Candidates To Be Allowed Into Counting Centers

The Elections Commissioner has decided to allow candidates at the April 8 general election into counting centers when preferential votes are counted.

Ratnapura Senior Assistant Election Commissioner M.A.P.C. Perera has reportedly told journalists that the unprecedented measure is taken to prevent allegations over discrepancies in the selection of winners.

7620 candidates are contesting to be elected as one of the 196 parliamentarians at the general election.


7 Comments for “Candidates To Be Allowed Into Counting Centers”

  1. panishkarsingh

    Only Hitch, You may have to check up all the Burqah wearing supporters of Mervyn Mama, in Iran the black Mollies carried fake votes in their undies!!!! We had a similar case in France a candidate with his socks full of 300 votes. Check up Mervyn Mama’s underwear, Gotabhayas underwear and all relatives!!!! If each member smuggles 200 votes. Multiply Susanthika,s + others 200 x 10000 = 2000000 votes. Ha, Ha…

    • Psycho

      Hello panishkarasingh, all your smelly undie votes will go to DNA/JVP. Its better if you can lend your backside to roll ,shove and hide.

    • YouCantHideGenocide

      elections in sri l;anka are a farce! rajapaksa knows that he has lost the presidential elections to fonseka, that’s why he have arrested him!
      In my personal view that is the right place for sarath to be as he also is responsible for warcrimes and tamil genocide!

      Mahinda may think that he’s is invincible but so did Hitler!
      His time to pay for his crimes will come, or maybe he can choose the way Adolf did, that would spare the International Court for Warcriminals a lot of money!

  2. kugan

    Inida being the second largest democratic country in the world have around 92 ministers.
    do we really need 192 ministers?
    its ok to pay for these 192 ministers monthly salary, giving them free vehicles but they are not gonna stop there. all these ministers gonna get bribe and sri lanka being a poor third world pathetic country in asia, cant stand 192 ministers getting bribed.

    Rs 45 indian can buy US$1
    Rs 84 pakistani can buy US$1
    Rs 69 Bangladeshi can buy US$1

    BUT WE NEED Rs 114 SRI LANKAN can buy US$1
    with jambo cabinet, the valve for sri lankan rupee will fall and no of babies thrown into the river will increase.

    Long live sri lanka

  3. Edward

    Opposition candidates w/ill be assaulted inside the counting Centers!

  4. Kalag

    The TNA and other Tamil candidates should be happy. They can learn some maths for free.

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