimidated that they would be sent to the dreaded Boosa camp in Galle in southern Sri Lanka, sources in Vavuniyaa said.

      Those who are transferred to Boosa are kept in pigeonholes and have become physically emaciated within a short span of time, eyewitnesses told TamilNet.

      As inter-marriages among former LTTE members was a common phenomenon, the isolation and torture of female detainees is a classic demonstration of SLA terrorism in getting information and in subjugating the ones who fled the island.

  9. Asoka P

    I also read Tamilnet regularly, just for a laugh!!!. They write so much rubbish about Sri Lanka, the SLA and so on, they know that they absolutely have no credibility even among Tamils. But the farce must go on.

    • Dilshan

      One Person’s Rubbish is the Other Person’s Treasure.

      One Person’s LIE is the Other Person’s Truth.

      If you can’t see the Truth, then ask your Monk.

      • Asoka P

        Dilshan(mugam) got it wrong, again!!! Here’s the right version.

        Tamilnet rubbish is Tamil Diaspora treasure.

        Tamilnet lies are Tamil Diaspora truths.

        I see the truth – that is, Dilshan(mugam) peddles Tamilnet rubbish. My swami says so!!!

        • Dilshan

          Asoka Peruma(l),

          Your Truth is very Valuable to Me.
          My Lies are very Valuable to You.

  10. Asoka P

    I suggest that there should be a Truth Commission into the LTTE’s ethnic cleansing activities first, before the SL Government entertains any calls for a ‘War Crimes’ investigation during the last ‘Eelam War’. Such a Truth Commission should also examine the International Community’s passive role during the period when LTTE was committing horrific atrocities.
    In a massive ethnic cleansing operation, LTTE expelled some 80,000 Muslims (peaceful, unaligned) at short notice (in 1990). They were given at most 48 hours to collect a minimum of belongings before departure. Around that time, LTTE tortured and massacred unarmed Sinhala villagers throughout the North and East in another ethnic cleansing operation. On top of this, the LTTE went on a suicide bombing campaign specifically designed to cause maximum carnage among civilians.
    I visited Anuradapura with my family, and saw, first hand, how the IDPs expelled by the LTTE faired. There were no camps; there were no food and water much less sanitation; there were no NGOs or INGOs; – just many thousands of poor discarded souls, many suffering injuries, living under pieces of cloth hung from broken tree branches and begging for food.
    These ‘crimes against humanity’ by the LTTE with the connivance and encouragement of the Tamil Diaspora, must be the first matter considered by a Truth Commission. Only then, the true meaning of the term ‘humanitarian operations’ used by the SL Government and the Army, will resonate with the International Community.
    The Tamil Diaspora continues to ignore the facts about their horrific creation – the LTTE, and has embarked on a misinformation campaign against the SL Army. As far as the Tamil Diaspora is concerned, the SL Army committed the unacceptable crime, that is, it got rid of the criminal LTTE from SL soil.

    • Dilshan

      More than 100,000 children traumatised: Norwegian aid worker
      [TamilNet, Thursday, 04 March 2010, 18:03 GMT]

      Redd Barna (Save the Children) aid worker from Norway, Vidar Strøm, has said that there are over one hundred thousand children who have been traumatised, to a greater or lesser degree, after being exposed to the war and then for the internment camps in the North. Redd Barna has gained access to the camps only after December 01 and is working to create child-friendly environment within the camps. “The goal is to make a very abnormal situation as normal as possible,” Mr. Strøm told the official website of the organisation.

      Save the Children is working intensively to put in place school, kindergarten or similar structures for children who are exposed to war, Mr. Strøm told the website. This is his fifth mission in Sri Lanka.

      “Children need support from adults who can understand and attend to their needs. Save the Children, among other things, has provided training to parents and teachers.”

      “These children are entirely dependent on aid, and our job is to protect them best. I am glad that humanitarian organizations have been allowed entry into the camps,” Mr. Strøm has told

  11. Randy Mathew


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