Wijedasa Rajapakse’s Motion Denied

The Private Member’s motion presented by UNP parliamentarian Wijedasa Rajapakse to amend the Army Act has been turned down by parliament.

Acting Secretary General of Parliament Dhammika Dassanayake informed Rajapakse that his Private Member’s motion could not be entertained, as parliament was reconvened to pass the Emergency only.

Dassanayake had informed Rajapakse that parliament was reconvened on March 9 for the sole purpose of approving the state of Emergency.

“Therefore, there is no provision to entertain your motion,” he told Rajapakse in the letter.

Parliament is to convene on April 6 to extend Emergency Regulations and the new parliament is to meet on April 22.

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  1. Mohammed Arif

    This guy is trying this for cheap popularity. He is not a lawyer if he is not aware that this cannot be done. We now doubt that he is a qualified lawyer.

    • Edward

      It may be Parliament is summoned for a specific purpose but if President approves Wijadasas’ proposals then he can add this too his notification as an additional reasons, then Parliament can debate and decide on it.. President has unlimited power. It is urgent motion in the public interest.

  2. Dilshan

    Sri Lanka’s ex-army chief could die in custody: wife
    (AFP) – 11 hours ago

    COLOMBO — The wife of Sri Lanka’s detained ex-army chief Monday accused authorities of preventing her husband from receiving vital medical treatment and said he could die in custody.

    Sarath Fonseka’s health had deteriorated since he was held at the naval headquarters in Colombo after his arrest on February 8 and was in need of urgent medical attention, said his wife, Anoma Fonseka.

    “I suspect that the government is insisting that he is not suffering from any ailment to deny him specialist treatment and thereby ensure his natural death in custody,” she said in a statement.

    Anoma Fonseka said her husband needed specialised care since suffering injuries in an April 2006 suicide assassination attempt blamed on Tamil Tiger rebels, whom he eventually crushed in May last year as army chief.

    Following concerns raised by Sarath Fonseka’s political allies, the military had denied earlier that the general’s health was failing and said a medical examination had found nothing wrong.

    “A naval doctor and another specialist examined General Fonseka on Monday morning,” the military said in a statement, adding that the doctors had not noticed any health problems with the former army chief.

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