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Evidence Delaying Fonseka’s Charge Sheet

By Raisa Wickrematunge

The large volume of evidence being processed is delaying the formulation of the charge sheet against former Army Commander Sarath Fonseka. 

Military Spokesman Major General Prasad Samarasinghe told The Sunday Leader that statements from 31 people have been recorded. He added that there was technical evidence that was also being examined, though he did not know the exact nature of the evidence.   “There is so much evidence to go through. It’s not like taking testimony from one or two people. It’s difficult to record, so it has taken some time,”  General Samarasinghe said.

The Military Spokesman stressed that the large body of evidence, particularly the testimony from 31 people, had to be combed over, leading to a time lag. “There is no time barrier. According to military law the offender can be charged up to six months after he committed the offence, if he is a retired officer,” Samarasinghe said.  Samarasinghe said he couldn’t say whether journalists had also been questioned, because he had not been informed of such.  “Major General Daya Ratnayake is in charge of this. The summary of evidence is in the final stages of being compiled, and will be handed over within the next few days,” Samarasinghe said.

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  1. roger dissanayake

    All this nonesense is going on for one month now.Still no charge. Arent these so called spokesmen and the Army and other personnel including the Attorney General feel ashamed of what is going on. We the general public see you people as those who are naked in front of the public and trying to cover your shame with lies.,

    • SK

      Don’t you worry. This man will be punished for the crimes he has committed.

      • Saradiel

        Yeah, all those who are not in favour of the MR (Idi Amin) reign will be annihilated with cooked up fabricated evidence. Having the defendants roaming loose will be a hindrance to the “Official Inquiries” being carried out. We, the public are not amused.

        • sivalinga

          did Ranil (kelama) Ravi (modaya) attanayeke (drohiya) Mangala (ponnaya) Arjuna (buruwa) Somawansa (pissa) have anything happened to them.

          This man was politicising the Army. The army has the right to re- establish its discipline and make an example of this criminal. if it doesn’t happen we will have 300,000 armed soldiers using the gun to do what their party( and not the elected government) wants them to do.

          use your brain for once

        • Sivalinga
          you are breathing fire with malice, SF is not a
          criminal you fool, (innocent until proven guilty).

          Its the Rajapakse clan who have politicised the army by giving nomination in P.C elections
          & offering Governor , Chairman & diplomatic posts to army officers.

        • Sana

          I can’t believe still there are ignorant donkeys like M.H Sherrif who believes Fonseka is “not a criminal” after Fonseka had done so much damage to Sri Lanka.

        • teddy

          And sivalinga as name sujests is a stupid dick Head.

        • prageeth

          Are you a citizen of Tamil ELAAM we do like what MR does so does the mojority of sri lankan voters so ahut up and go to hell

        • ධනුන බෑණා


          █ ස්ත්‍රී දූෂකයෙක්! = 1975 දී දියතලාව කඳවුරේ ධනවතී නම් සේවිකාව

          █ හොරෙක්! = Hicorp

          █ බොරු කාරයෙක්! = මුලින් ජනපති ධූරය, අහෝසි කරමි, දැන් නොකරමි

          █ ජාති ද්‍රෝහියෙක්! = උතුරු/නැගෙණහිර එකතු කරමි / ස්වයං පාලනය දෙමි

          █ පාවා දෙන්නෙක් = සුදු කොඩි ගෙනා LTTE කාරයින්ට වෙඩි තිබ්බා

          █ දූෂිතයෙක් = මුසම්මිල්ට ලක්‍ෂ 300 අල්ලස් දීම

          █ මිනීමරුවෙක් = ලසන්ත

          █ විනිමය වන්චාකාරයෙක් = ඩොලර් කෝටි 7 1/2

        • To Sana
          My dear Sana
          it seems you are the ignorant sucker of state
          media which has made him a criminal,learn
          the meaning of the word criminal before using
          it as a donkey. SF has not done any robbery
          or murder outside the Law. whatever Fake charges the govt is going to frame comes under Civil Law.

        • Kevin , USA

          There are donkys and there are heros. SF is a hero and you are a donky. There is nothing to be damaged to the image in Sri Lanka. It was danged by Rajapakse brothers of their scant attention to the law of the land. They bent everything to thier advantage, even election results! Then who the donky? You Sana it is you

      • Humbug

        Who will punish the crimes of the Rajapaksha brothers and when

        • mohandev

          That will happen when UNP leaders (still living) who were creators of the monstrous constitution created in 77 that has led to all these atrocities are well & truly repents & punished for their crimes first. Without that MR or any other future leader doing anything wrong will never be punished as UNP has ensured that in 1977. So time has come to curse unpers (leaders & voters) for this mess & start breaking coconuts against them in every street corner temple or kovil to get rid of this curse UNP is totally responsible for which JR & his cronies were able to with a 5/6th majority parliament under his dirty sarong.

      • Janice H

        Well if he (Sarath) is being charged for the crimes he has alleged to have committed, then whats wrong in the UN asking an investigation on alleged human rights violations by certain parties in Sri Lanka? I cannot then understand why the latter allegation cannot be allowed to be investigated and perpetrators if any punnished? After all ‘a crime in any name is a crime’.

      • Patriot

        It is MR who commit and committed gross violation of Human Rights of all sri Lankans, plundering the public treasury, corruption, nepotism and waste. Wait, the same fate befell on Fujimori of Peru, Pinochet of Chile and Radovan Karadzic of Sebia. Rajapaksa’s will not be in power for the rest of their lives! They will pay and they will pay dearly.

      • Patriot

        Listen Silvalinga:

        It was Basil and Gota who politicized the Three forces and the police idiot. If you to not knwo what you talk please shut up. You will tolerate anything cos you are donkey who still support brothers in crime, Mahinda, Gota and Basil

      • Kevin C, USA

        Ha ha have a big laugh:

        We all thought evidence was right there? Why it has to be gathered? This shows Gota is cooking up something that might stick to SF. Sarath is a war hero. Ultimately Gota, Mahinda and Basil will end up in Hague. MR will not be in power for the rest of their lives. They will my dear, they will pay and who will have the last laugh? it is Sarath F!

    • This is the Nonsense of the Rajapakses who are now afraid and worried .
      Alll their dirty and corrupt ways continues and they are unable to provided answers and solutions for the country.
      Is Sri Lanka progressing or going backwards??
      Do we have a reasonable Democratic and free country?
      If not, why not??

    • Peter Casie Chetty

      You have no idea of courts procedure but if you did a month is not long. Trial cases take two years to come up. If you are hoping to get news of the sentence – you misght have to wait for 4 years or so. So it is better to make statements when you ae informed. When ignorace is bliss it is folly to be wise.

      • Saradiel

        True. Only difference is that we see the difference in speed on different issues faced by the Government. I may add to your wise words – THERE IS NONE SO BLIND AS ONE WHO DOES NOT WANT TO SEE.
        By the time some of us wake up, there will be no hope for this country. But there will be hope for the ruling junta.
        Champika Ranawana says that the govt is taking fullest efforts at this elections to send EDUCATED AND QUALIFIED people to the cabinet. Sanath will be Minister of Sports. Malini will be ………… etc. These are the intelligent people we are talking about. Deyyange pihitai

        • mohandev

          You are right people like you have been deaf, blind & dumb from 77 – 94 under unp dictatorships have suddenly woken up & trying to heal the world. Fist heal thyself & your masters. Only then we ca have a better tomorrow.

  2. the next few days of this army spokesperson is afflicted with the balagiri doshaya. this day will always be the next few days for the next couple of months too. the army top brass are just a bunch of imbeciles who will betray and demean their ranks at the drop of a hat by some third grade politician. by the actions of these imbeciles the only thing that we can conclude is that during the war the real leadership to the war was provided by the general and the rest of the officer corps were just hangers on, like what they are doing now.

    • Athula

      Our army has been betrayed to politicos by a bunch of lethargy officers whom SF described as inefficient .Look at Pakistan Army and take an example of how they stand by their mentors. UP KEEP THE PRESTIGE OF SL ARMY AND SF WAS STILL A HERO AND ONE DAY IF NOT DEAD HE WILL COME OUT AS HERO.

      • Dilshan

        Praba may awake again from dead, but Sarath Fonseka will never come out of jail.

      • For us, that is; those that supported the war, SF had been a ‘war hero’ while he led the fight against LTTE and its leaders. SF remained a war hero for us until he started to threaten to give evidence against those said to have committed so-called ‘war crimes’ through this paper.

        For diaspora Tamils however, SF was a murderer while he was a hero for us. And for International Community, NGOs, INGOs, Christian Evangelists and their supporters, SF was a racists, bigot and a human rights violator during that time.

        No sooner SF had threatened to give evidence at any international court on ‘war crimes’ against our valiant soldiers he has become a hero for the said clique. And for us SF had become an traitor. When he contested against Rajapakse SF had become an absolute traitor.

        Two days later the said threat was published in this paper, SF had denied it. But he repeated the same threat elsewhere few weeks later. This time Herath of JVP denied it on SF’s behalf. Once again he made the same threat at some other place. Someone had denied it again. Though SF has become a joker, his foul mouth remained a grave threat at large to our valiant soldiers.

        The so called international journalists said nationalist vote was divided 50-50 at the presidential election. SF couldn’t believed the truth on Jan 27th.

        SF is still appeared to be riding high on his ego. He seemed to be acting as if he could get elected to Parliament from Colombo District. Most he will get is 35,000 votes. So, he will again learn the truth on April 9th.

        What a come down for a man that got almost 4.1 million votes just over a month back. I am sure none will talk about SF within three months from 8th April. That’s life Athula; you can dream for his come back if you like. It will be like Jesus’s coming.

        • Psycho

          Dont worry Leela, very soon SF will be sent to Pissan Kotuwa with me.

        • Matalan

          Yes Leela, we give up. We resign. There is no cat in hell’s chance of uprooting Rajapakshe clan from Ruhuna for the next 40 yrs. or more. Following MR, BR, GR and Namal and his brothers there will be their sons and daughters. So its humble pie for all of us. I mean not just for the Kandyan, Eastern, Sabaragamuwans or Northerners, even people in down south will have to bite their tail and just bear up the indignity, thuggery, corruption and flames of hell from one of the most uneducated, nepotistic and uncaring political families this once proud Nation has ever seen.

        • lankawatcher

          All this harassment is because SF said that he will take action against the people who have committed war crimes. So then, he knew what this regime had done. Why cannot MR and his cronies face an open inquiry if there is nothing to hide. If they can punish SF on cooked up charges, surely the international community have the right to step in to ensure that there are no human right violations in this country. Yesterday, it was Tamil civilians. Tomorrow, it will be innocent Sinhalese, who did not bow down their heads to the Rajapakse clan.


        • To Leelas Comments
          Repeatedly you are clinging onto evidence theory of SF to international courts,that is called biased you are looking through blue spectacles, SF never said he will give evidence against his fellow soldiers in fact he
          accepted all responsiblity of the soldiers.
          Its the state media & govt twisted it in such a way to tarnish SFs image .
          Still the state media is following that theory
          accept some logic to your head.
          this international war crimes tribunals are
          cooked up theory cant do a ball about it.
          Then the first war crimes must begin from
          Iraq to Afghanistan & pakistan which will never happen it seems our Govt is keen
          to invite a war crime tribunal to gain political mileage thats what they did during
          presidential Election our goats fully believed

    • Dilshan

      Rajapaksas USED all the Berger Soldiers for the Top Jobs for their Superior Brain Capability and used all Native but converted to Buddhist Soldiers to fight in the front to kill the Indingenous skin people. This was a good chance to get rid of the Indigneous Skin (But converted buddhism) unwanted crowd.

    • mohandev

      What have you got to say about 750 million found in the lockers of fonseka s-i-l’s mother ? a good samaritan must have been put it there out of sympathy, i guess………….

      • KABAI

        If you get a chance to peep the lockers of MR & Company, you will get heart attack and die on the spot. So, don’t worry about other’s wealth. It seems like you are a pennyless citizen. Don’t feel jealous on others.

  3. Guru Satyadasa

    The whole episode appears to be an attempt to keep Rtd Gen Fonseka out of the campaign for the General Elections. The enactors of this episode have partially succeeded in their attempt; the coalition led by Fonseka in the presidential elections has fallen apart. The UPFA apparently fears the opposition coalition. Wonder why? Was it an extremely powerful force in the presidential elections? Is the opposition coalition capable of a powerful and victoriuos performance in the General Elections?

    The UPFA’s behaviour adds credibility to the view that the opposition coalition did win the presidential elections and that the UPFA had to resort to manipulating the outcomes to achieve the 5.8m votes in results announced. Rtd Gen Fonseka’s FR application and the election petition have conviniently been scheduled for the post election period. All these events point to an inherent and consuming fear of the Fonseka factor in national politics.

    • Dilshan

      Fonsekas WILL NEVER COME OUT of Jail like Tigers.


      Fonseka doesn’t have any sperm on him for Whitining Singheelam.

    • prageeth

      Are you lining in Sri lanka or some dream world
      With all the opposition, LTTE, tamil disapora, UISA, All the europe together could not defeat MR so how can this fool think SF can do a Thing Has everyone fogotten that there is a small matter of USD527,000.00 which was found in SFs Nephew Danunas mothers bank vaults and she said its SFs money Its all brand new notes with consecutive serials so its beyond bdoubt

      • ..oh yes soon 300,000 garment workers will be out of job so they can use this money…ths amount is peanuts…if you checak the local and foreign lockers of the jokers….

  4. Felix

    This scum Fonseka has betrayed his own army and made a mockery out of the great war victory. As a result of this , again the pro LTTE elements have launched a fierce campaign against Sri Lanka. No jail sentence even the death penalty is enough for this traitor. I would love to see Fonseka gets rotten in the street of Colombo.

    • ed

      you are so stupid, wake up? do you live in Sri Lanka? you are the kind of people empower corrupted government, sham on you

    • Dilshan

      Singheelam are still interested to get more white sperm from Bergers and get rid of them when they are old. Not only Fonseka, most of the Fernandos and De Silvas are in quite a good demand for their white sperms when they are young. Muslims are of cource always in good demand in Singheelam whether they are young or old.

    • Athula


    • raawana

      Why should pro LTTE elements be against SL govt now. They have got their most feared man SF behind bars, thanks to our great King and loyal subjects. Present army has lost all its glory and are only fighting to fulfill the desires of political leaders. All those names we loved to hear during war are not even heard now. Instead a new set of puppets from nowhere have taken over.

      • Sana

        Q. Why should pro LTTE elements be against SL govt now.??

        A. Have you read the news papers lately? Their agent Fonseka is behind the bars.

        These info are little too much for underdeveloped brains like urs.

        • raawana

          Ha ha nice joke. LTTE got their agent (SF) to massacre their leaders in war. You have a head on your shoulders?

    • To felix
      now i know you are sucker of state media, who follow follow
      Mahinda Mama blindly.

    • srilankan

      are you re-born VP

  5. Dilshan

    Tigers and Fonsekas are in Jail. Indigenous and Bergers are piece of sh…. in Singheelam.

    • ed

      you must be one of those who kiss governmet goons behind?

      • Dilshan

        Tigers and Fonsekas are Terrorists and Rajapaksas and Gotas are GOOD SOULS in Singheelam.

        • Saradiel

          Ass licker. First learn your English well if you want to make comments in an English publication. Otherwise, shut up and be a Sigheelam. You are one. We are Singhalese people who can live peacefully among other races.

        • Don

          Wtf is a Singheelam?

        • mohandev

          i guess sigheelam is what SF was going to create with vultures like jvp & tna. thank God we were saved in time



  7. Human conscience

    The Hon. General Sarath Fonseka hero of Sri Lanka, languishing in a Cell with no aeration, daylight, subjected to a humiliation by his opponent and Election thief Kakussi King of Lanka. HIckeneliya I.

    This is a shameful episode for Sri Lanka trying to emulate Myanmar “THROUGH THE IMPRISONMENT OF “AUNG SAN SUU KYI” Mahinda’s friend and mentor, including the Chinese master of evil. Had drawn up this plan and implemented it. The government did acknowledge the construction of internment camps, these camps were gulags for all dissidents.

    To all Gentleman and soldiers at arms in Lanka, calculate how much you guys have earned, how much are your savings, how much remains for your kids education if you wish to send them abroad. Today you serve the evil politicians use you as their PAWNS and tomorrow when you are of no use you shall become the gutter rats. Either you take power and be rich similar to the politicians or be the PAWNS. With a emolument of 60000 Rupees as a general, you guys are being used. A politician has Millions say billions, do not be drawn into the game of pawns. You gentleman will one day be simple retired civilans and shall be the laughing stock of the village and your friends. BEWARE OF THE EVIL OF THE POLITICIANS.


  8. bernard

    Though what the government does is all illegal and revengewe are all glad that Fonseka the outright racist chauvanist and mass murderer of the innocent tamils is getting what he richly deserves. I hope soon he wil be also tried in the ICJ for the war crimes and the crimes against humanity. This racist, chauvanist (as todays editorial so boldly proclaims) is going to restore democracy?! there cant be better joke for the new year. and 40% believed his rubbish. He is a mass murderer and we are all lucky because the 10% refused to vote for him. If not by now we will be having a military governemnt and all the tamils probably would be wearing the ‘badge’ to identify themselves like it happened to the jews during Hitlers time!!!

  9. Sri Lankan

    We Tamils love this. SF and all the army fellows who killed the LTTE should be treated like this. They should be dragged like dogs. Well done our beloved president MR.
    Karuna should be appointed the next army general our dear president.

  10. Human conscience

    CORONATION OF KING HICKENELIYA I. The year of the Gregorian Calendar 2010 Auspicious time midnight. 367 day of the imposed Calendar. I Mahinda, King Hickeneliya of Serendib, the sole victor of the war against the Tamil Nation and other dissidents of Lanka, shall rule Lanka with an iron fist, impoverish all rich excepting myself and my family and shall create a new society, whereas I am above all humans in Lanka.


    The sola victor of the war against the Tamil tigers, with the aiding and abetting of Tamil traitors, shall have myself crowned and appointed the sole emperor of all islands surrounding Ceylon and further 600 km to the south.
    A Square Table will replace parliament. Whereas all soldiers, who have lied against the General and his friends shall receive a knighthood from, IL DOTTORE, UNIVERSIDADE DI LUMUMBA
    By Royal decree hereby are the following Laws that have to be respected scrupulously:
    Head bowed, when the king passes, never look at his Lowliness. THIS INCLUDES THE FAMILY.

    Any Media abuse, gossip, disinformation or insults by the press 20 years RI

    Taxes will be raised to 90 percent on all those who voted against the King

    All former ass-lickers expedited to govern the northern areas, with a salary of Rs 5000.00 per month. No abbots. A Cadjan hut, with toilet included.
    All bribes and commissions are taxed 98 percent. 98 % To be handed to the king
    All children should spy and denounce their parents or any disillusioned Lankan and should make a daily report at their class. All good children making the viper grade shall receive a scholarship at the Lumumba University.

    Finally I King Hick is above the law. A new legal commission shall be set up by G.L Pieris, Knight of the North Korean Gulag. Suffering from a syndrome of respectability
    To be contd…

  11. Human conscience



    You may serve your nation even as a murderer because this Nation needs all dirty and stained hands to murder further. Democracy is a dream for fools, it has no place in a Nation that is being run by thieves, thieves do not, do not share their ill-gotten wealth, it is hard to enter the temples of secrets and drudgery.
    Thieves are a select society.
    If a Nation accepts a family that has, perhaps, stained its hands with murder is a party that has no morals. A Nation empty of morals can only drive its intellect and young away. A good Nation should accept a difference of opinion, this helps a Nation advance, there is no politician that can remain awake to implement all good policies. May God Bless Lanka

    • ..even your Buddha cant save Sri L anka..because of this computer trick victory well organised with Indian support….

  12. Manjula-Abu Dhabi

    This Major General is nuts. He should first know the difference between formulating charges and charging a person. First you should formulate charges and then charge and NOT CHARGE AND FORMULATE CHRGES. THIS SHOWS HE IS ALSO KADE GOING FOR GR AND MR.

    • Human conscience

      Off course, Manji, Off course, only thing is the Maj Gen, who is paid a salary of 60000 Rs, may lie for the moment, once he has lied the poor bugger cannot he enters the land of no-return. an he shall be the laughing stock of Lanka.





    • ..this is why your government is uanble to issue a death certificate…eh??? but it is not necessary you have believed this and danced for free liquor..this is enough…

  15. slave of rajapaka regime

    Praba is at Temple Trees with KP, all these ideas those are implemented by RAJAPAKA and Company are from Praba and KP. This is purely terrorism don’t u guys understand, who could be behind RAJAPAKA family for them to terrorize normal civilians, journalists and mostly for National real hero’s like SF and so on. Wake up guys, “GET UP STAND UP, STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS”, instead of arguing racism find way of sending this RAJAPAKA family for ever home. You may be a sinahalese, a tamil, a muslim or a burgher or sakkili but end of the day we call ourselves as sri lankans. So, don’t deviate things, politicians wants this to happen among us, for their betterment or to safe guard their seat. Will you not help a person if you see him on the road with pouring blood on his body for any reason, will you then ask him if he was a sinhalese, tamil, muslim, burgher or sakkili, come on your inner feeling will talk with you at that very moment and tend to save his life, after seeing the common color of the blood. I love all these people together come to my death without racism, but any body comes with the racism decease with his heart, for him only my body will be buried upside down, so that he could kiss my ass.

    • ..why call Tamils now:::??? why cant your Sinahalese all go out on streets…afraid..???? remember poor Filipinos not once but twice sent their presidents out simply by going on streets….dont you have guts..they why you all talk big……

    • raawana

      Prabha\s ghost has taken over the Temple trees and its occupants and is terrorizing the country. As we are seeing now the ghost is worse than man himself. The great ‘Thovil’ to chase the ghost is on the 8th of April. All Lankans are ordered to witness and participate in the proceedings by the chief ‘Guru’ , Dayananda D.

      • Ravi.M

        Why cant they serve a charge sheet untill now? You can collect any amount of witness to proof your chargesbut your prime duty is to serve a charge sheet within 24hours according to army regulation. As t is your intention is only to harras SF and you will not suceed.

  16. Nameless

    Fonseka – should he be freed?

    • Dilshan

      Fonseka is much safe in the ‘so called’ Jail. Fonseka himself planned this after the Rajapaksas pulled out his security staffs.

      He is Ok. Let him relax for a while. LTTE paid big money to the Armies before. Now, the armies has to pay LTTE back all those money.

      • srilankan

        Dilshan, Guess the source the money paid to army by LTTE it was from King Rajapakshe and Co in the previous presidential election.

  17. S.Sriranjan

    We know that it was harder then filming a movie.But a days One Srilankan broke the record and filmed a movie in 22 days.

  18. Sensiv

    31 witnesses and other evandances ,lets hope they do not contardict each other . So let them form a water tight case if needed dropping some of the evidance and perhaps witnesses. After all the fuss the evidance should support a conviction as the case is destined to run its full course – the Trial at bar, the court system, the press, international press and the Diaspora Sinhalese. In the meantime let the General enjoy his additional security.

  19. Good insightful article. Never thought that it was this simple after all. I had used a lot deal of my time looking for some great mind to explain this matter clearly to me and just did that. Great big thanks! Have a great day.

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