UK Regrets Exporting Arms to Sri Lanka

The British House of Commons expressed regret over the export of arms to Sri Lanka by British companies during the 2002-2007 cease fire period.  A number of UK companies exported arms to Sri Lanka during the cease fire period.  However, a House of Commons select committee report released today concludes  that these exports were not conducive to Britain’s long term foreign policy interests.

The report stated that British  arms were almost certainly used against civilians in the final stages of the island’s civil war.

Nine UK companies held licenses allowing them to export arms to Sri Lanka, but these licensees were revoked  in August 2009. The select committee report endorses Britain’s current freeze on arms exports to Sri Lanka and urges the UK government to further regulate  arms  sales to ‘unstable countries.’


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  1. Psycho

    You Lordship, we dont need your arms or alms. Just shove it up your Lordships backside.

    • KK

      no no Psycho! Its only you who likes to shove things up others backside! BLOODY FAG! REMEMBER…. YOU WILL ONLY END UP WITH SH!T ON U R DICK! (IF YOU HAVE ONE THAT IS!)

    • YouCantHideGenocide

      May I remind you that Rajapaksa ordered for millions of arms from india, pakistan, china, israel, and russia! He came begging for it using your tax money to commit a Genocidal War against tamil civilians, not the LTTE! if they were really after the Tigers then this war would have lasted for maybe a year, because we are talking about a few thousand fighters! No your government used chemical and clusterbombs on refugeecamps, attacked PTK hospital more than 32 times! and killed more than 40.000 civilians without mercy or listening to international warnings, your country is really sick!

      • Manjula

        Please explain what is “your country” in your reply. If it is “not yours” then you have no business to talk about “my country”.
        By the way the Tamil Chauvanist genocide on Sinhalese and Muslim population by LTTE and their begging of millions of dollars from expat tamils were conveniently forgotten by your “…able” brain.

        Another funny part in your deliberate lies are the 32 time bombing of some hospital. Looks like SL air force was using New Year fire crackers on the hospital, otherwise if they were using so called “millions of dollars” worth bombs on it, how the hell the hospital was standing for 32 times of bombing?

        When you lie you have to be careful because you have to make hundreds of other lies to cover up your previous lies. Ask the western masters of “your country” how many time they have to bomb a hospital like the one in PTK which was smaller than the size of a super market in Colombo, with the types of bombs thay have supplied to “my country”. You will soon realise how silly was your comment.

        • australian aborigine

          manjula was fakked by pakistani ,her ass was
          gang fakked by singhalese dogs who put hot chili in her ass ,she was drunkled and fakked by the slumdogs in UK by the cardboard box
          slumdog,she is mentally retarded

      • Gundappa

        BS !

        The tigers camouflaged their stripes and hid amongst tamil civilians.

        That is how the (brave ???) tigers fought

        They were all paper tigers, brave enough to send send suicide bombers, and that too women, to the front.

        Why ???

        Because of one meglomaniac

        • Now Sri Lanka has a Megalomaniac who is planing to wipeout all the Tamils and establish a Sinhala buddhist only country with the help of India, China and Iran. Mega maniac=Mahinda Rajapakse

  2. Ilankai Thamizhan


    • Psycho

      I would rather specialise in colo rectal department than you guys over over again unsuccessfully sucking sudda “ding dongs” for a mythical eelam.

      • singalanay

        funny it`s you guys who travel to europe …sucking ding dongs ..i am sure Psycho is a Beachboy from Mt Lavania

      • Gabriella

        Sunday Leader Admin : Unless something is done to curb obscene comment – this forum will deteriorate to gutter- level. People capable of intelligent discourse will be loath to comment if the standards aren’t maintained.

      • Gundappa

        No, they were foolish enough to believe those who promised eelam

  3. Fernando

    Its a civilised report, the distasteful thug language from PSYCHO may be enjoyable to those of similar characters in Sri Lanka.

  4. LankaLiar

    Read the comments it is easy to pick up who is who. A true Sri lank-an upholding Sri Lanka culture or a good reader posting the comments. This is the language of the Lanka every where even in the UN every body from a child to the president speaks this. Good on you Lanka keep the LIEon flag flying high

  5. kugan

    its too late for the british fokes to realise.
    dont they know before they exported?
    its just another business for the british companies.
    War is over…….good
    100′s of 1000′s of civilians killed….karma
    government does not even permit independent groups to investigate war crimes ….acceptance of war crime
    people who expecting 1st world countries to interfere n restore democracy and punish the criminals ……….fools coz sri lanka dont have enough oil like IRAQ
    state of tamils in sri lanka ……. fate
    will sri lanka ever be a developed country ……. never

    • Soorya

      Siri Lanka is already a well developed country in the matter of mass killings and rapes, leading far beyond Myanmar, Iran, North Korea. In Siri Lanka live the most wanted war criminals of the world.

  6. Saman Kalupahana

    We the patriotic citizens of Sri lanka will not tolerate the UK trying to divide our country. The Sri lankan nation will never stoop to the UK. The British hypocrites who support the war against terror in certain parts of the world and oppose it in other parts of the world will never succeed in dividing Sri Lanka. UK is a country on the decline and is a non entity in world affairs. Millibrand and his band of misfits will keep on trying to bring down Sri lanka and will continue to fail miserably :)

    • karasi

      Hello Saman, You will not regard Sri Lanka as your patriotric country if your family members died or your sisters raped , abducted or disappeared. It is a disgrace country and you are so proud of it. Well, the British admitted selling arms to a rogue country , then they should be responsible for compensating families where loved ones were unnecessarily murdered.


    • KK

      ADO sAMAN YOU BLOODY CRACKER! What happened UK visa reject da? modaya! hahahah

    • Manjula

      I just wonder whether the british regret their arms supplies to LTTE during the ceasefire. As Saman correctly said the Brits are nothing but hypocrats who climbed down from the trees not long ago. They might have wealth built upon the blood and sweat of their colonial slaves all over the world, and that wealth cannot buy me, even if they can buy few people with slave mindsets who would do anything to please their western masters.

      When Brits and Americans kill civilians in Afganisthan and Iraq they are “lateral damage” rather than genocide and none of them were investigated and punished for, but a different story on Sri Lanka during British election time to collect few Tamil votes in UK. Tamils in UK also think the Brits are going to get them a piece of land somewhere and still were unable to understand that the Brits don’t care about Tamils (or Sinhalese) past their desire of coming to power.

      I expect few British and American slaves in this forum would steam to this form now o abuse me with their best of ability, which I would gladly neglect.

  7. Scrivan

    What is most surprising is that the arms were exported to SL during the Peace Process period 2002 to 2005 backed by the s-called International Community, which includes UK! Repentence has come too late after the arms were used in the war to kill people as well. Where is the credibility of the IC? Little wonder SL government followed suit in the new deranged world order.

  8. Edward

    Why cry over split milk. UK took nine long years that is after end of the war to ban export. Well they they thought SL was collecting arms as memento. UK ruled us for about 150 years and it is they who killed the Tamil rulers and garbed power when they left they drafted a constitution making Tamils powerless and paving the way for the ethnic problems for which the author of the constitution Sir Ivor Jennings regretted later. Now UK is regretting But the Tamils have paid dearly and continuing to suffer. Knowing the problems they supplied arms for seven years. Was it not good business?


      • Edward

        Yes I agree with you. Regrets only! sham and shame. Will they do anything in reparation or at least get the thousands of Tamil youths incarcerated without any charges preferred against them indefinitely and and help in resettling them. Or it is business interest as usual.

      • Manjula

        7000 to 17,000 to 20,000 to 40,000 to now 50,000. The figure is growing by the day ! It looks like the dead tamil tigers are breading in a rapid rate.

        • edward

          You know the correct figure? Figures doesn’t matter even one person killed it is wrong. Why government and people like you are upset about investgation if there is no skeletons in the cupbaord open it up those who unjustly accuse you will be ashamed when they find that you are speaking the truth. This is a Buddhist country early you clear your name it is good for you reglion and its good name otherwise men like Acorn will laugh at you. You army Excommender must be thinking like king of Kalinga Asoka now for the passion he had for land and victory by killing and destroying. or like thye other group enjoying and gloating, calling themself faithful followers of the englighting one.

  9. Asoka P

    This is democracy at work, Western style. An election is coming up in the UK – and the Tamil Diaspora may hold the deciding vote in quite a few electorates.

    I notice that Brits did not regret Tamil Diaspora activities on their soil, such as fund raising and buying arms for the LTTE.

    Brits should have also regretted the collapse of the CFA – thanks to LTTE arming itself to teeth and provoking a war – whilst the CFA monitors appointed by the Four Powers (including UK) looked the other way.

    This Four Power lot got a lot of blood on their hands, as well as the UNP and Ranil’s political scalp!!

    • Manjula

      I will celebrate when the tamils in UK create a seperate country for tamils in UK, then Norwy and then in Canada. If I can’t, at least my son’s son would celebrate that day.

    • Scrivan

      Ah! What happened to the 4.5b$ (!) of so-called aid to help reconstruct the war ravaged areas of the NE and rehabiltation of the people, all of which was give to government according to Japan , but none of which went there nor accounted for?! But secret plane loads were reportedly landing in Katunayake, perhaps including British arms and from other IC countries. Loans to make war and improve their economies at other people’s expense under a signed international Peace Process!

  10. Saro

    Previous US and UK administrations believed the false propaganda of extremist government in Sri Lanka and emboldened it to destroy the only resistance to the chauvinist policies. Now the international community come to realise that Sri Lankan Sinhalese leaders will never treat the minorities as equal. The only route to salvation is to urge the UN to appoint a panel of experts to probe the war crimes and human rights violations committed during the entire period of the present president and take appropriate action to remedy the appalling situation.

    • To say Tamils are treated as third-class in Sri Lanka, is a lie. No citizen is treated third-class in Sri Lanka. It was in England and Australia that coloured are treated as inferior third-class people. In the sixties I have seen ads in shop window that said “NO DOGS, NO CATS AND NO BLACKS” in England. Have you ever seen such things in Sri Lanka. No.

      Sinhalese buy a piece of land in Jaffna? No. There is a raciest Tesawalame law that restrict Tamils selling land to outsiders. But Tamils and Muslims can buy any amount of land in my home town in down south. Can a Buddhist expat worker carry a little Buddha statue to Saudi for personal veneration? No. But, there is a Muslim mosque located next to one of our most venerated place ‘Dalada Maligawa’. Would a Muslim allow his daughter to marry a Buddhist and be converted to Buddhism? No. Last year a young woman was murdered by her parents in the UK for her marring a white man. I can go on and on about Tamil and Muslim racism. To say the least I say; average Sinhalese is less prejudiced than all others.

      I say, if usage of Tamil language is a criterion for happiness, then Tamils of Sri Lanka should be the happiest. For one; anyone could correspond with government officials anywhere in Sri Lanka in Tamil. For another; the government issues all its official reports in Tamil. In Malaysia, Tamils are forced to speak Malay because they have to correspond with Malaysian Government in Malay. I accept there are short comings. That is because; not many Sinhalese speak Tamil. More than 70% in this country do not understand Tamil at all.

      Let me give one more examples to prove that Tamils and Muslims have equal rights in Sri Lanka and they are not victimised in Sri Lanka. Regardless where they live, Tamils and Muslims are encouraged to educate their children in Tamil language from kindergarten to the University for free. In Padukka where I live, 99.5% of the population is Sinhalese. In spite of that, there is a Tamil medium government school for that 0.5% of children with Tamil mother tong. Do the Tamils in Delhi in Hindu India or Penang in Muslim Malaysia or Durban in Evangelized South Africa have similar rights?

      Saro and other Tamil commentator here have a dilemma. If you talk to them, you will understand why they are disillusioned; because they have no country anywhere. Then again that may be a problem for Tamils, but that should not be a problem for Sinhala people.

      • I say Leela
        your tress passing into most sensitive issue of Religion, Why pull the mosques & muslims in to this,
        your problem is with the Tamils, dont pull the Muslims.

        • Manjula

          Then why don’t you say the same thing to people who link Buddhism and buddhists in Sri Lanka to the problems in Sri Lanka? If religion is a sensitive issue it is sensitive regarding Buddhism too and I haven’t seen you talikng against it before. Keep both eyes open mate!

        • To Mahesh
          That reply was to Leela, not you Mahesh,
          because we two have some understanding.

        • Sorry my reply to Manjula not Mahesh.

      • Mahesh


        About your comment in the first paragraph, when did this happen to you? Surely not in the last 15 to 20 years.

        I for one, have been refused entry to the Cinammon Grand pub, and a couple of rest/guest houses in Mirissa for not being ‘white’ enough. It was fine over the telephone (where my accent masks my skin colour), they had space for me and my friends, but not when I turned up.

        About your second paragraph, I believe the Thesavalam (spelling) law allows the potential inheritors of a property to veto a sale. Its a bit more complex than that, and perhaps a bit unfair to call it racist.

        I mostly agree with the rest of your comments. To add my personal belief, we should set our standards high, not compare it those in Saudi Arabia, and other extreme situations.

        • Manjula

          I like to comment on your third para.

          Thesavalamei is definitely a racist agenda by tamils since the “veto to sale” was based purely on “race” rather than the “price”. Thesavalamei rule gives right to Tamils (not to Sinhalese) to prevent selling a property to a “Non-tamil”. If this is not racism what is it?.

          If we are honest here I don’t think we need to hide anything for low level scoring.

  11. UK should have regretted for corrupting generations and generations of Chinese people with their opium trade. Arms, if they have supplied to Sri Lanka (I do not believe they did) is perhaps the only noble thing they have ever done for it may have assisted us to eradicate the world’s most ruthless guerrilla organisation from the face of this earth.

  12. Kalag

    The British regret that the war is over now. They think that they may have sold too much arms to Sri Lanka. That is why the war is over. Now they could not sell anymore arms and the Sri Lankan arms market is lost.
    They should realise that it was the help from good friends like China made the great victory, not those arms from British.
    Now they are telling us cock and bull stories. Typical British!

  13. It is unfortunate that British weapons were used to kill thousands of Tamil civilians. At least, the good thing is that the foreign governments are starting to realize the real nature of Sri Lankan genocidal government. Hopefully, the international community will act soon and bring the Sri Lankan war criminals to justice.

    • Manjula

      Correct version:
      It is unfortunate that British weapons were used to kill thousands of Sinhalese civilians (babies, women, elderly, monks etc). At least, the good thing is that the foreign governments are starting to realize the real nature of Tamil LTTE genocidal work. Hopefully, the international community will act soon and bring the LTTE common criminals to justice.

  14. Musmil

    Sri Lanka: Priorities for the future

  15. ranjit de mel

    british government as well as usa are hypocrits when it comes to export of arms(BIG MONEY AND ARM EXPORTERS LOBBY IS VERY INFLUENTIAL).binladen ,taliban and sadam were good friends not long ago.even after sadam killed 5000 kurds with chemical weapons there were no regrets,infact he was given more day these countries including the e.u would regret supporting consevative so called democratic countries in the so called third world and some arabic rich countries,because they would also turn against these humbugs who were responsible for genocide ,human rights offences etc not very long ago . ranjit de mel berlin/colombo

    • Musmil

      ich betrachte deine comments als unqualifiziert an. im zukunft wenn du deine herkunft schreibst bitte erwahne das Du aus colombo kommst u nicht aus Berlin ,weil das ist ein beleidigung an uns rest

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