T20 Cricket Getting Popular Too…

The present T20 IPL tournament being held in India has taken off in high intensity in as far as spectator interest is concerned. With the usual hype outside the short boundary line the television viewers are taken into a carnival atmosphere. The sponsors and those associated with the tournament should be happy at the commercial opportunities it has thrown up. I dare say that the players too have benefitted financially.

The important aspect that the younger players need to understand is that though the financial rewards are more than they would get in playing in the domestic premier tournaments, it is from their performances in the domestic and other international tourneys that their bid prices are made. In order to attract high bid prices they need to perform through the season at optimum levels.

Whilst this version brings in big hits and spectacular innovation it requires great hand /eye coordination with skills to back up. Ten runs an over is what most teams target, to be safe. Remember that if a team averages six runs in a 50 over game they would score three hundred which is quite a difficult ask for a team chasing. Yet in the T 20 version 10 an over is a possible chase.

Juniors watching the T 20s should remember that those on show now are experienced players with years of practice behind them. They have honed their skills after much training and proper coaching. The younger emerging players need to get as much practice and coaching before they venture into imitating the current crop on display at the T 20 games.
Its exciting fare to watch but remember that the margin of error is also narrow for batsmen, bowlers and even the fielders. Our lads on show have yet to fire in the IPL tourney, but should come good soon.

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