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Tea Board Blames Treasury For Debacle

By Cassandra Mascarenhas 

The Sri Lanka Tea Board last week blamed the Treasury for failing to allocate necessary funds to carry out activities which could have prevented the country’s tea industry  losing its position as the world’s  top tea exporter to Kenya.

The Tea Board used to regularly host various programmes including trade fairs, and other forms of promotional activities which assisted the tea exporters but had not been able to carry out these activities last year which led to the setback suffered by the exporters.  Deputy Commissioner, Tea Board, Bandula Jayamanne explaining the reason behind the sudden stop in promotional activities said, “The tax revenue received from the export of tea used to be allocated to the Ministry and the Tea Board for promotional activity. But two years ago the Treasury stopped allocating money for this purpose. We have to go through the Treasury to receive funds and have therefore been forced to cut down on our promotional activity due to lack of funds” Jayamanne said.

12 Comments for “Tea Board Blames Treasury For Debacle”

  1. Teardrop

    Who does the treasury blame for the debacle?

  2. Cornel

    Don’t blame our Dr Dr PB & CB chief AG we have the best brains – They are best in the world. THey highly qulified in manupulation of figers.

  3. N.C.Wijeratne

    With 112 donkeys running around in luxury vehicles; among them over 20 roaming around the world; further some of them talking big about world economics,legal affairs; some running around in full suit with underwaer from best UK clothing shops-all around the world with their kith and kin, and a few of them living most of the time abroad as if they are eprmanent ambassadors, this small country which has produced some of the best teas in the world is gradually loosing its stature as a world leader.
    The power hungry politicuians are drunk with enormous luxuries at their disposal thety have no time to look after trading affairs which give us bread and butter.On the other side we are borrowing from various countries and Agencies and the next generation in Sri Lanka is going to be even poorer than the present.
    Our Agriculture in general has gone to the doldrums; our Industries including the Garment sector is at a point of gradula deterioration; our income from foreign employment is no more a significant foreign excahge earner; our Tourism promotions specially the countries that gave us best results such as Germany,UK and other European nations have found other attractions due to our inactivity and lethargy-infact we dont have the right people in the right positions to do the neccessary functions.
    And when things fail to materialise we conveniently put it on some Govt.Agency that probably did not know even that we were market leaders in the Tea trade.

    • Dinesh Perera

      Less than 1% of the population understand what is the current economic problem of Sri lanka and what will be the future problems.The politician have made the remaining population as psychological slaves as they cannot think any further in their life. What matters to the 112 Ministers is how much they can earn so that their generations can live in peace in some other part of the world. With LTTE gone , we must have surplus money because no more expenditure required i the war front, but we are still begging for money to buy more weapons.Good luck.

    • Mr Wijeratne
      a very good comment, I highly appreciate it .

    • Dr. Nimal Chandrasena

      A very good comment; and in general, I am in agreement. Many of the educated people and expatriates – much maligned by the “Hela Urumaya” and other clowns who profess “Ultra Nationalism” and are drunk by its vitriolic liquid (pardon the analogy) have taken this once sensible country close to a precipice – from which we may not back off in time. Anyone who thinks that SL can exist without the rest of the world – should have their heads examined. The same donkeys that you quite rightly speak about, and overwhelmingly understated – are quite happy to reap the benefits of the hard labour of the working slaves of our country – who send back their foreign earnings. At a different time, in a different era- that is enough ignominy for a ‘king’ to cut his own throat for the wanton abrogation of duty to his people. But, alas, this is not to be. We might all end up in jail, but I commend you for your comment….

  4. HERO

    Don’t ask money from Treasury, all they have already allocated to MR and co..

  5. HERO

    Will our people wake up at least this time for a change in the General Elections?

  6. wicky

    Like GSP+ Sri Lanka has nothing to loose.

    this dumb @ss has no vision at lankan economy.

  7. N.C.Wijeratne

    TO HERO: Not change THROW THEM OUT!
    Take the case of salary increase for these goons-from 70,00 to 170,000-last year alone.
    25% of the 112 should retire immeditaly- and they should not do any other job because they can be a menace to employers-
    Another 10% not fit for anything like the Profesorry-Vithar the great who took us round the wilderness for almost 5 yrs with his APC-All party bogus affair-this created more parties and disunity in the Country.
    Another 10% should never ever thyink of doing politics like the Profesorry-Pyris-who is a chinese in Bullshop-
    A further 40% are incompoops who ran places like MIHIN airways-wasted our mo0ney on their Kabal Lorry type airways which stops shile in the air without fuel.
    Imagine these rascals bringing in GEETA to solve our Countrys probmes?!! This not madness- this is UTTER DEISGRACE!
    And they are asking for 2/3rd majority- To run the BIG Company and keep all those who oppose behind BARS!
    I think the voters should be told what to do with their vote this time!

  8. Former Toronto Diplomat

    Tea Brd Dy. Chairman – you are talking nonsense. Sri Lanka’s tea debacle is totally attributed to the inefficiency of Tea Bd Chairman LH. He has no vision where Sri Lanka Tea should go in the world market. They dole out monies to various third party tea associations around the world to promote Sri Lanka tea. In fact in Canada, the Tea Association of Canada was handed a token $25K to promote Sri Lanka – and mind with a Sri Lanka High Commissioner and Trade Commissioner in Ottawa and a local Consul General in Toronto. The Tea Assn in Canada does nothing other than smile their way to the bank. We learn that a former Sri Lanka High Commissioner who is ‘buddy’ buddy’ with the Tea Assn Chairman (female) influences the Tea Bd in Sri Lanka to part with this money every year.

  9. Former Tea Commissioner

    Chairman Tea Bd (LH) and his staff go round the world burning SL rupees as if it was going out of style. One of them, if not more are present at all tea conventions every year round the world. Arizona, California, Dubai, CHina, India, London, Paris, Middle East – you name it LH or his staff are present. But they have no marketing plan, no business plan, no nothing. They should voluntarily resign before they get kicked out after April.

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