Tuesday Discussion: What Good is Democracy?

We’ve seen the whole circus a hundred times over.  An assortments of misfits, criminals and cronies are asking for your vote- but is there really any point?

What do we have to show for 60 years of elections? A parliament full of doctors in Ayurveda! So is it time we all gave up on  democracy or can we still make a change? Have your say.

22 Comments for “Tuesday Discussion: What Good is Democracy?”

  1. Psycho

    Democracy is not culturally compatible.

    Kings and hereditory rulers are the best.

    Even most of the major religions and their preachers have a hereditory linkage.

    Democracy is thing shoved down our throat by our western colonial masters.

    Democracy all over the world has gone to dogs.


      Psycho, are you from Beliatte?

    • YouCantHideGenocide

      Psycho me this!

      Sri Lanka is only mentioned in the news because of it’s warcrimes, begging for money or raping children in haiti!
      I thought buddhists have kharma?
      Seems to me that Kharma is returning right back to idiots like you!

  2. ABDUL

    This is due to the foolishness and silly ego of the majority…. due to this they cannot elect a honest leadership who will do good to the country


      Democracy means when you are not well,you pay in dollars for your
      medicines and if you are more than ok you got this sovereignty issue.

  3. Scrivan

    What is there is there bo show for 60 years of elections? A good question for which, on balance, is a negative answer. The country is still producing MPs, Ministers, and Presidents who look very well after themselves. Isn’t that what democrazy is all about?

  4. The whole world is going for dictatorship regime. Because once any THTTU THEKKE THUUPAI BUGGERS THE BEGGERS get into politics and sit in the fchair never like to help the poor people who voted for the3m. So it is better, cast these rowdy, crazy, idiotic , pimps and thieves into the fire and choose who are gentle and could lead the country for better future. The present lots of pimp Ministers should be chased away with the power crazy lunatics who are making the people to suffer., after getting their valuable votes promissing giving them heaven and earth. So only God can save SRI LANKA FROM THIS LUNATICS. Modaya

  5. Asoka P

    “Democracy” is wanted only if the elected government and the public purse are controlled by West leaning elite in capital cities. In Burma they want democracy, but in the neighbouring Thailand, they don’t want democracy.

    The Colombo’s West leaning elite no longer controls the Government and the public purse, so to hell with democracy. Now, as in Thailand and many other places, it is time to discover corruption, nepotism, misfits as if these things never before existed in Sri Lanka.

    • Mahesh

      That is because in Burma THTTU THEKKE THUUPAI BUGGERS THE BEGGERS get into politics and sit in the fchair never like to help the poor people who voted for the3m

  6. Asoka P

    Thanks to new found concerns over corruption, nepotism, misfits etc., Sri Lanka nearly headed towards a dictatorship sponsored by the Colombo elite.

    In Pakistan, army generals overthrew democratically elected governments over and over again, in some cases acting under the sponsorship of a ‘democracy loving’ western nation. The excuse often was corruption, nepotism – and the need to restore “true” democracy.

    Bad luck for Pakistan that the same generals took quite a few years to discover the ‘true democracy’. Until the generals were forced out of office by mass uprisings, they were immersed in the same old corrupt practices and “true” democracy was nowhere to be seen.

    I believe, given the utterances and action of Fonseka around the last Presidential Elections, Sri Lanka escaped the same fate by the width of a hair, and thanks to the SL Army’s wise move to surround the Cinnamon Lakeside Hotel.

    • To Asoka P.
      No wonder these type of Comments come from you, which i have noticed many times, you belonged to that antidemocratic thug
      clan. its not Srilankan Army you fool , its the Gotas puppets who
      sorrounded the Army at Cinnamon Lakeside.

      If your cohorts have guts tell them to imprison SF in a Army Camp, why they have put him in Navy Camp.

      • ABDUL

        I am with you, there is lot of support to SF in the army as he was a good commander, but Gota is trying to get rid of this support by changing the commanders politically…

  7. Saro

    We have swindled the foreign exchange left in 1948 by importing luxury goods for the haves and pushed the have-nots in abject poverty and what’s more those at the bottom are either throwing or selling their children because they say they cannot feed them. We borrowed up to our teeth and no one knows how to repay the loans but only to enrich themselves and their kins. We pushed the minorities into calling for a division of the country as their lives are made unbearable with military camps, aerial bombing and occupation of their areas with Sinhalese speaking armed soldiers and rewarded the leaders, Devananda and Karuna etc., of the paramilitaries who abduct their youths and extra judicially dispose them with big bank balances.

    • Manjula

      I can smell a tiger !

      Starting from innocent looking “forighn exchange” through “poverty” (which is not specific to Sri Lanka) subtly to “sinhalese speaking” army to north. Racism is coming through the skin and needs urgent medical attention. We are here to talk about democracy, not your million times repeated racist tamil agenda.

      I have noticed a bunch of unemployed (because they have so much time to write their rubbish here and are the first to comment) tamil tiger smelling characters continuosly abusing the forum and their content in order to spread their hatred towards Sri Lanka. How can you talk about democracy with such characters who cannot even tolerate other’s views, which is the feature in a democracy.

      The forum is rapidly losing it’s crdibility thanks to these thugs. I hope Sunday Leader would do something to protect the decency of these forums for the sake of decent world. Otherwise this forum would quickly become a rubbish bin that nobody with common sense would care for any more.

      • To Manjula
        For every wrongs like Khokatath Thailaya, tigers & diaspora is not the answer, govt must rectify their errors
        & develop the country as the war is over now, the more
        you critise the tamils more harms come, now itself
        Boston has boycotted our Srilankan Products.

      • ABDUL

        What about the photo of Namal Rajapaksha with Emil Kanthan… KP not charged yet…. Underhand activities of the regime, which the foolish majority are not aware of

      • Mahesh

        You can’t ban people just because you don’t agree with their point of view.

        The correct thing to do is argue with factual evidence. Surely, this can’t be that hard.

  8. Musmil

    Sri Lanka: Priorities for the future

  9. Lionel

    Very soon Dictioneries having the word Democracy will be banned, and our children will ask what is democracy.

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