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Wanni Being Militarised – TNA

  • Military Says ‘Not True’

By Munza Mushtaq 

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) leveling serious allegations against the government and its military last week, declared that the Wanni was in the process of being ‘militarised’ with condominium style buildings being constructed to permanently house thousands of military personnel. 

Former Parliamentarian and TNA Member, Suresh Premachandran claimed, “They are trying to militarise the Wanni by putting up houses for the military in Kilinochchi, Mannar, Mullaitivu and other areas.” 

He alleged that condominium style houses were being constructed in the Wanni, which indicated that the government was going to station these military personnel permanently in these areas, despite the war being over since May last year. 

“There are also systematic moves for the Sinhalisation of the Wanni and this will automatically happen after the north is militarised. This is just the start,” Premachandran alleged. 

The TNA has meanwhile decided to bring this matter to the notice of the international community.

The party will also express its concern over this new development when its members meets with Indian Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao who is currently in Sri Lanka on an official visit.  Meanwhile, reacting to the TNA allegations, Military Spokesman Major General Prasad Samarasinghe refuted the claims saying that the military was merely ‘reconstructing damaged and overrun camps.’

“We are not militarizing the area. We are only reconstructing the camps in Kilinochchi, Mullaitivu, Pooneryn and several other areas earmarked as most of these were damaged or overrun in the ‘90s by the LTTE,” Samarasinghe said. 

He also noted that security forces could not continue to live in civilian houses forever and so permanent bases were being built so that they could stay in these. 

“These camps are essentials to ensure law and order prevail in these areas and also for the protection of the civilians. Military presence is necessary, we can’t completely withdraw,” he noted.

93 Comments for “Wanni Being Militarised – TNA”

  1. Jane Warrant

    Devolve the powers. Get the military out. The Tamil civilians of the north can protect themselves. Anything less will only lead to problems again. When will the government learn. I guess 30 years of war wasn’t long enough.

    • Sam Jay

      Hello Jane,
      Sri lanka is for all races and every community has the right to live in any part of the country.

      For an example, Tamil people live in harmony in Colombo/Hill country etc and other communities have the right to live in Wanni and the North. Do we call tamilisation of Colombo or Mulimisation of Batticoloa?

      It’s vital to maintain army presence in any part of the country. Does people in China question the Chines government maintaing army presence in Tibet.or American people question Obama maintaing Army Presence in Oklohoma main Sri Lankan Cvernment is entitled and their duty to maintain law and order in the country.

      Have you forgotten the lamp post killing and elimination of moderate politicians by LTTE. This was due lack of Army presence in the Wanni and the north.

      This is the only policy , i have aprroved of Rajapakse administration..

      • Dilshan

        We should bring NATO white sperm soldiers to Eelam for whitining. Berger Soldiers are traitors.

      • Scrivan

        So it is following the China policy!

      • Ilangko

        If Sri Lanka is truly for all races, how come the army and police are almost 100% Sinhalese? How come the Sinhalese celebrated the massacre of over 30,000 Tamil civilians in the final stages of the war, and continue to support the arbitrary arrest and abduction of Tamils in Colombo and elsewhere? Most Sinhalese certainly don’t behave as if Sri Lanka is for all races. That’s how the war started in the first place.

        • aj

          SAM is asking why Oklohoma is not objecting military presence in Oklohoma? you cant compare that in sri lanka. sri lankan army and police is composed of 98% sinhalese. when you take these people and put them in a different area where they dont understand each other’s language its going to be a problem. The police in the North are 98% sinhalese. what is the point of having sinhala police in the north? they dotn speak tamil and tamils are scared to go and seek their help.

          Thats not the case in Oklohoma.

        • Sid

          That is because, it is not for all races

      • aj


        you got a point but you got the point out of context. Yes, tamils and muslims do live in Colombo but they were not brought into colombo by the government. What Jane is saying is that colombo should not intentionally translocate sinhalaese to the north.

        Tibet people do condemn the military presence in tibet. American army is posted everywhere in the USA. pEOPLE IN oKLOHOMA never complained that Bush is trying to translocate Michigans in their territory.

        There is no point in talking about the LTTE, they are all gone finally. Now its time for reconciliation

      • Vathy

        What about the riots organized by sinhalease in 1956,1958,1977, 1983 ? when did Tamils live in harmony? they always live in fear. Keeping Tamils without citizenship and sending Sri Lankan born Tamils to India is a way Tamils living in harmony in Hill country. Yes you are a supporter of Mahinda who wants to oppress Tamils.

      • Tamil Victim

        Tamils came to Colombo because of last 30 years State terror in the North East such as aerial bombing, artillery shelling, constant murder of civilians by the army, food embargo, medical embargo. Tamils didn’t come to Colombo or south by choice. Remember people are returning back or trying to return to their homeland now. All high security zones are land grabbed from poor Tamil civilians. SL arm is very good in Torture, kill and rape the innocent Tamil.
        Also remember when Tamils were living in South all the riots you guys created in 1958, 1977, 1983 because this land only belong to you???

      • nandasena

        Tamils bought their land/houses, in Colombo or any other towns, They were not gifted by the government!!!

        In the wanni the fertile lands where the Tamils toiled for decades have been grabbed and being given to the Sinhalese!!! This is robbery!!!! The righhtful owners of these lands are in the CONCENTRATION CAMPS or , under the trees, begging for food.!!! Or they are drowning in the sea trying to escape the “jungle law” of the government and the murderous Sri Lankan army!!! If the government’s intention was to save the government from the LTTE, they should be given back their houses, farms, boats and other belongings and houses built for them instead of building houses for the most UNRULY ARMY IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!!! They are worst than the animals, because animals do not kill for sheer pleasure of seeing the suffering!!!!! Sri Lanka is full of SADISTIC politicians!!!!!

      • karasi

        Why did the war occur and can you explain to me why thousands of civilians and soldiers died if Sri Lanka is for all races. Were the government mentally retarded?

      • Jo

        Should shoot u die.

      • Sid

        We are not in China. We are supposed to be in a democratic country? Whilst I agree that all citizens have a right to live where they choose to, but not by aid from government or any other source. you need to be able afford to in the first instance. Whatever LTTE did should be in the past. They are eliminated,, as claimed by all and sundry. So, we need to move forward. If that is acceptable to the powers that be.

    • Deshamamaka

      Only the presence of military prevented LTTE and Tamil diaspora poisoning the minds of tamil civilians who were freed during humanitarian operations. Their presence is appreciated and requested by tamil villagers to safeguard them from LTTE agitators !

      • Soorya

        What a utter lie! Raping Tamil women and killing Tamil children is what you mean safeguarding? Sinhala army is not welcome in Tamil Eelam. Tamils can safeguard themself. Massacre of more than 50.000 Tamil civilien who lived in their homes in Vanni is a humanitarian operation? You are kidding man! I can´t stop laughing.

        • Raj

          Tamils do not get to say who is welcome and not. Maybe in Tamil Nadu but certainly not in Sri Lanka. The island belongs to the Sinhalese and if Tamils have a problem living on the island they are free to pack their bags and go and live amongst their brethren in Tamil Nadu.

        • karasi

          What about you Raj pack your bags and go back to North India thats where you belong too.

    • Ranil Perera

      The Sri Lankan military needs to be stationed in the North and The East to maintain law and order. No one can kick the military out. Sri lanka belongs to all races and we will not tolerate terrorists dictating terms to law abiding citizens of the country.

      • Joshua

        Ranil, what you say reminds me of something very interesting.

        N.Q Dias was the defense secretary to Sirimao in the 1960s. He was a top notch civil servant and a brilliant man who was able to foresee the rise of the LTTE long before it was formed. Thus, he advocated the establishment of a string of army bases in the North and East on the pretext of protecting our borders from illegal migration by the Indian Tamils. Had the SL leaders of yesteryear listened and taken appropriate action this issue could have been nipped in the bud.

        Later, Bull Weeratunga (as army commander) had sought permission of President JRJ to wipe out the LTTE in 1978 when they were simply a gang of bandits – again JRJ had turned him down putting forward his Dharmista policies ahead of national security. The rest is history.

      • Tamil Victim

        First thing first. UN war crimeTribunal should begin the investigation on genocide of Tamils by SL military. Secondly UN troops should be deployed to protect the innocent Tamil civilians from everyday torture, rape and killing by the SL military. SL military should be sent to south. This is the solution.

        • DKK

          Dude its time you got a reality check. China is the most powerful economy today. Even t US economy was rescued by China. You can look to your masters in the West while SL is looking East. As long as China and India back us (which they have) the West can go to hell. No one cares about what the West says. Before you talk about genocide why don’t you bring in George Bush and Tony Blair before the UN? Get real mate and live like all Sri Lankans or go to Canada.

      • Sid

        you are wrong. law and order should rest with the police

    • Andy at Sydney

      What? Which country you talking Jane, No country will devove power to 4% of the population. Remember tamils are less than 5% now.

      • Vathy

        We reducing in numbers only because of forced occupation. If you work hard and buy our lands as we do in Colombo it is different. Taking our lands is violations of Human Rights.

      • karasi

        Whatever it is , the land belong to the tamilsand nobody has the right to steal it, How would you feel if I stole your mother and father’s land? . I thought after the war the SInhalese government would have learnt lessons, instead they aggravating it by militarising it. They should be working on equal rights and returning all lands to the tamils. The way the government policy, seems like heading for another Eelam War. I think their brains need testing. I feel sorry for Sinhalese families losing their sons conned with high salary.

        • Raj

          The land does not belong to the Tamils, sorry. It is Sinhalese land.

        • karasi

          sorry, read history land belong to tamils and sinhalese. Sinhalese have physical features of north India . Both community invaded the land. So it has to be shared.

    • Asoka P

      Exactly the point ‘Jane’, 30 years war was enough – people in Sri Lanka are unanimous on that point.

      The Army presence will strengthen the Tamil people’s resolve in Vanni to resist being ‘bought’ and misled by the Tamil Diaspora to commit another bout of mindless warfare.

      • aj

        Asoka, army presence may increase unity………. but when 98% percent of the army are sinhalese in a tamil area. tamil will see that as a threat. it will make the situation worse by causing a segregation even within the north, leading to another civil war.

        if we want to put the army in the north we have to do it by the book. teach our soldiers who are going to the north Tamil, teach courses how to deal with prejudices. Soldiers are they to protect the pepole, not to spread budhism. soldiers should not be building budhist temples in the north. if we want to build budshist temples, it should be build according to the law. tamils will see this translocation of soldiers as a threat if we proceed with the current way.

        • Asoka P

          Good comment AJ. There must be building of trust – given the mistrust that existed this is not an easy task.

    • prageeth

      are you nuts all over the world pro
      LTTE tamil diasapora is trying to create an ELAAM in Sri Lanka TNA are only pupperts on their hands we will not tolarate it In Sri Lanka Every one should be able live in peace and prosper. We do not want LTTE suicde bombers in colombo again when sinhaleese were dying in street for no fault other than being born sinhaleese at the hands of LTTE where were you Did TNA said it was wrong ? No they appluaded the LTTE bombing we need to curb all these elemnts and then every Sri Lankan will live in harmony This country is not and will not be divided and No autonmy is needed for Tamils If you want seperate state go and start one in London Now there are more Tamils in Europe than in Sri Lanka so its only fair that they have an ELAAM in euope and not in Sri Lanka
      By the way Has TNA not seen the amount od militery deployed in Colombo he must be blind in Colombo and seening in Wanni

      • Vathy

        If you occupy our lands by force we will have suicide bombers in Colombo. We are Eelam Tamils who have lost our lands to Sinhalease. Butha was born in India Sangamithra was born in India too. Why you are not claiming those areas(lands) as yours?

      • karasi

        The war is over , don,t need army to safeguard the place. Instead they are a nuisance raping and intimidating the tamil community.

    • karasi

      I, 100% agree with you.

    • Shan

      Jane, “get the military out”? Get the military out from one part of Sri Lanka, which planet do you live in?

    • Sid

      You are so right..why should there be any military presence at all? Is this the norm in other part of ceylon(srilanaka)? In any case law and order should be within the police administration, now that the “war” has ended.

    • This is the thinking of a just normal citizen, but the most Sinhalese including the so called intellects are up-normal and insane. These people want the ultimate ruin of the beautiful country.

  2. wait wait till the army is settled in properly. the fireworks will start with the foreplay with the local girls. it is a known fact where ever there is an army camp the women around the area are kept busy day and night in matters that is carnal by the inmates of these camps.

    • Sam Jay

      Hello Bulner,

      Do you want our army camps in the sea ? Please do not generalise these statements . You need two people to Tango…

      • karasi

        You dont need two people to tango when the tamil girls are raped by the army. So no choice for the girls, which I think is so disgusting as we are in the 21st century.Don’t forget Haiti girls were sexually abused and your army were sent home with shame which appeared on the news world and on the internet .

      • Sid

        not necessarily. one can be force into it!

    • Dilshan

      Fonsekas soldiers have white sperms. Kehilias soldiers got black sperms. People vote for Fonseka not Kehilia.

      People voted for Rajapaksa becuase he got more white skin than Fonseka. (unbelievable, how these women get white babies for the black father(husbands))

    • Andy at Sydney

      Why fireworks, are c***s of local tamil girls filled with chilli or kochchi?

      How can the fellows in toilet cleaning start fireworks in north east, even sun goat could not stand the firewotks of our heros.

      • Dilshan

        Indigenous People got the Indigenous Skin.

        Others including the Buddhsit converts got some kind of Mongolian skin colour and more white colour like Mahinda’s. Fonseka got his ancestors white skin colour.

      • Soorya

        Are you in a lunatic asylum in sydney?

    • prageeth

      Are refering to US army cams in Iraq or pillipines both are the same so its true but not in Sri Lanka

  3. SK

    TNA.. sorry for your spoiled dreams. Fonseka didnt come to power , so now you cant have your separate homeland.

    • prageeth

      exactly correct ELAAM 4 failed and now they are crying

      • karasi

        This war should not have occurred. Sinhalese and Tamils should not have died. When there is a war there is shame on the nation especially on the Sinhalese government for not giving equal rights to their citizens. I was very appalled when the Sinhalese were celebrating, thousands of civilians,soldiers died. This is what I call party animals. The tamils are very hard working and the country would reap benefits, instead the government did not use their brains.

    • Sid

      I did not think Fonseka campaigned for tamil homeland?

      • karasi

        Despite the tamils voted for Fonseka because they had no choice . He is a traitor and a hypocrite stating one minute Sri Lanka is for the Sinhalese and the next minute he is begging for tamil votes. Don’t think much of him, if he became President.

  4. collin

    SL is a free country. Anyone should have the right to live anywhere. For instance, in the 1940s, Mount Lavinia was 90% Sinhalese, 7% burgher and the rest were other minorities. Today the Muslims and Tamils account for nearly 30% the population. Do we then call Mount Lavinia Tamilisation and Islamisation? People in high population density areas must live in low dense areas.

    • Vathy

      Remember -Tamils and Muslims paid their money to buy or rent to live in Colombo but Government is giving land to Sinhalese for nothing. If Sinhalease are capable of buying or renting paying more money than Tamils yes they could live any where in a country which is fair to all the people living in that country. Sri Lanka had never been fair to Tamils including muslims and Tamils who are brought in to serve in plantations.

      • This is too much for a sinhala racist.They do not understand what hard earned money means. They rob and steal the wealth of the hard earned Money of the Tamils. Sinhalese always want every thing for granted.

  5. Edward

    India and western countries want a settlement for the Tamil issue, this is a form of settlement.

    Collin and others must think of the number of tamils who were living in the other proviences at the time of independence in 1948 and how they were driven from various places by state aided pogrons in 1958 ,1965, 1977, 1983 and so on. According to 1929 census Negombo was a Tamil Majority area thanks to the action of Rt. Rev. Bishop Dr. Edmund Peries closing of the Tamil stream in RC schools south of Puttalam along the costal area poor Tamils are now Sinhalese. Tamils in the eastern provinces have become minority because of the state aided colanisations. Very soon the number of MPP in parliment will be reduced. Number of Tamils are fleaing the country. The reward for such leaders like Arunachalam for fighting for indipendence.

    • Andy at Sydney

      Colanisation is the way to go,,,,,, Jayawewa

    • Dilshan

      More Tamileelam people are living in Singheelam, than in Tamileelam. The whole Eelam belong to us anyway. They don’t have to colonise the Indigenous people into the Buddhist converts Singheelam area. BUT, the Singheelam govt HAS TO COLONISE their Singheelam people into the Tamileelam country.

      • Dilshan

        That is what we call Colonisation.

        • Dilshan

          Colonisation in foreign country.

          Israel did it in Palestinian and the whole world ask to dismantle those houses.

          The whole world will ask Singheelam to dismantile or vacate all the colonised places.

          Once the Mongolian Monks are being sort it out, everything will be alright.

  6. Asoka P

    “Devolve Power” says ‘Jane Warrent’. Well that was done before; and we saw the result, betrayal and carnage!!

    The Cease Fire Agreement of 2002 offered virtual self government to LTTE, but the opportunity for peace was blatantly misused by LTTE to achieve a massive arms buildup. Apart from emboldening LTTE to provoke a war, that betrayal of goodwill has finished-off the UNP as a political force for five years or so.

    I read Tamilnet regularly, and all that I hear is a call for a separate nation in this small island, and no compromises and no proposals for co-existence as one nation. As the majority in SL does not agree with the Tamil Diaspora’s position, what exactly will satisfy you ‘Jane’? Perhaps the Tamil Diaspora never wants a ‘resolved’ situation in SL, giving the Diaspora ‘a meaning of life’ so to say.

    The people in Sri Lanka are rightfully concerned that a period of peace will be misused again. The LTTE sympathisers should not try to ship arms to Vanni anymore- they will only be added into the warehouses containing massive weapon caches discovered by the Army since May 2009.

    So, more to the point ‘Jane’, when will the Tamil Diaspora learn?

    • Dilshan

      The USA is playing behind India and UN. The USA and EU will make decisions SOON, regarding sactions(like GSP+) and many more sanctions against the Singheelam.

  7. Tuna

    Not only Wanni but whole country should be militarized. Ohh.. where is my swan?

  8. mohandev

    Where were these tna vultures when whole of N&E ware militarized by tigers for about 30 years ???? guess they were busy roaming the world with tigers sponsered blood dollars to promote ‘pee-eelam’ Wake up traitors from slumber & accept the reality of the need to live in one sri lanka without giving any ideas to budding blood thirsty terrorists in the name tamil homeland which can never happen except in TN.

  9. Suresh Jeywardena

    Andy at Sydney

    I am ashamed to call you a fellow Sinhalease. Besides, you don’t even live in Sri Lanka. You have foresaken your mother land so who are you to dictate how we should live. The Tamils who live in Lanka have not foresaken it like you have.

  10. Psycho

    Militarising Vanni as per TNA?? is it a joke? Kettle calling the Pot black!!

  11. P Ram

    Sinhalese are determined to destroy their country and will not learn the lessons.
    Tamils have more international support after the defeat of the LTTE. Tamils should utilise that if the military is not withdrawn from the North and East. As a Tamil I need to live with Sinhalese and oppose government sponsored colonisation. Sinhalese has lived many years in Jaffna without any problems. Please decentralise all the powers and develop harmony between Sinhalese and Tamils and make Sri Lanka one of most develop country in the world.

  12. Sanjeewa Perera

    Nonsense. You might call Wattala tamilised with so many internal migrants. The sinhalese have no issue.

    • aj

      if we have no issue why cant we have an independent investigation into alleged war crimes? come out of the closet

      • Asoka P

        According to the standards applied by western powers in Iraq and Afghanistan, there were no ‘war crimes’ whatsoever committed by SL armed forces.

        SL armed forces did not go out with the intention of killing civilians. The LTTE used civilians as human shields and put then in direct line of fire. According to the US General in Afghanistan, the colatteral civilian deaths are the responsibility of the enemy who uses civilians for cover!!

  13. Human conscience

    CORONATION OF KING HICKENELIYA I. The year of the Gregorian Calendar 2010 Auspicious time midnight. 367 day of the imposed Calendar. I Mahinda, King Hickeneliya of Serendib, the sole victor of the war against the Tamil Nation and other dissidents of Lanka, shall rule Lanka with an iron fist, impoverish all rich excepting myself and my family and shall create a new society, whereas I am above all humans in Lanka.


    The sola victor of the war against the Tamil tigers, with the aiding and abetting of Tamil traitors, shall have myself crowned and appointed the sole emperor of all islands surrounding Ceylon and further 600 km to the south.
    A Square Table will replace parliament. Whereas all soldiers, who have lied against the General and his friends shall receive a knighthood from, IL DOTTORE, UNIVERSIDADE DI LUMUMBA
    By Royal decree hereby are the following Laws that have to be respected scrupulously:
    Head bowed, when the king passes, THIS INCLUDES THE FAMILY.
    Any disinformation or insults by the press 20 years RI
    Taxes will be raised to 90 percent on all those who voted against the King
    All former ass-lickers expedited to govern the northern areas, with a salary of Rs 5000.00 per month. No abbots. A Cadjan hut, with toilet included.
    All bribes and commissions are taxed 98 percent. 98 % To be handed to the king
    All children should spy and denounce their parents or any disillusioned Lankan and should make a daily report at their class. All good children making the viper grade shall receive a scholarship at the Lumumba University.
    Finally I King Hick is above the law. A new legal commission shall be set up by G.L Pieris, Knight of the North Korean Gulag. Suffering from a syndrome of respectability
    To be contd…

  14. Kalag

    Was that a civilian area when your LTTE masters occupied that? How did all these landmines come?



  16. Scrivan

    @Jane Warrant

    CNN is busy advertising Sri Lankan Airlines as gateway to paradise once again. The comments here are worth onforwarding to CNN to let them know what will awit them in paradise isle where there are one too many ‘vipers’ around. A high risk of getting bitten! Viper venom as you know is the most dangerous venom next to sea snakes which also abound around the coast.

    The old saying “where ignorance is bliss it is folly to be wise” holds stronger today more than ever in the “Democratic Socialist Buddhist Republic” of Sri Lanka. If at all the toursists should also visit the north and east and see for themselves to see Pardise as it is, not as it should be.

    So long!

  17. aj

    I think the government has absolute constitutional power to post our soldiers anywhere in the country. The problem is how you go about this issue?

    Our soldiers are 98% sinhalase who are posted int he north, naturally they are segregated from the Tamils. Tamils cant seek their help due to the language barrier.

    Then our soldiers are building Budhist temples in the north. Of course a budhist temples can be built in the north. but not by the soldiers. Imagine American army go to Iraq and build churches. If the government want to build budhist temples, they have to seek alternative approach.

    • Asoka P

      Good comment AJ. There must be building of trust – given the mistrust that existed this is not an easy task.

  18. Raj

    Sinhalese will be settled in the north and there is nothing Tamils can do about it.

    • karasi

      Tamils should stick together and fight for their rights and land. How would Mahinda Rajapakse feel if the tamils stole his house and land?

      • Raj

        Tamils have stolen a a lot of Sri Lankan land. Tamils are from Tamil Nadu afterall, but they weren’t happy with Tamil Nadu, they are greedy for more land – other people’s land in Sri Lanka.

        • karasi

          Sorry mate my forefathers were already in Sri Lanka before British rule . They were hard working people and some were brought in by The British people for administrative jobs and to work as labourers, This also applies to the Sinhalese who are, North Indians from Calcutta.So please work together and maintain harmony in the country. My family have worked hard and bought alot of houses in England. The briitsh government does not say we have stolen their land. North and East belong to the tamils, and they bought it and did not snatch it.

    • aj

      thanks for admitting it

  19. justitia

    “These camps are necessary to preserve law and order to prevail in these areas and also for the protection of civilians…………………………………………………………….”
    - says Major General Samarasinghe.
    It is the duty of the police – NOT of the army – to ensure law and order. There are armed paramiltaries of a political party terrorising the people. They exploded bombs on the day of the presidential election. Where were the police and the army on that day? Where is the protection for civilians against these paramilitaries?
    These are the persons who even now commit robberies,abductions,extortions, intimidation and thuggery.All, including the president know this. But the president wants the head of this party, who is his ONLY bootlicker in the north to be elected.

  20. Prem

    Sri Lanka is not for all races, it is for all the thugs and underworld MR gangs.
    Sinhalese don’t get fooled by MR dynasty plan.

  21. Saro

    Sri Lankan government and Rajapakse brothers did more and are doing to convince the world that Tamil speaking minorities will never get justice under ‘unitary’ system of government which has and will always be elected for the ethnic majority, than LTTE or TNA or the whole of Tamil diaspora have ever done.
    Alleged war crimes, human rights abuses and internment behind barbed wires or transit camps and the refusal to be accountable to their actions are but a few to justify what the minorities cry about.

  22. LKP

    It seems that the Tamils of Sri Lanka have never learned anything after 35 years of war. Today the Tamils are worse off than they were 40 years ago. But still they cling on to utopian dreams of motherland and all sorts of unattainable nonsense. What the Tamils fail to realize is that all this while, the Muslims have overtaken them in every facet to almost occupy the No 2 slot. Very soon the Muslims will be Sri Lanka’s largest minority and unlike the Tamils they’ll be educated, wealthy and influential. No wonder most Sinhalese are of the opinion that Tamils are a retarded lot.

    • Raj

      I agree… I hope the Muslims do overtake the Tamils. The Muslims are FAR more integrated and civilised.

    • prem

      yes i agree with you. one day sri Lanka will be a muslims country. even then sinhalese and muslims will not realize their stupidity of not supporting each other.

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