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Another Breakthrough in Lasantha’s Murder Investigation

The court case regarding the death of Sunday Leader founder editor Lasantha Wickrematunge has been postponed to March 18. A garage owner of Tamil ethnicity from Nuwara Eliya was identified as the owner of 5 SIM cards allegedly used while the murder was being committed.


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  1. KABAI

    On March 18 hearing, it will be revealed that another tamil from Colombo used 10 SIM cards allegedly used for the murder. The story will keep going b’cos person behind the murder cannot be identified.

    • Bonapart

      I think the culprit is already under arrest !

      • DK

        Sorry Bona-part…

        MR & the goat are still roaming freely


      • Johann Gunasekara

        You mean the Garage owner? yes soon we will read of a confession on the lines that he has met SF etc etc, then the garage owner would be shot dead while trying to escape from police custody / CID, then the defence will not be able cross examine the witness and the case will be closed but SF will be implicated the verdict will be given by the state media, the independent media will be gagged on grounds of internal security – another nail in the coffin of democracy

        • Nilamal


  2. Dilshan

    Buddhism is Evil.

    • Johann Gunasekara

      You must be a scholar Prof Dilshan, or you are trying to draw readers into an ugly debate which is totally irrelevant to the article, please withdraw this statement of yours and prove you are not evil

      • Dilshan

        I think you just wake up from COMA after 30 years. You should learn about Buddhism in Singheelam.

    • Bonapart

      Dilshan you repeatedly fail in provocating, Isn’t it ?? You will get depressed soon !!

    • Janaka

      Mu (Dilshan) ballekne

  3. Dilshan

    This is the plot to kill all the Sarath Fonseka’s People before they group to revolt.

    • Nilamal

      WOW…may be you would do it….if you had half a chance. Try being more realistic.

  4. rohan for sydney

    We all know who didi it. don’t wast the time. ask gota who didi it.

    • Rekha

      We cant ask Mr G as the poor man is suffering from a terrible memory block – he says he has never had any issues with the Leader publications or its late Editor, apparently according to him only SF did????. I wonder what all the court cases were about…..
      They will soon knot themselves up in their own webs…

  5. Govt is cooking up some evidence to frame SF.

    • Nilamal

      There is no need to frame SF as he has himself helped himself to it.
      Wake up from slumber….even if all allegations pertaining to him cannot be proved owing to lack of evidence he has some involvement…and people in glass houses should not throw stones.
      It would be the same when a regime change comes the Rajapaksas will be under scrutiny but like Chandrikas commissions against Ranil’s Batalanda etc. nothing will come out of it.
      It’s a mafia that protects each other. The SLFP and the UNP will always protect each other.
      Why did Ranil become silent after visiting MR ostensibly to urge MR to release SF. If there is one person who benefits from SF’S imprisonment it’s Ranil.

      • Dilshan

        The Sinhala Caste Equation And Fonseka Arrest

      • Dilshan

        Traditional Karawe surnames in the Sinhala language illustrate this military history. Patabendige means the local headman. Hewage translates as soldier. Hennedige means militiaman. Tantrige translates as the strategy expert. Vidanage means civil administrator.


        Caste divisions are not unknown in Sinhala Buddhist history. The Govigama-Karawe competition intermittently resurfaces in our history. The Govigama are the farmer caste akin to the Tamil Vellalar. The Govigama are perhaps 50% of the Sinhala population while the Karawe are likely 10%. The Govigama unfairly dismiss the Karawe as a fishing caste.
        He had won one of Sri Lanka’s highest awards of military heroism — the ‘Rana Wickrama Padakkama’. India’s national security advisor had described Fonseka as the ‘best army commander in the world.’ Its time he is set free. Let us close this unfortunate chapter in the run-up to the upcoming legislative polls in the interests of the hard won Sinhala unity????????.

        Buddhism is an Evil Blunt Knife. It is not doing the JOB, but damaging the Society too much with ITS North Indian/Mongolian Caste system.

        • Bonapart

          Wow ! I learnt a lot about castes and names. You are a genius on that topic Dilshan!

          But when you suggest to free SF, you loose all that credibility and exhibits that you are an utter fool ! Poor Dilshan !

  6. Rekha

    The Leader publications should refrain from reporting all these cooked up lies – the first six months it was all about a man who stole the mobile, then some mysterious motorbikes in a drain – that was too close for comfort so now a garage owner..????? its an insult to the integrity of the late Editor that his paper should even publish these lies – atleast the lies should have a footnote….cos the world knows who did it – we just cant tell the emperor about his clothes……!

  7. Edward

    We will hear such break through stories from time to time. That is the normal police method after sometime every thing will be silence.Please don’t get excited, our law enforcement officers are expert in spinning such stories. One such story is Babu in Pramadasa case what happened? Did the arrested men had any motive to kill or did importent men at top wished to silence him as in the case of MTV any arrest in this case. Time is a great healer.

  8. Uppandi

    Very sad. The government can’t expose the real culprits, because it is MR and Goat, probably aided by commandos supplied by SF. The garage owner most likely has no idea his identity is being used for the SIMs. Until very recently anyone could buy a SIM. I know a shop in pettah, where they used to sell sims for 350 bucks. They take a copy of your ID, but the SIM they give you is registered under somebody else’s name. Later they will register your name for another name and sell it also. People don’t mind, because it is prepaid, and the idea is to get an operational sim on the spot.

    Now the mobile companies are stricter, but still anyone can easily get an operable sim with another name

  9. Human conscience

    King Hickeneliya I, I the sola victor of the war against the Terrorist Tamil tigers, with the aiding and abetting of Tamil traitors, (KST) King Hick shall have myself crowned and appointed the sole emperor of all islands surrounding Ceylon and further 600 km to the south.
    A Square Table will replace parliament. Whereas all soldiers, who have lied against the General and his friends shall receive a knighthood from, IL DOTTORE, UNIVERSIDADE DI LUMUMBA
    By Royal decree hereby are the following Laws that have to be respected scrupulously:
    1. No living human, animal may look into the eyes of the King, Head bowed, when the king passes, THIS INCLUDES THE FAMILY.
    2. No journalist may write an article without being scrutinized by the media censor authorities. Infractions will be severely reprimanded with WV trip, disinformation, insult, internment camp 20 yrs RI
    3. Taxes will be raised to 90 percent on all those who voted against the King
    4. All former ass-lickers expedited to govern the northern areas, with a salary of Rs 5000.00 per month. No abbots. A Cadjan hut, with toilet included.
    5. All bribes and commissions are taxed 98 percent. If apprehended, cooked in pork fat.
    6. All children should spy and denounce their parents or any disillusioned Lankan and should make a daily report at their class. All good children making the grade, shall receive a scholarship at the Lumumba University.
    Finally I King Hick is above the law. A new legal commission shall be set up by G.L Pieris, Knight of the North Korean Gulag. Suffering from Alzhi’s.
    To be contd…

    • raawana

      Ok, patriotic boot licking puppets let us rally round our king and give him the 2/3 necessary to make above dream a reality.

  10. Saro

    If the government bring the suspect in the murder of Luxman Kadirkamar to the courts it may throw some light as to who masterminded this murder. The military is trying for scapegoats and arrest shop keepers who make money by selling their goods.
    Why did they wait so long until the presidential election was resulted in the defeat of the main challenger of our ‘king’?

    The truth will come out one day, may even be after those who were behind this murder are outsted from the office.

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