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CEB Employees Campaigning

By Nirmala Kannangara

A leading trade union leader of the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) says the institution has released some of its employees for election work in Ratnapura and Kandy openly flouting the Election Commissioner’s strict guidelines. 

“Disregarding Election Commissioner Dayananda Dissanayake’s letter to all heads of departments, the CEB has released more than 20 employees from the administration department to Ratnapura and Kandy Districts to carry out election campaign work for Power and Energy Minister John Seneviratne and Deputy Minister Mahindananda Aluthgamage respectively,” LVSS Convener, Ranjan Jayalal told The Sunday Leader. 

Jayalal claimed that when he had queried from the CEB management as to why they were not abiding by the election regulations, the management had reportedly claimed that the workers were released for power project responsibilities and not for election work. According to Jayalal, pre bookings of CEB circuit bungalows too have been cancelled and have been given for UPFA election campaign work and a large number of CEB vehicles have been released to Ratnapura to carry out campaign activities. “This is a gross violation of election law of the country. We have informed this to the Elections Commissioner but no action has been taken,” he claimed. 

Meanwhile, Minister Aluthgamage denied allegations that he was misusing CEB resources for his campaign. Minister Seneviratne was not available for a comment.

26 Comments for “CEB Employees Campaigning”

  1. Janith (CEB)

    LOL.. Ranjan Jaylal is the biggest crime boss/Mafia head inside the CEB. No tender document or project can pass through

    • Your comment is out of context it has nothing to do with Jayalal,
      its the Govt ministers flouting election laws.

      Ranjan Jayalal is a Union leader who monitors all fraudulent deals passed through ministers & Chairmans, is it wrong.

      • Felix

        Sheriff.. Not sure which part of Donkey village you are from..

        Ranjan Jayalal him self is the most corrupt CEB employee. CEB had become a white elephant thanks to Ranjan Jayalal and his JVP trade union. How the hell a corrupt person monitor any wrong doings of another??? Learn you facts about Ranjan Jayalal before you open your hole. Otherwise just shut up.

        • KABAI

          Felix. If you know Ranjan Jayalal is the most corrupt CEB employee, why don’t the relevant authorities take him into custody which is a routine procedure of the presnt Sri Lankan government?

      • pusa

        Ado Felix
        Ranjan Jayalal him self is the most corrupt CEB employee.
        OK Minister Mahindananda is now using 4 supper luxury cars ( including fuel/driver) from CEB kotmale project for his election propaganda.

      • To Felix
        I dont answer comments indecently with low grade
        remarks like you, you can watch my comments in this
        online sunday Leader in other articles.

        You have got reply from others with your own grade.

  2. fresh_milk

    please leave poor johnnie alone……………after all senior minister no meya!

    • Felix

      I know for a fact that Ranjan Jayalal (JVP union Leader) publicly campaigned for SWAN during the Presidential election asking every union member to vote for SWAN. After politicizing the CEB for years this donkey is now crying foul.
      Yes yes.. I agree.. poor Jhonny is one of the few decent politicians remains in the country today.

      • In that case govt dept & corporation chairmans opennly
        canvased to their workers in support of MR , All Govt
        establishments are politicised you fool.

  3. Edward

    We have a constitution moulded by UNP headed by JR which allows the EC to order any thing he likes but the the power is with the president who was elected for a second term recently by a popular vote to dispose as he wish. What is wrong in using the state machineary in trying to protected demoratic leader’s goverment. Don’t be jelous. Long live the Sri Lankan DEMOCRACY

    • raguna

      You have put everything in a nut shell Edward. EC can order anything and President can supersede everything. That’s the plain truth as long as this constitution goes. So the path is open to any damn thing whether democratic or not, legit or not, if it is in his favor.

      JR designed this deadly tool, which is to be used properly and very delicately for the prosperity of the nation but at the wrong hands it will cause damage & destruction to the nation. There can be many places where JR’s calculations went wrong. But in this instance I believe the mindset of the voter population, after two internal wars, against JVP & LTTE, have much deviated since 1977/78 era.

  4. Bonapart

    These uniounists ! They are the major hindrance to the development of state institutions. They should be taught a lesson ! It is almost always JVP uniouns who agitate to get political gains !

    • Those union members are political recruits of UNP & UPFA,
      When they are in distress they seek salvation from JVP like a Karapincha, when it comes to vote they vote for the ruling party
      always .
      Yes Bonapart tell the Govt to Ban all unions if they are hindrance to you.

  5. Dinesh Perera

    MR should allocate departmental ministers. A minister for Electricity, minister for water supply, minister for Roads, minister for railways, minister for schools, minister for universities, A minister for Agriculture, A minister for Poultry, Minister for Milk Supply, MInister for rivers, minister for dams, etc. This way the administration can be very granular and in the event govt does not have MP’s even opposition MP’s can be given ministerial portfolios. This is will be good for the country in the long term.

  6. pusa

    Minister Mahindananda is now using 4 supper luxury cars ( including fuel/driver) from CEB kotmale project for his election propaganda.

  7. raawana

    This high riding stud bull thinks Nawalapitiya is his private property. His goons killed an 80 year old Bhikku in this area after PE. He is second only to the man at Kelaniya. ‘Arhath Mahinda’ brought Buddha Sasana to Sri Lanka along with peace and tranquility. But present day mahinda’s bring thuggery, destruction and despair to fellow citizens.

    • LK

      Does it also count the over 1000 Bhikku’s killed by the UNP during 88-89??? You are talking from your ass … no… ?

      • raawana

        Who counted 1000 Bhikku’s and who said UNP is right. It could be UNP, JVP, LTTE or the members/supporters of present govt.; whoever does it terrorism is disgraceful and cowardly act against society. Those who fail or pretend to recognize it or try to give other lame excuses are even worse.

  8. LK

    Does it also count the over 1000 Bhikku’s killed by the UNP during 88-89??? You are talking from your ass … no… ?

  9. Manula

    This unionist are the our country main problem.. any small thing making a big issue.. We are working in Middle East and no Union nothing work goes smothly and nicely.. If minsters are using the vechiles it is not correct..same way this Jaylal in last election working for swan and polticing the CEB.. That also not correct …All are in same boat.

  10. The funny thing is most commentators prefer to ignore the main issue of this article, i.e. corruption and violation of election rules by the Ministers of this government. From what an independent analyst can see, the majority of this country’s voter buffalos seems to have somehow accepted corruption by the government MPs and ministers as something to be endured since in their ignorance they wrongly believe that the country’s resources all belong to the government in power to do what they please. In actual fact, in a democracy, the country’s resources and assets all belong to the people who are supposed to be the Masters and the politicians are only care-takers and not owners. Wonder how one can drill this fact into the headless voters who are expected to use their franchise wisely.


    The people who coudn’t withstand whats happening in CEB have been quitting and seeking other jobs. CEB is totally politiced and now same as CTB. Lankawata deyyangema pihitai.

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