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Mental Patients To Get Voting Rights

Director of National Institute of Mental Health Dr. Jayan Mendis has reportedly said that over 750 inmates of the Angoda and Mulleriyawa mental institutions are to be given voting rights from next year.

Dr. Mendis has added that a decision has been taken to arrange National Identity cards for these inmates within a month.

The Social Services Ministry and the Department of Registration of Persons are to work with the hospital staff on this matter.


10 Comments for “Mental Patients To Get Voting Rights”

  1. Psycho

    So I have to wait till next year to vote? What about the coming elections?

  2. Andrew

    Out of these votes 90% will go to Mervin and the balance will be distributed between Bandula G and Dengu Sira.

  3. panishkarsingh

    I bet that MR had Psycho released pre-maturely from the Angoda Mental Clinic and bearing on the change that psycho has made during his 5 years of internment is an excellent result from a Psychiatric Hospital. Since psycho had already convinced all patients at this clinic to vote for the Cannabis Sativa leaf, a 100 percent vote is expected for the UPFA. Long live all the Mad

  4. raguna

    Who says so? I’m sure they were enjoying the voting rights all this time. Otherwise how come all these unbalanced misfits and jokers get into the Parliament and spoil our country’s future.

    • singalanay

      i thought we already have this in Sri lanka ,,as almost 69% are angoda cases ;-)

  5. tilvin

    So majority of Sri Lankans cannot vote? DAMN!

  6. Saro

    They are at the top of the government holding important positions and ruin the country, why not let their co-patients vote for them?

  7. Kalag

    How come Tamils are given the right to vote, then?

    The TNA is also allowed to contest. Should they be dis-qualified on medical ground?

  8. Simple Sydney

    Once they take an interest in the candidates and read what most of them have done they will be oh so happy they are inside.

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