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Top 10 Reasons Why Beer Is Bad For You

  • A Response From The National Authority On Tobacco And Alcohol (Nata)

Michael Hall has proclaimed “Top 10 Reasons Why Beer Is Good For You” in The Sunday Leader of February 7. He begins by declaring that “everyone is looking for a reason to drink beer.” When  a  person opens his case with such an unsubstantiated, palpably false statement what he subsequently says does not merit a second glance. Because of the potential harm that the lies, damn lies and statistics he has paraded in his article might do to innocent, uncritical young people reading it, NATA considers it necessary to comment perfunctorily on them.

Let us now focus on Hall’s top 10 reasons.

1 Hall says that beer obviously reduces stress and that this is perhaps the best reason that beer is good for your health. It goes without saying that our uncritical, uninformed judgments about what is obviously true often turn out to be false. Thus, the earth is flat to our naked eye; but in fact it is round. Again, a mirage makes water visible to our eyes, but there is no water. In like manner it is not at all obvious that beer reduces stress in everyone who drinks it.

What is obvious to students of physiology is that those who find beer relaxing are rather like Pavlov’s experimental dogs that salivated when they heard a ringing bell even in the absence of food. What has happened to them is that on several occasions when they met socially to relax they had drunk beer. As a result a “condition reflex” had become established in which beer became the stimulus for relaxation. Chocolate or candy or music could have been substituted for beer to produce the same “conditioned relaxing” effect. Thus, there is no intrinsic stress reducing property attributable to beer.

2 That beer is good for the heart is a statement that is repeated ad nauseam. What must be remembered is that the human body does not consist of the heart alone. There is some evidence that people who consume limited quantities of alcohol acquire some protection from coronary heart disease. But, it must be pointed out that alcohol is highly addictive and regular intake in some people can lead to an early death from liver disease. And there is no science or art to predict who will become addicted to alcohol. So, on the principle of ‘better safe than sorry’ it is wise to avoid beer altogether. Like the first puff of a cigarette, your first gulp of beer may well be your first step of your march to an early grave.

3 Beer promoter Hall says that beer improves blood circulation. To improve the circulation is to protect from heart disease. So this is only another way of repeating the previous point in order to increase the number of benefits that he can attribute to beer.

4 Being chock-full of fibre is another virtue Hall attributes to beer. If it is fibre that you are looking for, then a good serving of kohila (Lasia spinosa) is a cheaper and fuller source of fibre. According to Hall what fibre does is to lower the risk of heart disease. Therefore, this is a repetition of the same old nostrum. Hall seems to be talking in accordance with advice of Adolf Hitler: “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”

5 According to Hall, beer is a multi-vitamin. His examples of vitamins found in beer include magnesium, selenium, potassium and phosphorus. Even a school child knows that these elements are not vitamins. One has to be a very credulous ignoramus to believe that they are vitamins.

6 In yet another exemplification of Hitler’s doctrine of repetition, Hall tells us that beer can prevent stroke. How? By improving cardio-vascular function. Here he is again making the point that beer is good for the circulatory system.

7 According to Hall, beer keeps your brain young.  And what is the evidence he cites? Some unconfirmed research on elderly Italian men and women which showed that moderate drinkers had a 40% lower risk of mental impairment. How on earth this translates into the conclusion that beer keeps your brain young, is unfathomable. It looks as though home brewer of beer Mr. Hall has been educated beyond his capacity for analytical thinking.

8 Hall’s statement that beer is good for your liver must be the diabolical expression of willful ignorance. That alcohol is a liver poison is universally known. I dare say that for anyone to make such a reckless statement based on a Beer Net publication requires the mentality manifested by the second-murderer in Shakespeare’s play Macbeth.

9 “Beer cures insomnia” announces Hall. Heaven knows that there are innumerable causes of insomnia. If the reason for insomnia is the loud barking of your next door neighbour’s dog, then the dose of beer required to cure your insomnia may put you to sleep forever.

10 Quoting some unconfirmed report Hall asserts that beer fends off gall-stones. He does not say whether this is a causal relationship or a mere association. However that may be, there are much safer methods of fending of gall-stones than swallowing a well known liver poison.

13 Comments for “Top 10 Reasons Why Beer Is Bad For You”

  1. jack

    the beer never been good and it well never be only a way to death

  2. alex

    yeah. beer is NOT good for health.
    i dont understand what’s wrong with people nowadays!
    been in Vitamins Hahahahaha LOL
    beer can only give u serious health issue and diseases.

  3. Manny

    Okay, this is the most pitiful piece of spite I’ve ever seen!
    There’s absolutely no unbiased studies that show 1 beer/day is good nor bad for you!
    As for it being relaxing. It sure is! why do you think the majority of beer drinkers enjoy cracking a bottle after work? Chocolate doesn’t hit the spot.
    Also, judging Hall for using the word vitamins instead of minerals is quite childish. Beer and Wine has been enjoyed since the beginning of civilization! Get over yourself! Maybe you should crack one open and finally put a smile on your face you pro prohibition nutcase!

    • Well chocolate doesn’t do it for a crack head either. People will drink one beer every day after work but wont even drink a glass of vegetable juice everyday.

      Now a days people don’t even use the stairs. They count on the elevator unless its broken. No one is about conservation or their health. Everyone just wants to drink beer, eat out and sleep. How about running after work so ur ass is well tired to go to sleep. Lets do things that have tons of pros and less cons. Wake up and live people.

  4. mike

    wow, this is a very classic case of hypocritical writing. you are accusing Michael Hall as starting from a biased position, when your response is from a more biased place than his!

    Every potential health benefit Mr. Hall sites, you rebut by basically saying 3 things:
    1. “Alcohol is highly addictive…” You are presupposing that every person that drinks in moderation is inevitably going to become an alcoholic, develop liver disease, and die an early death.
    2. “there are better alternatives for nutrition than drinking beer.” Yes, but that is true for just about every occasional treat or indulgence that ever enters the mouth.
    3. “what is the evidence he sites?” Where is your proven evidence that 1-2 drinks per day is bad for your health?

    will you not be satisfied until every American is strictly eating raw vegetables and water?

  5. JC

    Wow, the fact that someone would go so far out of their way to knock the work of another (especially in the petty, holier-than-thou manner that you just exhibited) is truly sad.

    I find it very interesting that you repeadtly question and belittle the sources and evidence used to create Hall’s claims. For your personal growth, the next time around you might consider having your own sources ready so that you can make a compelling argument as to why the point is false, as opposed to trying to use flowery vocabulary and create the false pretense that you are intelligent.
    At no point in your argument did you achieve anything that could be remotely considered an effective rebuttal, and may god have mercy on your soul lol.

    In my opinion, an article from a medical journal or the results of a university study would have made you a lot more credible. Instead, you only seemed bitter, with unfounded arguments that made you look like a fake academic with a good thesaurus. Hall may have quoted “unconfirmed reports”, but you didn’t quote anything. Oh wait, excuse me, yes you did. You quoted Hitler. Enough said.

    The next time you want to provide a critique of someone’s work, maybe you will remember how it feels to be critiqued yourself. Now that I have finished ripping you to pieces, I am going to go drink a nice cold one. Cheers!

    • Fabian

      You are just manipulating information to your convenient point of view (convinient, for you feel save from the position you’ve allways defended). There are scientific articles that prove that alcohol improves synapsis. Of course it has a lot of bad sides when you exceed it, but it does have good sides too. Your are no Biochemist of course, thats why you lack real scientific position, which the counterpart (that Michael hall you recall), lacks too of course.

  6. Brian Watson

    I personally know many beer drinkers that are far better by nature and humour than people who drink hard tack or even when comparing to people who don’t drink at all. Beer is the most social drink on the earth at the moment and I drink with people who are in their 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. I would rather die early in life knowing that I had a good social life than live longer always being moody or lacking a sense of humour. Attempting to be healthy all the time in order to live longer is a farce. The body requires all kinds of roughage to make you stronger. Many people that have been through hard times at a young age and relaxed at a later age have lived very long lives. One small example is survivors from the First World War.

  7. hitesh jain

    Even its true its good for ur health wise concerns , as you already quoted in ur sentence regarding that beer improves blood pressures and so it keeps ur heart run through well stats.. It also improves ur color tone’s.., to fairer one..!!
    So, cheers ;-)

  8. jack

    Beer has proven, and otherwise obvious, benefits to the human mind and body, along with detriments.

    The key point is in the word “moderation”. What young people should learn is to drink in moderation to the point of getting all of the benefits, but not the detriments.

    An article like this is misleading and does not logically save any young reader. A more reasonable discussion of the proven benefits and detriments of alcohol and how to avoid the detriments would be far better than an argument written in anger to wholly reject beer.

    Save young readers with reason and sense, not angry preaching. People, however young, are not going to be dumb enough to believe that chocolate or candy or music will work just like beer in having a good time with friends.

  9. jeyeykei

    drink in moderation… even vitamins when taken in excess are bad for your health. life is too short to deprive yourself of something you really love…go grab a cold battle and relax.

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