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A Beleaguered General

Sri Lanka’s former Army Commander has sensationally sought the assistance of the United Nations to assist him. In statements released General Sarath Fonseka attributes his predicament because he dared to challenge the incumbent President and his government.  Maintaining his position that he is a civilian, he states that the government nevertheless proceeded to charge him under the Army Act. Sri Lanka’s lone Four-Star General, has consistently said that he is not a person who is subject to Military Law. Significantly he said this many weeks before the latest interpretation of his circumstances, delivered to the public by none other than the controversial former Chief Justice, Sarath N. Silva earlier this week.

In happier times (L-R): Anoma Fonseka, General Sarath Fonseka and Gotabaya Rajapaksa

General Fonseka calls upon the Secretary General of the United Nations as well as all governments committed to good governance and fair play, to help protect him from the “flagrant injustice” that he is being subjected to.
In a separate statement, also released exclusively — to a British TV channel, the beleagured  former Commander of Sri Lanka’s victorious Army, has described where he is being held. He also states that along with his arrest, “Democracy is dead.” Sarath Fonseka discloses that he has no access to newspapers, apart from the government operated dailies, that the windows of one room are totally sealed and that after the Supreme Court order the bedroom window was opened slightly allowing a modicum of ventilation. The toilet he says  has no ventilation whatsoever.

General Sarath Fonseka posing with some of his compatriots in wax

Anoma Fonseka, who is carrying on the General’s candidacy for the parliamentary elections, has said that she does not fear for her life but is “definitely” worried for her husband’s personal safety. She throws doubt that if the President and her husband did not enjoy a close working relationship, the duo would have been unable to defeat the LTTE. They enjoyed a close rapport and the President was trusted implicitly by his Army Commander. Mrs Fonseka therefore was at a complete loss to understand the mechanics of why the President fell out with her husband and then took such a partial stand.

Desperate to secure her husband’s freedom at whatever cost, she has also launched a Habeas Corpus application apart from a Fundamental Rights application.

General Sarath Fonseka with General Ershad of Bangladesh

Apsara Fonseka the General’s oldest daughter, speaking exclusively with Inside Politics at a location outside of Sri Lanka, confirmed that it was her family’s opinion that there was no modicum of comfort in the democracy that was practised in Sri Lanka. She agreed that her father was the victim of a power struggle where despite appearances, the spoils – the kudos – was to remain with just one authority. The elder daughter of the General, also expressed fears for her father’s personal safety.

Apsara Fonseka offered rare insight as to how the General and his family viewed the Tamil community who were at the epicenter of the LTTE freedom struggle. Apsara was to tell us that unlike most other Sri Lankan families, the Fonsekas lived the war pretty close to the wind. Not physically of course but literally. They had a rare insight. She said that even though she was sympathetic to the plight of the Tamil population but certainly not for the LTTE cadres, she could not comprehend their mental anguish first hand at that time. It is only when one is faced with similar trauma that one can feel as one with those who were subjected to a war entirely by circumstance.

There was a parallel in the fate of the Fonsekas now as a family and to the diaspora who fled the country in the aftermath of racial tensions in 1983. Then, many families fled the country, some fortunately going together to a single nation, others unfortunate enough to be separated by the vagaries of illegal emigration and diverse political asylum standards set by different nations. The Fonseka family, ironically are now separated even though their father was one of the main players credited with winning the war on terror.

Apsara Fonseka confirmed what was known to the country all along: that her father and the President had a very close rapport. It was beyond comprehension that without this, it would not have been possible for the General to finish “it” off and certainly would have made it impossible that the President would enjoy such enormous and widespread kudos after the victory. In a famous conversation which she had cause to remind her Dad about recently, she had warned her father that there was a danger that “the government” was in effect merely using him only for him to be dumped after they got whatever it is they wanted!

Her father had replied that “you don’t need a degree to understand these people. But I certainly can vouch for these people.  They are honourable men.” General Fonseka could hardly contain his displeasure at his first born’s pronouncement, backed by his wife. Apsara told us that she had no feelings when she was forced to tell her father “I Told You So,” not many months later.

Using the anonymity and security offered by her presence in a country other than her native Sri Lanka,  she also said that her father and herself sympathized with the Tamil people who were unfortunately caught up within the epicenter of the LTTE terror plans. But she said, “one does not know how exactly they feel.  I went to an IDP camp. Many of these people were not poor but they were innocent and helpless and were there because of fate.” “Yes I do have a soft spot. It is always easy to have that for the under dog.” She went on, “Its easier said than done to feel sorry” but to really feel their agony and mental anguish was not possible then.

Apsara Fonseka said that when “this is all over” she would love to return and help with the rehabilitation work. “The reason I can now understand the innocent Tamil civilians’ feelings is obviously because I now have the benefit of their trauma first hand.”  She reiterated that she has nothing but scorn for the LTTE but Tamil civilians were not the LTTE as she put it.

Apsara Fonseka was asked how her younger sister coped with what was happening within their family. She said, “She is young and basically when one only has one choice that is what one has to do. Our choice was to be strong. So that was our choice – to be strong. For us, for our Dad and of course for our Mum, who is battling it out all on her own.  Before we were outsiders looking in. Today we are inside and can understand perfectly the emotional anguish of innocent civilians. I have no feelings other than contempt for the terrorists.”

We asked her if she would ever consider returning to Sri Lanka: it was, Apsara said, a question that had been posed to her by her father — “come and help Sri Lanka” he had said. “That was how he felt about the dire straits the country was in. I would come back of course but it is difficult and complicated.

The charges leveled against my husband are fraudulent. If these refer to incorrect documentation then the fine is US$ 200. These are supposedly charges that come under civil law. Yet they have branded my husband as a most wanted criminal. It is very clear that my husband is being framed in order that they can get back at my Dad. It is sad and complicated. They say he is a fugitive. But these are civil matters but the government have brought in a criminal angle.”

“They are trying to force Dhanuna to make incriminating statements against General Fonseka. They say one day that the fraud is $300,000 business yet they say $500,000 was found. Nothing they say adds up.”

“How can I come back? My father was the Commander of the Army. They fixed a Court Martial against him! What chance would I really have?” “It is therefore not safe for either my sister or me to come back. My mother-in-law Asoka Thilakaratna is an innocent party who is being harassed because of her link to us. Even our cook was harassed. Anyone who helps or helped us, have been harassed. So how can I come back?”

We asked her why her father and the Rajapaksas fell out. What was the catalyst? Apsara Fonseka asked us to treat her answer off the record. The answer is on the tape but will remain off the record. Her fear, is palpable evidently.

Apsara Fonseka had this, finally to say: “I am not a quitter. My father is certainly not a quitter. If at all anything, he is a risk taker who wanted to do something more than winning the war for the country. I believe he wanted to win back freedom for all Sri Lankans, after having won the war.”

Starting a second innings – Sarath Fonseka

The entire Fonseka Phenomenon has yet again brought into sharp focus the apparent partial advice being received at Presidential level. It beggars belief that the President was advised to have Fonseka arrested with such haste. Little thought appears to have gone into their rationale. Now it is clear that the government was unprepared and took over a month to formally place charges against Fonseka. This has created a huge furore and has drawn unnecessary attention to Sri Lanka. The perception is that Sri Lanka practices a de-facto kangaroo court system of justice with little regard to legal decorum at least. The poorly thought out and hasty decisions taken with regard to General Sarath Fonseka, has resulted in the lone Four Star General being elevated to the role of lone political prisoner.  62 years after democracy, that to us is the most shocking aspect of this entire scenario.

The legal issue surrounding General Fonseka

Meanwhile, the legal team representing General Sarath Fonseka have been busy. They objected to the composition of the Court Martial. Each of the officers sitting on the panel, were objected to on the grounds that they each had had an issue with General Fonseka whilst he was Army Commander. That, seemed inequitable and could not ensure a proper and fair trial. In both instances, the Court Martial was put off for a later date. Retired Chief Justice, Sarath N. Silva, held a press conference and placed his own analysis on the matter into the public domain.

Sarath Silva is known for his controversial stewardship of the Supreme Court and a number of the rulings during his tenure were widely held to be contentious. His pronouncements on the term of the presidency during President Kumaratunga’s second term was possibly most notable.

However, Sarath Silva’s analysis of the Fonseka affair has certainly “kindled the compassion of right thinking persons” – his words. He starts off by placing into our collective minds that the arrest and detention of General Fonseka was wrong and continues to be wrong in that Sarath Fonseka is still held in military custody.

The United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights, brought in after the Second World War in 1948, is specific in terms of respect of human life and dignity of mankind; “the declaration is, a recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family and is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world.”

Sarath Silva then goes on to state that the General’s rights were violated in that anyone placed under arrest has the right to be informed of the reasons of the arrest and promptly informed of the charges and produced before a judge or any judicial officer authorized by law to exercise judicial power.

A person subject to Military Law: A significant interpretation by Sarath Silva

The government has claimed in various fora that the retired General is being held under the Army Act. In all the references to arrest under the Army Act, specific mention is made of exactly which class of persons is liable to be held under the Army Act. Sarath Silva labours the point that consideration must be made to that important aspect. The operative sentence of the Act is “a person subject to Military Law”. It is therefore imperative and essential to consider whether General Fonseka was subject to Military Law when he functioned as the Army Commander and as the Chief of Defence Staff.

General Fonseka’s legal team has raised two main objections against the Court Martial. One is the composition and constitution of the Court Martial as stipulated in Section 6 of the Army Act.

According to the respective section, it is a person of higher or similar rank that should be appointed to the Court Martial.

The other objection is that General Fonseka, the most senior officer in the Sri Lanka Army, could not be charged under the Army Act.

In relation to the composition and constitution of the Court Martial, a member of General Fonseka’s legal team, on the basis of anonymity, said according to Army regulations a replacement must be named to the members of the Court Martial in the event objections are raised against one member of the bench.

However, in this instance, the defence counsel raised objections against all three members of the Court Martial.
The President of the Court Martial, Major General H.L. Weeratunge, while being a junior officer to General Fonseka, is also the brother-in-law of incumbent Army Commander, Lieutenant General Jagath Jayasuriya.

The other two Majors General A.L.R. Wijetunge and D.R.A. Jayathilleke have been accused of being party to military offences that have found them guilty.

General Fonseka’s lawyer said due to the uniqueness of the situation, there was confusion over dealing with the objections raised against all three members of the Court Martial.

However, the members of the Court Martial overruled the objections and proceeded with the first Court Martial on the 16th.

The charges leveled against General Fonseka field before the first Court Martial would be taken up on April 6. The legal team member observed that the defence counsel would present its objections in detail on April 6.
As for the second Court Martial, the legal team member said that just as the defence counsel were preparing to raise objections to the same three member bench as in the first Court Martial presiding over the second Court Martial, the members had adjourned the session saying they were referring the matter to the President.

“Army Act Applicable To Commander”

By Mandana Ismail Abeywickrema

Military Spokesperson Major General Prasad Samarasinghe said the Army Act is applicable even to the Army Commander and that even as the Chief of Defence Staff, General Sarath Fonseka remained a member of the Army.


Q: Why did the three member bench of the Court Martial against General Sarath Fonseka decide not to sit for the second court?

A: The bench decided to refer its decision not to sit in the second Court Martial to the President. They requested the President to reconsider their appointments to the second Court Martial. They believe that the proceedings should be transparent and therefore thought it best not to sit in the second Court Martial against the same accused as in the first Court Martial. Otherwise, there would be accusations on the lack of transparency in the two Court Martials. However, there are no legal barriers according to the Army Act for the same members to sit in both Court Martials.

Q: Apart from the same members presiding over two Courts Martial, defence counsel have also raised objections to the constitution and composition of the Court Martial. What will be done on that aspect?

A: The objections raised at the first Court Martial were overruled. The first Court Martial will proceed while the second Court Martial would reconvene following Presidential instructions.
Q: There have been objections raised as to the members in the Court Martial?
A: One objection is that the president of the Court Martial, Major General Weeratunge is the Army Commander’s brother-in-law, which is not a legal issue. The accusations leveled against the other two members of the Court Martial are completely false. They have neither been accused nor charged with committing any offences under the military law.

Q: According to the military law members of the Court Martial should be either of higher rank or same level as the accused presented before it. In this instance, there are no officers higher than General Fonseka or of equal rank.

A: Yes, there is no other officer senior than General Fonseka. However, the military law permits for a junior officer to sit in a Court Martial against a senior officer. Such an instance happened during the tenure of General Fonseka as the Army Commander. General Fonseka appointed two majors general who were junior to hear the case against Major General Pannipitiya when he was Army Commander. The current head of the court martial, Major General Weeratunge was appointed by General Fonseka as a member of the Court Martial that heard Major General Pannipitiya’s case. At the time of the hearing, Major General Weeratunge was junior to Major General Pannipitiya. Another member of the Court Martial was also junior to Major General Pannipitiya.

Q: Is the Army Act applicable to the Army Commander?

A: Yes it is. The Army Commander is a member of the Army and therefore comes under the Army Act.

Q: Is the Army Commander a commissioned officer of the Army after being appointed as the head of the force?

A: Yes he is a commissioned officer. Even after being appointed as the Army Commander by the President he continues to be a commissioned officer until his retirement.

Q: Does the Army Act apply to the Chief of Defence Staff?

A: In the case of General Fonseka, until his retirement in November 2009, he remained as the most senior member of the Sri Lanka Army. Even while serving as the Chief of Defence Staff, General Fonseka remained an Army officer. He never resigned from the Army. He was promoted from his post as Army Commander to the Chief of Defence Staff. General Fonseka in 2009 was listed at No. 1 in the Army seniority list until his retirement.

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  1. Tiny

    - The general who wins the 30 yrs old war, arrested and court martialled
    - When there are thousands of high profile crimes/ fraud/ bribery not solved for years, in lightning speed arrests a war hero
    - The terrorist leader ( KP) with millions of crimes lives in relative luxury with out any charges even after 8 months
    - The panel appointed by political opponent and Commander includes Brother in Law of commander, Another punished for fraud and another demoted… natural justice?????
    - Allegations of fraud for the general who had 1.6 million in the bank, Rs 23,000 in wife’s account and a small house to show for 40 yrs service but the same Govt. members who brought the allegations have played out the country by multibillions building palaces!!!
    - Allegation of doing politics in service applies only to him but not the Presidents son or brother -secretary of defence who even now does politics against the law!!
    - The president says in Kandy that he wants to have discipline and high moral values but appoints underworld kingpins as a ministers!
    - Govt. has more than 100 ministers while India with 1 billion has only 22. Out of this 40 ministers with own residencies in Colombo have claimed Rs 100,000 each as housing allowence and another Rs 35,000 for water and electricity!!! All this in service for the poor man !!! What guts they have to ask for a vote again !!!!t
    - Due to the burning desire to serve poor man is demonstrated by hundreds of ministers who can earn Rs 3.8 laks over 6 yr term by spending more than Rs 300 million out of their pocket to get elected!!!
    - Govt. spends £2301 /sq foot to build Kelaniya bridge while Burg Dudai – Most luxurious hotel built on seabed costs £ 373/sq foot

    and many many more!!


    • Somachandra

      Thank you for your comment. But do not do it again. It reflects your foolishness. You have to learn lot. By

    • Sarath.Jayasiriwardena

      I think you read only JVP news . You don’t no nothing about real Sri lanka situations.Did you see the developments around the country’ It is amazing. Air ports,harbours,industries,rural area developments are unbeleivable. While we were fighting with the terrorists government didin’t stop these developments.I am pretty sure another couple of years time Sri lanka will become a asia’s wonder. Now itself some countries accept it.
      Thanks to the people of Srilanka who elected President Rajapakse.

      • Hiran

        Sarath and somachandra,
        You have got it all wrong. People are not against the development activities. However, they are concerned about the mental development of people. Unfortunately, it is lacking in the country. Mahinda Rajapakse hasn’t done anything to develop the moral values of Sri Lankans. It is shown by the arrest of his once greatest public servant. It is also shown by the people that he had allowed to contest for the elections this time.
        If he took a firm step to clear the bad patches from his government, all people would love to support him and forgive him for the past deeds. Unfortunately he hasn’t. People are not bothered about concrete and steel development, if they do not have proper mental freedom to live peacefully.

      • mkdk

        me too like to read JVP news but cannot thanks to the media freedom. so it is clear what tabloid you read!

      • HERO

        Can u please eloborate the developments that you saw more here? I cannot see any. They just built some flyovers to pocket their commissions, that’s all.

      • roger dissanayake

        okay go keep eating and drinking the harbors and roads and developments. What is the use of physical development when the nations people as a whole are a bunch of fools and lunatics who look at harbors and airports and all kinds of buildings and think that they are developing while their own brains inside the skull are all just the same as the one a bull or a donkey or a ass to be used by this Rajayakshaya.

    • Sanath Seneviratne

      Tiny … Where did you get you facts ? From the JVP Lanka un-Truth websiote.. LOL.. fool

  2. panishkarsingh


    Each day in Lanka drags on an ugly renaissance of a UGLY HEAD of Evil. This head of evil shall be the very root that will put Sri Lanka back onto a path of hatred and mistrust between two societies.

    One who supports the UPFA and the Man who stated that the General was a stupid Idiot and should be put away, THIS GENERAL SAVED SRI LANKA FROM A DIFFICULT ENEMY.

    The other who supports the UNP, the General and all that stands against the inacceptable. The inacceptable is the identical of the Hitler and his death squads.

    Sri Lanka is on a sad path, whereas, the poor will pay dearly for supporting an evil that wishes to dominate the entire Nation. There shall be those who will always revolt and discover manners to rid this nation of any rot that appears.

    If the president preaches for a just Society, he should release the General and solicit his pardon and not the other way around.

    Because, if one day the tide changes the entire nation of collaborators and the privileged of this party shall pay dearly, sometimes with the same fate of the journalists that suffered sometimes with the price of their lives.

    May Nature bless Sri Lanka, because the Gods have left this lovely Country, the land of Buddha which refuses a visa to the Dalai Lama.

    • Anton

      It is to an un democratic, opportunistic, unjust,corrupt and nationalistic party alleance that Sarath Fonseka served being a cat’s paw and expecting to be someone through a socalled victory…Ltte and some Tamil people knew ( which foolish sinhala people will never come to know) that Sinhala politicians and their blind followers are murderers. Sarath did not know of it until he had to face what the Tamils and some sinhala honest people had to face…He has to now learn the hard way… If the government treats like this to a socalled ” top person” ( not according to my assessment) how brutally would it not treat innocent people??

      • Sanath Seneviratne

        Well said Anton. These donkey’s like panishkarsingh are now crying foul after the peoples mandate to kick SF’s butt.

  3. CP

    Aparna fails divulge where that money came from. Also, it is a very poor argument that she in unable to come to SL. If the Govt wanted detain them then they could have done before they fled. On top of all that what were they doing in the Hotel? Who paid the money? A lot of unanswered questions.

  4. P.L.J.B.palipana

    I also agree with Mr.Panishkarsingh. The Hon.President should think as a pure Buddhist and release Mr.Sarath Fonseka as soon as possible. If he had done any wrong to the State he should be tried under the Common Law.
    P.L.J.B.Palipana, P.Eng

    • Somachandra

      Mr. Palipana P Eng.

      I am sorry for you

      no comments

    • Sarath.Jayasiriwardena

      Law and order and religions are two different things.Traitors like fonseka must hang in public.How many innocent army officers suffered under him.Come around and go around. Now he is paying for his sins.Wish he will be behind bars for life.

      • Perera

        Sarath Googandawardana You are stinks and digusting

      • True men

        How is he a traitor? Because he got hurt while serving mother Lanka or because he was the only man who was strong enough to stand up against the government? a
        Looks like your one of those people who believes what ever the government says. He was branded the traitor, only after he went against govt. Until then he was the best army commander . So, who is the fool now?

        • Siribiris

          Excuse me True Men, but he was hurt while he was in colombo headquarters by a Tamil “woman” who was given direct access to him, when the soldiers lunch was subjected to a thorough search. He is know for his taste in women, namely a few Menikes which the LTTE exploited. He now panders this as heroism and hurt in battle, for his own political gain. Just like he tried to throw the army under the bus for his own gain, when he concocted a story of the white flags issue. I will give him credit for being the BRUTE we needed to get rid of another BRUTE, but please stop thinking he is an angel, and pure “sawn”. Just ask the many soldiers in the arm who were done wrong him… He is a traitor, egomaniac who will do anything to get ahead… including crying to the western puppeteers who are looking for a way to bring our Country down!

      • mkdk

        it is not come around go around,
        what goes around comes around!!

    • Athula


    • justitia

      Dear Palipane,
      Earlier you said you were MICA(UK) MIStructA(UK) qualified.
      Membersip of professional egineering institutions is CONFERRED only after several years of distinguished service, always in high posts such as a professorship. Associate Membership is given to those with BSc(Eng) from a university, who had commenced practice of the profession.
      Please tell us from which universities you qualified with BSc(Eng) in Civil Engineering and BSc(Eng) in Structural Engineering – and, what posts you held when you were conferred membership of the two institutions.

  5. Palipana I am happy you are now talking sense. Tried to ring you in Surray Canada but thenumber was ananswered!

  6. Tiny well said. Let’s get together and do something . All patriots who love Fonseka please write to me – my email –

  7. Cicil Perera

    What is Sarath F up to? Was he collaborating with the west from the beggning ? Was he colluding with the west from the beggining? Did U.S.A gave millions of dollers to SF to deafeat Mahinda? Answer these questions

  8. feroz

    CP , are you a another pimp MR regime.
    Your traitor of nation,Shame on you .
    Hero is always hero, SF I is our heart felt hero, no matter he is live or death or prisoner or president !.
    You hero is a real rogue, all Sri lankan knew how is a president, in both instances he cheated democracy
    1.He bribed Tigers with mutli Million dollar
    2.Second election , ask EC.

    • Don

      Your hero seduced inniocent femmale army officers threatening to court marshal them if they didnt obey his orders, thus there are many fatherless children fathered by this meniac. What have you to say about that??? When hecourt marshalled innocent people you had nothing to say. SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!

  9. suba

    Fonseka no doubt is a fool, a real fool. Now he is a frustrated sick fool who is very dangerous to the society. He should be locked up untl he do a self soul search and a self assessment of where he went wrong. The nation is thankful to what he has done but now the damage is now beginning to far outweigh the good.

    • Suba – i see your point. Only sin Sarath Fonseka said is that if he were asked to give evidence at a War Crimes Tribunal then he will give evidence. Well, he has to, as he is under obligation to give true evidence – even MR has to do this. To incarcerate our True Hero for this ‘sin’ indefinitely is too harsh and not just

      • Sanath Seneviratne

        LOL.. No he doesnt have to. Sri Lanka is an independent country you fool.

      • Siribiris

        Siri Karnelis, your argument about he and MR are bound by duty to tell what they know is valid, only in the following scenarios:

        1. If he was formerly cummoned by an international tribunal to testify. This hasn’t happened and every patriotic Sri Lanka would not support such a tribunal. In this instance what SF did was put the cart before the horse. He didn’t need to volunteer or give a reason for the west to start on the current path, unless he was trying to use it for his advantage… In this case he sees taking vengance on MR, GR as winning, regardless of what happens to the country or the other heros in the military.

        2. Even if he was officially summoned what makes you think what SF is going to say it the truth? He has lied in the past, and continues to not answer his involvements in some shady dealings. The army has a rap sheet on him for his shady dealings including raping of women, court marshaling soldiers/officers vengefully etc. The fact that he joined an opportunists like Ranil, Mangala etc. is enough for any true patriotic Sri Lankan to NOT TRUST SF!

        He was a necessary EVIL we needed to destroy an equally BRUTAL EVIL, and he did that job. Yes, he should be commended for that. Doing anything beyond like giving him the chance to run the country, is like letting your “guard dog” be in charge of your own house!

        • To Siribiris
          Why havent those rap sheets forwarded in the
          charges against SF.
          So far they have charged him for importing some Binoculars & Generators to the Army
          without approval.

          All conspiracy charges pumped by state media on daily basis is beign dropped.

    • Hiran

      suba, tell your Mahinda Rajapakse to kill Sarath Fonseka to get rid of this problem and don’t forget to mention to tell him to send a pound of flesh of Sarath Fonseka for you to taste. You will rot in hell with Mahinda Rajapakse and family one day for hurting the best public servant Sri Lanka produced in the recent history.

  10. Prba from Heaven

    Note to SF’S daughter.
    Look at LTTE are tamils and youngsters want to scarifice their rights for freedom of tamils.Just thing about it, if the Arny can do this to you DAD then think about tamils state.
    LTTE becoem killing civilians because ARMY strated killling innocent tamils then we need to smae thing to stop that and mobilise army.
    How may Singhal soldiers died now what is next

    • Sanath Seneviratne

      LOL.. Now Fonseka and his family has become the savior of the Eelam dream.

      • Hiran


        You and I live today because of Sarath Fonseka’s sacrifices against the LTTE that faught for Elam dream. If you can now call him the savior of Elam dream, you are not seeing the reality. Please understand this. SF was the savior of us and he will continue to be so.
        If you are not able to comprehend this, you are cetainly fit to be aligned to Mahinda Rajapaksa. You will one day rot in hell with your allies. there will be reserved rooms in hell for you all.

        • I wonder whether Fonseka has changed sides by now. Perhaps that is why Fonseka talked about shooting the LTTE leaders (terrorists) that said to have carried white flags and not about their usual suicide bombs during his election campaign. Perhaps that is why Fonseka to threated to give evidence against Shawendra Silva and others that killed the terrorists in International courts.

        • Siribiris

          Hiran you forgot to mention the small fact… that your savior was about to go on retirement till MR under GR’s recommendation called him up and gave him the “job” which he now takes credit from a few fools like you. Sanath was just referring to another post, and in fact given the amount of Tamil votes he got from the pro LTTE supporters, I say he has a valid point! It’s one thing to criticize the government, but another to portray Sf as a saviour… Give us a break please!

  11. Sagara

    If the justice is truly being done in Sri Lanka,
    Very similar to Sarath Foseka’s case;
    if investigated properly
    1. Investigate WiMax deal where presidents nephew’s company was paid 100 million by lanka telecom-similar to charges against Danuna
    2.How the president spent more than 30 milion for dansala’s at temple trees
    3. The amount of money spent by Namal Rajapaksa
    4. Investigate the Mig -Deal
    5. Where the money come from for many government candidated where some spent over 300 million (As minister Chmpaka stated)
    These are just few, don’ t the people in the country want the culprits of these allegations behind the bar?????????????????????????

  12. Tom Tom

    Can the Sunday Leader dig out any precedence where an ex Army Commander has been tried under the Army Act. Any previous General who may have been charged with a coup DE tat etc etc. If there is no precedence General Fonseka as the Army Commander cannot be tried under the Army Act because he is the person who exercises authority under the Army Act. An Army Commander thus have to me tried under the law of the land which is always deemed superior to the Army Laws.

  13. P.L.J.B.palipana

    Dear Tom Tom, your saying is compatible with the Militory Model(British).

  14. Max

    Had SF not gone into politics, every Sri Lankan would have supported him, due to a big Ego and Greed he was tempted by corrupt politicians and now he is paying the price for it.

  15. Consultant

    One could give “NO COMMENTS” on the this case,because and with sufficient proves in the Srilankan Political History “POWER STRUGLE/THIRSTY” & “POLITICAL REVENGE” are part and patial of the Srilankan Politicians..but one must “UNDERSTAND” these are “NOT FOR A LONG TIME”. Solong cash and materials are are involved in Srilankan Politics then and there. A neutral Comment fromSwitzerland

  16. Done well understand Srilanka Polotic better than Srilanakans living here..So lange “Modaralas” are more here they do not understand the right facts..Appreciation for this Comment..God Save Lanka and Modoyos.

  17. Lankewe inna Desapalanyo “UNG OKKOMA EKAI”..Kiyala wedak neha?

  18. Lanka Politicians “Nevagilunoth unta Bang Choon”..Kaapalla Beepalla Joli Karapalla..

  19. Minnal Sri

    I really feel very sorry for Sarath Fonseka. SF worked so hard to wipe our Pirabakaran and his LTTE. SF helped the Tamils to free from LTTE. The Tamils who support Velu never seems to like that. What did Velu’s supporters did for Uncle Ranil. Todat SF has no support from his own people. He is left without any support. UN should use all their powers to release this man. Don’t allow our government to kill this man. Has SF committed a crime more than Karuna amman and Pillayan? What is wrong with our President.



  21. Shaik

    I would like to have asked Apsara exactly when did her father entertain the Tamil people’s grievances. Her father had continuously been saying gingoistically that Sri Lanka belongs to the Sinhalese and the Tamils have to put up with it. In contrast Mahinda Rajapakse and his father (DA) before him have always said that Sri Lanka belongs to us all, be it Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslim, Burgher or whatever. That is one reason we should all be grateful for making him the President.

  22. Kingkong

    In short Fonseka did not have any political experience or presdential material. See all our past presidents and prime ministers, they all came from grassroot. General wanted to become a president straight away. He didn’t have his own vote to cast for himself and thereby he lost his own birth place Ambalanggoda. He was misled by
    JVP and Mangala into this predicament dragged into. Sarath, you asked for it and now you got it!

  23. John Marshall

    SF should have respectfully retired and won the hearts of all sri lankans, and done something useful of his own accomplishments. He should have never entered politics. He is not a politician, period!

    UNDER ANY CIRCUSTANCE He should have NEVER teamed up with TOTAL morons such as Ranil, Mangala, and a couple of others who are nothing but rogues who only think of themselves, and never about the country. It didn’t even take them even a few days to drop SF and go on their own. I feel sorry for SF.

  24. Asoka P

    Former General Fonseka voluntarily gave up claims to statesmanship, first, when he displayed outrageous disloyalty to his former army colleagues who are also war heroes (see 13 December piece) and second, when he ranted like a madman giving summary judgement over his opponents and atrocious punishments that would be delivered once he became the President.

    Credible stories have emerged on the awful manner in which he treated his subordinates when Army Commander. Except for a few vocal admirers and favourable articles by the Sunday Leader, there is little sympathy over his plight among the general public.

    “Loyalty” is something which is highly valued by even “Gamme Godayas” and “Nagare Nariyas”.

  25. Asoka P

    Fonseka says his desire is to return true democracy to Sri Lanka blah blah!! He must be joking.

    In Pakistan, army generals overthrew democratically elected governments over and over again, acting under the sponsorship a ‘democracy loving’ western nation. The excuse often was corruption and the need to restore “True” democracy.

    Bad luck for Pakistan that the same generals took quite a few years to discover the ‘true democracy’. Until the generals were forced out of office by mass uprisings, they were immersed in the same old corrupt practices and “true” democracy was nowhere to be seen.

    I believe, given the utterances and action of Fonseka around the last Presidential Elections, Sri Lanka escaped the same fate by the width of a hair, and thanks to the SL Army’s wise move to surround the Cinnamon Lakeside Hotel.

  26. thaksin

    Exactly why is Fonseka a traitor? Because he told the world of how wrong his arrest was? We all agree that his arrest was contrary to the Constituition of Sri Lanka. Whether you love him or hate him or have no feelings for him, that is a fact. Facts are immovable right? Is he a traitor because he dared to run against the President his former boss? Even if he did not tell the President of his intentions on the last day he saw him? That was being savvy and shrewd some may say. This word traitor is now in vogue – made so by the government. It is loosely used and has lost the seriousness that the english language envisaged for that word. Fonseka is a man obviously wronged and he feels so. He is exercising his constituitional right to speak out. Even if he did have those letters smuggled out.

  27. These comments dont reflect any substance, some for MR & others for SF,

    MR side is calling SF Traitor ,Criminal etc. Where SF has testified against his country. (How can he become a traitor).

    No criminal charges has come in the Military Tribunal, all charges are civil.

    All blokes are forwarding childish & silly arguments.

  28. P.L.J.B.Palipana

    Hi friends, The Militory Model (Church Model) was created to counter 1st and 2nd World Wars. The essence was based on Fayol(French) and Urwick(British) Line of Command principle. During the battle field the Supreme Commander of the operations could not be challenged because he is the main decision maker.

  29. Lucky senanayake

    (I am pretty sure another couple of years time Sri lanka will become a asia’s wonder. )

    SARATH – you leave in a dream world. Every Leader claimes such foolish rheotoric to the gallery in villages.. They will swallow any lie cuz their access is mostly to Lakehouse and Rupavahini.

    Sri Lanka is already Asia’s wonder for sure. Its leadership jailed the very man who delivered Victory from LTTE. In civilized countries such people are street paraded. Read some world history my man..

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